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  1. Kent H

    J29 or J27

  2. Kent H

    J29 or J27

    Brent you have me interested now! Class website listed by Jboats does not work ---- The question of is it better solo compared to a J22 assuming that the owner outfits the J27 with a roller furled jib? Got to sit forward of the traveler on the 27 so... what is your opinion compared to the 22? My take is that I am sitting up against that winch and it looks good to me! Am I missing something? I would put some Velcro down next to the winch on either side to attach a normal throw cushion. I agree about finding a 29 in great shape. I was on hull 3 or 7 (Can't Remember) when the 29 first came out. I very, very much liked the boat and still do. But.... condition worries me. I see some 27s for sale that appear to be in great shape at very fair prices.
  3. Kent H

    Missing Argentinian Sub

    The more recent pics show poor hull maintenance on a tired old sub. Not enough money to even clean the bottem in the water. So not even a basic hull inspection performed.
  4. Kent H

    Whats the best yacht to cross the Atlantic on?

    I have only crossed the Atlantic a few times but unless Poseidon favors Hanse Yachts I can think of many others, Hanse 505 isn't a bad choice IMHO. Out of available new 50 ish footers I would rank it mid tier for a transatlantic. Very hard to pass up on the many, many lightly used euro yachts available for the same price as a new Hanse 505. X Yachts - Just about anything from Finland, Sweden is sweetness! Actually my IMHO brand for best all around bang for the Euro is a new semi custom Italia. For the new boat buyer Italia is a definite sit down and put the deal on paper boat. Hanse isn't bad but there are better choices IMHO.
  5. Lawyer!!!!! This isn't an episode of LA Law....It will not be solved in an hour and all too often there are other issues that friends do not know about. Credit card debt is a huge red flag....Lawyer up now.
  6. Kent H

    Tesla Model 3

    Ugly?...well ok you are right. Musk is making the statement that there is no radiator..... Could have done it better.
  7. Have an employee farther down this road. They had missed some payments on credit cards but nothing else. Was not a divorce. He contacted each creditor directly and explained the situation. He claimed that almost all were willing to do something. However he only told me the Discover Card details. Went from 30 percent ( missed payments ) to a 13 percent loan. The advice I keep hearing is to call the creditors directly.
  8. Kent H

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    All righty I will add.. For the Original Poster- (OP) Check out Viper threads and their web site. IMHO the best internet fleet building for both local and national that I have seen. Multi fleet building is a bit different but it appears that the Viper altitude works very well. How long to go from water to 95 kilometers per. hour?.....I am sure he meant kph not mph!
  9. Kent H

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    Strange first post but I like the material. A lot of sailors just get tired of racing slow boats. I got a deal on a Tornado and it just completely changed my outlook. New or older design multi between 20 - 25 feet that EASILY fits your budget is the sweet spot in sailing. Fast is a lot more fun.
  10. Kent H

    Dave's perfect sailboat

    I need much more proof! I just have not made up my mind in the Perry VS Swain cage match.......perhaps interior photos of the boats might help..... Look if BS gets Bob to post more pics it is not all that bad!
  11. Kent H

    Make Serious Cash Looking For Yachts!

    If I was broke and needed transportation those cats are exactly what I would take.
  12. Kent H

    Removed for His Own Protection, Health, and Safety

    I definitely want to hear this story. I can see it done without help. He was Engineering and had already climbed all through all sorts of places inside the lower decks and hull. Enough canned food for a week and only found on a night he ventured out. I saw suicide by jumping off, jumping off and swimming to a pier and going AWOL but never hiding ON the ship.....Now does he get a Medical and therefore an honorable discharge?
  13. Kent H

    Hamster Wrecks again

    Couldn't Jeremy just punch someone again instead of sabotaging Richard's car for off season publicity?
  14. Kent H

    Looking to buy a broken carbon fiber mast

    Bob Perry has a used Farr 40 mast that is not broken
  15. Kent H

    Bryan Lee Bondurant owes me money

    Also are you a member of a vicious biker gang? Maybe a member of the Kung Fu Klub? If so best of luck finding YOUR man. Bryan was just a poster here. Not an owner. Not in the sailing biz. Not even beer can race crew.... Definitely not one of us.