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  1. Your WiFi Network - DTS

    your butt plug is encyrpted?
  2. Mail Heist

    use po box for important stuff, locking mailbox at the house, though it wouldn't be hard to break into but would stop random thieves. makes you wonder if wonder if sharia law considering theft should be implemented, no jail time, too expensive, just one whack.. they steal all shorts of shit around here... plants out of your yard , nozzles off your hoses.. etc.. if it isn't nailed down it'll walk off.. guy had newly planted itailian cypruses stolen twice off his parkway, he's got cactus out there now... had some fuckers try and take a rock out of the yard, had to use a forklift to put it there.. maybe moved it 8"s , wish I had video of them trying..
  3. You Can't Make This Up.

    well I can see why she had to buy it.. " Jenifer Perik, 44 " um, she buying it for herself?
  4. College Football 2017

    fake news..
  5. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    sorry, had two jobs in school and got two degrees... never took a sailing school, oh wait, yeah at 13 the lake had a sailing progam... past two weekends I've taken 1st in class for two different regattas, what have you been doing? Oh yeah, pissing and moaning about the bowman who's probably filling every hole of your crush with his love stick... Come to think about it, Wes , another one of your socks? You should switch to your right hand , it'll feel like somebody different..
  6. Pole dancing in line to become Olympic sport

    yeah, that's how you win the gold...
  7. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    hey you're the fucktard who asked for help on better starts ... the diagram she uses has been used by many sailing schools.. since your boat was early and at the wrong end, maybe the diagrams might help... you call yourself a tactician , but it's probably closer to snacktician..
  8. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    took a whipping and never came back... here's a link which should help https://centerofeffort01.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/starting-success-part-3-geographical.html
  9. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    drivers fault, he got to the line too early...
  10. 30-34ft cruiser racer

    it was installed in australia...
  11. California Boating Card

    just rent the boat from your wife for $1 everytime you go. Make up a rental agreement
  12. Shoes for big boat racing

    trouble i find with the watershoe and some sailing shoes are the deep grooves on the sole, so instead of a solid flat surface.. then the sole starts to peel away from the foam bottom ... have had a couple of brands do this and I do wear them on the boat.. last one is a pair of sperry's , haven't found a glue that will work yet.
  13. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    Lake Lanier definitely, I think they have water now... if was iffy a number of years back.. Ga is quite beuatiful, to the south is horse country, to the north you head into the Blue Ridge and the multitude of national forests.. if you ride motorcycles, to the north is some of the best riding in the country.. if you like twistys... atlanta is a nice city , there are worse places to live... living near where you work will keep you sane.
  14. College Football 2017

    yeah, that's what they said last year, how'd that work out.. 2slow, yeah, i'd rather play bama then uga.. good team there.. I'll give you that..
  15. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    I stand by my words and I have spent plenty of time in Ga. , maybe some day I tell you a story about the people from Athens.. thanks I was totally clueless on what to use and too lazy to google. yes, atlanta and surronding 39 counties.. city itselft, 475K... I not saying atlanta sucks , it's just the ground around it that does..