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  1. THOR

    Corsair / Farrier 31 /9 variations

    Got the upgrade foils from Farrier, they look very similar to Phils foils No ventilation …. or at least I never had any.... fastest was 23 knots I need to get back out of my slip and turn fully around in 1 1/2 boat lengths …. no problem with slow maneuvers either. very happy to have them Thor F 33
  2. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    wow..... just wow … I think I need to show my people how its not done on social media ….. I need to check my links as some of them are getting old, they might not work anymore ????
  3. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    bad mistake ….. with a little good will to Farrier ( and Corsair ) customers they could built something which would be a very valuable resource for them.
  4. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    where is lou lou now ? C'mon lady its time to organize that party in Annapolis
  5. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    why would that be expensive..... I doubt that there are more than 20 F boat owners present … Ian donated some very cool shirts for all Fboat owners and crew during one of the last Trimaran Nats in Pensacola couple years back. Tech Polos with lots of embroidery, even had the names of the boats on them.. Class Act !
  6. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    is Daedalus going to be at the Annapolis show ? Throwing a party for all F boat owners would go a long way I would think
  7. what makes me think that the OP is pushing it trying to do R2AK when he is asking these questions to start with. I have like 20 years experience on Multis ( F28R and F33 ) and would not even dream to do that race. I admire all the folks who do, but would feel totally incompetent myself. Any budget like that will end up in disaster in my opinion.
  8. I race my F 33 in a mono fleet. It took me 2 years to be accepted ( more or less ) from the leaners. They had to re write the sailing instructions from self righting and add unsinkable to their instructions.... I be darned to push the start so hard ( and being totally in the wrong ) that those folks will disallow me to sail with them. Yes if there is a huge hole I will go for it. ( almost never happens ) otherwise I keep back, get good wind and just start in second row, whenever possible tack away. I can try to go hard to wind and being as slow as the monos ( which kills me with my Phrf rating ) or bear off and get speed.... it works most of the time and everybody is happy, even if I don't win. Main idea is NOT to push any rules
  9. THOR

    having fun F 33 Farrier

    cleat... red line … well its the furling line of the jib, it looks like both are in one cleat, but line just lays on top and has cleat more to starboard holding it in place. :-)
  10. Having fun with my F 33
  11. give Schurr sails in Pensacola a call … they always came through for me and the prices are good too say hello to Hunter from me will ya
  12. THOR

    Floriduh Man

    much better than collecting alloy cans
  13. call hunter from Schurr Sails in Pensacola. I am super satisfied with his sails
  14. thanks for the answer when you say newer gen of Beneteau do you mean in general or is there a difference between 38 and 38.1 Oceanis good idea about forward watertank in light air Thanks Thor
  15. dont worry about my sailing experience or lack there off. Phrf Numbers as faulty as they are usually give you some idea how a boat performs. shoal draft because for the next 3 to 5 years the boat will be at a pretty shallow lake, hopefully earlier, it will be on the west coast of Florida, with trips to Bahamas. 5 foot is pushing it .... Current boat has minus 21 phrf just to give you an idea what dilemma i am looking at.