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  1. Just before Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong closed, a brand new $400,000,000 Air China 747-400 slipped off the end of the runway into Victoria bay. Stupid bastards was trying to land during a full typhoon at one of the toughest airports in the world to fly. The local aircraft repair company stock skyrocketed as it was expected they would do the restoration. Couple days later, Air China's insurance company called it a total loss as the salt water had gotten into everything. They blew the tail off so they could resume airport operations and dragged it out of there. The local repair company stock crashed back to earth taking down all the investors looking to make a quick buck.
  2. the aforementioned Hoods were the standard on Sabres in the 80s. Most go 30 years without issue. The "new" Hood seafurl design by Pommerette seems to be just like the old design only everything is slightly different. They do not have parts for the old family, but if you talk nice to the folks, they will sell you the new system at serious discount. One thing a lot of cruisers never do is clean the lower bearings. If they are not sealed, they are being dunked in salt water with every wave going to weather in big seas, and pick up a lot of dirt just sitting there. Every 2-3 years, run both ends of a spin line up front and secure to bow cleats after letting off the backstay to hold the stick up. pull out the furling line after marking where it enters the lower unit. Then remove the clevis pin and dunk the lower unit in a 5 gallon bucket of warn slightly soapy water. Watch the color of that water after about the 5th dunk. Yuck! Redo with clean soapy water. Then redo with fresh water until it runs clean. Reassemble everything. Now try furling. No you are not stronger, those bearings are actually clean and rolling easier. and the bearings last longer. Hosing out the upper bearing whenever the sails have been removed is a good idea too. Roller reef mine. Shoot, have reef lines stitched on at 135, 120 and 110 percent.
  3. Call Rigging Only in Fairhaven Mass. when I used Norsemen swages to build up a forestay that could be disassembled should I need to replace a piece of track, they had spare cones. http://riggingonly.com/Norsemanmechanicalterminal.htm
  4. take it for what it is worth. Just think of every piece of trash water front that has disappeared before your eyes. Every time, it was some rich assholes who didn't know jack about boats and priced everyone out. So why would they not do it again? It doesn't matter if it is viable. Can someone sell a concept to a tool with too much money? If so, the demand on marinas in cities will increase. As for zerohedge, well you didn't have trouble when they broke the USCG funding article last week did you? Personally I could give a shit less. My boat is 200 yards away from my home/office. Disregard such trends at your own risk..
  5. Now we are going to have rich tools grabbing slips for boats they do not use increasing demand. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-10/preppers-stuck-cities-elite-chartering-getaway-boats-case-manhattan-emergency
  6. about 25 years ago, some moron did a similar stunt on a 8 footer across the Atlantic. After burning up his luck pulling it off, he then took on the Pacifc Never heard from again. The sea is a cruel mistress.
  7. love my Rinnai main reason for install was unlimited hot water. Important for the big hot tub in the master bath. The old 42 gallon did not cut it before it ran out of hot water. Not a problem anymore. We can also have folks in all 3 baths taking showers concurrently without an issue. Everyone crashes at the house after a regatta and wants to hose off before attending the post race party. Also opened up a big area in the garage ( had it mounted 8 feet up on the wall).
  8. http://dailywesterner.com/news/2017-03-03/trump-military-budget-may-cut-over-1-billion-from-the-coast-guard/ Not good news. As they say, the devil is in the details..
  9. scientific community has no idea how long a lobster will live... but if you're peta and dump them into fresh water, no so long.. turn of the century (20th) , they were considered trash fish and were only eaten by the poor... but like chowing down on a bearded clam, some like it , some don't.. Them's New England's "Maine" lobsters, and that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. Prisoners in Maine rioted in the early 1900's to protest that they were being fed this inedible trash food. This thread is about Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, that are not nearly as sweet or tender, but not bad in their own right, especially if you caught them yourself. That always makes the meal a lot tastier!! Law in Salem Mass from long ago says you cannot feed your slaves lobster 7 days a week. Would would have thunk?
  10. The guy hears you have a J-boat and cranks the price up, cause J-boat owners like to pay a lot for nothing. The less on the boat weighs, the more you guys hand over. ;<) :<) You should have told him you are shipping a gutted racing Pearson 28. Price should be cut by 70% May I suggest you sell the thing and get a set of Callaway clubs. You can fly 1st class with a hooker to anywhere in the world and play golf just like Tiger. Shit, for that kind of coin, you can play a round with Tiger. Ok, the truth. That toy is no AC boat and you sure as shit ain't Larry Ellison. Seeing you are in Naptown, there has to be at least 1 trailer in town you can borrow/lease. Ask around. Have the crew help with set up. The real ones will not have an issue. There are plenty of ways to stroke your ego. In fact there are industries based on the activity (eg Vegas or Atlantic City). You going to race, have fun with friends, or to stroke your ego? Decide that and everything else falls into place.
  11. even more remarkable is the fact not a single dumb ass with a kayak/paddle board in the shot....
  12. Last saw them 20 years ago. Daughter got us tickets to see them 15 miles down 495 in Oxen Hill Md in 3 weeks. I brought her up right. ;>)
  13. I had nothing to do with it, though I laughed given how disgusting that yacht has been to watch take form. What is your complaint with Scot's piece? Trump is now learning is what happens when you piss off a news organization enough for them to send dozens of reporters to prove it ain't fake. Knowing my share of CNN and NYT reporters, it boggles the mind to imagine a coordinated conspiracy to create fake news from these people - clearly, whoever said that does not understand this level of reporter or what they do for a living. Do you think Putin's proven murders are equivalent to what the US government has done? Gee Clean, you truly are amazing. You & Scot think you are Mensa material when the old line "if brain power were dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose" comes to mind. You don't like the shape of the rich dude's boat, fine. Personally I don't care for it either(reminds me of Steve Job's boat but on steroids & with masts), but I don't somehow make this massive jump to linking some rich Russian trying to scream "LOOK AT ME" to Mr Trump conspiracies. Obviously the owner has an ego. Lots of rich guys have egos. Sort of like you except you are poor so nobody cares if you show up in port. If not for rich guys with egos, there wouldn't be mega yachts, prestige regattas, or an America's Cup. That foiler also on the front page looks like my mother's ironing board with a broomstick mast, but to each their own. Ditto all those oversized skiffs you fawn all over that have the accoutrements of a port-o-john, but to the owners, it strokes them, so that is cool and good for the sport. More importantly, unlike you 2 jokers, I don't try to link it to pixie dust just because it is not my cup of tea. Speaking of which, you have an article on the front page regarding the demise of once great US sailing manufacturers. Funny how Scot was sailing a Chinese boat and cannot connect the dots. Trump understands BOTH parties have hollowed out the middle class (and they are the folks that used to buy those new floating toys). Past 2 assholes in the White House were too busy tending to special interests and just about killed us, and with it, the boat industry. Media: Sorry to burst your bubble ace, but the media continues to invent shit and try to make it stick. Here are some of the better ones. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-08/16-fake-news-stories-reporters-have-run-trump-won Downright embarrassing the way they made fools of themselves and their institutions in the past 10 months. The fact is they can no longer sway public opinion like the newspapers used to due to the Internet allowing readers to do fact checking and interact instead of a one way conversation. Exactly what is this fear the POTUS has of the media you speak of? What I have seen is he has started to dismantle the cozy relationship some off these lazy SOBs covering the White House by inviting others into the White House, taking a quarter of the daily questions from around the country via Skype, and putting the worse offenders at the children's dinner table as a time out. I think your friends at the NY Times and CNN are blowing smoke up your ass, for actions speak louder than words. Do us all a favor and keep your political conspiracies to yourselves or enter them in PA instead of the front page. You embarrass yourselves and your sponsors with your moon bat shit flinging. Many of us come here to use the forums to solve problems or get questions answered. If we wanted political conspiracies,we would head next door to talk to the neighbor's lazy kid living in their basement. Anyways, hope this reply has been informative. Have a great day! forever
  14. Damn it. You're right. I thought I was on to something there, but completely forgot that Trump had dodged the draft. So had Trump actually served the country, would he have been required to salute like Obama did? Apparently so. But since he dodged the draft and avoiding serving his country, he should not have saluted. So I kinda gave him a bum rap on that one. Actually, Presidents didn't salute till Reagan. I hope Trump stops that stupid anachronism. the POTUS is the commander in chief To us military types (active, retired and otherwise), it shows respect for the chain of command. They are putting their lives on the line whenever the POTUS says Move Out. To see the POTUS use the same greeting as they use on the base every day is comforting. An enlisted soldier will salute an officer, and the officer will salute back as an acknowledgement. Ditto officer to officer. It shows RESPECT. Most of you never served, so you don't understand. No problem. But please don't call it stupid. That just shows ignorance on the subject. And please also understand many of us military types take umbridge when a POTUS does not acknowledge the chain of command or does a half ass job. It says they could give a shit about the grunts who do the dying for them. that is why some of us take it personally.
  15. I'm calling Bullshig in s CEO of any decent size company (Fortune 50?) being cowed by the threat of a Tweet. Either the change was likely and this story is convenient, of this is just a pile of malarkey. call BS Call a taxi HELL, call the cows home for all I care. Last week we heard our mix of us/overseas positions had been changed to move more jobs back to the US. They don't write it down or publicize it, the same as when they were moving jobs to cheaper cost locations like India, or Mexico, or Africa. No CEO wants to be a topic of Trump's bully pulpit tweets, or speeches that tears into one's company's reputation/brand. Just ask Carrier, BAE, Boeing etc. Why did Ford cancel the $1.6B plant in Mexico 2 weeks ago after a Trump tweet? They think Donald is dreamy??? Trump is taking a page from Teddy Roosevelt (another republican the establishment republicans hated) and applying a new technology to forward his agenda. He is just doing it personally and bypassing the media that he does not trust. Maybe we ought to give the guy a couple weeks instead of shitting all over him when he has been hustling from one official event to another all day. The job he saves {or creates) may be yours.