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  1. Later

    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    You might want to checkout:
  2. Later

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    Not the cheapest option - but Forespar just did a 3"diameter pole for my Olson 911s. It is really nice and light. Contact: Randall Risvold Forespar ph. 949 858 8820
  3. Hey barsuk1, I see you are in Sunnyvale, CA - where do you sail your UFO? Later
  4. USA1136, I had used Pettit Trinidad with SR for years with good results (no slime for up to a year). Then when they had to reformulate Trinidad without the Irgoral the slime build up was almost instantaneous. I contacted Pettit to confirm that the Irgoral formula was back. Here is their answer: The none Irgoral product has a “A” after the product number on the box. So Black Trinidad Pro with out Irgoral would be 1088 A. Manufactured before Sept 2017. The product with only 1088 manufactured after Sept. will be the Irgoral product. Make sure to check the actual can under active ingredients 60% copper 2% Irgoral. The none Irgoral under active ingredients will say 65% copper. Hope this helps. That being said I have been disappointed with the slime reduction of the new (with Irgoral) formula - it has slimed up very quickly. Later
  5. Later

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    Chclout - something like this might be good:
  6. Later

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    My Olson 25 was "Knot To Worry" - came with the name and I never changed it for the 20 years I owned it. New owner changed the name. Later
  7. Later

    Capo 30 rig

    Hitchhiker which Capo 30 was it? How did she lose the rig? Later
  8. Later

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    Damcoyote Thank you for your input. Did the pole bend much with just the center-pick point? Later
  9. Later

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    Thanks everybody for the input - I found some postings elsewhere for a carbon pole with a center pick on a Beneteau 36.2. Their experience was that the pole would bend a lot when loaded up. I think I will stick with a bridle. Thanks, later
  10. Later

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    Zonker thanks for the reply. How do bridles help for end to end jibes? Later
  11. Later

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    Gorn We do end for end jibes. We have a old Hall Spar Quick Jibe Pole with the swiveling end for dip pole jibing (never have tried it) Later
  12. Hey, I need a new spinnaker pole for my Olson 911s. J is 12.3 feet, I is 41.9 feet and the spinnaker is about 760 feet^2. The old pole is a 3 inch OD aluminum pole. Forte offers a 3 inch OD carbon pole without bridles (center point pick). Forespar has a 3 inch OD carbon pole with bridles. Does anybody have experience with using a center pick Forte pole? Is it strong/Stiff enough? Thanks, Later
  13. Later

    Vang setup advise

    Allen Another thing to think about for the setup Is to assure the boom has enough upward travel. This is important when you release the Vang in a round-up situation. If the boom is constrained by the rigid gang too much you can break your boom when it hits the water Later
  14. Sailhmb, It appears you are in Half Moon Bay in California. To find out about the local to the San Francisco Bay Area active fleets of 2 person dinghies you should attend Richmond Yacht Club's Sail-A-Small-Boat day on March 3rd: Later
  15. Later


    HEFF: +1!