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  1. Emile Ratelband is some kind of a shock-jock, not your cup of ... o, hang on... Emile for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Albatros

    Looking at Euro Swans

    weirdo's seem to be a majority to 230 or not to 230
  3. Albatros

    Looking at Euro Swans

    talking about voltages, why is it that so many yankistani citizens think it is 240 volt overhere ? you'll find 240 in lofty places like the Falklands, or Brunei and a couple more exotic shitholes, but overhere it's 230 ... bissotwo, terrathree nadazero and no, this is not nitpicking, at times the difference can be pretty important
  4. yes, but both you and Fah will have to excuse poor ol' Cisco del sur for not being up to date on the ways of Ozzistan ... just saying with a big grin, but if ever BJ you would end up downtown Chili, make sure you get to know him for guidance.
  5. Albatros

    Boats collide off San Diego

    nah, comment was purely triggered by the pix of the scratched bow ... and if you object, then so be it, let those that are without sins cast the first stone ... who'd have thunk that would be you huh ?
  6. Albatros

    Boats collide off San Diego

    tough crowd today, forgot the purple font
  7. Albatros

    Boats collide off San Diego

    well, the front did not fall off and it will buff out ... nothing in the environment so it's all good
  8. Albatros

    Boats collide off San Diego

    it might not always be that glorious, a question of luck as with so many things .... some years ago chartered a sailing yacht in Thailand, in Phuket marina there was this huge mobo, similar size than this Attessa.By accident got to talk to the crew, 3 brits, asked them how their life was as I was considering a career move in that direction. Their story was slightly sobering : superyacht owned by one of these dubious Russian billionaires, once a year the man comes over for 3 weeks with a number of errrr.... nice ladies and sometimes some other russian "friends", the mobo becomes a regular brothel, crew is treated like shit during that time, and for the rest of the year the routine is one week cleaning the boat, next week cleaning the engine, next week do maintenance and next week start all over again ... bored shitless they called it but good pay.
  9. it's not ridgeline, therefore this must be a fake, any true trumpeteer rides a ridgeline, everyone is saying it
  10. Albatros

    F22-$150 Mil Edsel??

    the Germans of course, their next move after Pearl Harbor, das ist selbstverständlich (for the non-krautish ... as Eva Dent)
  11. Albatros

    F35 exceeding expectations. Israel .. "Intel Goldmine"

    part of the F3something investigation will boil down to the question if there was a chirping sound or not ...goh, this guy is so gullible, it's just too easy
  12. Albatros

    F35 exceeding expectations. Israel .. "Intel Goldmine"

    we might be onto something here
  13. God is dead - Nietsche Nietsche is dead - God
  14. maybe this one is a bit more relevant, at least if you want to discuss this seriously ... source is NOAA, the question is not which ones are worst but rather how many do you get, but then of course NOAA are surely liberals, democRats of belonging to the global warming tre hugging lobby, for sure, wink, nudge