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  1. Back in those days, I was working as a gofer for ABC Sports in my quest to get into television sports production... Never happened, but I certainly experienced some memorable things... Among my personal 'Forrest Gump Moments', I happened to be working that night in the announce booth during the Monday Night Football game in Miami, and was listening on the PL to the discussion between the producers in the truck, and the announcers in the booth, when the word came in from New York that Lennon was dead... Between Gifford and Cosell, Frank was obviously the jock, and Howard the far more 'worldly' personage... And yet, in that situation, it was Gifford who saw the bigger picture, and I believe made the right call... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsrFWwmb0H4
  2. One of my favorite views from the cockpit spoiled... Guy must have gotten one hell of a deal on that fabric...
  3. That's what it looks like. Careful you don't bang your head on the stern seat. Those winches nestled in between the stern arch bases don't look too convenient to use either. Wait 'till someone slaps a full-cockpit enclosure on that thing... That's when the fun with handling stern lines REALLY begins... ;-)
  4. Anyone check out the new Hunter 47 at Annapolis? Appears to be their version of the Beneteau SenseBoats... Folding deck cleats appear to be all the rage these days... But Hunter has taken it to a whole new level, no one has a stupider version than theirs, or mounts them in a stupider fashion... I thought the placement of the fuel vent in a manner that might enhance the possibility of admitting a bit of rain or seawater was a nice added touch, as well, no? ;-)
  5. No way would Feadship dilute their brand. Too late for that, they diluted their brand when they agreed to build this thing for Steve Jobs... ;-) Prior to VENUS, I always thought GALLANT LADY - the 8th and final Feadship built for the late Jim Moran - was the ugliest boat they ever built... Whatever designer signed off on those vertical windows should just be shot ;-) (Gotta give Moran some credit, however, at least he's flying the Stars & Stripes on her) WTF was Moran thinking? Had he just seen one of these 35' Silvertons, and told the designer "Yeah, give me a 168-foot version of THAT..." ???
  6. Nice post, thanks for that... It's a changed world now, for sure... I doubt PJ has built a boat in the last 15 years that is not proudly flying the flag of the Cayman Islands, or some other offshore registry... Hard to imagine today, there was a time when boats made the trek out to the lakes for the Chicago-Mac race from the East coast on their own bottoms... 40 years later, this grafitti still remains just past Lock 17 at Little Falls on the Erie Canal. I just snapped this last month, TENACIOUS and KAHILI II were both built in Sturgeon Bay, I believe? Of all the names on that rock wall, however, RUNNING TIDE evokes the best memory for me, I've always thought she was the most beautiful racing yacht I've ever seen...
  7. I would guess simple geography has a lot to do with it... I doubt PJ has built a single boat in the last decade or more, that has remained in the Great Lakes... Say you own one of their 150-footers, it's based in Ft Lauderdale, and you're considering sending it back to the yard for a refit... That trip would involve running up to and around Nova Scotia, across the Gulf of St Lawrence, around the top of the Gaspe, up the length of the St Lawrence river/Seaway to lake Ontario, thru the Welland Canal, down the length of Lake Erie, up the Detroit/St Clair Rivers, up Lake Huron and over the top of Michigan, and finally back down to Sturgeon Bay... Seriously? Plus the fact, that route is off the table for most of the winter and spring each year... Once the sort of boats PJ is building these days leave the yard, I doubt they ever return... America is no longer their market, unless they were gonna move to a place like Florida, or their old facility in Thunderbolt, their location in Wisconsin has to pose huge constraints on the yachts they'll be building in the future..
  8. Pretty straightforward trip, the downbound locks are a piece of cake, upbound can be a different ballgame, and sometimes produce a bit of drama... I like to try to offset the mast a bit to the side opposite the direction your prop will walk to. In most cases, that will be on the starboard side, figuring prop walk to port... Then, by going alongside the walls to port, I think it just gives you an extra little bit of wiggle room, maneuvering in and out... One recommendation I disagree with, is the need for fender boards, I think they are unnecessary, and a bad idea when going upbound... If they get hooked on an obstruction going up, something's gonna give, and if you have anything hanging from your lifelines, it won't be pretty... You can get away with them downbound, but again, I just don't see the need for fender boards, and think they pose an unnecessary risk... A pair of big balls, mated with a couple of ordinary large fenders, should be all you need ;-) I haven't run the Champlain in years, all of my trips have been on the Erie, or Oswego... So, I'm not sure of the current condition of all the locks, most of those on the Erie have been rebuilt/refurbished and are in great shape... But there are still a few outliers, especially west of Rochester, and this sort of thing is the reason why fender boards can be a bad idea, and the big round fenders are the way to go... Agree on the recommendation of Hop-O-Nose, although it's been a long time since I last used them... If you do stop in Newburgh, don't stray too far from the waterfront after dark, that's a bit of a dicey neighborhood. IMHO, Kingston is the far nicer stop if you can't make it that far... On my last trip, I also noticed a new large restaurant near Poughkeepsie with a long floating dock, offering free overnight dockage when stopping for dinner, looked like a decent stop... A good tide/current program of app for the Hudson will come in very handy... The effects of the tidal current can be quite surprising even on the upper reaches of the river, you really want to be able to play them as much as possible to your advantage. Unfortunately, headed down the river, you can't carry a fair tide anywhere near as effectively as you can going up... Enjoy, aside from the PITA of having to drop the rig, running the canals and the Hudson can be a wonderful trip...
  9. Truly impressive craftsmanship and woodworking skills do not necessarily a beautiful dodger make... ;-) I'll bet laying on a touch-up coat of Epifanes on the underside of this lid is gonna be fun, eh?
  10. The same goes for anyone who uses receive only AIS. That's the same as having no running lights. Hardly, I'd say... Be careful what you wish for... When every recreational vessel on the water is transmitting AIS, that will make picking out the faint running lights on a distant Catalina 22 against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline seem like child's play... ;-)
  11. If any boat positively cries out for end boom sheeting and the traveler forward of the pedestal, that one is it... but Tartan obviously understands the American market very well, and is quite familiar with the deep-seated fear we Yanks have of mainsheets in the cockpit. The only American builder who has been able to get away with that are the J-Boats, but then again, they're designed for Sailors, not Kroozers... ;-) Leaving aside what it might take to trim the main in a breeze with that setup, can you imagine having to bring the traveler car back up to weather under load, situated as far forward as it is? Put the damn mainsheet and traveler where it belongs, for chrissake !!! Life could be SO much simpler... ;-) But then again, what to do about the pedestal-mounted cockpit table? Ahhh, decisions, decisions... Hell, they could just remove the mainsheet completely from the cockpit for the Boat Shows, no? How many potential buyers would actually notice it was missing, after all? ;-)
  12. LMFAO! Yup, that's perfect, alright... ;-) Except I'm not sure most Little Old Ladies would be able to climb up into that settee/sofa/loveseat/whatever the hell it is on the port side, that thing had to be one of the more curious things I've ever seen on a boat of that size. I don't know what size human that thing was configured for - I'm 6' 5", and my feet were practically dangling above the cabin sole when I sat on it... I can't imagine how it would be comfortable for anyone...Plus, it was way too short to even curl up on in anything short of a fetal position, the only utility it really had was as a step up into the pilot berth... Without question, FAIRWEATHER is a stunning example of the finest Maine craftsmanship, and Lyman Morse's in particular... However, there is some pretty weird shit going on inside that one, for sure... ;-)
  13. One of the most impressive things about this event, is how deafening the general silence has been...;-) Other than the press release from Oyster, NOTHING... Admittedly, my Google skills may be sub-par, but I have yet to find any news account of this incident... NOTHING I can find on a British site like YBW, for instance... On their Scuttlebutt forum, someone started a thread on it, but there were no replies, and the post now seems to have gone missing... Someone must be doing a most excellent job of damage control, and keeping a lid on it, it would appear... ;-)
  14. Fatty Goodlander's take on that...
  15. You did a great job with that rudder, Bob... FAIRWEATHER was beautifully balanced, really an awesome sailing machine... Agree about the layout, I can only imagine the 'traffic problems' that would occur with more than 2 people aboard... Far and away the boat's best feature, were the pilot berths... If I could die in my sleep, I couldn't imagine a better place than the leeward one aboard that boat while sailing a reach, those things were incredible underway ;-) Really a pity that pilot berths have all but disappeared from production boats today... Scariest thing about that boat, to me, was attending to the engine... It was set deep down below the galley, and that entire galley assembly had to be lifted up by a pair of hydraulic rams to reveal the engine... With all that Corian or granite or whatever countertop space, that whole deal must have weighed 1,000 pounds... All I could think of while lying underneath it to check the oil, is a French guillotine... ;-) Really would have been nice to have had some provision to prop the whole deal up with some sort of additional locking support strut, but I never noticed any such thing... I think a dark hull would improve her looks immeasurably, those portlights against the white hull definitely spoil it, for me... You may recall, I took her out around Hatteras in late January of that year... When we got into Charleston, we met up with the only other crew to have been dumb enough to be out there that time of year... The one aboard one of your Stevens 53s, as a matter of fact... ;-)