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  1. In the mod-2000's, KW was a 50k event for a decent 40' program. That's an expensive week. We also needed to ask 10 guys, mostly Cat 1's to give up 10 days to do the event. That's 50% of the average american worker's vacation time. No small feat. At the time in Newport, there was also a thriving big bat scene. Today, it's just not there. Not enough owners willing to part with their money at that particular rate. It's more fun to fly to St. Maarten and rent a bumper boat.......
  2. Can't find a tracker. Does STC not do these things?? At least the race should be dry-ish.....
  3. I'll go if my boat is ready. Thought I'd be doing the dingy distance race this weekend, but no boat to float........
  4. Second the Weta for you. Does everything you want, is faster, and has some used boats in the southern US right now. You should be able to get a good used one for about 8500
  5. Starts in October. Leg 0 is a sprint Aicante to Lisbon, then Lisbon to Cape Town. Leg 0 will be an interesting leg
  6. Green Dragon is for sale. I can put you in touch with the owner if you're serious.
  7. Yes, and fully support HPDO. Maybe we can convince Cedar Point to let us in the one design regatta?
  8. I'll PM when my boat arrives and you can rip it up. New Haven Area
  9. When does Cycling Anarchy launch? triathlon saved me a ton of money over sailing. I drink less, I don't have to buy drinks for crew and my bike while possibly costing the same as my J44 Mainsail, lasts much longer AND has resale. value... @johnny - there IS the bike equivilant of SA, not sure what it is, in triathlon, it's called slowtwitch and the beatings are much much more intense! Bring the Brown Eyed Girl back!!!!!
  10. Probably a decent idea for those afraid of wiggling. Just to share, it's disturbing how well the boat tracks of it's own accord when heeled to weather. I've played around a couple times with letting go of the tiller completely and just hanging in the straps and being the crew while the boat steers itsself. It's very eerie how long it will behave itsself for when I do this. It likely has to do with how neutral the struts are at that heel angle.DRC Except that the moth does that mostly for capsize recovery. Much easier to get back onboard (water start) if the tiller self-centers - that way the boat tracks in a straight line and pulls you up. Otherwise, it's likely to round up and re-capsize as you try to drag in. Not intended to be a damper on movement while on foils. But, just like Dave says, there is a huge difference between a balanced boat and a non-balanced boat. If you get a moth set up right (heel, fore/aft balance, foil height) the tiller goes pretty light. You _could_ let go, but I've never been willing to try it. It really comes down to learning a lighter touch. Up flying at 20+ kts, with the fairly short wheelbase that comes with foils, the same amount of rudder motion that works well for a conventional boat puts you deep into PIO (pilot-induced oscillations) on a foiler. Movement leads to counter leads to overcorrection leads to eject and crash. One must play with the waggle-stick very gently. Fully agree. This is for the guys who may need to drop the stick for a second for a big sheet in. A tiny bit of dampening in the system is great for peace of mind and fun foiling. Helping in a wipeout is an added bonus. One less excuse for guys on the fence.....
  11. Observations like this really intrigue me. If I can get an hour away from the supply line stuff and get sailing this week I'm going to take a look at dropping a loop out of the mainsheet. There are some downsides to it (lower mechanical advantage) , but for the slow-handed it may prove a useful short term setup fix. This wouldn't violate the one-design, since it would involve simply moving a knot, rather than adding hardware. While there's no substitute for developing a good quick sheet hand, having viable intermediate ameliorative options may be kinda cool. DRC A fair bit of moths have shock cord loops to the tiller. Maybe the 50 cent solution to the issue for some peeps....
  12. Likely Portsmouth, UK to Lisbon, then Lisbon to Caribbean. Makes this most likely the old Russian Monster Project 70
  13. Are there 2016 daily results up? The event website only had overalls for 2015
  14. Have the good folks over at Kinder liked at making a hull cover?