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  1. Barn Find Cal 40

    Thank you. I do not wish to contribute to thread drift, but it was nice that once upon a time a successful professional such as Mr. Loube could run a Grand Prix program.
  2. Barn Find Cal 40

    If I may, with respect, make an observation: the 180% was a Southern California thing. In Northern California we never used the 180%. A 155% was (and still is) sufficient. I believe that a full main with 155% genoa is a very efficient rig. Fortunately there is still sufficient teenage fodder to tack the damn things. If you believe they are under canvassed I invite you to helm my boat DDW in 30 knots of breeze :-)
  3. Barn Find Cal 40

    Well played.
  4. Barn Find Cal 40

    Which Bravura?
  5. Barn Find Cal 40

    Nice fellow as well.
  6. Barn Find Cal 40

    You have raised many good points in a civilized manner for which I thank you. If you would permit I might make a few responses: "They are wet boats, as they have very low freeboard compared to modern boats. They sure pound upwind a lot worse than an S&S or most anything cruisy." I suppose this is a fair point; they were and are racing boats with the option to cruise. Having said that Cal 40's, Cal 36's and Lapworth 36's have cruised around the world pretty successfully. "The mast is almost comically too short. I would raise the mast by at least two meters, maybe four. Then you won’t need a 180 genoa, which was the norm on these boats and important up to about 18 fucking knots of breeze. That is the hateful part of these boats that people work hard to forget." The short mast & long boom were CCA optimizations and, IMHO, less harmful than the pinched stern and weird hollows of the IOR days. Perhaps YMMV. We ditched the 180% a long time ago in favor of a 155%, but in fairness we normally sail in San Francisco where we generally have fresh breeze. In breeze stronger than 18 knots the #3 is quicker upwind. I am not entirely certain that I understand the "hateful" part of your remark; do you mean that the boats can develop weather helm on certain points of sail? That is true. I am not certain that I understand your point about plywood; at least in the case of my boat we do not have any original ply.
  7. Barn Find Cal 40

    I do not wish to be contrary, but I am not thinking of the Cal 36. I am thinking of the Lapworth 36 which is also a Lapworth design of similar vintage. She has exactly the same lines as the Cal 40 but with a different rudder. There were 71 built at Chapman and Kalajian in Costa Mesa between 1953 and 1965 and were the hot-shit one design of their day.
  8. Barn Find Cal 40

    I suspect there is someone more well qualified than I am to answer your question. The Cal 36 was obviously glass at Jensen instead of mahogany at Chapman and Kalajian in Costa Mesa. I cannot be objective so I will say that the L-36 was faster and prettier. Did I mention that I cannot be objective?
  9. Barn Find Cal 40

    There are people for that.
  10. Barn Find Cal 40

    The L-36 is an even better use of money since it is the same boat at 90% scale albeit with a different rudder.
  11. Barn Find Cal 40

    No. However everything is for sale.
  12. Barn Find Cal 40

    I own one of the 71 wooden prototypes of the Cal 40 called an L-36, and if you think they are not comfortable in a seaway then I suspect you have not sailed on one. I have had the boat racing both upwind and down on multiple occasions in conditions that were, to put it kindly, sprightly (45-75 knots). There is not a better boat available for a seaway except perhaps the QE2 now that the Normandie is unavailable. In addition to being sea-kindly they are simply some of the most pleasant boats that one might ever have the privilege to sail. Quick too!
  13. Modified Dip Pole?

    My Union card has not expired.
  14. Modified Dip Pole?

    Yes, trigger outboard fitting
  15. Modified Dip Pole?

    In order to do it properly you need to have somebody in the pulpit (this is often a self important person who refers to himself as the bowman), a mast man and somebody in the pit to drop the topper to the pre-arranged mark. In other words, long prior to a race one would have marked both the correct pole height on the mast (with a bit of electrical tape) and the topping lift (with a Magic Marker) so that the pole swings freely through the apex. This is easy to do at the dock. In general one wants to minimize the intellectual effort from the bow monkeys. At this stage the bow monkeys are free to release their bile. I will save you the trouble by preemptively posting the mandatory Samurai Douse video. However, you guys in the bow union need to let it go. We get it.