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  1. Kent H

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Thanks for the history lesson. My opinion was from 2010 not the boats launch. If you had been around then you might have noticed how SA had been getting renderings of new J’s prior to the announcement. Could have sworn that was a poster called....Kent H. You have a crappy screen name from a broke actor. Citing my posts to inflate your miserable ego will get you nowhere. What part of the biz are or have you been in? In 2010 Genmar was in process of liquidation. Brunswick was teetering and sailboat sales tanked. There were a few exceptions. One was called the J/111. A solid racer that had an interior. The boat APPEALED to a small group who could afford it Fast forward to 2021. Brunswick can’t restock Dealers. Powerboat Sales are at a record pace. The Stock market has some retirement accounts bulging. Everything associated with Tech Zoomed into the stratosphere. Every single source shows household savings going up, up UP! Where are the new J Boats? All I see are drawings. Pretty sad when the most interesting boat for those with $$$ is a 18 year old design.
  2. Kent H

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    All good pints...... My thoughts at the time was that there was just not enough money looking for places to go ..... That was 2010. Fast forward to 2021.... Jboats needs to be dropping proposals for new boats every month. Money, money, money..... Sailors need places to put it. That J45 is not unique. The J100 is getting renewed interest because it looks great, reasonably fast with that Hoyt Jib boom ( lotsa wind) But above all else it is rather unique. For an older sailor the J100 is a Corvette amongst a herd of donkeys.
  3. Kent H

    Meal Kit Delivery Anarchy

    Four years ago....Blue Apron? I seem to recall visiting a shed in NJ where the meals were put together....four years ago. No thanks! Far better choices. Shopping services will buy and bring to your door. Amazon etc Buy a separate freezer and store ready to microwave food.
  4. Kent H

    Robo Calls - WTH

    I have an I phone with an area code that I do not live at. Then I added the app RoboKiller.
  5. Kent H

    Boat for sale - AC75

  6. Kent H


    I thought the 145 was the Racer and 46 was marketed as the Racer / Cruiser. Perhaps this is the Cruiser and the J/146 is next months new J. Hmmm stay tuned!
  7. Kent H


    “Quality matters and the J/45 makes no compromise when it comes to critical components like the composite materials, keel, spars, winches, and deck hardware, that all contribute to a comfortable motion while sailing.” Unlike previous J Boats this one has not been compromised by inferior parts, hostile Beneteau agents or discontented French Laborers.
  8. Kent H


    Brunswick can’t build million $+ Boston Whalers fast enough. Lots of money looking for product. I bet 15+ sold by March 1st. J Boats needs to drop all their prospective builds and see what the interest is.
  9. Kent H

    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    There were two used Tartan 26 daysailors for $65k. Both were on yachtworld. Cheap alternatives such as various Cape Dory, C&C 25, Cal 23/22. Etc. Do you want to be able to take a nap? Head, etc
  10. Can you recommend specific brand, model? Sorry just starting to consider replacement of kitchen, laundry and bathroom floor that is on cement slab. Then a full bathroom on plywood. Thanks
  11. Kent H

    Christmas Gift Recommendations

    The B52's Fred Schneider's Snake Bomb and Holiday Haze Coffee. Great Gift for someone of the B52's era. Snake Bomb is pretty good. No Idea about Holiday Haze.
  12. Kent H

    Christmas Gift Recommendations

    GIFT SUGGESTIONS: - Hourly Employees or those who are paycheck to paycheck: 1. When I was that type of person my Supervisor ALWAYS had a problem with employees running out of money around Jan 10th. We were paid early prior to Dec 25th and then did not see another paycheck until January 15th. (Bi-weekly Pay + Holidays = hungry employee) So she always gave $25 Grocery Store Gift cards - BEST Gift ever. She put them in a card with exactly what is written above (Bi-Weekly Pay + Holidays = Hungry Employee). Today usually a Walmart Gift Card of $50 works just as well. - Friend who has everything OR Business Contact etc when sending gift to home: -1. Pickers Basket - This is the BIG basket of Oranges - Oranges tend to last and this gets noticed. 2. 10lbs of Natural or Organic Jelly Beans -- the Natural Candy Store seems to be carrying this treat....this year. Previously this was a favorite Amazon gift. Big box arrives and again for $93 the reactions are well worth it. Adult Gift for Coffee Drinkers - Coffee ! Try to aim for a brand that relates to the person or yourself. High end Organic Coffee is STRONGLY recommended. So I sent a friend who had completed a Documentary and had a lot of notes on a Vietnamese Couple. There was potential for book, fictional movie etc. So: I sent the Several bags of the Organic whole bean with a high end grinder. However playing it safe with ground coffee and no Grinder cuts the cost. I live in Charleston SC So...... For the complete hilarity factor - ALWAYS SEND ORGANIC COFFEE - - First of all it is special. Next the person receiving may look at the health benefits of Organic Coffee. Also it is VERY EASY to regift.
  13. Kent H

    Christmas Gift Recommendations

    Excellent thread idea. I will put my top picks on as soon as I am near a laptop. Great idea Cal20
  14. Kent H

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    I am just surprised that nothing has turned up yet to explain it. Was it a prop to a movie? Loch Ness has a Nessi monster on the bottom from a movie.
  15. Kent H

    new j/day

    Those numbers surprise me. They are lower than I expected. Boston Whalers are selling as well as numerous powerboat lines. J Boats may be on to something about demand for a boat like this at those starting price points.