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  1. Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Update after a couple more emails back and forth .... the Dubarry folks have promised to fix the boots at no charge. I will pay the freight which is fair . lets hope they come back and will work on a boat again when fixed I am happy now Thor
  2. Buyer beware .... these are 400 dlr worth of boots from Dubarry. Approx 5 years old , hardly worn. Stored correctly. After 3 years the soles became slippery. Last year they were basically worthless on the boat unless you were sitting in the back. Foredeck ? Forget about it. This year the final straw. They are disintegrating . Emailed the folks who are so proud of their 80 years of craftsmanship ... and they offered to repair for 145 dlr ( plus 30 dlr freight to the UK ) total 175 I think I pass ..... Those would be as expensive as Kim Kardashians red sole footwear Thor
  3. tacktick on my 28 and now since 5 years on my f33 with 50 foot mast . no problem. broke a display, send it in, they offered me a very reasonable new one , good customer service thor
  4. The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    I agree with im on many points, but having all those sailing history and this is his first post makes me wonder. going 90 is absurd, sailing 25 knots is absurd, just way to many crazy embellishments... yes 15 might feel like 25 ... and is pretty cool anything over 20 .... well ...?? thor
  5. The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    wonder if a great boat needs that kind of advertising ?
  6. Corsair 760

    little guy needs a lifejacket, sorry
  7. u mean they don't point :-)
  8. Rapido 50

    great news ..... I am wondering who will try and built something similar based on your success with the 60 and now with the 50 Usually the old wisdom is that a tri is great until 36 feet and than any bigger cat will be better . You obviously are proving this wrong with your 60 thor
  9. I think I saw the Corsair Cruze with the main only sitting out there when the tp 52 came back in on Monday ... The results for the two ! only multis ahave dnc dnc dnf etc etc whats happening ? How did Reese in the feeder race with the cruze ? In the past with his 28R he was a force to be reckon with ... Thor
  10. what is it?

    lol nope Soma I have my trusty and paid for F 33 I was just guessing thor
  11. what is it?

    smaller HH
  12. Asymm Furlers which is best

    Harken is not heavier, if it is it is ozs. Torque rope flakes better than most. Harken drum is lighter then most. the Drum on the harken is different then most in that the lower top down swivel is not part of the drum. This mean when you separate the sail from the drum the swivel stays attached to the sail and torque rope. Most of the others you have to disconnect the sail and the torque rope to use the drum on other sails. Don't see the need for the Furling lock just cleat the line. One more thing to break and the KF lock does break easily. Harkens new endless line fairleads and cleats work great Harken waited for all the others to make all the mistakes and learned from them so they could make a top down furler that works to of the box you say the harken works better than all the others.. did you try the colligo ?
  13. Asymm Furlers which is best

    Give John Franta from Colligo a call ... his stuff is top notch and he wont sell you something which doesn't work for your needs. thor
  14. for everyone who goes spent the 20 bucks for the Smythe speed clinic .... its well worth it .. get the whole crew signed up thor who wishes he could go , but this awful work thing is in the way
  15. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    evenb the facebook adds have stopped .....