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  1. Why the tie?

    back in the 80s I was a program manage in a fortune 50 multinational. We all wore ties. Developed this kick as real time distributed stockroom control system everyone and their brother wanted a peak at. Would do the demo in my pilot site in Canada so they could see it in action. Used to take 2 days to walk them through it, and then discuss how they wanted to use it. At the end of day 1, i would take the corporate stiffs out for dinner and drinks along with a stockroom manager or 2 from Canada. After dinner we would hit a nice strip joint where I would excuse myself to use the head. In fact I would line up and pay a couple strippers who would come over in about 15 minutes. They would set up their little boxes to dance on next to our "guests" and start stripping as the main show was going on the stage. Just before the end of the song they would grinding right in front of the guy's faces, then quickly pull their arm between their thighs, grab their tie and start buffing themselves on the dude's tie. The guests never knew what hit them. Next day they would show up in the office with that same stained tie because it was the only one they brought. Nobody said a word, but my Canadian boys were in on my joke and loved it every time I pulled it off. Those dudes would do anything for me for pulling stunts like that. Moral: When traveling, always carry a couple spares just in case you stain your tie..
  2. Going Aloft

    think about the sailors 100-200 years ago doing this as a matter of course. day and night. sometimes in a gale. Sometimes the other boat blowing your mast from under you. Real sailors....
  3. Archery Anarchy

    went from not having shot since age 12 to leading a team in 3 weeks. And we did well in the league. Shoot, used to embarrass the losers with crossbows who showed up. The trick was my upper body strength from years of flying a catamaran hull all day long. Could hold the bow as long as I wanted and release without a shake. If you are used to running a mainsheet uncleated, you have a serious advantage. I really like compounds. Those cams make life much easier. Add a set of a sights you can set to different distances. Make repetition a piece of cake. a quality release also helps repetition. If you like the sport, I highly suggest a set of custom made arrows. They always fly the same way and they last a long time. It also ensures the length is correct.
  4. damper plate 411

    have a 35 year old Westerbeke that runs like a top in my boat that I am getting ready to start using for cruises. Most the systems have been renewed in last couple of years. One area I know little about is damper plates. When do you replace one? Do they warn you when they are getting to end of life, or is it you just cannot get power? Seeing some aftermarket versions use oil resistant polymers instead of springs. Are they any better? Worth the aggravation to just replace it during the off season for peace of mind? Any tricks to aid is swapping one out? Thanks in advance for any advice
  5. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    The lubriplate they sell works super in the maxprop. And the tube has threads for their grease gun. Bonus is that Lubriplate is the old Barlow winch grease of the 80s. So the tube can also handle your winch cleaning/rebuild.
  6. Powder coat vs hard anodize?

    Have 10 years on my powder coated portlight frames. they are starting to dull a bit. Never did a thing after reinstalling them. Guess I got lucky...
  7. Covers for backs of instruments

    why spend all that money? ;<) Gallon ice cream tub. Cut inside of lid slightly larger than instrument back and secure lid rim to bulkhead with a couple s/s screws Then snap bowl onto the lid rim. Can remove in 5 seconds. And you get to eat the ice cream/ sorbet.
  8. 8 Bells Everett Pearson

    had a 26 OD/weekender as my foray into monohulls. Built like a brick shit house and could take any abuse a knucklehead could throw at it. Once was racing in the remnants of a hurricane. Launched off a wave and pulled everything out of the water including the keel & rudder (sistership next to me had done it 15 seconds earlier). Came down hard, the mast went out of column by 10 inches in a slow circle and did it a second time with less intensity. Boat immediately accelerated like nothing had happened. Simple to sail boats made them great for families. Started taking my daughter out at 3 weeks old in her car carrier seat. Only issue was the ride home as the car just did not gently roll like the Pearson so she would cry heading down Rt 95. 40 year old boats can be brought to original standards with some gear updates, polishes, and TLC is a testimony to the designs and construction. A fact Everett lamented about in a Wall Street Journal article in the 90s saying they did not understand the properties of plastics at the beginning so they way overbuilt, but there was no natural enemy to the boats like wood bores, so the boats would never die and that would impact the boat building industry. Fair winds Everett..
  9. Manly Ferry & Yacht Collide On Sydney Harbour

    been on those ferries many a time over 25 years to kill a day at Manley. One Sunday heading back 3 idiots on a Sydney 18 decided to cross in front of the ferry. Middle crew turns around, sees us bearing down and talks the skipper who turns to look behind and sees us before immediately hardening up even more. Now we are going to hit the 18. Oh Shit! Collision horns blare, you could hear the captain's salty talk describing the 18 skipper's intelligence and ancestry (something about being related to the canine family) anywhere on the boat (windows were down). And the ferry shuttered as they used the props at the bow to help stop the boat. A real pro like most the captains transiting the bay. Did not hear nor see the vibration of the front props engaging. One horn and then went port. Don't give a shit what the ferry boat has attached. The captain is a fucking yahoo and is lucky nobody was killed.
  10. 4K TV, awesome

    if one has glare issues, suggest putting chrome tint on the glass. Not only eliminates it, but keeps the house cooler in the summer. Can always be taken off with a single edge razor should you decide to move. Buddy just got the Sony 65" OLED. I was amazed. Watched Deliverance. The river scenes were were better than 3D. It was like I was standing on a rock in the middle of the stream dodging the canoes. Thought they had redone the film, but apparently not. Amazing. Prices drop in a couple weeks when the CES show in LV announces all the new kit for 2018. Start saving now..
  11. charles manson-dts

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/charles-manson-grandson-seeks-bury-cult-leader-article-1.3653298 Go fund me page to bury this prick shut down...
  12. DTV dish cover/coating

    Best to move south which fixes the problem permanently. ;<) When I lived in New England on top of a mountain, the snow used to pile up. Silicone spray helps a lot. Be sure to spray the receiver (dnr??) and its mount. A small brush attached to an extendable pole will clear it quickly, but not have so much weight it knocks it out of whack. Provided the accumulation on the roof does not block it. When we got 3 feet of snow, I was screwed no matter what I sprayed as the snow on the roof would block the signal. In those cases a snow rake was the only choice to clear the roof area. Like I said, move south. Shoveling snow is highly overrated.
  13. those foils look dangerous. Thinking about when the Aussi...errrr Japanese Softbank team just about cut their opponents on GBR Rover boat in half in the Bahamas when they flew over their hull. These foils look like they could kill someone if they come over the the windward boat, or if they drop heel due to lack of air flow and jam their foil into the opponent's deck like a biker stabbing his wooden leg with a knife. That would not end well for either team. Thought Death Race 2000 was supposed to be run in autos..
  14. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    correct at the end of 2 seasons of use, the grease washes out leaving the void where those little buggers start to grow and if left to their own, will cause issues with the feathering. Keep grease in there and you will not have any issues. If you do need to tear it apart, it can be a PIA to reassemble without a 2nd set of hands as you need to keep all the internals aligned due to the pitch adjustment as you try to clamp the 2 shells together. A trick I sent on to Kevin Woody at PYI many years ago is to get 2 magic markers of different colors and color code the gear teeth that match the pitch you are setting. You can now do a quick visual as you close the clam shells and then bolt together. Then you can grease the internals with the zerk fittings until it oozes out the orifices.
  15. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    if you grease every 2 years, you will be fine. If you try to go longer, you will find barnacles starting to grow in cavities where the grease should be. I grease mine on the hard every spring while bottom painting. I always order extra lubriplate 130aa, as it is a great winch grease too (it the old Barlow winch grease of 30 years ago).