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  1. samc99us

    Electronics Refit

    Some of this depends on where you are located and what sort of dealer support is available... Personally, I would go for a clean sheet retrofit. Both B&G and NKE make high quality systems; I have seen more B&G installs by a long shot on performance cruising cats, and cruising boats in general, I think due to easier availability of parts, dealers and systems experts, especially in primarily English speaking countries. The Triton2 system I’ve been using on a different boat (J/120) has been impressive, better than the H2000/H3000 systems of old. The sensors and displays are the same as the performance/race setup, so the Triton2 is easily upgraded to a full H5000 setup with the addition of a performance processor. If you are doing any racing and can afford it, I would go for the H5000 from the start, primarily for better speedo calibrations. I would also take a look at their chart plotters, even the baseline Vulcan 7/9 has a great screen and ties in very nicely to the rest of the instrument package for waypoint navigation.
  2. samc99us

    Balsa Core and Carbon Fiber Mast Issues

    If you need to replace a rig, subtract from the sale price...if you can’t, you might know the answer... Core work, unless you can do yourself or have a good buddy, and know the extent of the issue, walk away...
  3. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Is the boat now named Trifling?
  4. samc99us

    composite floor boards?

    One has to look at the strength to weight ratio, and the stiffness to strength ratio, not just the raw weight or raw density of the material. Without digging, I’m speculating the Coosa board has 30% or maybe greater strength than standard marine plywood. It’s also inherently waterproof, which most wood products are not. Also, they make a lighter 15 lb/ft3 version:
  5. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Yep, that’s pretty typical on the Chesapeake. What makes the Seacart special in these conditions is what makes all boats go in no wind: high sail area to displacement ratio. The G32 mentioned above is no exception. The Seacart is a very light, very stiff, easily driven boat that can carry a monster screecher and get going, or put a reef or two in and keep motoring in 30kts. It would also be easily pedaled. Think of it as a slightly bigger, quicker version of Mama Tried.
  6. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    On the Chesapeake, which is a historically light air venue, the Seacart 30 would blow away everything in all conditions: Farr 400, TP52, R/P 66, Carkeek 40, Andrews 80, with a crew of 4 to 5. The boats name was Sundog when campaigned hard on the East Coast. Current name is Tobiko. Some race results here:
  7. samc99us

    Vendee Globe 2020

    To me, it looks like Corum is the one that might have a structural issue with their foils...why on Earth would you increase the root chord and not carry that through the hull bearing?? Only saving grace is the foils do appear smaller than most of the other teams..
  8. samc99us

    Vendee Globe 2020

    A well spaced photo and probably OK, but making it mandatory is pushing it...I would think at this stage of the game some of the teams are starting to go into lockdown mode themselves.
  9. samc99us

    B&G Nemesis

    I think the limitation is the seamless integration with the B&G H5000 processor; the B&G displays can show anything the processor has, essentially, including some custom messaging fields, while the GNX display cannot. The polar targets are custom B&G messages. While I have driven older B&G displays with Expedition computed targets, if you have a performance processor in the loop, it is cleaner to do all the calculations there. This also means no reliance on Expedition/laptops/USB to drive the network, which IME is also more reliable. I will also say the latest H5000 setups can do most everything Expedition can, especially for shorter coastal races where routing is less of a factor.
  10. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Key word: new. They were tweaking everything because they didn’t have the settings dialed in before the race. Yes, tough to do endlessly, but also not necessary if the boat is dialed in beforehand. Certainly fully crewed boats can have an advantage, and the Burd Brothers went with 3 after their experience 2 up on a beachcat the year prior. That being said, the right pros with the right boat 2 up can probably win it... Some good reading on short handed sailing on the Seacart 30:
  11. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Some more notes on the mods to Morticia:
  12. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    My understanding is the baseline Seacart 30 was structurally optimized for lifting foils in the amas by the team that did most of the FEA for the Orma 60 I’m surprised they had to add structure to Morticia. I think where folks underestimate the Seacart 30 is in her light air performance. When we raced against one locally on the powered up beach cats, she was regularly near max power in 2kts less wind than us. A Nacra I20 with 350lbs on it is hull flying doing close to wind speed upwind in 10kts of breeze...a Seacart 30 is doing the same in about 8kts of breeze.
  13. samc99us

    Race to Alaska best boat

    No Frenchman nor Briton has entered the race...I would NOT bet against 2 Frenchman on a Seacart 30 with NKE or maybe B&G pilot. Another option that would be tough to beat are a Alex Thomson with Brian Thompson or similar on the Seacart 30. These are teams used to clicking off 200+ nm day-in, day-out under autopilot. A sub 3 day finish with the right weather window would absolutely be possible! The hassle with the Seacart 30 is it must be dry sailed...very few east coast locations support that, hence why the number on the east coast of the U.S are low (2 to my knowledge).
  14. samc99us

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    If you already have a well sorted H5000 instrument package, I think the cleanest solution is their pilot package. You might want to check out the Pelagic ram however, my understanding is the supplier is the same as the B&G but the price more reasonable. I also think a below decks solution is the better approach.
  15. samc99us


    Your information is certainly more accurate than mine. How many F4’s were built?