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  1. Pissed off i was not invited. I bet it was a hell of a party... Booze, Hoes, and crazy in the head old white dudes including the guy who is likely to be running the county in 3 weeks. Cause you know no deputy in their right mind is going in there and causing shit...
  2. Nevada (aka Florida without the swamps ) Good to see Ron Jeremy out and about after the big stroke a couple years ago.
  3. Foreverslow

    Is football dying?

    Why I don't like NFL football anymore: 1. Overpaid idiots acting like children instead of understanding they are supposed to be role models to the kids. 2. Fucking lawyers. Cannot get through a game without at least 2 ref timeouts to "get a review from New York". Nothing counts unless a judge agrees. Let the refs do their job and if they fuck one up well that is life. 3. Color men who gush like high school girls about a players history or some obscure stat some player has. Networks must have a connection at the CIA for some of these. STFU or use the SAP channel to broadcast the crowd sound so I do not have to listen to these jack holes. 4. Too many commercials stops the flow. Especially if you are at the game. "WTF is going on???" 5. The same fucking ditty CBS plays coming from from airing a batch of commercials. Over and over for every game. For 30 FUCKING years! Like Chinese water torture. 6. Those idiot monocolor uniforms in one color or another to sell crap to suckers. They look like player in a 1981 Nintendo game. 7. Taking the game overseas to Europe. Never is going to play out as the travel distances are too far and are not fair to the teams over there. WTF were they thinking other than licensing revenues. 8. Billionaires begging for new stadiums from the taxpayers of stump broke cities who should be investing the money in local services. Yet they do not share the wealth when they sell the franchise. Even 2nd richest MFer Robert Kraft trying to get the little town of Foxboro to pay for a pedestrian bridge over US1 until the word got out. 9. Because of the game going to all passing, the games are averaging over 3.5 hours. Only folks who have that kind of time are poor bed ridden souls. 10. Roger Goodel. Biggest idiot this side of Yasar Arafat. If there is a good and bad side to a decision, Roger will always pick the later. $40 million a year for a moron CEO. 11. Average Joe cannot afford to go to a game. $30 to park. 200 for a ticker, 12 for a beer the list goes on. 12. Celebrations. Fucking morons losing 41-0 late in the 4th quarter start some stupid dance in the end zone when they get lucky running in a fumble. These are college graduates?? Wish at lunch during workouts the folks slinging hash went into a team celebration dance after they serve each player to give them an idea of just how annoying this bullshit is. 13. Charging full price for pre-season games when they are not trying and have no clue what there are up to (goes for the regular season Jets too). Greedy Fucks. 14. Acting like they support the military when in fact they were getting paid by the DoD for the tickets given to servicemen under the table. Slimey mother F'ers 15. Too many rules on how one can or cannot hit other player. They would be better to back to the 1930s uniform with just a leather lid and get rid of half these rules. Without all those flack jackets, oversized helmets, and big shoulder pads, they are not going to try to slam into each other with indifference as they have as much to lose. 16. Taking a FUCKING KNEE. Son of Bitches do not understand they got a free education and a big house and fancy cars because of the freedom they enjoy, else some rich kid whose daddy is connected would have their job and they would still be in the getho. NONE OF THEM have walked a post as a serviceman. And 90% of them never do jack for the communities they came from (not the ones they now live near as a PR gimmick). Pure arrogance. They ought to make the rookies have lunch with legend Jim Brown who will explain the DNA lottery they won and why they should appreciate they have have been given. Colin Kapernick is nothing but the real Al Bundy as a washed up football player who is now a shoe salesman (and a rich one at that). And in the end, ALL THE PLAYERS are going to take it in the shorts as revenue goes down and owners will scheme to cut back on salaries. 17. 1 o'clock games are smack in the middle of prime time sailing on a Sunday. Need I say more?? Only games I go to are Patriot games where I get wined and dined in the training tent full of ex-players and then whisked to my 50 yard line seat through the special gate for free [ I knows people with the good tickets... ;<) ]. And to tell you the truth, the game is easier to watch at home since you know why they are stopping play ever 3 minutes. As to college ball. Too much money is involved. When I was checking colleges for the little one, I noticed Virginia Tech's stadium is a 2/3rd version of Foxboro and has a 4 lane access road off a 2 lane interstate to get you in and out. Yet at revered Carnegie Mellon, the stands were the size of our local high school. They had the correct perspective of athletics at an institution of higher learning (eg not making money off the kids). Had a big impression on which school I was advocating for. This will take care of itself on its own as the athletic conferences are soon going to see revenue cut back since there is too much product chasing too few eyeballs and the cable companies/Directv cannot afford to just pass the expense onto regular viewers who do not care and are "cutting the cable".
  4. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk Shares Blunt with Joe Rogan on Podcast, rants

    Musk agrees to step aside as chairman of the board and add 2 independent directors.
  5. Foreverslow

    Garbage disposal (US) Anarchy

    if you have your own private septic system, pull the disposal out and replace with $12 of drain and pvc pipe. Food belongs in the trash and not the plumbing.. You may grind food up real good, but you are putting a lot of crap into your holding tank. That is not real good for it. If there is too much grease and oils and if it overflows the grease baffles in the holding tank, you can take out your leech fields which is not cheap to fix. And dumping hydrochloric acid down the runs is illegal nowadays. My brother is a civil engineer who designs septic systems from housing developments to large hotels and knows his shi.., err... septic systems. Told me many years ago to minimize the use of garbage disposals if you have a private septic system. 3 houses over 35 years and never had a septic issue by heeding his advice. The honeydew guys are always commenting on how clean our baffles are when they pump the tank.
  6. Foreverslow

    Is It A Coincidence?
  7. Foreverslow

    Is It A Coincidence?

    it is much worse This spring heading north with the Admiral who wants to drive. "Ok, have at it" I say.. About 90 miles in we pull over and the the tailgate is gone. Musta hit a bump and the gate got away. Talked about it for 5 minutes wondering where did we lose it and was it worth going back for. Half an hour later I click on iheart radio and there are ads for utility trailers. Fucking Android is listening in even when you are not on the phone. In the house, I leave the call phones in a unattended room nowadays.
  8. Foreverslow

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    they had a Florida official on the Weather Channel today. He said FLA code is only good to cat 4. Michael missed being a 5 by 2 mph. Just bad luck. And I am sure many of you saw the train the was blown over, along with the bent pivot pins when car was torn off the cart. Serious wind.. Having said that, I remember reading in the WSJ about inspectors checking new construction after the code changes brought on my Andrews and finding many builders were cutting LOTS of corners. Never heard a follow up on what happened. i think whatever is allowed to be rebuilt will have an evil eye cast upon it by the insurance companies more than anyone else. Remanents of Michael are passing through SE VA right now. Heavy rains and tornadoes are flying about just a couple miles to the west and south of the homestead. When Michael hits the bay it is supposed to re intensify and give us a good blow tonight Both Stihl chainsaws are sharpened and ready to go in the garage, along with a fresh gas can of premix with no corn squeezings, spare chains, bars and one of these bad boys..
  9. Foreverslow

    The Series

    well we can stick a fork in the Yankees. Lost BOTH home games. All the complaining about the refs seemed to have taken the focus off the fact the manager had no clue how to manage his pitching. Best bullpen in the league gathering splinters as their starters got hammered. Better luck next year.
  10. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk Shares Blunt with Joe Rogan on Podcast, rants

    bad enough the judge responsible for the settlement is calling Elon and the SEC on the carpet to ask why he got such sweetheart deal But that jackass just violated the settlement terms and started bad mouthing the SEC via Tweets without Tesla BoD approval He may be getting the heave ho after all... Fricking arrogant ass.
  11. Foreverslow

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    I wonder if this was in fact a load test on a national level. Read some rumors last week on a technical site that the US Government wants to manage the rollout G5 in the US (Swell, just swell as Dirty Harry would quip). It would make sense they would want a snapshot of what is sub optimal with G4 today in order to develop plans.
  12. Foreverslow

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    Pay your mobile bill else it is nothing more than a paperweight... ;<) :<)
  13. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk Shares Blunt with Joe Rogan on Podcast, rants

    The SEC moves as slow as molasses uphill on a cold Vermont day, but when they pull the trigger they have already gathered all the cards and you are going down. Hence the 95% win rate in court which I have read in several places. i think this was explained to Elon and he finally turned down his arrogance long enough to listen to the advice of corporate and personal lawyers instead of fanbois and rappers. The coming weeks will show if he learned anything. A corporate officer is held to a high level than a "visionary" according to SEC rules. Love to see someone with high volume manufacturing experience put on the board to show they are serious about producing automobiles. Alas Bob Lutz is too old and Martin Winterkorn is damaged goods. Time to yank a couple of his buddies off the board while they are at it if they are serious about this enterprise. The closest to someone with actual automobile manufacturing experience is a guy who sells replacement wiper blades and fuzzy dice..
  14. Foreverslow

    Can you trim the jib sheets in cocktail dress?

    Odds she is a card carrying member of the foredeck union? You think she nails the owner's daughter down below while he is sleeping one off? ;<)
  15. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk Shares Blunt with Joe Rogan on Podcast, rants

    i would never short them. You can lose your ass that way. Too old to be starting over again. As for highly visible product, just look at GE. Death spiral in spite of its popularity. It will be years before they make shareholders whole if ever. Anyways, it looks like the board smacked Elon off the side of the head which caused a reset. He has agreed to step down as chairman and pay a $20m fine, but can stay on as CEO. Now they start to renegotiate their long term financing needs and prepare for the onslaught of law suits from the shorters he burned with his BS. With the SEC win, he is not in a good position. Hopefully the board had a truly inspiring "Come To Jesus" meeting with Elon and he gets his act together and focuses. No more flame throwers or rescue subs... Do not car about his cars, but I rather see Space-X keep going instead of the US depending upon soviet gear that can dry up in 10 minutes.