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  1. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    I'm looking forward to the day a documentary is released on how ETNZ won back the America's Cup (preferably either on Blu-ray, or a YouTube vid, minimum 720p).
  2. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    The Cup is coming back to its spiritual home.
  3. Ripclaw

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    +1000 for this. And it's easier to view / download replays from YouTube. It worked well for AC34 in SF.
  4. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    Agreed. It's most unfortunate, but even Dean had to realise that his back was up against the wall. He should've taken that coaching position, cementing his place in the history books, and gaining redemption for 2013. And to all those folk who said that Barker choked, and isn't an AC winner, never forget that he won the 5th race against Luna Rossa in 2000. That makes him an AC winner in my book. RC was most generous in letting Dean take the helm, where he totally shut out Luna Rossa. Also never forget that he won 11 races in Cup matches. That's 11 more than practically almost everyone on this forum. I do hope that Dean does come back for the next edition of the AC, and that it is in monohulls. However, he needs to get rid of the bad ju-ju / karma that's pissed off the weather and sailing gods.
  5. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    I am looking forward to your full report when you
  6. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    ^ This! It's only fitting that the Maritime Museum house Aotearoa. Some rambling thoughts from me: It really is auspicious to christen (and bless) a yacht in the rain. The ETNZ shore crew deserve as much praise as the sailing team, if not more. Huge credit to Sean and crew. We honestly don't know the full story about the needling between GD and ORTUSA. I'm hoping that this story sees the light of day. It might explain GD's vitriol against JS. As exciting as the AC50 cats were, I'm hoping that we go back to monos, longer than 60ft.
  7. Ripclaw

    Oracle Team USA

    When the (silver?) medals were being handed out to the OR crew, did anybody notice that Jimmy didn't get one?
  8. Ripclaw

    Race Replays

    Count me in for this as well.
  9. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    Coming back to the discussion around a future defender series, aren't the current defender and potential defender syndicates meant to be from the same yacht club, as it's the yacht club who holds the America's Cup, and not the team (who are members of said yacht club)? As far back as I can remember, all defense syndicates have been members of the same yacht club, in any given cycle of the AC, prior to the 30th defense. I cannot remember a defense syndicate with the necessary resources and infrastructure not being from the same club.
  10. Ripclaw

    Team NZ

    The only advantage that I can recall from the 2003 defence is when TNZ trained in the area where the AC match was going to take place, and that the challengers were barred from training in that same area. It didn't make a difference though, as Coutts already knew the Hauraki Gulf inside out, and we all know how that turned out.
  11. Ripclaw

    How to watch live races?

    The AC app now has Chromecast functionality
  12. Ripclaw

    How to watch live races?

    I can confirm that a VPN is required in order to access either the app or the livestreaming website on a PC.
  13. Ripclaw

    How to watch live races?

    Finally figured this out. My Android app updated for the 3rd time in 3 days or so. Click on the burger patty (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner, and choose "Events". I caved in and purchased a 2017 season pass (for roughly the equivalent of $10).
  14. Ripclaw

    How to watch live races?

    How do we get to that payment option via the app?
  15. Ripclaw

    How to watch live races?

    You have a PM from me.