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  1. samc99us

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    Ding ding. Boat looks gorgeous at the dock, and is lovely down below, but the list of issues to actually sail her are pretty long. No foot chocks behind the wheels so you can actually stay on the deck and drive while heeled. No hand holds down below in the very wide cabin. No staysail tack hardpoint on the foredeck. No storage space for sails. Not sure how the aft cabins would be while under way, but there isn't much in terms of sleeping space in the saloon. Basically you're looking at close to $1mil for a swim platform. Pass.
  2. samc99us

    3D Printing Anarchy

    +1 to Fusion360. The built-in CAM package is pretty impressive software, standalone its close to a $10k package so really quite good value. In terms of printing, I went in-house with an Ender3. The latest release of Cura 4.3 has solved most of my printing woes and for under $250 for machine/software/filament the machine can easily pay for itself after a few prints. For larger parts going outside makes some sense.
  3. samc99us

    Faster ama shapes

    Good article on semi-displacement hull design, which is what the latest ama shapes are:
  4. samc99us

    Former ericsson4/groupama70 VO70 now with foils

    I'm not really sure what turbo mods were done to the various 70's. Wizard is sailing with a rig from 2015, presumably taller than the original. Boat captain Charlie Enright was quoted in a recent North Sails article that they are looking at a rig replacement in the near future, with additional weight savings possible.
  5. samc99us

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Nice work. Was the choice to slot the front of the mast for the wires done to allow the first element to twist? Do you know how the weight and inertia compare to a standard soft rig?
  6. samc99us

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Already exists: Reality is that boat wasn't particularly fast in floating F18 mode (lots of water in the trunks on rev1), and the foiling kit is close to the cost of a used straight board F18. No real idea how they do around the track in foiling mode. Most of the F18 fleet aren't particularly interested in foiling as the boats are plenty fast as is and already have a high crew workload. I suspect this will be the case in many classes where foiling is discussed.
  7. Minor update here:
  8. samc99us

    Former ericsson4/groupama70 VO70 now with foils

    Just to be clear, this is the old Ericsson 4 (2.5 generation VO70), while Groupama 4 is out winning races as Wizard, with a turbo rig I believe. Most of the aussie boats had turbo'd rigs. Still a neat project and a good donor boat, she was one of the fastest monohulls ever built, hopefully the foil mods didn't slow her down any!
  9. The rig does a look a little small. For reference, a local Corsair 43 was refit early in life with an 80' rotating carbon rig for better performance in light air. The Corsair 37RS has a 51' rig. In both cases the boats are a good bit heavier than the Grainger, and often sailing in areas with less breeze than Venom. Still, it would appear the floats can support a slightly larger rig, potentially with rig canting an option for race mode
  10. samc99us

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I believe that is what fails most often on the Open 60's and big ocean going multihulls. From what I've experienced with marine electronics, they are often not particularly waterproof and intended to be mounted somewhere high and dry, which is rarely practical and reality is that over several thousand ocean miles it will be damp at some point pretty much everywhere on the inside of a boat. Sensors have gotten better but they are all capable of failing. Hall effect angle sensors should be relatively reliable however (no moving parts). Performance boats tend to run higher gains on their AP systems to extract more performance from the system, which in turn increases command frequency and could result in earlier system failure if the hydraulics aren't designed for high cycle life. I agree with the comments up thread that the Outremer 49 is a good balance of space/performance/price, but I would also give serious thought to the TS5 at a similar price point. I don't think you are compromising much in terms of accommodations relative to the Outremer and gaining a good bit of performance and build quality. It is arguably the best built boat discussed in this thread, outside of some custom used boats.
  11. samc99us

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Max RM is limited by the one design rig.
  12. samc99us

    composite floor boards?

    That depends on which Divinycell, they make it in various densities (like most foam core options). The Coosa board looks like a really nice plywood replacement for use in wet environments!
  13. samc99us

    Silly daggerboard question

    Yes, there is a law of diminishing returns with regard to daggerboard length, however, everyone is doing it from F18's to Gunboats so longer must be better right!?! The reality is your upwind angles won't change appreciably with longer boards. What changes is the righting moment, so essentially you fly a hull sooner all else being equal. Downside is extra drag in breeze, requiring the boards to be pulled up essentially to their original design length. So the gain is in a relatively narrow band, From 6-7kts to about 12-13kts true wind. Of course, those are the conditions I have experienced most often racing in the U.S, so if that is your situation, I would say they are a must. FYI, the original Falcon boards are quite small compared with the Viper boards, so I think there is more gain there for a doublehanded sailor than meets the eye.
  14. samc99us

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    Bummer. Cantlers was going to be my second recommendation.
  15. samc99us

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    I'm a big fan of The Point for crab cakes, not in downtown, 15-20min north but a great spot. Boatyard Bar and Grill is worth a stop as a sailor, decent food, good drinks. Everywhere will be jam packed so prep accordingly. APS is out of the hardware business, only clothing now, so it will be interesting to see how that void is filled on the east coast.