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  1. Alex, I would recommend that you check with Pettit to determine if the vintage Trinidad you have has the Irgarol in it. If not I would not recommend using it. By the way a few years ago on my old Olson 25 I had the same blisters in the barrier coat problem. At the suggestion of the boat yard they just did extra sanding of the blistered areas and then just painted with the Trinidad. 2 to 3 years later when we hauled again there was no evidence of blisters. George
  2. I have been very disappointed in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Slime Reduction properties of Trinidad Pro SR recently. In the past it has worked well for at least the 1st year after application. But now the slime reduction does not seem to work at all. Within a month after putting on a new coat the slime comes back within a week of cleaning the bottom. My understanding is that Pettit (and other paint manufacturers) apparently have not been able to obtain their very effective slime reduction chemical, Irgarol, for a few years now. I did see an ad from a local boat yard stating they now had paint with Irgarol again. I do not know what brand it was.
  3. B&G Focus replacement

    Andy, I have B&G Focus on my boat (launched in 1989). I asked a B&G rep at one of the boat shows about the transducer compatibility with modern stuff. All he could tell me is that he had never heard of the Focus stuff - LOL George
  4. Venting 26' boat

    Check out this article by L-36.com: http://l-36.com/humidity.php
  5. Shoes for big boat racing

    Bought Zhiks a couple years ago for myself and my wife. they were great on the marginal non-skid on our new to us boat. I was unable to sail for a year due to a medical challenge - now the sole of the Zhiks has gotten a bit hard - slippery on a dry deck - still good on a wet deck.
  6. tactical handheld gps

    The Garmin GPS 78sc has a setting for "Sight 'N Go". It is set by pointing in a direction of a waypoint and hitting the "Sight 'N Go" function. It is not clear to me if this sets a compass course or sets a waypoint a long way away. If it sets a way point, it seems like it could be used for the above approximation of VMG to wind by doing a "Sight 'n Go" in the true wind direction and using the VMG function. Does anybody know what the "Sight 'N Go" function actually sets?
  7. Live Racing Thread

    Way to Go NZ!
  8. Deck Fittings in to cored deck

    I found the method described in the following to give good results: http://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/sealing_the_deck
  9. in-hull transducer kit - oil?

    Wax from a toilet bowl ring also works
  10. Ericson 23 Motor Size?

    Tempest, I was very happy with a Honda 6 hp - with high thrust prop - on my old Olson 25 (3500 pounds). Later
  11. cpt_757 I replaced my 1989 vintage Lewmar Standard 43's with Lewmar Evo Self Tailing 45's. 4 of the 5 holes lined up and 1/2 of the 5th hole. Not bad. I also am replacing the Lewmar Standard 40's on the cabin top with Lewmar Evo Self Tailing 40's - hole pattern is different - go figure? Later
  12. Olson 30 fibreglass rudder post rebuild

    Foolish, Checkout the Olson 25 Yahoo site - they may still have some information on repairing the fiberglass rudder post and bearings.
  13. Slime and Bottom Paint?

    Hey Lion - thanks for the suggestion - emailed Fastbottoms - He quickly replied that he had found Trinidad and Micron 66 to both work pretty well in SF Bay.
  14. Slime and Bottom Paint?

    I sail out of Redwood City in the Southern portion of San Francisco Bay. In the past my experience with Pettit Trinidad (maybe SR - not sure) on a 25 foot boat was good. The bottom stayed relatively clean and slime free enough for club level racing for a few months after painting and for about 2 years more with monthly bottom cleaning. About 2 1/2 years ago, on a 30 foot boat, I had the bottom re-painted with Pettit Trinidad Pro. Unfortunately we were delayed in relaunching after painting it about 4 weeks. Right from the get go slime would build up on the bottom within a week of cleaning it. I thought maybe this was due to the delay in launching. A couple different divers checked the paint for me and all said that this was pretty normal and that the paint was doing an excellent job of keeping hard growth off (the boat was in South Beach Harbor in San Francisco for the first 1 1/2 years). I am just about to do another haul-out and re-paint and I am not sure if Trinidad is the paint to use. Down here in Redwood City the boats on either side of me have both had new bottoms within the last 6 weeks with Trinidad Pro - and they both have slime build up already. I also noticed the majority of boats in South Beach Harbor tended to start to grow slime shortly after returning from haul-outs with various new paint. I have read that Pettit had to change the slime reduction chemicals in Trinidad due to it no longer being available. Is there a better paint that will resist slime buildup for at least a few months? Thanks, Later
  15. Restore Plywood El Toro

    Checkout the El Toro Class web age: http://www.eltoroyra.org