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  1. Seascape 27

    So, the difference in performance was the crew? I would like to hear from them. Yes, I have spoken to Phil and know Andraz as well. The SSC27 likes to reach and run hard. The Mac race was more off the wind than up and down. The Mac is under ORR rules, measurement based and CRW uses PHRF or performance based. Obviously a very good crew for the Mac, but they did not have a shabby crew for CRW. With that said, the PHRF rating out of the box was incorrect at 96. That is the same rating in most areas for the M24. Even though the SA/D is comparable, the 27 has a hard time competing at that rating. Particularly going up and down. The 27 has more wetted surface with a stiffer platform and two rudders. The boat acts more like a light displacement hull and needs a true running chute. Atleast up til about 10 knots of breeze. The rating in the GYA, USA 18, is getting close with a 111 rating. More in the range of a J29. But we will see what the new season will bring.
  2. Seascape 27

    FWIW, one of the J/88's had never been rigged or launched before Charleston, and the crew had never sailed together. I was there, the Seascape was very slow, conditions were light to moderate. OTOH, in the 2014 CYC Race to Mackinac though in different divisions, the Seascape 27 edged out the J/88 boat for boat (not on corrected though, which makes no sense to me) - that race was almost entirely off/downwind. I gather the Mac doublehanded crew on the Seascape are world-class sailors (eg, bonafide rock stars). http://www.philsharpracing.com/ Yes, Phil Sharp, Vendee Globe sailor and Andraz Mihelin, 2 time Mini Transat sailor and Seascape designer/owner
  3. Seascape 27

    Ya'll must be from the Left Coast....it's in NY.
  4. Seascape 27

    where is the third one? New Orleans, Canada and one on the way to Seawanhaka.
  5. Seascape 27

    Closest one to you is Lake Champlain, but there is one coming in February to Seawanhaka. If your down south for Mardi Gras, give me a PM.
  6. Seascape 27

    I have actually been in 28knt puffs with the wrong chute up(full hoist runner). And she was well under control. Hit 15.7knts!
  7. Seascape 27

    The Seascape is more like my sister in law. Hot with a nice rear.
  8. Seascape 27

    No, it actually moves fairly well in light air. The boat is still light enough to move the weight forward and get the ass end out of the water.
  9. Seascape 27

    It is pretty close in size and measurements. The SSC27 is a big 27' boat. The foot print just seems bigger and has more wetted surface than the A27. They rate pretty close 96(SSC) to 93(A27) on the gulf coast. The A27 has an inboard and a couple other tweaks to it, so it may be the slowest rated A27 in the country. And is currently for sale. We have done a couple of beer can races against her and have beaten her boat for boat in the the lighter stuff. Hope to see more of them in the future to see how it all fairs out. There are a couple of coast races that we will do, 50 and 100 mi in the future. Should be fun.
  10. Seascape 27

    There are two in North America. One on Lake Champlain(CAN 17) north of the border and the second one, down on the Gulf Coast in New Orleans(USA18). Send me a PM if you are really interested.
  11. Seascape 27

    A couple of things. Yes, the boat does fit in a 40'HC container but it does need to be canted on the trailer to fit into the box. The boat is actually 254cm wide. But it is pretty simple to get her in and out of the box. Try the website www.thinkseascape.com as the boat has changed a bit from the conceptual PDF in the link that you supplied.
  12. Seascape 27

    As Andraz mentioned, he will be in New Orleans for the Juby Wynne Regatta at Southern Yacht Club this Memorial Day weekend. There will be a Seascape18 to view and available to sail for the the week. Come and see the modern day Flying Scot, that is comprised of both comfort and performance. In addition to the 18, I will have my 27 available as well at the club. Any interests or questions please PM so we can set something up. www.thinkseascape.com
  13. Seascape 27

    SSC18 and SSC27 now in the deep south.
  14. Seascape 27

    That is one of the events being discussed. Hopefully we will have more on US soil by that point.
  15. Seascape 27

    Very valid points on the keel designs.