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  1. Kent H

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    I looked at the 3 and now see them all the time. Nice but.... Y appears to be the minimum I need. Additional room with the seats down. The room plus the unreal 0-60 just sold me.
  2. Kent H

    Used Car Anarchy

    CVT or manual? If it is manual and not a turbo I would spend a lot more time trying to find out what was wrong with it than if it is a CVT. I saw this thread and had been looking at recently for a used Subaru manual. Every make that is using CVT's seems to have issues. I want nothing to do with an expensive Transmission issue. Years ago.... like 20m, A manual non-turbo Subaru lasted a very long time without much money put into it. That still seems to be the sweet spot in the line up. IF and that is if this Hertz Bankruptcy goes forward that is 700k plus used cars.... Toyota sells a limited number of AWD's every year. Florida has the best used car deals. Low miles. Texas comes in second. Lexus has a number of car AWDs. The LS is really something else and then add AWD.... WOW!!!
  3. Did I miss it? Usually if this topic comes up you gotta post this story. The beauty of the United States is that if you have severe issues with your State there are many alternatives. Over 50 to be exact... Don't be this guy
  4. Kent H

    Sail or Bail?

    Bail? More like 5150
  5. Kent H

    Scotty Kilmer - USED CAR GURU

    The Website: From the website there is the Live Podcasts and some additional info:
  6. Link to one of Scotty Kilmer's Youtube videos Most of SA's posters know the deal when it comes to buying or more likely LEASING a new car. Buying get a Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, F150 and some Honda's (List getting shorter). Leasing make sure you have full factory NOT aftermarket warranty for every mile you will drive the beast. But when it comes to a used ride for kid, relative or employee's many are lost. I thought EVERYONE knew about Scotty and his former CBS Show and now his great Youtube short shows. I was very wrong. Scotty is a 70+ year old entertaining mechanic with 50 years of experience and even a BS in Business. His aim is the used car market but from time to time throws in eye opening stuff. New Toyota Supra is pretty much a BMW! So if you want some edutainment about cars check out his videos..... Scotty is pretty much an Anarchist for cars! Enjoy
  7. Kent H

    help identifying this boat

    Bob did not design the boat. This references the ongoing assortment of advertisements of boats that claim Robert Perry Designed the boat for sale. This includes boats that were first built prior to his birth. Boats that were first built before his parents birth. Boats that using the word “design” is way to generous. Bob is not asking what boat is this due to drinking and designing. He rarely forgets that he designed a boat ( Islander 35 mk II excluded) So we need a background story to make it more believable..... Sorry this may reference something from waay back in early SA.
  8. Kent H

    help identifying this boat

  9. Kent H

    Truck slowdown this afternoon

    Woody Nice Ride and I suspect great job! Like many Transportation types I end up moving from some form of management to driving and back. Always surprised by how many higher ups have their CDL. Bill Ford - Chairman of Ford has his and does drive. Yes there is considerable head aches in the Semi Truck world. Getting Over The Road OTR Drivers (Interstate) is very difficult. There are some great jobs especially in Driving that do not involve the problems stated above. CDL-A Drivers are surprised at the pay and we lose them. Good luck and hope to see you on the road. Kent
  10. Kent H

    Truck slowdown this afternoon

    CB's are actively used at: Accidents, Construction Zones and any other Traffic Slow down. Truckers want to know what lane to be in and how to block traffic so there is no stop and go traffic. If there is only one lane open Semi Trucks will block you so you cannot force merging traffic near the single lane. CB's are not actively used do to the crazy crap found out there. Think Political Anarchy on crack. TEXTING is banned in all States. Very easy to investigate if there is an accident. No way to TEXT a truck without knowing the Drivers Phone number. CBs are still used if a problem occurs or a Thank you is in order. However the days of colorful CB Handles are gone. Now it is "Driver" or a description of the Trailer or Tractor - So "Red Peterbilt Northbound I96" "Swift" Cell Phones are falling out of favor as enforcement is very easy. The 2019 Truck has a Data Link usually a Verizon or T Mobile hotspot. Drivers are trying to get Cell Phone Apps off the Cell Phone to some form of Ipad. That way the huge number of Truck apps can be used legally.
  11. Kent H

    Truck slowdown this afternoon

    Protests - If the subject interests you there is an unorganized group called Black Smoke Matters. There likely will not be any nationwide shutdown this year. However in 2020 we may see better organization. If the Teamsters want to organize this is a very good time to do it. There appears to be a lot of anger out there. Whether that works its way into protests or shutdowns is debatable. California - Happy I do not live there. So much anger from West Coast Drivers. Good Luck! That would be an easy State to physically stop traffic. Worse is just to stay home or protest at Truck stops. No Fuel = No Trucks. Racism - Lots of non-white angry Truck Drivers. I wonder why??? hmmmm.... Lots of ex military Drivers... My expectation is that an average Driver will take April 12th off. If protests get organized the average Driver will avoid trouble and not drive. This should not affect freight rates if the protests are only a single day. I really see this as either a blip on the radar that vanishes as States improve parking or at least a protest movement that will not get organized for several years. The FEDS have made changes allowing for a cushion in enforcement. One recent change is to allow time to get to safe parking after a visit to a Shipper or Receiver. So an hour to find parking. If the States and Feds continue to make safe, smart changes protests will have a hard time getting active participants.
  12. Kent H

    Truck slowdown this afternoon

    NO DUE PROCESS: The CSA Point Process: If a Trucker gets a warning ticket the Driver cannot appeal the ticket. The CSA Points go on the license. So Any Badge can write a warning ticket and be Judge and Jury. (Includes Weigh Stations, Agricultural, Community College 6 week grad local Police) It is not lost on US Citizens that drive a truck that Illegal Immigrants get Due Process but not the Driver. INTERSTATE COMMERCE PROTECTIONS do not seem to include trucks..... Once again Locals are not being policed by the FEDS. Large amounts of Citations are fine for Trucks that are clearly engaged in Interstate Commerce. Instead of working with or against local Shippers and Receivers to resolve problems lets just cite Trucks!!! 1. Parking around Shippers / Receivers - The Shipper / Receivers are who schedules the pick ups and deliveries. So shouldn't they be held responsible for the Trucks? Why are we citing trucks who arrived on time but cannot get into the Shipper / Receiver? 2. NO THRU TRUCKS - Locals designating their part of a Truck Route to not allow trucks! Whoops - Your State designated that road as a Truck Route. Then you failed to even report the change to the various mapping companies (GPS) ! No signs that are lit at night. But lets write tickets! 3. WAY TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE NEEDED FOR POLICE TO DO THEIR JOB - Too many different trucks and processes This Driver gets 23 CSA Points for his Air Bags (Suspension being soft!!) They are supposed to be soft if the Trailer has a small amount of weight in it. But some State DOT Weigh Station Cop does not know this. Even when a Police Officer specializes in Trucks they can't correctly enforce the laws. Local Police are completely out of their comfort zone. Supposedly only State or Federal Law Enforcement is to deal with Logs. Local Police are to hold the vehicle and have State or Feds respond. Some Local Police attempt to enforce logs. The constant problems with the Electronic Logs. Not just the major change from AORB??S to ELDS but the complete crap fest of LOGs and services make past Electronic offerings to Sail and Power owners look perfect. Qualcom is the worst offender IMHO.
  13. Kent H

    Truck slowdown this afternoon

    Ok, Two guys in a truck. Team. One is tired or sick and they would like to switch can do thanks to DOT regs! Must stick to shif driving. Usually 12 hours on and 12 off. You would think that two people could work this out but no!!!! 4 clocks are going.Continuously. 8 hour - can be reset with a 30 min break. 11 hour driving- reset with a 10 hour break. 14 hour on duty - does not stop even if Driver is asleep - Waiting to unload, load etc. resets after 10 hours off. But easily destroys a large period of time. Then the most common is 70 hour in an 8 day week clock. NO Requirements for shippers or Receivets to provide parking. Local Police forcing trucks on the road. Lack of legal parking in some states. Ridiculous electronic logs that do not work well. The big money is being protected. Shippers, Receivers, etc. This is a minor event. April 12th is national. That is just a warm up. California is ripe for a shut down as Truckers are furious. Make laws with no idea how they are to be obeyed. Can’t run the engine if sitting still. So no AC. Put huge business in Qual Comms pocket but zero enforcement of their crappy product. Get tough enforcement PLEASE!!!! Wall Mart forces trucks without hours off their Distribution Centers even when parking exists!!!! Tennesee refuses to drop concrete for parking yet wants trucks to park. Police will NEVER cite a shipper or Receiver who does not check in trucks fast enough. They cite the trucks for impeding traffic!!!!!! Fix the problems or face a fully unionized angry group.
  14. Kent H

    CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    I like the design. But I really like the proposed redesign with the absolutely sweet interior helm and lounge. Perfect for East Coast North America.
  15. Kent H

    Teen Builds Worknig Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    The Taylor Wilson story is shocking at just how poorly we are prepared to deal with this. Not amusing. Not an achievement.