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  1. Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    Just be sure you do it nicely for your own sake. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1988/04/07/A-fired-Merrill-Lynch-stockbroker-shot-and-killed-a/7310576388800/ Lonnie has been terminated at the computer company I was working at before going to work at Merrill Lynch. HIs manager thought he had an attitude problem and his leaving would be best for him and the company. Good call..
  2. Martin Shkreli ...KARMA

    Went from smug little asshole to crying like a baby to the judge while lying like a rug to save his hide “I am terribly sorry I lost your trust. You deserved far better.” Luckily the judge saw through it. It is federal, so I don't think he gets a break on time, but there are others here who would know better. Just hope it is to a real prison and not a some work camp. He will make someone a nice prison bitch once they break him in.
  3. Going up the Mast

    Get a ATN I got you by 35 lbs. My crew taking turns could not crank my fat ass up. Your wife is not going to do it unless she was a shot putter for an Eastern European Olympic team in her youth. With an ATN climber, I go up and down on my own with ease. Or you could put a power winch on the cabin top. Buddy has his wife push a button and up he goes.
  4. Captain Ron DVD

    A diesel loves her oil same as a sailor loves rum
  5. ATN Topclimber

    have one for years. Love it. Old crew could not crank my fat ass up the stick worth a shit. I can go up easily. Best of all, at the top, you can stand up and get above the masthead which is impossible with a bosums chair. I have a dedicated extra long piece of stayset-x. Set up allows me to easily tie into a halyard and keep all the chafe on the line. Everything is set up in a large IKEA bag so I can tie in the line to the halyard, get it near the top, take out the slack, tie it off at the deck and then crank the halyard to tighten the line which makes going up and down easier. I tie a sail tie onto one of the harness straps. When I am in place, I loop the tie around the mast and tie it off on the other harness strap. Or around the side shroud if I need to work outbound. Or around the forestay if working on an upper furler bearing. allows me to stay in place and frees up the hand that would have been holding something so as not to get bashed into the mast or rigging. If someone is around to run it, I will tie off a 2nd halyard as a safety. Use heavy gloves to ascend or decent. Love it for checking rigging and cleaning the luff groove at the same time. Have made a lot of friends allowing owners to borrow it to do their own inspections. Try not to use on weekends when there is heavy waves bouncing the boat around, or at the club dock when the peanut gallery is sitting on the veranda sipping cold ones commenting on your efforts high above... Next best thing to having a cherry picker at your disposal.
  6. Cleaning sail track

    get latest issue of Practical Sailor. Complete article on track cleaning. Usually you can get copies at West Marine if you do not have a subscription and your library/club does not have one.
  7. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    got that straight PB Have bent a car around a tree, crashed a motorcycle at 115 mph, been hit by a car, and skied Tuckermans Ravine for jollies Child's play compared to downhill racing Did it once after years of racing GS Most the competitors were college racers old enough to be my kids, but i was used to that from racing them on GS courses. I was running a third of the way down the list of competitors. The course was already getting chewed up with ruts near any of the gates. Stiff racing skis are bouncing around like wet spaghetti as you concentrate to keep your weight forward and maintain your tuck. The bumps try to drive your legs into your body. The world is flying by as you concentrate on your line and trying to remember the next 2 turns coming. A third the way down the mountain I am traversing across the hill in a tuck when I caught a rut on an off bank turn launching me at 60 mph. The steep slope is falling away as I am flying higher and higher. Time slows down, and you are alone with your thoughts You are calculating your rate of fall and it is not looking good due to your velocity. Likely to hit the looming trees about 15 feet up on the side of the course at 50 or so. Nothing you can do now but think of how stupid you were to sign up for such an insane sport. Are you going to die or be paralyzed for life when you slam into the trees? Start praying for extra gravity or a headwind to get you on the ground so your scurvy ass can scrub off some speed. Came out of my tuck which slowed me enough to come down and hit the orange safety netting saving my bacon from going into the woods. Gathered my equipment after a quick Thank You to the Big Guy above. Skied to the bottom of the mountain, got in my Jeep and never tried it again. Anyone who can ignore the risks, concentrating to make each run perfect without fear is a true freak'n crazy who has my utmost respect
  8. PSS Dripless Shaft Seals: Pros/Cons/Experiences?

    Boat has had one for over 25 years Every 8 years I replace the bellows and set screws, polish the ss disk and carbon disk with 800 wet/dry wet on a flat surface.. I have a buddy who held off replacing the bellows for 12-14 years. Motoring home one Sunday afternoon the bellows tears and the water was coming in fast. Luckily he was only 3 miles out and radioed his plight. A couple club members started up the travelift and were ready to haul him out (well hold him in place until the bilge pump drained the boat enough to lift his boat out). I had an issue 2 years ago where the engine exhaust hose (eg dryer hose) got loose and was sucked into the PSS between the two disks. Didn't notice it until I hit reverse coming into my slip and the engine dies, refuses to restart and the blige pump is in full power. Wraps of &^% wire pushed the 2 disks apart allowing water in. Took 3 of us 5 hours to turn the engine over manually with an open end wrench on the crankshaft bolt as another pulled on the wire. Was lucky the wire did not tear the bellows. My screw up, but it shows there are weak points you need to guard against. Still, I rebuilt the PPS unit again last year. Solid unit. I cut down a zinc (limited space between coupler and PSS) that is installed inboard of to keep pressure so I do not have to rely on just the set screws. I also carry a brick of electrical waterproof putty in case the boot ever tore, I can pop over the side a stuff it between the shaft and shaft log before sailing to safety. The PSS was superior to the old systems, but with Teflon shaft packing now on the market, the advantage is not as great. YMMV
  9. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    anyone have experience with silicone based anti fouling? http://www.seacoat.com/product-2/ 10 year warranty been around 15 years no effect on aluminum hulls self levels no toxins Only issue looks like if the sanding dust gets in the air, it will fisheye any paint/varnish job underway in the area. Navy seems to be using it and they can use anything they want.
  10. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    French CG gives up search http://gcaptain.com/search-called-off-for-missing-quicksilver-ceo-lost-at-sea/
  11. 10 monkeys in gas chamber

    Back in the mid 90s, the air pollution in Hong Kong was getting really bad as the city exploded. People were wearing surgical masks in the nasty air caused by big city buses along with what seemed unlimited diesel powered minivans that acted more cabs/small mass transit. People started demanding actions. So the government installed state of the art air sensors around the city. After a year they proudly reported that while the air looked bad, it actually was testing clean. Someone wrote to the newspapers and told them to check where the sensors were. Turned out they had put them on top of skyscrapers in each part of town. City moved them to 1 floor above street level. Recorded pollution levels were off the chart. Sometimes government can be more cruel than companies.
  12. Getting run over by a powerboat

    note the fisherman's technique. Never know when you are going to need it. http://gcaptain.com/watch-fishermen-dive-overboard-before-being-run-over-by-speedboat/ "Don't be a meathead, wear your life vest because you never know when you are going to need it"
  13. Getting worse.. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-28/sanchi-oil-slick-could-reach-japan-within-month
  14. Holy shit, crazy Redondo beach rescue

    look at that rudder Then compare and contrast with Hollywood Bld. The brick shithouse got violently backed/dropped onto a stone jetty half a dozen times and lived to fight another day, The other hit a sleeping fish and sank. They just don't build them like they used to...
  15. 2018 DTS Poole

    Bush Sr Hillary Clinton Burt Reynolds