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  1. Tom Petty DTS

    smoking from age 16 (USA today) and doing heroin for 5 years (NYT) has a way of screwing up your long term plans... YMMV
  2. A Moment of Respectful Silence...

    We are a long way from understanding what happened, never mind coming to conclusions. Already the authorities have found ammonium nitrate in his car. Instead of m-15s with bump stocks this could have Oklahoma City without any building to protect the 20,000 concert attendees. Or he could have used one of his 2 airplanes and filed a flight plan into McCarran airport NEXT DOOR and instead flown into that crowd full of avgas and what knows inside at 300 mph before anyone caught on to what was happening. Smart evil fuckers hell bent on causing death and destruction can act like McGyver and make a weapon out of pretty much anything as we have seen in NYC on 9/11 or Europe with tractor trailers driving over people. Do not jump on the rhetoric currently being spewed in the heat of them moment by callous politicians trying to siege the opportunity. Irrational decisions seldom solve the actual problem. And discard any idea when the presenter says "if it saves 1 life it is worth it" because that is not logical. The government has finite resources. You want to spend hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds to be groped every time you try to go into your hotel room or armed drones flying above your head in the hope it will save a life, or rather spend that money to fix Houston/Florida/PR/USVI, upgrade mass transit, or solve some disease that saves millions of people ? There will be a time to have the discussion. But lets get the facts first to find out what this twisted piece of shit was thinking before we trot out solutions.
  3. Sex Robot Problems

    Judging by Santos's statement, I bet that sick shit does his own user acceptance testing...
  4. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Try buying some JIS screwdrivers. Bit of history Phillips heads were designed by an engineer named Phillips. HIs claim to fame was courtesy of the Henry Ford and the model T. The design was to allow automatic screw guns to allow faster assembly. But they used to snap the heads of the screws off. A Phillips head will "cam out " (eg strip) before it will snap a head off. So Ford went to them and they became a standard. A JIS (Japan Industry Standard) looks like a phillips, but the angles are slightly different. They will not cam out, but they can tear a head off. I get mine on Amazon from Japan. THe best known company is Vessel. They make some nice screwdrivers with impact function built into them. If you own japanese motorcycles, you need a set of these. I keep a #2 and 3 in my tool bag. Not terribly expensive, but they take a couple weeks to ship from Japan.
  5. Let's discuss the Environment!

    Kid let me give you some advice. 1. you are late to the game. Lots of PHD flunkies are way ahead of you, and with the new administration defunding the EPA, the competition is going to get fierce. You are investing in a dead end job. 2. Setting up a non-profit with no real goal is a grifter game and all the adults know it. I work for large global multinational. Pricks have been sending our jobs offshore and firing hard working stiffs to save money for years. When a couple environmental jack offs score millions to sail an idiot catamaran made of old soda bottles across the pacific to raise awareness of what I am not sure while we are stiffed for raises yet again, along with no training or new equipment, well we hate hate those cock suckers. Nothing but a corporate write off to counter bad press. 3. There is money out there, and you can even travel. My wife worked for a large environment engineering company. They designed solutions for major problems in Eastern Europe and were very successful. They did well and helped clean up a metric shitload of poisoned land. China has money and lots of environmental issues. Open market. So use your degree and work ethic to design something that benefits the world. Find investors and soon you will have achieved your goals and become a rich person. That would be great. But to start a non-profit that just raises awareness? Too many already. Same for all the losers starting lame ass museums nobody gives a rats ass about. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE Remember there is No reboot..
  6. Riding Lawnmower DTS

  7. Big NCAA Basketball Scandal

    it is official https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2017/09/27/rick-pitino-fired-louisville-scandals-recruiting-investigation Run out of another town So what desperate AD hires him next?
  8. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    the hard top folds up into the boot/trunk. When in there, there is NO ROOM for anything except a lottery ticket. The older soft tops fold into a tray that give you about half the storage to put stuff like gear bags, cases of beer, 20 lb bags of ice etc
  9. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    Reeling it back in.. 30 seconds on CL showed this https://norfolk.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2007-volvo-c70-hard-top/6307303674.html likely find the same deal in any city. I'd knock a least grand off that price and note is is smaller inside (more like a 3 series) then the 99-03s.
  10. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    >>>I am done tolerating their bullshit. – ed. Sure they are trembling in their boat shoes.. hahahahahahahaaha >>>As per the letter we sent you dated February 15 of this year, we are rejecting your entry to the Little Ensenada Race. The letter stated that we are rejecting any entry by you or the boat “Anarchy” for the year 2017. They TOLD YOU 7 MONTHS AGO that you were tossed for the season. Which part of that did not register between your ears skipper??? Are you expecting us to feel sorry for you? hahahahahahahahaha
  11. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    NO, they take a bit to sort out if the PO did not maintain them. Each model family has it's quirks. In the case of the 99-03 C70 the quirks are: 1. ABS module mounted on firewall are notorious for breaking their solders causing ABS lights and potentially shutting off the ABS f from the braking system. Volvo wants 600 bucks for a new unit with crappy solders. for $80 and 10 minutes labor, you send the unit to a dude in California who resolders everything and guarantees for life. 6 years and not an issue. 2. in 99-01 they used a inferior Magneti Marelli Throttle Position Sensor that used a film rheostat that wears out where the contacts wipe against it. They got caught lying about how bad the issue is and had to put a 10 year warranty on it. A new TPS is 2K. But you can either buy a contactless TPS rebuilt kit from Saucer for 120 bucks and install it yourself or send it in for a rebuild/lifetime warranty for 400. from 02 on, they went with a $19 Bosch unit that does not have this issue. 15 minute job on a non-turbo, several hours on turbo model due to where the idiots mounted it (upside down UNDER the intake runners with the radiator, fan, and intercooler surrounding it. But if you used to working on engines some numbnut built a sailboat around, no big deal.. 3.Around 20 years you may pull some evaporative gas error codes. Usually the rubber hoses are starting to deteriorate. EIther replace all the EGR hose from the tank to the filter to the motor, or have a garage use their smoke machine to pinpoint the leak for $50. Then forget about it for another 20 years. That's it. I have been driving Volvos since 1995. Currently own 3 of them. Never get rid of any before they hit 250,000 miles. Looks are timeless, they drive like a dream on the highway, and the motors are bulletproof. Watch how many 240s, 740s, 850s and early s70s are still on the road. All are 20+ years old. Few other marques being used day in and out for 20 years. The c70 is a car women love. The ride is not harsh like a BMW, and there is a lot of room inside and part of a boot to store things. Much more reliable than a Jag and about the same as an E class Benz ragtop. Get one,sort it out and enjoy. Best to check around for a clean example that some anal retentive dude like me has been maintaining versus some POS a college kid has been getting by with for 4 years.. For a couple bucks more, you save a lot of headaches...
  12. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    by the way,make sure the admiral has thought this out and explained her must haves so you do right the 1st time. The c70 above was AFTER I had Jeep build her a Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4 door with both hard and soft tops.. Only 2 days afterwards did she say "but I need an electric convertible roof.."
  13. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    damn straight and heated seats at that! Paid $5K for this one. I did drop that much in a paint job that still gets compliments 8 years later.. same room as a S70. Best of all, it is a great winter car.
  14. dumb question about planes

    Just before Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong closed, a brand new $400,000,000 Air China 747-400 slipped off the end of the runway into Victoria bay. Stupid bastards was trying to land during a full typhoon at one of the toughest airports in the world to fly. The local aircraft repair company stock skyrocketed as it was expected they would do the restoration. Couple days later, Air China's insurance company called it a total loss as the salt water had gotten into everything. They blew the tail off so they could resume airport operations and dragged it out of there. The local repair company stock crashed back to earth taking down all the investors looking to make a quick buck.
  15. How long does a furler last ?

    the aforementioned Hoods were the standard on Sabres in the 80s. Most go 30 years without issue. The "new" Hood seafurl design by Pommerette seems to be just like the old design only everything is slightly different. They do not have parts for the old family, but if you talk nice to the folks, they will sell you the new system at serious discount. One thing a lot of cruisers never do is clean the lower bearings. If they are not sealed, they are being dunked in salt water with every wave going to weather in big seas, and pick up a lot of dirt just sitting there. Every 2-3 years, run both ends of a spin line up front and secure to bow cleats after letting off the backstay to hold the stick up. pull out the furling line after marking where it enters the lower unit. Then remove the clevis pin and dunk the lower unit in a 5 gallon bucket of warn slightly soapy water. Watch the color of that water after about the 5th dunk. Yuck! Redo with clean soapy water. Then redo with fresh water until it runs clean. Reassemble everything. Now try furling. No you are not stronger, those bearings are actually clean and rolling easier. and the bearings last longer. Hosing out the upper bearing whenever the sails have been removed is a good idea too. Roller reef mine. Shoot, have reef lines stitched on at 135, 120 and 110 percent.