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  1. Damn! man, I need a break, seen only the 22, have a marathon (Venezia) to run on that day, have not even realised that we are in Sept only.......
  2. Alicante to Lisbon to start in 2 hours. Is there a tracker somewhere?
  3. Wrong word noted! thanks for pointing out. So, the overhead is made of sheets of appr. 3-4 mm thick wood. Under that the deck structure is visible. A good thick coat of gel might help to make it nicer a bit. Will go down next week (900 km train ride) and will take some shots. Thanks alot for the info, MSafiri
  4. All, The ceiling in my boat slowly falling off. It was, ages ago, fixed by screws driven into some sort of foam. With age the foam become rigid and strated to crack, releasing the screws one by one. By now the the ceiling panel edges are off. Time to fix it. Originally I thought about removing the old panels, remove the old fixing points, glue new fixing points and use industry grade velcro to hold the new panels (made from plastic stripes) in place. then I thought about simply removing the old panel, give a coat of gelcoat to the inside of the deck, then paint it over to white. This looks a much simpler solution. But, with this solution I need to create some sort of protection around the nuts and bolts of all deck equipment (there is not enough space in the boat). How would you fix it? the goal is to have a working boat, it will never be a 'yacht' Your ideas? MSafiri
  5. Hi Ryley, thanks for the note, will do so later this evening
  6. Well, I had a chat with a support person at wattuneed.com, he told me that the PWM controller can work with a 28 cells panel and that he does not know why the 36 cells limit is imposed in the manuals. Now, I am more confused than ever. When measured at the panel, I got 16.6 volts, the panel is capable to provide 5.2A. I will try to check with the shop tomorrow once more but based on current information, i will check the batteries and make sure they are still in a good shape, if not, replace them without touching the overall system.
  7. Dear All, Ran into a dead end while trying to build my solar system. The idea was to create two separate systems to charge two separate service batteries. Got two panels, then got two PWM Pro controllers and did all the cabling installation works, etc. Just then I learned that I need a panel with 36 cells in order to use the PWM controller. Went back to the shop and asked the guys selling the panel, they were not aware of the limitation. And obviously I have not done my homework good enough. Checked some other sites where the info was that PWM needs 36 or 72 cells, all other installation requires a MPPT controller. Hurrahhhh, then sent a mail to Victron Energy with the question and the reply was that the minimum cell number is 36! and I have no other choice than throw away the PWM controller, get one MPPT controller, put the panels in parallel and charge one battery only. On other sites this information is not written! Does any one of you knows what controller can be used with a panel with 28 cells? I dont want to burn another hundreds for nothing. Thanks alot for your help, MSafiri
  8. Just read http://www.voilesetvoiliers.com/course-regate/jacques-caraes-donner-un-nouveau-sens-au-vendee-globe/ another level of challenge, the other way around! and a new boat for 2024?
  9. Make it a full circle...........give Joshua to M. Peyron, Suhaili to Mr. Thomson and let them race these "legends" around the globe in 2018.
  10. had a successful Vendee campagin in 92-93 when he was N° 5, then a not so successful in 96-97 when he was forced to abandon (boat dropped by crain, smashed by tanker and rebuilt, then electronic problems), did B.O.C challenge as well, all self designed/built boats. And was N° 4 in the Jacques Vabre in 97. His company builds port equipments, for the French markets as well and he knows what he is doing. The yeard built the boat is the one doing RC44 yachts....
  11. This is the 3rd self designed, self built IMOCA he did. Plus the other smaller sailing boats. With Spirit of Hungary, I have 3 boats to root for.
  12. Spirit of Hungary is nearing completion. https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfHungary/photos_stream