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  1. how many times has he been groping her pussy ?
  2. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    damn, next time I buy smoked eel I'll make sure to know where and how it was smoked
  3. Hey Soak_Ed - WTF is happening in Poland?

    good on yer [sarcasm font] is that a thick skull or a numb skull [/sarcasm font] hope it's two healthy world citicezens, whether they are polish, italian, ahmurricanistani's, does not matter, as long as they are a o k , grin
  4. Hey Soak_Ed - WTF is happening in Poland?

    ach so, no kindergeld huh ... that's a bummer ... one of my best friends has 11 children, fucking wabbit he is, as of his 6th kid he did not pay any tax anymore (deductions per child) and he told me that as long as most of kids were still living at home, most of them now adult and on their own, the kindergeld was paying his house, car and 2 daily washing machine runs. and to say that I talked him into it, grin, first I taunted him into beating my father's record, 8 kids, and when he came around to boast he was on equal terms I baited him into having his own private football team... the fucking rabbit did just that. so there Ed, do your duty and enlarge the polak diversity pool at the same time, fuck around at will, your governement urges you
  5. Hey Soak_Ed - WTF is happening in Poland?

    hey Ed, and while you're at it, tell us what ya gonna do about this other polish problem ? Soak-Ed's next Polish assignment
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    o-silly-scope cello intention to do a sacred sideslip big geography and that's for starters
  7. errrr... to my eye it's usually the panel(s) that are the eyesore in most cases, have seen some rather elegant arches as long as they stay within the boat's proportions, but usually in order to be able to step off the back they have to make 'em too high , just like many sprayhoods, form follows function, esthetics not always.
  8. SA Groupies?

    or about cleanliness...
  9. Hallberg Rassy 41

    depends also on the age of the Rassy. they have never been speed monsters, from long keelers they evolved to fin keelers and the more recent designs are a bit more suited to light winds, but with the emphasis on "a bit" if 5-10 kts is the average where you'd sail it I'd think an old Rassy is a motorboat, a fin keeler is a motorboat that will sail at times with a big genny and a recent Rassy will sail more but still a lot of motoring a times otherwise real solid yachts, but more suited for the heavier jobs, simple example : yacht lying next to mine is a Rassy 34, 20 years old, when owner needs crew he calls on me, it's one of the most reassuring and steady yachts I have sailed on, when all go out with a reef we usually can hold on to full sail without much hassle... but when it drops to 5-10kts it's just a question of how fast we want to get to the after sail booze, so usually it's iron genny ;-)
  10. Wreckage from October 29th Storm

    that will buff out
  11. My newest project

    [blasphemy cloak] but in how far is this different from a yachting brand giving a yachtie archiwhatsit a brief for a design of which they will build a couple of hundred and updating that design as it goes from number 1 to xxx ??? [/blasphemy cloak] ... for reference, my own little plastic fantastic was build number 1, I knew that, even more, based on my input next builds were here and there tweaked, that was in fact part of the sales deal, so what is special here , inquiring minds want to know ??????????
  12. Catalonia declares independence!

    so which ahmurrican state will follow suit ?
  13. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    I'd be more worried about those fenders hanging on the dock, looks like a bad choice, Murphy's law will have the rudder go right between them when backing too far, a soft plank over them might help out.
  14. My newest project

    just poking fun and jerking chains, occupational habit... but you gotta admit that it just looks like you're playing a wicked little number on them thar nurses .... thank god the pix of similar moments I had in japan were never made.
  15. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    there, fixed it for ya but hey, his sandbox too, ad nauseam