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  1. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    having gone through this oral evidence piece, the first thing that struck me was -again- how cheeky Barnier can be, his first line being if this were to be an oral examination, it sounded a bit similar at moments, where one person is grilled by a jury, I'd give the man an A+, of course he has his aides too, but seemed like once again he was better prepared, a bit similar to what we hear and read from the overall Brexit discussions. amd indeed, when this morning our forum quality manager (failing miserably himself to deliver the merest bit of qualitative input) came up with this "Barnier is folding" innuendo, gathered from a headline or a tweet, a thing our forum quality manager consistently holds against others ... it appeared that the real text shows something quite different, as expected. question : can any of the brits give a clue on the importance of this house of lords committee ? do they really have some power, clout, or is this just a bunch of old lordly geezers and geezeresses trying to give themselves an air of importance ?
  2. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    what a load of fearmongering by people who clearly don't know what they are talking about ! just read what our newly appointed forum quality manager has to say on the matter, and it's of course obvious that he is an expert on just about anything, must have the day of his life today what with bars reopening , cough , cough
  3. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    ^^^ ouch, that one really hurts, so adult, so novel, so inventive, so to the point, so qualitative... gents, may I propose Wayne to become the forum's quality manager, he'll oversee the discussions and give us the necessary quality points and guidance, he's the man for the job, bigly, everybody is saying it
  4. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    please no, don't encourage him ... it's useless anyhow, thick as a brick and all that
  5. Albatros

    what is it?

    those fender lines running over the chine will in due course leave quite some traces, will need buffing regularly, could be avoided with little stainless strips but then that might ruin the designer's esthetics, o dear
  6. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    ^^^ so in fact this assessment is same as asking if Brexit makes any sense at all, no doubt about the outcome, dogmatic thinking comes first for brexiteers and the rulers du jour as for Wales and Scot(ch)land, ever so clear that for the brits in britanistan they are just plebs, have no say in it at all, just there to be royally arse fucked by Boris and his cronies, such a delight ! ... or as the old czech saying was in commie iron curtain times : if you're gonna be raped, lay back and enjoy it.
  7. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    respect,... me thinks those limey b*st*rdi's need a bit of a schooling in that respect
  8. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    the stupid part would of course be that Jack would be involved in this ... he does not seem to have the knack for this kind of parody, that much is correct but then on the other hand, if you read the whole thing you really have to wonder if it's for real, it's just too good to be true and too many weird things happening at the same time, so to me it got a bit suspicious, but even if it would be a sham, well done, big fun, bravo ! then there is this other thing that got my attention : this ***son supposedly decides to take the train to la douce France to give the mayor a piece of his own, and hell, maybe he might even move over to that hellhole Brussels .... what about the current quarantine measures ? he just can't come over like that. Somewhere down the line "urgent family business" or somesuch is mentioned, but out of what is mentioned it also would appear the parents are in britanistan, not in froggy land, so how would the frogs react if a limey (or scouser, or whatever) would want to come over for urgent family business when the family is not there ? sumfink is rotten in paradise yer 'onor ... there's a slight bit of inconsistency but whatever, well played
  9. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    you brits are really a funny lot, spending all the time and energy discussing a flag, is that the reason why those brits can't come up with some serious brexit proposals ? "sorry Mr. Barnier, old chap, we're too much tied up now bickering over flag issues and that of course, Barnier, old chap, you'll understand we know our priorities, you'll just have to sit this one out until we got that flag thingmybob resolved"
  10. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    a bit more of an analysis on Merkel's remark that the UK will have to live with the consequences : (free translation from financial times analyst) her way of handling the corona crisis has put her again in a very strong position, both in her own country as in Europe and she seems to want to go all out, certainly now that Germany takes this rotating lead in Europe for a while. That's why she just had another visit of Macron and phonecalls to Rutte, if someone can convince that one it's Merkel. But when it concerns the UK and Brexit, UK politicians have considered Merkel a plus factor because they thought that a Europe under German leadership would be more willing to cave in and compromise because of German interests in the UK, mostly car industry. But this British vision is wrong, the whole brexit saga for the last 4 years has taught how important the internal euro market is, putting that at risk would be far more damaging than missing out on a new agreement with London, so she's willing to take that hit for the greater purpose. Seems though that London is awakening, but at the end a phone call between Merkel and Johnson might be far more effective than any other initiative from anybody else in Europe, but it is not Merkel leading the talks, it's Barnier, to date undisputed.
  11. Albatros

    The Swedish Experiment

    you forgot about the majestik møøse
  12. it's even far worse than that, today talking to some people on my pontoon, they are French as the marina is close to France, they had a good laugh telling that their son ( French nationality but living and working in New York )got this nice check signed by your yellow moron, he framed it and stuck it to the wall of the toilet. Fuck this, the surrender monkeys getting your freebie $$$ and using it as constipation cure.
  13. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    ^^^ if they don't get what they want they'll release their army of Gib monkeys on us, that will teach us, Brussels is warned, its' citizens are at this moment guided to anti monkey throwing shit shelters, as we speak. the kool aid is strong on this guy of course
  14. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    pretty damning stuff, but then channeling my inner Wayne it's clear that this is leftist Guardianite stuff so should be ignored, ridiculed and supplanted by one or another dubious report from an equally dubious stinktank saying just the opposite : Bojo and Lizz are doing a grand job at defending british farmers, bigly, everybody is saying it.
  15. Albatros

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    can't wait to see the pic of Alex standing on the wing at takeoff