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  1. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    correct at the end of 2 seasons of use, the grease washes out leaving the void where those little buggers start to grow and if left to their own, will cause issues with the feathering. Keep grease in there and you will not have any issues. If you do need to tear it apart, it can be a PIA to reassemble without a 2nd set of hands as you need to keep all the internals aligned due to the pitch adjustment as you try to clamp the 2 shells together. A trick I sent on to Kevin Woody at PYI many years ago is to get 2 magic markers of different colors and color code the gear teeth that match the pitch you are setting. You can now do a quick visual as you close the clam shells and then bolt together. Then you can grease the internals with the zerk fittings until it oozes out the orifices.
  2. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    if you grease every 2 years, you will be fine. If you try to go longer, you will find barnacles starting to grow in cavities where the grease should be. I grease mine on the hard every spring while bottom painting. I always order extra lubriplate 130aa, as it is a great winch grease too (it the old Barlow winch grease of 30 years ago).
  3. Junk eMail

    can we add the cretins who push this crap to the list of sorry POSs we ought to off in the Charles Manson thread?? ;<)
  4. charles manson-dts

    not to change the subject, but leave Teddy alone. If you have read about him, you know he was a mathematical prodigy. Was a student at Harvard at age 16 and had his degree at age 20. Damn CIA program with a mad professor that fed students LSD without their knowledge in experiments fucked his head up big time. Had some students try to fly out windows. If anyone ought to fry, it ought to be professor Henry Murray. ..back to your original programming..
  5. charles manson-dts

    I think about the millions spent to secure this POS, along with food, electricity etc. Money that could have educated at risk kids, give some junkies off drugs, build a park in some inner city, or provided job training for some folks without a skill. At least he is finally gone. Ought to bury him under a highway visitor center leech field so folks can piss on him for eternity. Talk about a waste of oxygen...
  6. Weiner Goes To Prison.

    unfortunately, yes. Not the old stockade when it was a true military base (they knew how to deal with inmates). I can only hope he somehow fucks up and they send him directly across the Nashua river to the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center at MCI Shirley for protective custody or some such. This is where Joseph Druce, killed father John Goeghan, the child molesting priest that brought down the Catholic church showing great ingenuity as he basically jammed all the doors in the latest state of the art super-max prison at the time, which gave him plenty of time to stuff a sock down Goeghan's throat and choke and kick the pedophile to death as the guards frantically tried to get to the father. Druce said he has been molested as a boy. Also same place Patriot Arron Hernandez killed himself. Wiener would not last long in that joint.
  7. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    we have LOTS of them here on the middle peninsula. Most the old bucks who have to give up big boats due to age/heath end up with one of these in front of their house. Several of the "youngins" have one in addition to their monohulls. My understanding is there are ~ 70 on the lower Chesapeake. A Thursday afternoon on the Piankitank will find a dozen neighbors dicing it up. FBYC in Deltaville has half a dozen dry sailed and I know they are looking for a couple more to get another class racing at the same time the Flying Scots are competing. Have raced on one a couple of times. Their saying "The worlds smallest yacht" certainly fits. With the keel, it sails just like a big monohull, only scaled down. small kite but you are likely only having 2 crew. When the brightwork is done, they are truly classics. You are not going to plane, but you are not going to freak out a newbie with a capsize either. I understand there are 2 models. One with a cuddy and one without. The cuddy model weighs more so it is at a disadvantage. But it is self bailing which is a plus if you intend to leave it in the water. Likely will be buying one myself in 2 years when I retire. A morning round of golf, a couple games of skeet and an afternoon sailboat race = What retirement is all about.. Neighbor repairs and then resells them to keep the fleet alive (low hum in the house late at night was driving me crazy until I found out he was grinding keels after midnight..).
  8. de-icer / bubblier 411

    Looking to get a de-icer for my slip on Chesapeake Bay. We only get ice for 4-5 days and it is quite thin, but with the tide, it wears the bottom paint off at the water line necessitating a haul and repaint every year. Looking to get a de-icer to keep the ice away from the hull. Issue is the slip is quite shallow to the point I have to dock bow in as there is only 3 feet at low tide. Where should a deicer be installed? Thinking at stern in deeper water aimed forward, but would I get better coverage if put between the keel and rudder? Any information is appreciated.
  9. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    ahhh shit, I am getting pulled into her alternative reality. Scotty, Get me the fuck outta here. Beam me up NOW!
  10. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    wow! Selling a perfectly functional 50 foot sailboat that I made myself. Everything works. Just got back from bobbing around for 5 months and needs to be cleaned of algae and shark skin oils but that's all. Engine has less than 12 hours on I‎t and ran like a top the last time I‎t was shut off. This is a roomy boat and you will feel so comfortable that you won't want to ever come back to the harbor. I'll throw in a New in box EPIRB still charged and in warranty. Sails are in great shape due to me keeping them covered when at sea. Willing to deliver eventually. Book and or movie coming soon somehow I think she is telling the truth. The boat is fully functional and the EPIRB is still charged. Well, maybe the shark oil and movie parts are wishful thinking... I wonder if they had a threesome out there and something happened. Would explain her gal pal not saying a word while the bs artist keeping piling it on.
  11. Pettit Vivid removal options

    yes I have used Frammar soy stripper with Petit ACP 50 and hydrocoat. Much better than traditional strippers as there are no fumes. Slap on, wait 5 mins, slap on more and cover with thin sheet plastic dropclothes overnight. Next morning, peel plastic back and watch a scraper take off the paint. Note: this is a chemical reaction so it is not as good in cold weather and it needs the plastic to keep from drying out. Very little fumes and it cuts through multiple layers. Clean up with a light sanding of 120 on an orbital. Air sanders and water can do a great job, but it is messy and miserable if near freezing. And you are walking on a slurry in most yards since you have to tarp the bottom to catch the crap. Soda blasting is fast if you are writing a check and want to barrier coat. But you are not going to just roll on bottom paint afterwards.
  12. powerboat sinks fast as hell getting in FL inlet

    call the harbormaster or coast guard comes to mind..
  13. powerboat sinks fast as hell getting in FL inlet

    anyone know if the powerboater beat the shit out of droneboy for filming instead of helping out? This seems phony..
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Fox National News is currently questioning the sailor story about not tripping the EPIRB and the Cat 11 storm that never existed. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/10/31/sailors-lost-at-sea-for-5-months-never-activated-emergency-beacon.html That 15 minute period of fame is closing fast May be over before they get back to the States.
  15. quick!...Someone call the WHAAmbulance

    Re: Scot is a complainer Actually, when you combine this snafu with the Baja clusterfuk last month, a pattern develops. In New England there is a quaint old old saying that seems to fit: "Jesus Mary Mother of Joseph, are you fucking retarded?" Got the planning skills of a gerbil on meth. From running a multimillion dollar stockroom in Hong Kong keeping computers through Asia up and running (uptime is everything), I learned a long time ago if TNT is involved, all bets were off.. YMMV...