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  1. Grande Mastere Dreade

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    this is pretty cool marketing..
  2. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    and that my friends is a classic.. and for laughing try this.. my current fav was the pro who instead of a rolling start, fucked around long enough that the first fleet was rounding the pin on port as the 2nd fleet was starting..
  3. Grande Mastere Dreade


    just noticed , the tree in the , what looks like a 5 gal bucket is a nice touch.. it'll sure have all it's leaves by the time they get to their destination.. dallas keeps getting bigger and bigger with more and more houses.. it's amazing the number of laborers heading out to the burbs and construction jobs and how high they can stack that shit up ontop of 30 year old vans, trucks, and suvs.. i saw one guy, fortunately just pulled over by the po po , as he had a small backhoe on a flatbed trailer without a single tiedown.. let alone chains.. he got pulled just before getting onto the highway..
  4. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Tape, epoxy used to fix leak in International Space Station

    nah, nothing like that up there ... no need to fix anything.. and you can bet their the best drills money can buy as you wouldn't want some sparky shit to blow stuff up accidently. surprised they don't carry patches .. you know like we do for our boats..
  5. Grande Mastere Dreade


    that's like a daily occurrence at the home depot by me, that pic isn't in texas as I don't see 10 pickups / vans parked in the drive through as those fuckers are too lazy to walk from the parking lot..
  6. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2018

    i was in the stadium for clemson / notre dame in 79 at a time when clemson was trying to be relevant and ND was still decent.. you could only talk when clemson had the ball..
  7. Grande Mastere Dreade

    strange thought while commuting

    my brother picked me up at logan in his turbo 9-5 saab taking what ever that shit pile they call an elevated highway through town.. down off ramps, ripping through intersections and back up on ramps, taking side streets and dodging construction .. holy fuck.. how about we find some beer and lobster rolls and wait that shit out somewhere..
  8. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    wtf are you killing butterflies? we call those plants, sacraficial plants, you put them out there and they get eaten..
  9. Grande Mastere Dreade

    General fucking recall

    who the fuck is in the little white boat that luffed up for no stupid reason and couldn't fucking figure out how to get moving again, fucked the whole thing up.. why was he blowing off speed at that point, they should have been hard to the line, and you can see their fine seamanship as they bounce off the CB
  10. Grande Mastere Dreade

    General fucking recall

    if you turn it over it kind of looks orca shaped... that rudder, there's a full length mirror on the other side..
  11. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    have a lot of grill outs? that's one hell of a hot dog cooker..
  12. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218 surprise me..
  13. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    and have a handy roach clip available hidden in the open..
  14. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    special olympic sailors.. they don't give a fuck.. and don't tack in front of them either..
  15. Grande Mastere Dreade

    College Football 2018

    ha.. i met dan marino when he was a high school kid being recruited.. and the rats are leaving the ship..