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  1. ha! you should see what my metabol made 6" RO with 36 grit did to years of old bottom paint..
  2. and here's an article about one such raffle in texas... https://jalopnik.com/toyota-dealer-blasted-for-giving-supra-to-sales-manager-1794575310
  3. ah yes, and the US has killed millions in the name of democracy or chritiandom or what not.. so your point is moot...
  4. It's quite real with the storms in texas and fla.. a lot of people in houston were parking their cars where they knew it would flood to collect the ins.. I think Jalopnik had an article in what to look for in a potential submerged car.. 1st on the list is a title report..
  5. resisting the urge to start a PA shitfight.. and I am old enough to have lived to hear the beatles play live.. what's so bad about communism except it's just a third party political group to which the other two parties don't want around..
  6. interesting times we live in, 4 hurricanes in a short period of time, multiple earthquakes in the americas, ACC has four 3-0 teams, with Duke and WakeForest being two of them.. Oh, and Florida State hasn't won a game yet..
  7. all with "recently washed" addendums..
  8. will y'all please quit quoting and feeding the troll...
  9. well that fits in perfectly with the university who has Petino bringing in hookers for his recruits..
  10. the 3m when openned may show some separation , just give it a really good stir... I gave up on the WM filler (petit btw ) as I could never could get paint to stick to it for long... on the phone with tech support with WM, Petit, & Interlux for an hour, it was a hoot listening to them point fingers at each other..
  11. Please, tell us your side of the story on this..
  12. uhm, Guv, you're forgetting one teensy little thing, about some team from Maryland kicking the crap out of them in their own stadium... something like Clemson did to Loserville.. god I hate petrino , everytime the camera was on him, he looked like he was about to cry... what a wanker..
  13. wish I had the bucks, would buy it and sell for twice as much to the yokels around here.. (after putting a few thousand miles on it, of course)
  14. wtf is botany equipment? maybe a microscope? watering pail? large book to press leaves?
  15. both those teams last night need to spend a lot more money on their offensive lines... There seems to be an over abundance of really lousy teams in the league.. it's the whole salary cap system that's fucked.. superstars are demanding so much money , teams cut all their veteran players to go with cheaper replacements.. offensive line is where most of the cuts are made.. shitty quarterbacks are exposed for what they are, shitty.. no time to throw , no time to think..