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  1. Kent H

    J 108 - did they actually make them

    There may be a story with that boat. A lot of work done for a 7 year old boat that as I remember sat for almost two years before it sold the first time. My memory could be very wrong. Storm damage? A lot of use? Work done with the intention to go somewhere? For a price comp. is there a 2011/13 J109 with a new engine, electronics, canvas etc? I agree that it is a unique boat. Without the full story there really is no possible way to even guess at a fair price. That is just a scary boat to try and sell.
  2. Kent H

    Coolboats to admire

    Sorry I do not post much at all anymore but I do read. Bull City that is some great work! - The Taylor design Thumbs up but got to disagree with the Eggermoggin - not bad but meh. - I just salivate when we get the close up pics of the cutters and the new gear. Very nice - I know the new gear is outrageously expensive but WOW! Was the Sponberg design supposed to go in a container? Something isn't right that goes beyond design. Narrow dockage? A vain attempt to save money with a narrow hull? Bull City's posts make it worth reading this site...…..
  3. No problem, I am learning here as well. I keep looking at fresh water boats that would be perfect down south. Very tempting to rent a low boy and bring one down. While I can do it from a practical side the legal and how to do the permits within a decent budget is a mystery. I never considered the alma windage when attached to the lead free boat. Thank you for that heads up.
  4. Ok, thanks for the pic. I am learning some things tonight. So let me just pass on some observations. Monohull fixed keel scare me as we progress above the J24...The physics and rating the truck really go into lala land not in a linear line for length of sailboat. A J32 is ALOT more scary than 33% more scary than a J24. Scary = the loudness of the OH MY GOD!!! From the CDL A following the load. This is definitely not a load that makes my pulse click one notch higher. Not a dangerous load to anyone. If you can drive a towed camper you got this. legal problem is width. Multiple states have to be looked at. If stopped you must know by the inch how high this odd as all hell load is. If I was inspecting you that is definitely a question I would ask.”about, around”is not going to cut it. Practical problems Not many. Watch your speed. Relative wind is your enemy. Unlike a lead mine tongue weight should not be anywhere near as big of a safety factor. I am assuming a balanced two axle trailer. Height - Since we do not know the height. I can’t answer if it is a practical problem. Over height is a law in some states just as wide load. But the practical number is 13” 6’. I 95 will be higher but getting on and then off to the destination concerns me. You have to know. I make wrong turns and have to make decisions on which road to take. Usually a bridge height sign exists prior to a bridge. Usually the bridge is marked with the height so you can make an emergency stop. If you do not know your height you cannot make a decision. Too bad the almas do not detach. Then it appears to be legal width. Much easier tow than even a J28. To me this load is not really related to other boats. Too many differences in weight placement and air drag. The first and last two miles is the most dangerous. Some carriers are seeing close to 75% of their accidents happen in the first and last two miles. Parking lots account for usually more than 50% of reported accidents. One carrier reported only 7% were on Interstate type roads. Virginia on Southbound I81 has a 24/7 inspect weigh station. Florida is a little weird to. I do not recall a 24/7 VA I95 north weigh station but there should be. Do not get off I95 in the DC area. This load could get special attention. Just drive by. Weekends, nights and holidays are when I see the most closed and unstaffed or understaffed weigh stations. The multi lane stations usually have signs instructing over width trucks into the inspection lane.
  5. I keep thinking of things - Fueling depending on height. Are you above 13'6"??? That helps in answering these questions - Truck stops and rest stops begin to fill up at 5pm So if you drive at night you cannot decide to park (other than a few minutes) without the possibility of no parking space at where you want to park - usually 9pm to 6am. Kind of tough here with advice not knowing what is being towed without a picture if it is really odd but hope some of this helps.
  6. CDL A with HM, Tanker A lot of recent runs from Central Florida to much farther north. Note the biggest Sailboat I have towed is a J24 with a pickup. Your numbers seem correct. The tongue weight if it is a rear hitch is my concern. But only a minor one. Height from the actual top to the ground for us is a standard 13' 6" that has not been an issue. If you are above 13' 6" that may not be an issue. You just have to plan and may want to drive the path to and from I95. I 95 height is well above 13' 6" but I do not know the shortest bridge (I do not exceed 13'6" ever) Download Truckers Path for your phone it is free and will tell you if weigh stations are open and where Truck stops and rest areas for semi trucks are. It also shows a lot of but not all low bridges under 13' 6". play with it PRIOR to using it....kind of a pain to use first times. I would run at night for all of these runs after doing all that is mentioned above. Vast majority of weigh stations are closed. After Florida I cannot remember a 24/7 weigh station for the rest of your trip. MAybe VA. Just do not remember Stay at Rest Stops and pull in after 6AM . Truck stops you might (You know I do not) have an issue parking. Can you back that thing with your spotter? I can but backing is by far the toughest driving issue. Pull through spots begin to open up at maybe 9am at most truck stops. I have all the licenses but none of the time. Overwide you should use somebody elses advice. I have only been a Co-driver on Overwide flatbed loads. I have never had to do planning. Good Luck just check out the width height and length. Assuming 10000lbs that leaves you 16000 pounds for a tow vehicle. (I believe!! - All this has to be checked out for each state - As the 26,001 pound is usually cited for a non-cdl driver with a straight truck ie Penske 26 foot box truck NO TRAILER) My 2018 Freightliner is 19000 pounds - That is that huge locomotive looking thing in your rearview mirror - So I would hope you can find a 16000 pound tow vehicle. I like that NASCAR idea - There are a lot of owner operators of these pickup based delivery services - That might be the way to go if you are satisfied with their / your insurance. Sorry I have never planned a load that small.
  7. Kent H

    '74 Carter 39 Offshore

    Very severe penalty for not buying an Ad PRIOR to posting such a damn great looking boat on the forum. Previous punishments have been extreme. Those Carter's clean up very well. There was a smaller 33? with a light blue hull posted here that was just gorgeous. On a more serious note the OPEC embargo was from October 73 to March 74 and the price of oil based products was kept high well past March. So take a close look at anything with a 1974 and even 75 in the title. I had the displeasure of seeing two brand new 1974 white with blue stripe Sabre 28 twins tied to either side of a dock. One was floating, the other had its keel peacefully resting on the bottom..... Check to see when actual building complete and survey very well.
  8. Kent H

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    Another 1000+ Pounds, that is very, very nice. Sailing Pics look outstanding, especially upwind. Boat with bumpers is meh.... BTW while I like this boat the alternative interior helm with the enlarged cabin is absolutely sweeet !!! Sorry I have used Melges carbon money not new Betts. But for someone who wants to play with better stability and speed carbon is looking very good. Amazon, Google other high tech boys and girls this is your toy!!!
  9. Kent H

    J29 or J27

  10. Kent H

    J29 or J27

    Brent you have me interested now! Class website listed by Jboats does not work ---- The question of is it better solo compared to a J22 assuming that the owner outfits the J27 with a roller furled jib? Got to sit forward of the traveler on the 27 so... what is your opinion compared to the 22? My take is that I am sitting up against that winch and it looks good to me! Am I missing something? I would put some Velcro down next to the winch on either side to attach a normal throw cushion. I agree about finding a 29 in great shape. I was on hull 3 or 7 (Can't Remember) when the 29 first came out. I very, very much liked the boat and still do. But.... condition worries me. I see some 27s for sale that appear to be in great shape at very fair prices.
  11. Kent H

    Missing Argentinian Sub

    The more recent pics show poor hull maintenance on a tired old sub. Not enough money to even clean the bottem in the water. So not even a basic hull inspection performed.
  12. Kent H

    Whats the best yacht to cross the Atlantic on?

    I have only crossed the Atlantic a few times but unless Poseidon favors Hanse Yachts I can think of many others, Hanse 505 isn't a bad choice IMHO. Out of available new 50 ish footers I would rank it mid tier for a transatlantic. Very hard to pass up on the many, many lightly used euro yachts available for the same price as a new Hanse 505. X Yachts - Just about anything from Finland, Sweden is sweetness! Actually my IMHO brand for best all around bang for the Euro is a new semi custom Italia. For the new boat buyer Italia is a definite sit down and put the deal on paper boat. Hanse isn't bad but there are better choices IMHO.
  13. Lawyer!!!!! This isn't an episode of LA Law....It will not be solved in an hour and all too often there are other issues that friends do not know about. Credit card debt is a huge red flag....Lawyer up now.
  14. Kent H

    Tesla Model 3

    Ugly?...well ok you are right. Musk is making the statement that there is no radiator..... Could have done it better.
  15. Have an employee farther down this road. They had missed some payments on credit cards but nothing else. Was not a divorce. He contacted each creditor directly and explained the situation. He claimed that almost all were willing to do something. However he only told me the Discover Card details. Went from 30 percent ( missed payments ) to a 13 percent loan. The advice I keep hearing is to call the creditors directly.