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  1. THOR

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    If you ever in ST Louis area … better say Lake Carlyle let us know. Factory built F 33 under Ian's watchfull eyes
  2. THOR

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    you do regular slap reefing and than roll the left overs up wouldn't do it on a big cat , too much hassle for very little gain... stack pack works well on my F 33
  3. THOR

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    calling fake rules is a rule infraction..... but more important it makes sure that any beginner will stay away from the next race. This shit has to stop if we want to get more people involved in racing ...period Thor
  4. Let me think.... The Marina is at the end cove.... the dug out fairway is about 20 foot wide.... than there is a 180 degree turn .... another 90 degree turn to somewhat line up with my slip ( 27 feet wide ) boat is 25 feet wide ... Hmmm I think I anchor outside if the motor gives me trouble lol
  5. Contact John Franta from Colligo Marine. He will give you honest answers and can help for sure. Thor
  6. THOR

    Corsair 970

    F 33 here... production boat from Australia .... Why you think Multihull Direct I s not a production ? Dunno about rules of the road down under. Mine here in the US is about a foot too wide to be legal.... but I don't care, and so far never stopped. Several trips from and back to Florida and trips from home to the lake. My boat lives in the water and just gets out during winter. I have a big slip and don't need to fold. The time it takes the boat from sailready to road ready is way way longer than anywhere posted. If you have 3 people who know what they are doing ..well than its a different story .. For real trailer sailor stuff... I would not go over 28 foot ... everything gets much much bigger after that
  7. THOR

    pics: 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race

    heheh funny The F 22 is called Greyhound AND has a Greyhound on the front .... same as mine just a little bigger ( Boat F 33......... the Greyhound sticker is actually smaller ) AS they must have copied me ... I think I deserve a sail with them .... ( sure they can get one on the big Grey Hound as well ) Thor
  8. THOR

    Ian Farrier

    This one is for you Ian You are going to live on, every time I step on my boat. Thank You and condolences to the family
  9. THOR

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Update after a couple more emails back and forth .... the Dubarry folks have promised to fix the boots at no charge. I will pay the freight which is fair . lets hope they come back and will work on a boat again when fixed I am happy now Thor
  10. Buyer beware .... these are 400 dlr worth of boots from Dubarry. Approx 5 years old , hardly worn. Stored correctly. After 3 years the soles became slippery. Last year they were basically worthless on the boat unless you were sitting in the back. Foredeck ? Forget about it. This year the final straw. They are disintegrating . Emailed the folks who are so proud of their 80 years of craftsmanship ... and they offered to repair for 145 dlr ( plus 30 dlr freight to the UK ) total 175 I think I pass ..... Those would be as expensive as Kim Kardashians red sole footwear Thor
  11. tacktick on my 28 and now since 5 years on my f33 with 50 foot mast . no problem. broke a display, send it in, they offered me a very reasonable new one , good customer service thor
  12. THOR

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    I agree with im on many points, but having all those sailing history and this is his first post makes me wonder. going 90 is absurd, sailing 25 knots is absurd, just way to many crazy embellishments... yes 15 might feel like 25 ... and is pretty cool anything over 20 .... well ...?? thor
  13. THOR

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    wonder if a great boat needs that kind of advertising ?
  14. THOR

    Corsair 760

    little guy needs a lifejacket, sorry
  15. u mean they don't point :-)