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  1. Could someone familiar with how the trials are conducted explain how an individual would attempt to sign up for a specific vaccine test. When I look at the various notices they do not speak of which Vaccine is being tested. Yet I hear of individuals signing up for specific Vaccine Tests. Specifically the J and J Vaccine. Thanks
  2. Kent H

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    IMHO. I would shop only Canadian or Canadien boats that spent their life in fresh water. Whose owners only drank Brew brewed in Canada. Why go to America for a salt water damaged boat priced in the wrong, highly over valued dollar? Those people use high fructose corn syrup on their breakfast. How can you trust them to use the right materials to build your boat?
  3. Kent H

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    I am just SHOCKED, HURT and FLABERGASTED!!! How in the name of Tim Hortons could you not list the CANADIAN SAILCRAFT 36 !!!! What is wrong with the CS 36??? I have to wonder just how easier it has become to sell an Ericson 35 since the Editor bought one.
  4. Kent H

    Fuel (gas/diesel) purchasing tactics

    ExOmo is on to something!!!! Used Semi Truck!!!! With Sleeper Cab! Our ah Poster could... 1. Sell or stop renting current home and live in truck. 2. Better yet haul a load in the morning to near his workplace and drop the trailer then pick up trailer and get new load to take back home. This thread should be labeled "Why long distance commute to work does not work".
  5. Kent H

    Fuel (gas/diesel) purchasing tactics

    FYI The only substantial savings in the Diesel fuel game is for fleets. Individuals might see some minor savings in the ideas listed. Even small operators such as Taxi, Local Delivery trucks etc only see minor savings and lose the ability to buy where they want. Dedicated Fleet Fueling Stations, Pilot Flying J, Loves, TA Petro. MIGHT have a plan for their non-Truck pumps. The Truck Diesel Nozel? is too large to fit your proposed Mercedes ! Electric Hyundai Kona! I know nothing about it. Tesla Long Range models. $7100. Federal Tax Credit DRIVE SOLO in High Occupancy lanes!!!!! I would get it just to piss other Drivers off! Stick a mattress in the back in case either you or the Kona run out of juice on the return trip!
  6. Kent H

    Fuel (gas/diesel) purchasing tactics

    I was going to be picking up a used car in Florida. There are a ton of Retiree cars that have very low miles. I went back and forth on just getting a Civic, Corolla, ES350 and an RX350. At this point I am getting a new Toyota Tundra. However what I found out was just a list of problems on so many more recent cars it turned me off. Also used car prices have gone up in the last few months. Toyota / Lexus / Scion ended up being the best bet. Lots of issues with Transmissions. Bad years for even Civic. Automatic Transmission replacement on the civic for $3500 on certain years. Lexus / Toyota 3.5L 6 cylinder with the 6 speed seems to work very well. Camry, Lexus 350 anything. I liked their RX (SUV) I never really looked for MPG just reliability and potential for a 40k mile used car to do 200k miles after I bought it. However the Prius and the Lexus version CT200H would be looked at if I was doing 1000 miles per week! But if not your thing then whatever Toyota or Lexus fits your needs.
  7. Kent H

    Fuel (gas/diesel) purchasing tactics

    Be wary of diesel. More than VW got busted. Google your proposed ride. Part of settlements appear to be percentage of vehicles modified. Fuel mileage seems to dip on those updated. Then you have pure crap such as the Italian diesels in the Dodge 1500. Google that to get sick. Civic, Camry, Corolla, Etc
  8. Kent H

    Will Fall & Winter Bring Higher Numbers?

    Yes. Second wave....In Utah outside of SLC today. More without masks on inside stores than those with masks. Sick of this crap.
  9. Kent H

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Keep posting this stuff. It is posts like these that make me stick to houses. So much easier. The threads do a great service to show just how much work and skills you will need rehab a boat. In this case a rather well built boat IMHO. What do you find next? Today I found rotting bundles of $20 bills and what appears to be solidified cocaine! Thanks
  10. Kent H

    Boat hording in Sydney B.C

    A Mooring only costs $3000 !!!!!! That is to buy not to rent? Never heard of such as great deal. .... Sure I will buy your boats...... As Kent H gets the chart out to see where to dispose of four maybe five boats.
  11. Kent H

    indoor heated storage startup

    This post was a good idea. Keep going. Look up all clubs. Visit all launch ramps / sites. Any boards physical or electronic need your flyer. Where do people get bait? Craig’s list under boats. Have you informed the various Tow services, Uhaul outlets, police. When police or fire make a visit they like to be able to tell people where to go. Trailer sales. Boat sales. Camping is HUGE with covid. Look up everything Camping. They need storage too. Classic car clubs. Corvette et alll.
  12. Kent H

    indoor heated storage startup

    Is there outdoor as well? How much? Truck and Trailer parking? However.....Fire Marshall !!! Indoor storage of gas and diesel would concern me. Check out Fort Knox of Winston Salem NC for conversation to storage. JPG parking of Orlando and other areas for truck Trailer parking. Great idea if you can get it approved and insured.
  13. I am having to travel and people are refusing to wear masks. SA has some of the best educated and well informed on the planet for most issues. Can you cite where to buy anything that offers protection to the wearer? I end up having to go inside for short periods of time. Sometimes longer than I like. My N95's are getting to be in pretty bad shape. I have KN95s and the cheap blue masks. Thanks big time beforehand.
  14. Hush!!!! I need advice ASAP!
  15. Kent H

    Florida Governor Issues Emergency Order

    That is fantastic. I have heard good things about Rhode Island as well. Stay there. I was in MI, OH, IL, and VA. last week and never found a place that would stop a customer from buying anything. I walked in Gas Stations with signs up everywhere and even the employees were not wearing masks. Prince George County Cops up in everyones face with no mask. Put up all the graphs and numbers but it just does not seem to work.
  16. Kent H

    Florida Governor Issues Emergency Order

    PLEASE.... I have been all over Florida since March and the reality is that they cannot enforce mask wearing even in the workplace. I have N95's and KN95's and then wear a cheap mask over those so they do not get dirty. No idea if this will work or not. I am in and out in a matter of minutes. Enforcement of Mask's seems to be beyond Florida's capability. The signs are up and that is about it. Reading these posts I have to wonder if some of you have been in your basements way to long. I have not been to the Pacific Northwest. Other than that please tell me where this enforcement of Mask wearing is? I do not see it. Costco - I have heard that the only place in America where Mask wearing is enforced is Costco. Other than Costco where excactly is this Mask enforcement? I
  17. Youtube Video of Eagle 44 Daysailor Scot, When did you get THAT GOOD? That was a superb review of a great boat. Whomever is doing the video / drone work huge thumbs up.
  18. Kent H

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    YES YES YES!!! I will be getting a shot. Not an MD, RN or PhD However I follow a couple of guys who seem to know what to do well before most people. Scott Gottlieb and Jim Cramer. Everything I am reading is to stay clear of Moderna. I am waiting to see what shot Jim Cramer gets. He seems to have access to a tremendous amount of insider information. His call on Remdisivir was spot on multiple times. Multiple times he has communicated doubts on Moderna. I have to agree with the political implications. Corporate issues outside of Moderna seem to be somewhat mute. The vaccine is not going to cause the stock to soar for the big boys. This is a very mixed blessing for J and J as well as Pfizer. I do fear small start ups, has beens and anyone who could see a stock price jump. (Moderna, Kodak etc). Any of these small firms that have involvement I will stay clear of. Kodak is not a part of the Vaccine but it sure illustrates a company not to trust. I stopped listening to the politicians. Scott Gottlieb is about as close to Corporate / Political types that I believe. I will not be having any future children so that issue does not play into my decision. I need to get back to some form of normal functioning. I can avoid eating at an inside table. I cannot stop business activities. I can continue to wear a mask. I can social distance. My biggest fear is not getting Covid 19. The fear is what happens 10 years after I get this virus? Is it like Chicken Pox and Shingles? Get Chicken Pox and later be eligible for Shingles. Herpes Zoster is a skin disease. Would Covid 19 come back in the lungs? Scott Gottlieb
  19. Well done Justin Edelman and Crew!
  20. Kent H

    New Moore 33

    Alan Andrews-designed Moore 33 Renderings and Specs Released For Moore - 33 -
  21. Kent H

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    NCIS is fictional. More like fat fingered freaks unemployable anywhere else.
  22. Kent H

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    I take these with a big grain of salt. This same crap came out after the Iowa explosion and of course Olympic Park. Blame the Enlisted Man or the fat security guard. Only after a thorough investigation that is backed up by multiple agencies can we believe anything. We just had a Carrier Sailor released from a Virginia jail for a rape / murder he did not commit in 1985!!! Facking over enlisted since 1775 ...another great tradition.
  23. Oh huge amounts. I was ready to make an offer just by what I saw from Zillow. Paul shut down that idea quick. Charleston is a great place. But a building code has not been a priority. Water finds its way into all sorts of places. Mold, bugs, sinking structures. This guy drives a pickup, looks like a Contractor but saved me big time.
  24. I am closing on a 2 bedroom on James Island at end of September. Out of Towner and entire deal being done by distance. My Realtor is Paul Quigley Now I know the area but cannot be in Charleston . So far he has done a superb job. He is based in Mount Pleasant. Background is construction. Set me straight on one property with big issues. If you have any thoughts of Charleston to buy this guy is perfect for out of Towners. . Happy to find low cost property in the best areas
  25. Kent H

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    I got an earful from a J37 I think shoal draft. The boat then the Shoal Draft. Now it was only one owner so unless anyone else here wants to rant keep this in mind. Say this with a Russian Accent " All Jboats good boots, No bad J Boats ever!" As for sales the J112 sold one boat.