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  1. Grande Mastere Dreade

    2020 Hurricane season

    nope , not until all the rednecks denounce trump..
  2. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    when you ask all the wrong questions on a super hot sailor..
  3. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2020

    anyone see the punt at texas tech, ball traveled through the air about 87 yards...
  4. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2020

    win next week and that can make a difference..
  5. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Rethinking the drug war

    but that's business as usual, nothing new there... besides it's cheaper than having to do a full coup..
  6. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Rethinking the drug war

    htf did you get that from what I said?
  7. Grande Mastere Dreade


  8. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Moovie Review Threade

    Lost in Translation.... I dunno, i kind of found the movie a little slow... maybe have to watch a second time..
  9. Grande Mastere Dreade

    iPhone to Android - iTunes options?

    i believe Media Monkey will allow you to sync with both iphone and android.. I don't keep music on my iphone and usually for my android tablet I just copy the music files over to my memory card and media monkey finds it no problem...
  10. Grande Mastere Dreade

    I'm such a Dawg

    Brisket Sandwiches are probably number 1, but I bet there are more tacos eaten here.. is a taco a sandwich?
  11. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Rethinking the drug war

    not talking about weed... just getting rid of the coke trade.. in mexico and probably a number of other countries, cartels have their own cellular system.. going to war against the cartels means also going to war against most of their militaries and governments too since they seem to be intertwined..
  12. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Moving Jib Tracks

    get some 3m packing tape, clear type, put it around the holes you're filling... it'll keep epoxy off the deck and make cleanup a lot easier.. overfill like others said, then use a flush cut saw to trim down the overfill... easier than sanding and you don't mar the non skid like sanding would