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  1. 167149

    Daysailer for old people

    Australia has some very good family cruising boat designers, particularly round sydney way
  2. 167149

    American Dumbass

    perhaps he should head on up to moresby and introduce himself to a few of the rascals
  3. 167149

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    odd Question here, they weren't the Ma and Pa from round caloundra way late 70's early 80's were they? . Remember from that time a really wirely old surfer who always spoke of pisscutters... known to one and all as "Pa"
  4. 167149

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    just run of the mill ordinary Blokes.... nothing to wonder about at all
  5. 167149

    Team NYYC

    uh huh, like I can visualise admiral dad taking Mum and the kids for a sunday spin on the family frightener
  6. 167149

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    yeah why not.....
  7. 167149

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    in alaska we'd run the return fuel from the engine through a tank to feed the diesel stove, never had a problem or ran short
  8. 167149

    American Dumbass

    why oh why cindy ??? does she really realise what a hornets nest this'll create ? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/jacinda-ardern-steps-in-after-uk-family-whose-son-was-killed-by-speedboat-are-refused-nz-entry/WHOTUHJTWTY5H6G7X6I2PUBM7U/
  9. 167149

    American Dumbass

    Diego Ramirerez was the one we couldnt find a suitable window to visit
  10. 167149

    American Dumbass

    watched the local kids in alaska on quads about 35 yrs ago and was frankly stunned with what they did with them stuntwise, the learning curve must have really hurt at some stage, locally in NZ the farm quads i believe need roll over protection and helmets.... can be very dangerous little fuckers in high country farming and well able to bite on the flat country as well
  11. years ago cut a CNG cylinder in half and rewelded it with one end inverted and cut away to form legs to use as a steam boiler, worked rather well for steaming wood with a hardwood fire under it, there are plenty of threaded ports to use as outlets and relief valves etc
  12. early days in Noosa were like that too, sort of ooooops we could have screwed em more.... fark off was nato std reply
  13. 167149

    American Dumbass

    not really, flat calm day , light northerly, never seen it so settled, and we were there