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  1. MSafiri

    New imoca boats

    had a successful Vendee campagin in 92-93 when he was N° 5, then a not so successful in 96-97 when he was forced to abandon (boat dropped by crain, smashed by tanker and rebuilt, then electronic problems), did B.O.C challenge as well, all self designed/built boats. And was N° 4 in the Jacques Vabre in 97. His company builds port equipments, for the French markets as well and he knows what he is doing. The yeard built the boat is the one doing RC44 yachts....
  2. MSafiri

    New imoca boats

    This is the 3rd self designed, self built IMOCA he did. Plus the other smaller sailing boats. With Spirit of Hungary, I have 3 boats to root for.
  3. MSafiri

    New imoca boats

    Spirit of Hungary is nearing completion.