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  1. 167149

    Rugby World Cup

    they still are
  2. 167149

    Rugby World Cup

    from NZ,...... well done jaapies .... you fucking earned that.... fuck the soap dodgers
  3. 167149

    AC Rugby

    hats off to the jappies, they fumped the soap dodgers and took it away
  4. 167149

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    captain pugwash with rodger the cabin boy, like as not master bates and seaman staines are still aboard or cavorting with the natives out of camera shot, ship " theblack pig" in the background
  5. 167149

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    be a bit like going to sea in an over ripe cabbge..... rescue green
  6. 167149

    can;t say no to projects

    different mothers huh brad...?
  7. 167149


    simple...........its a device for the collection of boatfronts what have fell off
  8. 167149

    Water cooling vest

    ok what you do is.... get hold of one of those Milwaukee heating vests and put the battery in backwards...…..good luck
  9. 167149

    Boats - splendid place for a shag

    sound travels a long long long long long way off a boat on a still night
  10. 167149

    Cause of Diesel Engine Oil Gone Bad?

    quite wrong here, coolant water circulates through the engines passages to remove heat, raw water circulates through the heat exchanger to remove resulting heat collected so yes the cooling water can indeed get mixed with oil much the same way as with an auto's radiator can
  11. he'd be quite possibly ducking something entirely different in NZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s67qsv8ForA
  12. BSA bantam yes I have had this "done" to me many years ago by giggling mates who handed me a "running" bike.......seagull same magneto type system just reverse the drill
  13. suitable coupling/ drive and an 18volt drill will start one of these without taking the front dinghy passengers eyes out, oh and like the BSA bantam motorbike they can run backwards as well
  14. ok back on topic, this http://stewart34.co.nz/ is one hell of a boat and probably the first family orientated "family frightners" to sail consistently over the water rather than through it and with the floppy rig (6>8" slack on the cap shrouds) will effortlessly cruise at 8 > 10 knots without too any dramas, first editions had a tiny rudder but that was soon fixed, not sure who came up with the "floppy rig" but it is bloody quick