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  1. John Lennon

    Back in those days, I was working as a gofer for ABC Sports in my quest to get into television sports production... Never happened, but I certainly experienced some memorable things... Among my personal 'Forrest Gump Moments', I happened to be working that night in the announce booth during the Monday Night Football game in Miami, and was listening on the PL to the discussion between the producers in the truck, and the announcers in the booth, when the word came in from New York that Lennon was dead... Between Gifford and Cosell, Frank was obviously the jock, and Howard the far more 'worldly' personage... And yet, in that situation, it was Gifford who saw the bigger picture, and I believe made the right call... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsrFWwmb0H4
  2. Ugly dodger collection

    One of my favorite views from the cockpit spoiled... Guy must have gotten one hell of a deal on that fabric...
  3. Hunters

    That's what it looks like. Careful you don't bang your head on the stern seat. Those winches nestled in between the stern arch bases don't look too convenient to use either. Wait 'till someone slaps a full-cockpit enclosure on that thing... That's when the fun with handling stern lines REALLY begins... ;-)
  4. Hunters

    Anyone check out the new Hunter 47 at Annapolis? Appears to be their version of the Beneteau SenseBoats... Folding deck cleats appear to be all the rage these days... But Hunter has taken it to a whole new level, no one has a stupider version than theirs, or mounts them in a stupider fashion... I thought the placement of the fuel vent in a manner that might enhance the possibility of admitting a bit of rain or seawater was a nice added touch, as well, no? ;-)
  5. Ugly dodger collection

    Truly impressive craftsmanship and woodworking skills do not necessarily a beautiful dodger make... ;-) I'll bet laying on a touch-up coat of Epifanes on the underside of this lid is gonna be fun, eh?
  6. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    LMFAO! Yup, that's perfect, alright... ;-) Except I'm not sure most Little Old Ladies would be able to climb up into that settee/sofa/loveseat/whatever the hell it is on the port side, that thing had to be one of the more curious things I've ever seen on a boat of that size. I don't know what size human that thing was configured for - I'm 6' 5", and my feet were practically dangling above the cabin sole when I sat on it... I can't imagine how it would be comfortable for anyone...Plus, it was way too short to even curl up on in anything short of a fetal position, the only utility it really had was as a step up into the pilot berth... Without question, FAIRWEATHER is a stunning example of the finest Maine craftsmanship, and Lyman Morse's in particular... However, there is some pretty weird shit going on inside that one, for sure... ;-)
  7. This looks bad...

    One of the most impressive things about this event, is how deafening the general silence has been...;-) Other than the press release from Oyster, NOTHING... Admittedly, my Google skills may be sub-par, but I have yet to find any news account of this incident... NOTHING I can find on a British site like YBW, for instance... On their Scuttlebutt forum, someone started a thread on it, but there were no replies, and the post now seems to have gone missing... Someone must be doing a most excellent job of damage control, and keeping a lid on it, it would appear... ;-)
  8. This looks bad...

    Fatty Goodlander's take on that...
  9. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    You did a great job with that rudder, Bob... FAIRWEATHER was beautifully balanced, really an awesome sailing machine... Agree about the layout, I can only imagine the 'traffic problems' that would occur with more than 2 people aboard... Far and away the boat's best feature, were the pilot berths... If I could die in my sleep, I couldn't imagine a better place than the leeward one aboard that boat while sailing a reach, those things were incredible underway ;-) Really a pity that pilot berths have all but disappeared from production boats today... Scariest thing about that boat, to me, was attending to the engine... It was set deep down below the galley, and that entire galley assembly had to be lifted up by a pair of hydraulic rams to reveal the engine... With all that Corian or granite or whatever countertop space, that whole deal must have weighed 1,000 pounds... All I could think of while lying underneath it to check the oil, is a French guillotine... ;-) Really would have been nice to have had some provision to prop the whole deal up with some sort of additional locking support strut, but I never noticed any such thing... I think a dark hull would improve her looks immeasurably, those portlights against the white hull definitely spoil it, for me... You may recall, I took her out around Hatteras in late January of that year... When we got into Charleston, we met up with the only other crew to have been dumb enough to be out there that time of year... The one aboard one of your Stevens 53s, as a matter of fact... ;-)
  10. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Wow, the list of CRUISING WORLD Globe-Girdling Cover Girls who never fulfilled their Mission Statement grows ever longer... ;-) On a serious note, I certainly hope there's not some health issue or similar with Mr Paris that's driving this decision...
  11. This looks bad...

    Not sure if it's angle or the light, or both. But that is not a nice looking boat. IMO. Edit wtf is that hanging out the back?? Can't be the rudder. I believe it's the STARBOARD rudder... ;-) Those bigger Oysters have gotten pretty fat-assed, so they've gone with twin rudders...

    First line of copy from their 2 page spread ad on the inside cover of CRUISING WORLD, March issue: OK, so by "high latitudes", perhaps they mean The Hamptons? :-)

    Well, as the photos taken from the OCEAN CRESCENT indicated, the coachroof/deckhouse structure appeared to be reasonably intact, not distorted or 'crushed' by the dismasting to any noticeable extent... Given that these boats are supposed to be the ultimate platform for riding out serious storms at sea, I'm trying hard to picture the circumstances that would have caused it to be carried away... But, I suppose you're right, it's a moot point, basically immaterial whether a crew taking a Gunboat to high latitudes has a roof over their heads or not, and would likely be of little consequence if this shelter and all that fancy stuff at the helm might be completely exposed to the elements in the wake of that lid saying Bye-bye... :-)

    Probably just me, but I would consider the "coachroof" - or whatever else that greenhouse might be called - to be a significant component of RAINMAKER's "structure"... Without it, that Ultimate Couples Globe Girdler is nothing but an overgrown beach cat... On the other hand, after supposedly experiencing 3 capsizes in in the same series of storms, that piece of shit Alberg 35 ANGEL was still afloat out there as well after 66 days... With her coachroof still intact, no less... :-)

    Ahhh, thanks, I had missed that... Sure would be interesting to see that pic... :-) She must have really been put thru the wringer, if the coachroof was "gone"...