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  1. Stupid Airports

    and get off of that shit as fast as you can...
  2. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    ah but they've done more damage than that.. besides, they hav 7,999 more..
  3. Why paint topsides?

    serously, if that's the case, you don't need to own a boat..
  4. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    i find it funny that the Chinese are "outraged" over this incident considering all the things chinese tourists have done..
  5. yeah, except for the middle east, south asia, most of the african continent, mexico.... etc... yup, no gun violence anywhere else but here..
  6. Drink more - exercise less

    he didn't, he had a stroke, couldn't swallow, was mentally alert, couldn't talk or write, didn't want a feeding tube, so checked himself into hospice.. pretty sure he could have recovered, he was too impatient (ex fighter pilot)
  7. Body Positive is the new Fat

    yeah he does makeup better than most women out there..
  8. Drink more - exercise less

    fuck, my dad lived to almost 91, fuck that, all your friends are dead, likely your spouse is dead, you're bored and the only thing that keeps you going is, if you are capable , are your hobbies or volunteering.. living forever isn't what it's cracked up to be..
  9. Darwin strikes again

    good for him, he deserved it.. why? it's not like they don't have a license plate or the girl ... stoners. and why a garbage can... with the amount of weed in the trunk, he could afford the 15$ for a gas can..
  10. LONQR

    that's because the tranny shop didn't use unicorn fluid..
  11. iOS 11.2.5

    NSA code bug..
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    ROKU / FIRESTICK/ ETC... add channel NBC SPorts, select the replay tab, you can then treat it like a dvr...
  13. Joke