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  1. I like this thread
  2. There is a premium paid for scrap metal that has not been exposed since the first atomic bomb. The Usual source has been ships that did not have loss of life and sunk prior to 1945. I do not find this to be an issue. However when there are multiple reports from numerous sources that human remains are clearly present it is wrong to salvage.
  3. We previously had a thread about this. Besides the fact that these are war graves there is another even more sinister issue. Who needs all this pre-atomic bomb steel and small amounts is other metals? No radiation what so ever in this metal.
  4. The design above. It could be designed with an anchor similar to a modern submarine. The end of the anchor when hauled up is flush against the hull or...... a Betts Carbon Anchor! So little weight a child can haul it aboard without touching the boat! The glass cabin. Isn't there a product out that varies the shade of the glass for buildings? We need answers not more questions! Such as did anyone actually buy it sober?
  5. Lighter engine, less weight in fuel for the same range..... mpg usually isn't about the cost of fuel it is about where you can go. This one looks real nice .... what is the client going to do with it? So it is going to be built ? I keep seeing various proposals from other designers for lightweight narrow powerboats but they do not get built.
  6. Right, but as long as you own the soil study you can take it to another builder and not pay again for another soil study. There may be a fee involved because now the soil study engineering individual or firm has to deal with another construction firm. Is it the same with boat construction?
  7. Is this just one of the required steps of custom construction? Could Dave have taken all the Design materials to other builders for bids without repaying this fee?
  8. That was very well written. Cut and paste that for a retro review for the next Sailing.....except in 🇨🇦 Thanks
  9. In related news .....Sales of pre-loved Niagara 35's have stopped. The Niagara 35 owners association has asked the PM to ban Bob Perry from the internet.... Bob...All the Niagara 35 had to do was cross Ontario from Toronto to Rochester and look good at the dock! I have never met a woman who didn't like the 35...easy sell. That boat was and is a big winner at a dock on the Great Lakes. My problem with the boat was the water ingress to the deck. Launch it and next season..... But what a good lookin boat especially when they came out. Way better lookin than the C&C cruisers. Ontario declares internet war on Bob Perry!
  10. Nice! I love your original proposal for the 44? Double ender. Interesting to compare the two which have very different areas to operate in and customers. I think it is great what you are doing to keep boatbuilders in the Northwest building boats. If it is a powerboat that is great. Many more people wanting a custom powerboat than sail. Also a great On Design story showing all the differences from the protected prop on the 44 to narrow beam on the 60ish plus many more that us blowboat sailors don't know....Tell the cat to start typing!
  11. Outbound 46 with Rasputin / Perry mods.... First hull discount....
  12. Canada is going to run out of good sailboats soon. Buy now....they aren't building any more☹️
  13. Sorry to hear this but not entirely surprising. A little too much knowledge ( Dave) with access to a legend (Bob and his associates). Throw in a current owner of a Tartan 38 / 37R deep keel. This is why powerboats displayed at the mall sell so well! Dumb customers buying on impulse versus Dave. My dreamboat is a 45 foot version of the container sailor.....one that does not fit in a container. Dave has a great boat now....don't feel too sorry for him.
  14. I recently spent a good amount of time as a passenger in a somewhat raised pickup on a trip from Maine to Miami. I was utterly shocked by the number of drivers on their phones or texting. Even in states where it is illegal. As the number of dead rise from distracted driving I find little hope in new hands free laws. I suspect we will see laws for phones to only work if the phone is moving less than 5mph. I have several phone apps that work this way so I am rather sure that the entire phone can be shut down.
  15. Most states no longer allow gps window mounts. Steelie is best choice as bumps in the road just do not affect it. Way too much distracted driving going on especially with cell phones in hands.