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  1. Foreverslow

    tRump is ..............

    Trump was at Arlington National Cemetery with 70,000 of us in brutally cold driving rain yesterday to lay wreaths on fallen serviceman's headstones. Sure, he did not have to endure the weather waiting to get in. He was there to lay wreaths but skipped the ceremony that could have been a photo op. Speaks volumes. More than I can say for ANYONE in Congress or either party leadership... Bunch of fuckwads who forget the true currency of their misguided ambitions.
  2. Foreverslow

    Launch Operators License

    How short was that bus you all were on?? ;<) While it is not a simple test, it is not that hard... I think I missed 1 question when I got mine. Then again, maybe the instructor ought to be teaching impressionist painting or woodworking instead.
  3. Foreverslow

    Elon Musk Shares Blunt with Joe Rogan on Podcast, rants

    First that pinhead diss'ed the SEC in the 60 minutes interview last Sunday (eg pissing high test on the camp fire). Elon says CBS edited the video. As much as I want to believe that seeing the hack jobs CBS have done on others and the Audi model 100 years ago, the fact is what he uttered in that interview is EXACTLY what he said weeks ago. He also said, yes there is a new CEO but he has complete control of them due to his stock holdings. But then this torpedo hit broadside this week. The rumors have been running for 6 months that Tesla's battery designs blows chow compared to some new technology competitors will use when they release ev models Now we find BMW and Porsche are about to release systems with 3x faster charging. And the Porsche is beautiful.. The majority of folks putting down deposits are Tesla owners and not Porsche owners... Final threat is as the coolness wears off with other EV competitors, Tesla needs to make a better car. My daughter has driven her boyfriends Tesla many times. She is not impressed with it at all. Yeah it is fast and quiet, but the regenative braking system screws the whole driving experience. This is from a lass who drives a v6 Accord. Wake up Elon! You are about to be written out of the history books if you do not get your shit together STAT..
  4. Foreverslow


    America used to be a really cool place until we started turning out more lawyers than engineers... ;<(
  5. Foreverslow

    Ancestry DNA Cue that Deliverance banjo music. Maybe better to skip the matches...
  6. Just down the road from the guy who crushed the 7 police cars with the monster tractor a couple years ago. Must be something in the water that makes these townies go batshit crazy.
  7. Foreverslow

    License To Swill

    Not sure you have noticed but between folks not putting away money for retirement and boomerang millennials living in the basement, we are headed back to the traditional norm of 3 generations under 1 roof. The good news is they all got their own tv..
  8. Foreverslow

    Ancestry DNA

    Actually it is my racing style, but you may be onto something....
  9. Foreverslow

    Ancestry DNA

    Getting ready to get the kit and then have my brother and sister each do a swab during the holidays. When the results come back to me, I am going to recreate the sheet on my computer and color printer. In the results, my brother will have the same parents as myself. For my sister, I am going to make some shit up basically saying that she is from 2 hillbillies in the Ozarks with such poor linage they cannot track it and saying they never have seen such a strange set of chromosomes in all their years. Payback time for dropping me on my head as a baby... ;<)
  10. Foreverslow

    Unanchored: New TV Show on Bravo

    I caught this as I am watching Coyote on my big screen (Amazon $3.99 to rent 7.99 to buy in HD). Opposite ends of the sailing spectrum. One can only hope these jackoffs fuck up, flip it in the dark and sharks eat a couple of the losers and the flim crew.
  11. Foreverslow

    Jeep WK2, To chip or not to chip

    Seeing how getting a SRT model with the 392 is out of the question (Nephew had one. Serious fricking power), suggest you slap a K&N air filter in it. About $40. will get you 4 hp all rpm and about 1 mpg better mileage. Did it to every Jeep I have owned. You can also swap out the transfer case and pumpkin fluids for synthetics. In the winter, they do not turn to glue so you need less hp to roll. Be sure tire pressure is correct. Low pressure causing rolling resistance. At least you do not have the old 3.8 minivan mill. Talk about a piece of dog shit power wise..
  12. Foreverslow

    PETA Equating Anti-Animal Phrases to Racism/Homophobia

    give em a call at KC's rib shack. they got em. While you are at it, pick up a Nice Rack top for the Mrs... Great ribs too..
  13. Foreverslow

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    correct! The pdp 11/74 to be precise. after the design contest validated the vax design and Edson deCastro left to start Data General (read Soul of a new Machine), the pdp-11 team came up with the pdp 11/74 to show they were still alive and kicking. Price performance was ~ 25% better than the fledgling vax 780. But KO and BoD shut the program down as they were trying to establish the new 32 bit design. The 6 units built were only allowed to be used internally within DEC. Last one I saw was in Merrimack NH in the late 90s. The anit-vax that never was...
  14. Foreverslow

    Engine size and fuel consumption

    Slight thread creep: for water pumps that are out of production, get a hold of the local classic car folks. Ask them who rebuilds pumps. THey don't make pumps for 1923 Caddies or Duesenbergs anymore. These speciality companies try and match bearings and seals after disassembly. If they cannot match them exactly, they will lathe the shaft and/or housing to fix the next size of either. Price is ~ $150 On my brand of boat, some were made with Volvos. Fine units until they either corrode thier IO or Volvo decides not to supply parts anymore and you have a quarter ton paperweight.
  15. Foreverslow

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    Lubiplate 130AA is actually the old Barlow winch grease of the 1960-70s. It is good stuff. Been using it for 17 years on the 8 Lewmars on my boat. Also used for greasing maxprops..