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  1. oldgoatroper


    Concrete trucks for many, many years in this area were almost exclusively Macks
  2. oldgoatroper


    Looks similar to a 13-speed Fuller with the splitter on the knob. Drive it long enough and you can shift just with revs - no clutch... but that can go south pretty easy, too.
  3. oldgoatroper

    The BLUES

    Don't forget Friday Night Blues Party on CKUA.com 9-12midnite Mountain Time Hosted for decades by Cam Hayden, well-known throughout the North American blues community.
  4. oldgoatroper

    Anyone know wtf is up with storm?

    I know I've said this before, but I still feel I need to keep getting out the warning: Tequila causes one to sleep in ditches.
  5. oldgoatroper

    Stan Rogers?

    Well, it is Women's day, right?
  6. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    This morning at 6:00, it was -30 which, as of late, was not entirely unexpected. What was the surprise, though, was the earthquake that knocked out the power. Ok, it was only a 4.5 and the power was out for only 8 minutes.
  7. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    Of note: 2:15
  8. oldgoatroper

    Woman trains squirrels to murder ex boyfriend

    Absolutely. People don't realize this. Also, ALL professional sports are fixed. Every single game is fixed. Hockey, football, whatever. Well, except for Roller Derby - that's legit.
  9. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    Update -- so, it's clear, sunny and absolutely calm right now... looks to be a gorgeous day outside. Except the temp has further dipped to -35... <-- needs toque and scarf
  10. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    so, I'ts clear with winds at 2mph, but it's also -33 -- does that mean March came in like a lamb or a lion?
  11. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    thought if would be better received than my complaining about refurbishing the BBQ in the Warm SunShine after pulling weeds and picking Avocados Before heading to Happy Hour on me Harley w/o shooting one rev the entire way to and fro Neither is necessary in this thread, thank you. In fact, nearly nothing I've ever seen you post would be relevant in this thread.
  12. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    That should be in the thread for stupid sports tricks...
  13. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    I know it can get like that... One winter we had about a week of -10 to -15 or so and clear and sunny (kinda like Alberta ). The skiing up at Forbidden Plateau (when it was still operating) was epic. I think you can damn near see Vancouver from up there when its clear like that.
  14. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    Halfway between Edmonton and Calgary. Yes, that temp range can be brutal. The coldest I've ever felt was not around here. When I was living on Vancouver Island and the temps would get a couple degrees below freezing with the high humidity -- that's when I've felt the coldest.
  15. oldgoatroper

    Baby its cold outside

    Yes the gas bill will be very high -- likely 500-700-ish for this month... but it isn't just the natural gas bill... one goes through a lot more gas when it is this cold -- this morning at -35, the Dakota drank an eighth of a tank to go 12 miles to work -- way less gas to come home this aft at -15