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  1. samc99us

    Best grippy shoes

    I assume we are talking about the Terrex Boat? They have some Gore-Tex hiking shoes in that line as well for >$100.
  2. samc99us

    cover for dyneema

    Concur. 4mm Robline Dinghy Control has has 2mm core, 5mm is 2.5-3mm, 6mm is closer to 4mm etc. Each line is different, so best to check with the real thing. Unfortunately I don't stock things past about 8mm so can't help with the larger stuff. My preferred approach to halyard building is to use a cored line and splice the dyneema into it...yes its a bit more expensive than using cover 'just where you need it', but my experience is the factory cover->core is going to be a lot tighter than you can get at home. Ideally you put the splice (thickest part of the line) right were the clutch is for maximum grip.
  3. My solution is to put a bowline in and then a series of half hitchs off that. It lets you put some extra tension on the line as well.
  4. samc99us

    Textured gelcoat weight ?

    There is a reason the new Gunboats are 2-pack paint, I'm just saying.... The lightest finish method is 2-pack paint shot in the mold, part built in one shot with pre-preg, you get the idea. On a FP 47? There are lots of other places to save weight, starting with the core, moving into the laminate. You can also save a ton of weight with reducing systems complexity etc.
  5. samc99us

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    No surprise, huge apparent wind shift on and off the foils. That's a fairly robust kite as well, which I would expect for serious time offshore.... I recall the autopilots being relegated to steering-only duties, and as I don't see any electric winches on-board, that holds true, so those that can spend as much time up and on deck trimming are probably going to put some miles on their competitors...
  6. samc99us

    Repainting carbon masts

    Its a tricky job. You generally end up removing a bit of carbon to get ALL the clear-coat off. Probably the better thing to do is get it sanded smooth with 120-220 grit, leave any really stuck clear coat and then vinyl wrap with 3M 2080. The problem with shooting clear back over clear is it will be foggy in those areas. Vinyl hides this and is generally easier than shooting paint. If shooting paint, I can highly recommend either Awlgrip White, or some of the 2K clears in a can, but white will save the mast from warping in high temperatures.
  7. samc99us

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    What local shop? For example, I know of none in Virginia or Delaware that could compete, there is maybe 1 in NJ (small outfit, truck run business I believe), none in SC, none in GA. Even in Rhode Island the most comprehensive source of supplies is the West Marine in Newport, and the small shop at NEB. Yes, a lot of marine business' have headquarters in RI, but most don't have storefronts for retail sales.
  8. samc99us

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    Yep. I'm generally of the opinion that retail is dead for this sort of thing. Yes, its nice to be able to grab something locally when you're in a bind, we've all been there, but the cost for retail space in prime sailing locations is just too bloody expensive these days, see every other shop that bailed on downtown Annapolis and Eastport that doesn't directly service boats on site.
  9. samc99us

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    I can and do build custom rigging if you need it. I'm not 100% local (Alexandria, VA) and I'm not cheap but I do know what I'm doing. Also just as happy if you take your business to the pro's in town, this is FAR from my day job.
  10. samc99us

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    What do you think a mid range shape Hull 250 should go for? Most I'm seeing asks in the $15-$20k range. When you add things up, the well sorted 700 and 800 series hull actually look like better value, i.e this ride I'm guessing can be had for the low 40's, and has 2 brand new sets of sails, $20k right there, so you're paying $20k for a sorted Devoti...maybe there are some options in the 100 series range for under $10k? I get the impression the O.P is looking for a boat in the $5k range, but forgetting that slip fees and 1 new sail per annum add up to more than that.
  11. samc99us

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    Tough situation for sure, retail everywhere is hurting. If someone has Mr. Gross' contact information and can shoot me a PM that would be much appreciated.
  12. samc99us

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Serious boat with a serious price tag. I was looking at things under $1mil, not up in Gunboat territory. I think the best value there for a Performance Racer/Cruiser is the TS5 catamaran, basically right at a million with the carbon rig etc. The Neo would be a nice option to, they have a 47' version that I'm speculating is in the $500-$750k range.
  13. samc99us

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    What about the Neo 470? Perhaps a bit too high performance, ballast to displacement ratio of 45%:
  14. samc99us


    Yeah, can you say excess resin and no tapes over the seams? Beautiful boat otherwise.
  15. samc99us

    Used cat market

    Soma, I too would like more details on sail choice. We’re shopping for J/120 sails and generally the high end laminate sails from other vendors are 20-30% less than mid range 3Di, so I would think the North 3Di cruising laminate about the same cost as a high tech laminate from other vendors? I realize it’s more complicated than that, on a cruising boat in the tropics the Dacron/polyester based fiber choice makes a lot of sense. I raced on a boat with a Dacron/dyneema laminate mainsail from Quantum about 10 years ago, it was durable with great shape holding so a win-win for a racer/cruiser IMO. Kevlar in the tropics seems like an interesting choice. Covered or uncovered?