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  1. oldgoatroper

    rant: driving fuckery

    Well, it was 25 years ago... but maybe you could enlighten me on why that is BS...
  2. oldgoatroper

    rant: driving fuckery

    I worked with a guy who had once done some database consulting for ICBC. (The provincial government in BC is the mandatory auto insurance 'agency' for PL and PD) He had this to say: Over 95% (don't remember exact number but it's close) of ICBC insurance payouts for the entire province are made on behalf of an identifiable group (which, either by policy or law, cannot be made public) having the following characteristics: a) are males under the age of 30 (understandable) b) live in the greater Vancouver area / lower mainland (ok.... ) c) have Asian last names
  3. oldgoatroper

    Cops vs Dogs

    I was thinking it might have been this...
  4. oldgoatroper

    be careful out there

    "I don't need the government to tell me when to drink some water or put some sun cream on...."
  5. oldgoatroper

    40-Years Ago today, Skylab Fell to Earth

    Heard on the radio today that ELO had somehow 'dedicated' their song "Don't Bring Me Down" to Skylab...
  6. oldgoatroper

    Favourite movies?

    Empire of the Sun The Hunt for Red October Gumball Rally (guilty pleasure)
  7. oldgoatroper

    Your Favorite Cover

    an excellent cover of an old classic - Oh What a Feeling (Crowbar) - performed by a bunch of "disabled" musicians in Vancouver... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K4vvujCSQs
  8. oldgoatroper

    One Hit Wonders

    lol and this was another of their one-hit-wonders....
  9. oldgoatroper

    Your Favorite Cover

    has it really been nearly two years since this thread has been posted to? Time passes faster and faster... Anyway, ran across this the other day while looking for stuff for a playlist for my sister. Not a cover in the strictest sense in that the words are completely different from Falco's original. I post this just out of interest and curiosity. And to balance that out, here is a self-cover by Falco along with - as unlikely as it seems - an orchestra Trivia: Niki Lauda named one of his planes "Falco"
  10. oldgoatroper

    Electric Planes?

    Boeing already owned de Havilland at one time but sold it to Bombardier... And now Viking (Victoria) bought the type certs for the first seven de Havilland aircraft types. Which leads me to wonder if Viking might be somehow involved in this...
  11. oldgoatroper

    The BLUES

    just another reminder to y'all blues aficionados -- Friday Night Blues Party on CKUA.com 9:00 - 12:00 midnite Mountain time.
  12. oldgoatroper

    One Hit Wonders

    Ummm, pretty sure Five-Man Electrical Band had at least one more -- I'm a Stranger Here And The Stampeders had a string of singles (at least in Canada), though Sweet City Woman would defn be their most well-known... Forgot about Green-Eyed Lady... good song. Thanks for that.
  13. oldgoatroper

    One Hit Wonders

    I think this qualifies... The guy was still killin' the marimba solo up to about a year ago...
  14. oldgoatroper

    One Hit Wonders

    Regarding Mark Knopfler -- don't forget that he also did the entire soundtrack for the movie Princess Bride...
  15. oldgoatroper

    Mikewof triggers!

    Am I reading this right? I think it could be either literal or figurative...