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  1. tech

    Oracle Team USA

    Jack, you are a genius. That explains Jimmy's camouflage steering wheel!
  2. tech

    Oracle Team USA

    I think we will see them sharpen up a bit by the next races, and if the wind is up, it could be more even. I actually think that the Austrailian team has more potential than they've shown so far.
  3. tech

    Race Replays

    Got up with my kids and their friends to watch this morning, but the prime channel was down got out the laptop, and the world was good again. Many thanks Rudder!
  4. tech


    If Mango has left, then I would think things are more rotten than they appear. T
  5. tech


    That's just smart color coding. As everyone knows, man-parts are magnetically repelled by anything wearing leopard print.