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  1. Albatros

    President Donald Toadstool

    now wait for his defense ... "my penis is yuuuge, everybody is saying it !" also gives a whole new twang to the MAGA slogan in extremis he might have to prove the opposite, just imagine, eeeewww
  2. Albatros

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    this place has traditions, we don't meet at bike racks, that's so plebejan, no, we go for moonlight walks
  3. Albatros

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    she can only lick so many balls at a time .... pity
  4. Albatros

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    there's eunuchs and eunuchs
  5. Albatros

    What makes us safer

    simple counter question, but given the (horrible) question it originally came out from .... is the US not safe ????????????????? fear mongering 101
  6. Albatros

    Omarosa and her book and her tapes

    the plot thickens
  7. Albatros

    Windsor Castle Guard

    on topic, sort of ... story dates from mid 80"s student baptism at merchant shipping academy, you know, when newbs are going through what is usually a horribly degrading alcohol soaked inaugural routine... not then, we decided to turn it around in a rally around the cities' pubs with load of beer and funny challenges so here we come up on our royal palace, the guard standing proud in front, and then there was this real stunner named Geraldine, she's a total babe, and I task her to make the guard smile. she moves up to the guard, starts talking to him, tries to quip, tries to charm, does not work... so suddenly I see her hand going for his zipper, she unzips it , with a grin, her hand goes in, she simply asks him if he likes it, she's fondling the guy right in front of royal palace .... and a smile comes up, what a smile !!! that girl scored some serious points ;-) today she's a bank director, go figure that one.
  8. Albatros

    Normal noise for a Honda?

    maybe an overdue question, but is it a Ridgeline ?
  9. Albatros

    Brexit, and all it entails

    GPS was/is a masterpiece, point final. Galileo is a natural follow-on and useful too as it makes us less dependend, like it or not. Galileo can do more, which is normal. but your timing is wrong, otherwise I'm a total visionary as the little booklet on GPS basic principles which I wrote as an internal training book, based on the milspecs (each page had a Nato confidential stamp on it) was dated early 1992 ... GPS existed already in the late 80"s , your military released the info end of 80's on the assumption that it would take commercial companies something like 5 years to come up with sets, they were so much surprised that it took us about 1 year that they used our sets during a certain desert shield operation, what was the timing on that one ? grin, are we getting old or what ?
  10. got the beer, anybody having any spare popcorn ?
  11. Albatros

    Brexit, and all it entails

    at that moment in your timeline (which is pretty possible) it would not anymore be about "remain" but about" re-entry", which would be again a totally different ballgame, at that point the question would come up if there can be a difference in process between an -ex member coming back or a country wanting to become a member like a couple Balkan countries that are still in the pipeline just a couple of minutes ago on radio heard a comment that even if the brits would have another vote now and the vote would be "stay", it would not matter as the process is irriversible since in laws,rules and whatever, there is just no provision to recall it ... disclaimer, don't know if that was just an opinion or hard truth.
  12. Albatros

    Cocksplat visits Scotland

    hmmm ... the Scots have become ever so polite, did somebody spike their whisky ?
  13. Albatros

    what I did on my holiday

    's Hertogenbosch = the duke's wood the brand of beer your friend was drinking was a giveaway about the place you were, Antwerpen
  14. Albatros

    Asking a designer about changes

    check out this one :
  15. Albatros

    Yoo Hoo. It's the 4th of July

    LMAO, that's a good one, all the time I thought I did a good thing in my life and now you make me wonder, you bastard !