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  1. Race Committee is no longer constrained by any "cutoff". IM can run them until sunset if he so chooses or after if they fit running lights.
  2. My perspective is that I assume many (perhaps most) of the Master Mariners participants don't know what they are doing in close quarters so I try to give them a wide berth as I would do to others on Opening Day or 4th of July or Fleet Week when the newbies come out to play. Occasionally that means that I get screwed as I did on the start line this year by some guy in a gaff rigged yawl who didn't know what he was doing, but I reckon I probably know more about racing than he ever will, and he probably knows more about sailing gaff rigged yawls than I ever will; it's a beautiful spectacle to see these beautiful old boats that only race once a year, and I gladly let it slide. Also, I recognize that the old schooners, no matter how well sailed, have limited maneuverability so I also look around and plan ahead to give them plenty of room. It seems like common courtesy not to press the point even if I have rights since my boat is much more maneuverable. However, courtesy is a two way street. The fact that someone doesn't know what he is doing or has a boat that won't spin on a dime doesn't give him carte blanche to go tearing through the course with no rights expecting everyone else to get out of his way; it also doesn't absolve an owner from reading the sailing instructions and trying to have a least a cursory familiarity with rules 10 - 16 which really aren't that complicated. If that is too much to ask then perhaps these vessels need to hire a professional skipper.
  3. You left out a possibility #4: Papoose simply sailed a better race than Leda. I counted six mistakes that we made. Congratulations and the new rig looks great! By the way, those two illustrations are very insightful; what is the X-axis in the graph? You should send them to Kame Richards so he can include them in his SF current presentation.
  4. +10100 This drives me absolutely nuts. We get 1/100th of a second of a TP52 set or douse then a cut to another 1/100th of a second of different boat with some arms flailing, or 1/100th of a second of a cat foiling then another 1/100th of a second of another cat from a different direction. Why can't we see a full thirty seconds of a mark rounding or close cross or something?
  5. Santa Cruz 50 in the 2003 Catalina Race about 50 miles off Morro Bay at 2AM; it is blowing dogs off chains (30+) with huge seas and we have the full size 1.5oz kite up. I was the navigator so down below in the nav station trying to figure out the best layline for a gybe to port, and the owner is asleep after a long day on the helm so the bow guy is driving. We get a little extra puff at the same time as a wave kicks the transom the wrong way, and we start down the mine. We had instruments in the nav station so I watched as the knotmeter accelerated, and right before the pole hit the water was the fastest I have ever gone on a sailboat (somewhere in the 30's). We couldn't cut it away so we put the Vectran backstay on a primary winch and just hoisted the whole thing on board (it had broken at the spinnaker pole attachment point). After half an hour of making certain their were no lines in the water we turned to motor to Morro Bay rolling heavily in beam-to seas, and the entire crew except the owner and myself were seasick. (we had sailed the same boat to Hawaii in the Pacific Cup so this was not our first rodeo). That was pretty miserable, but we did have a couple of nice days and meals in Morro Bay dealing with the aftermath. Lesson learned? Chicken Stays. We had them on board but stupidly not installed. I don't know if they could have saved the rig from such a violent impact, but at least there would have been a chance.
  6. But Merlin was designed to sail with the front half of the boat underwater all the way to the mast frequently... At least in my experience. And it was fast!
  7. I sailed as the tactician on a local E37 for about 20 years from '95 until last year. If you send me a PM I will put you in touch with the owner. Absolutely awesome ride!
  8. I must say I was impressed with what a model of a good sailor you are. You have always been impressed me with your good sportsmanship. I truly appreciated your coming back to see if anyone was hurt. You dropped out of the race and gave up the perpetual trophy, magnum of fine wine, and the trophy flag to help a fellow sailor out. Thank you. That is very nice of you to say. After seeing the damage to Papoose our hearts were not in the race anymore. We were so pleased (and a bit amazed) that there were no injuries. As I mentioned on the phone please feel free to meet me to see how I have mine rigged and take pictures bearing in mind that ours is set up for fully crewed buoy racing with no concession to short handing. You should also bring a long tape measure so you can measure my rig, spreaders, shrouds etc. Once you have selected a spar maker you might suggest that he also come by my boat so we can tell him what we like and don't like about our relatively new mast.
  9. I am glad you got Latitude to correct the article.
  10. Interesting that you should say that. In my mind, at least in NorCal/SF Bay, there is a serious shortage of big Grand Prix boats for serious amateur sailors upon which to race. I would be game, and I think I could easily put together a crew of 8-12 other serious amateur sailors who would be game to gut hike on a West Coast Grand Prix owner driver team. Aside from the Express 37's and the tiny fleet of J-111's there aren't many other options. J-120's and J-105's are silly, declining and low average standard of competition. Bene 36.7s are long gone and were never any good (boats or sailors) in the first place. The best one design competition is in the Knarr, and that is awesome tactical sailing, but they are certainly not high performance. The J-70 seems to be making some progress, but you wouldn't race one from SF to Santa Cruz let alone to Santa Barbara, Catalina or Hawaii. So I think that there is clearly a spot for this class (certainly among crew) if they can find enough owner/drivers.
  11. Midnight Moonlight Maritime Marathon on SF Bay (if you have running lights). Pursuit race with a start in the late afternoon in Raccoon Straits, Carquinez Bridge to port, return. Many opportunities for hot toddies, hot rum punch, mudslides, etc.
  12. +1
  13. Very sensible advice.