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  1. Foreverslow

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    remember Cycle World magazine did a full write up on the CBX when it first was introduced. Honda asked one of the new engineers on the project to come up with an exhaust that conveyed the power and speed of their new steed. So he come up with a perfect acoustic copy of the McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom at full gallop. Bosses said they understood, but try again son. Next time was the more traditional exhaust. The bike itself never was the top of the hill due to the width. But I believe it was the first motorcycle to use a jackshaft so they could put the alternator behind the crank so as to save some width on that motor. And unlike the Benelli 750 Sei (6 cylinder that predated by a year), the valve train did not float and explode the first time you tried to rev it to redline.
  2. Foreverslow

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    back in their day, buddy had one of those FJs. What a great ride and still had serious speed. Their nick name said it all: Velvet Sledgehammer..
  3. Foreverslow

    Deaf Man Sues Pornhub

    An actress is going to be hard pressed to use sign language while performing a hand job. Just saying.
  4. Foreverslow


    does this have anything to do with that old question Is the glass half empty or half full? Asking for a engineering friend...
  5. Foreverslow

    Scooter Talking Trash bout his Competition

    scooter best learn to get upwind on stb tack only Cause if that Hobie 33 goes a hunt'n and catches him on port, his toy is toast. Them hobie are a floating brick outhouses.
  6. Foreverslow

    Fumduck Athletes Much as I appreciate the heavy hits he absorbs every game, this stunt screams MORON!
  7. Foreverslow

    Floriduh Man
  8. Foreverslow

    CVT Transmissions

    My John Deere Lawn tractor has CVT. Does the job cutting grass and dragging the Cyclone Rake about. No way for the cars. Want to be able to shift into manual mode and slam gears while dancing at red line. These small motors with turbos are not half bad with the correct slush box. Looks like Honda is phasing out autos for CVTs in the Accords For me CVTs remove the soul of an automobile.. If that soul means nothing, I guess they are fine for you.
  9. Foreverslow

    Foiling is ruining sailing

    foiling on high seas is nothing new...
  10. Foreverslow

    NFL 2019

    CoachJason Garrett thrown to the curb in Dallas
  11. Foreverslow


    Wife and I used to vacation in Aruba each winter with an ex-Navy Seal named Ken and his wife. This was 20 years before everyone wanted to be the shark's friend. Ken had a great story. After getting out of the service, Ken and a buddy went spear fishing on Cape Cod. As they were swimming a shark came up and bit the end off one of their fancy new long swim fins. Incensed, they killed the shark and brought it back to the beach to where they dragged it out of the surf and started to remove the teeth on the beach with their knives. this caused a lot of interest. Tourists came up asking what they were doing, where did they get the shark and what were they going to do with the teeth. They said this was retribution as the shark had screwed with them. Others asked to buy some of the teeth but they said no as they kept cutting away. Some insistent clown from Long Island kept wanted to buy the teeth upping the price. The 2 feverishly worked at taking out the teeth. They turned and screamed at the clown to get the hell away as this was personal and NO THE TEETH WERE NOT FOR SALE When they finished, they grab the tail and dragged the carcass out into the surf to let the ocean finish off the job. At which time the shark awoke and just swam away like nothing had happened. Ken and his buddy just looked at each other, then their own hands, then each other's hands thinking of how moments earlier they had their hands deep inside that mouth of that shark they thought was dead. Said he never tried that shit again...
  12. Foreverslow

    USS McCain Incident

    yet you think nothing of hopping on a 777 or Airbus with the family where everything is fly by wire. Or racing cars on Nintendo. You can bemoan technology, but it is coming...
  13. Foreverslow

    Floriduh Man

    let's kick off the new year with this charmer...
  14. Foreverslow

    USS McCain Incident

    been developing software for over 40 years including for Uncle Sam. I understand the rationale for IBNS as the Navy tries to do more with less headcount. But there is an old IT saying "Build a foolproof system and only a fool will use it" That big red button is a nice idea but the implementation sucked as it never displayed what it just changed. If it had told them where a command had been moved to (main, backup or engine room stations) it would allow people at each station to know who had control of what. In fact those monitors should be showing where command is currently assigned as far as I am concerned. Looking at the diagrams in that article, it looks like both steering and power have displays but do not say if that is the device for that monitor (eg helm, lee helm etc), or that status is which status has control no matter what mode it is set to. And from reading the article, they do not say the system told all the other helms whenever one had taken control of steering or propulsion. Such gaps can be caused by a developer writing code to detailed requirements, but with no understanding of the actual use. Many years ago, we had issues with integrated inventory control system release. The responsible project leader was seasoned, sharp and well educated but the users were up in arms. I suggested to the project manager he should fly up to Canada and pull stock in the stockroom for a few days to learn the business his released was focused on. The guy flipped out being asked to do such a demeaning thing what with all his degrees from renowned universities around the world in system design. I insisted he fly up. I get a call 3 days later from the guy saying he needed at least another week as he had seen he light and needed time to fix several issues. Within a month, everything was working perfectly and we successfully deployed worldwide. New systems are always based on dreams of the future and not all consequences are thought out when the specs are signed off. Having folks with "cockpit time" makes a world of difference. I am also concerned that release management on the code did not exist and every system configuration then was different. One may fix an issue on 1 ship, but there needs to be a process to ensure the code is updated every 6 months or so to ensure they have the latest fixes. But as wonky as that code is, I keep coming back to "why the hell did they not just shut it down when things went pear shaped?". They had 5 minutes from 1st failure until the collision. Radio an emergency on the vhf to warn local traffic and shut it down. I have had issues with the integrated nav systems on boats and when in dangerous areas especially after sunset the first thing is stop and figure out WTF is going on as there is an issue in the system and/or user. They were hours from the end of their mission. why not stop and figure it out instead of barrelling along at 20 knots? It is like you driving with speed control on you car and all the sudden the car starts to go faster and faster. Once you hit that button to disengage along with touching the brakes and it still fails, you look for a straight away so you can shut the car down knowing the steering column could lock.
  15. Foreverslow

    Plan to get home safely

    worst night of the year to be on the road. Lots of rookie drinkers who get hammered 1 night a year and have not figured out not to drive. No tolerance, No technique, No intelligence...