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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    All the old logos have to come off and I presume new ones to go on.
  2. Have a go at the bend in Trams mast! Check stays on?
  3. The last Diamond Cutter was a timber Davidson One Ton built in NZ and sailed across. One of the best boats I've had the joy of driving. I too have watched the video of her demise several times - shame that one. I did plenty of miles south and north, one Moolooolaba we had 9 drivers and 5 guessers, pressure was on to keep numbers up or you were off! The previous Diamond Cutter was a Peterson37 and the one before that was a Joubert Brolga33
  4. yeah, getting slowly turned into a cruiser.Would love to catchup and exchange info on One Dog. Can you send a PM?
  5. pagan

    Older well known IOR Boats

    On the bottom of the Atlantic after an encounter with a whale.
  6. pagan

    Dick Carter design boats

    Ydra was built in Germany by A&R out of 1/4" aluminum. Imagine that. The Italian boat, for Mrs Spaccarelli was sailed by Beilken, the sailmaker. She was on the way of winning the world One Ton in 72, when the forestay broke. She won the next year in Sardinia. But all eyes were on Ganbare. The Texas One Ton came after, I think about 40 were built. Admitedly a cross between Ydra and Ganbare. Whay a wonderfull design, i never seen so cute lines !!! No better quality scan ? Bye the way beilken sailed Gumboots then who was the next Ganbare generation by Jeremie Rogers no ? No better quality scan. Unfortunately. Tina has also very sweet lines. Look at the sections! If you can stand bad scans, I can also upload the early Carter 's body plans for Noryema and Red Rooster. Yes please.
  7. pagan

    Hobart Scene

    I believe that Mr Kite has a new mast, anyone got pics?