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  1. Daggerboard case maintenance?

    +1 Veeger. Even lots of purchase only gets you so far.
  2. Alternative to sewing canvas and laminate

    Sew it, or find someone to sew for you. I scored a White sewing machine for $50 last fall. Same bobbin carriage as the Sailrite, just no walking foot. For the projects you are talking about, this style machine is perfect. Handles VS-92 thread perfectly. I also use seam tape, but that is to layout the shape, even in laminate sails (not 3DL etc.) it still gets sewed, as the tape can peel. Other tapes may last a good long while but stitching will last the life of the fabric, or at least half the life. I will say you may want to consider the PTFE lifetime thread, the Florida sun is harsh.
  3. Harken GP Blocks

    Oh, I should point out the Harken Carbo Air blocks DO NOT use the GP ceramic bearings.
  4. Harken GP Blocks

    Those blocks have been on the market for quite some time. They are nice, but depending on the application Ronstan has some nice alternatives. I prefer the Orbit 20 lashing block to the Harken 18mm T2 as it accepts a larger range of line sizes for the same weight, has never failed me and is quite reasonably priced. For high load applications where friction is also a concern, the Ronstan Orbit 30mm Lashing with Nylatron sheave is hard to beat (RF35101D). I do like the Harken 40mm T2 if you need a block of that size range. inebriated, you have it correct in terms of how the loads are applied, though getting mast bend in isn't really the issue (spreaders, diamond and downhaul does most of that work). The trouble is the leech loads keep going up as we are now foiling, or if not foiling running decksweepers which have longer luffs and hence more power in them. I used to comfortably run a 10:1 mainsheet on the F18. Now I'm at 12:1. Once you are there, you introduce another problem-rolling friction in 12 sheaves is not zero! Its actually quite high, and that can limit the release speed. This is why Harken developed the GP blocks. From all accounts they are a marvel of engineering. Pricey, but solve all the base problems inherent in the 10:1 and 12:1 stock systems.
  5. Daggerboard case maintenance?

    What boat? On the non-foiling Nacra's, they use a piece of Teflon at the bottom of the trunk that the board slides on. Works well, but requires that the cutout at the bottom be large enough to accommodate the 1/8" thick piece of Teflon. This would work well on larger boats too I think. Graphite+epoxy is pretty slick once polished out to >1500 grit. Thats the headache, polishing out inside the trunk...
  6. Competing at 150 kg

    Mookie, What is your price range? Are you shopping new? I'm sending you a PM on some options. -Sam
  7. Competing at 150 kg

    I sailed at 320-325 lbs for several years with the big sail plan and lead. No trouble righting it, just make sure to blow the mainsheet and downhaul and get the kite back in the sock. Also the jib sheet-I run a continuous jib shee on a bungee takeup but the trick is a reverse bungee out the pole attached to the floating block that pulls against the takeup bungee and allows the sheet to be eased and not re-tighten. DON'T drop the traveler, as with the self tacker the jib will round the boat down and your boat will sail off without you. This was on an Infusion Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 which are fantastic boats -wish I could sell you my fully sorted Mk. 2 but it is going to a new owner this weekend who sadly will never race it. There is a C2 in MS for sale at a great price and there might be 1 or 2 Infusions in the Sarasota area coming available. There is also a really great Infusion Mk. 1 in the San Fransisco area listed with all the Mk. 2 upgrades. If you are keen on racing and want to sail the worlds, I would recommend an Infusion Mk. 1 with long boards as the minimum, and a Mk. 2 or C2 (also with long boards) as suitable alternatives. Pass on Wildcats. The other note is you will probably need a decksweeper to be competitive in more than a local fleet.
  8. Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Interesting Lars. I've only tried it on the straight boards, not the Z's as we don't have weeds. I have polished my Z10's out to 2000 grit but they are not yet back in the boat and tested. From the factory their are pinholes in the finish that give me (AE) far greater concern than what polish is used.
  9. Banque Pop capsize

    I have a suspicion that the structures on these giant ultims are at the edge of possible, due to the lightweight required for foiling, and as such a tow as described could result in structural damage to the floats or worse the beams. The other issue is finding a powerful enough vessel to perform the maneuver. Point is the Frenchies are pretty smart and all the big tris that have capsized are usually righted at the dock for a good reason. It would be wonderful to hear what the teams opinion is on this. Does anyone know how the MOD70's get back on her feat? I've seen the Seacart 30 tow righting video, but a MOD70 is closer to an Ultim, but both the 70 and Ultim are worlds apart from a 'normal' tri/cat flip. I also believe the mast broke upon impact with the water, again its probably not designed to handle those loads. This is also probably a tad safer than an intact stick waiting to pock a hole in your hull, though a number of tiny sticks might/could do the same.
  10. Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Martin, spray the leading edges of your foils with McClube or another teflon based coating. Should help the weeds fly off. Otherwise you'd have to ask a Mothie.
  11. Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    LMI any more information you can share? I see a number of options on their website.
  12. Competing at 150 kg

    Mookiesurf, If you are boat shopping, an F18 is where you want to be. Great boats and the most active 2-man class in the U.S. From what I have seen of the F16's, the fleet is on the decline with youth sailors moving into Nacra 15's and lighter male/female teams going for the foiling Nacra 17's, and the F16 not moving quickly enough to keep up. The F18 fleet has had its ups and downs but is a well run class with A LOT of boats in the U.S, and an upcoming Worlds in Florida expecting to draw 120+ boats. You won't learn 2 man boats racing in any other fleet this day. 333 lbs is too light for a Nacra 20 (try 360lbs and up in any real breeze) and all the good boats are either on the wrong coast or taken, plus they haven't been built en-mass since 2006 and only a handful since, last build was in 2008 I believe and I don't know where the tooling is. If it was available still and the class well organized I would say buy them as truly it is a great boat, a bit more floaty than the Tornado, but the T makes up for it in breeze with the 10' wide platform despite rig size 2' shorter than the N20. Do you have a righting line rigged like this on your Taipan? http://www.microwindracing.com/boat.html
  13. Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    I'm really impressed with the TS42...would love details on their setup/outfit, how much cruising gear they have in the Carib vs. on the boat vs. Transatlantic. I say this as while the GB/HH and Multi 50/Seacart 30 fleet are wonderful beasts, the TS42 is a bit more down to earth if you will (i.e I can actually see that dream).
  14. DNA A Class Catamaran Classic conversion

    Get dimensions from DNA or someone on their C-boards. Its likely the Exploder boards are longer and the whole trunk is further outboard on the Exploder AD3's with C's to accommodate. The board radius could also be different. I say that as I'm not following how a lower bearing installed further outboard in the hull would cause the board tips to be further inboard on a C (I understand on the slider location having the opposite effect of the above).
  15. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    My money is on Vestas. They had 1000nm to go on April 11th. My estimate is 8kts over the bottom, its been 4 days, 4*24*8 = 768nm, 1000nm - 768nm = 232nm to go. They said early next week on April 13th, which lines up with my estimate, i.e Monday (tomorrow this time) or probably Tuesday AM. The rig is already in Itajai and the boat probably pretty ready to accept it though the rest of the servicing will be a bit rushed I suspect. I give Scally the nod in the next leg over VS11, though VS11 need a win into Newport and I am cheering for them. Scally have a deep team, deep support network (emotionally and financially) and a boat that can be raced as soon as they do some servicing.