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  1. samc99us

    505 vs. 470

    I wouldn't be doing that too often, that beater may end up at the bottom of the river. Its a far cry from say a club 420-the skins aren't particularly thick on a high performance boat like that. They strong enough to do the job but not meant for repeated abuse. At least toss a small fender down or a lifejacket.
  2. samc99us

    F-27 #24, CHAOS, burned to the ground...

    Thats heartbreaking. Hope everything works out for your family and neighbors.
  3. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Clearly most of the punters here haven't been offshore at night in tricky conditions. Further, Alex mentioned he was dealing with pilot problems and having to hand steer for the last few days as the pilot did a poor job on the course of sail he was on. Couple that with with gusty conditions and he simply couldn't get much sleep until his body collapsed from exhausting. Poor planning on his part? Sure, but what would YOU do in those circumstances? I feel bad for Alex and it would be good for the IMOCA community to have an Englishman win the race but I also agree with the IJ's decision.
  4. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    There is a good chance Joyon broke stuff as well, the war horse as Lending Club 2 was very very reliable with only one breakage during that period. However, rarely is she subject to the conditions the Ultimes faced leaving Biscay Bay (uwpind in > 40 kts at times) as those are specifically routed around during record attempts. Further, there is no reason for the winner to publish a list of damaged equipment, whereas some explanation was needed as to why Gabart had slowed. Hopefully all the teams come together and share some lessons learned to specifically prevent the sort of failures that BP and Edmond de Rothschild are managing.
  5. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I’m under the impression he is on his backup autopilot which doesn’t steer that great, or his primary pilot can’t handle the gusty conditions. Doesn’t sound like any fun at all and I’m crossing my fingers he stays in one piece. I’ve also been thinking for a long time now that the current HB is very fast and in the right hands could win the VG. The team may want an updated set of foils that don’t fit within the existing trunks and that could be the reason for selling.
  6. samc99us

    New Nacra 15

    Re: kids-no, this is the wealthy parent buys daughter/son 29er situation. Yacht clubs don't own them, at least not the wealthy ones in my area and I suspect that is common. So yes, the kids don't come out of nowhere but the support isn't really there either. This is one of the issues with high performance sailing in the U.S... Overlap: one word of caution is this is a 310lb boat. The Stunt S9 is listed at 171lbs. Thats a big difference after a full day of sailing if you have a steep ramp or long beach.
  7. samc99us

    New Nacra 15

    What clubs have club 29er or 49er fleets? None that I’m aware of, maybe American Yacht Club in Rye NY (the have 6x N15’s). From what I have seen the c board N15’s are good training boats. Durable and they aren’t as powered up as the F16. Flipside is they aren’t that powered up-I think they will be a little dissappointing in foiling mode but maybe not. I’m curious what the solo mode game plan is, seems like an option for when the kids are off at school and Dad wants to go for a spin?
  8. samc99us

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    If the conditions allow for it then yes. That has been known since the last Aussie Nats where it paid big time for Glenn, and in certain races at the last worlds. The question is who is making it pay and in what wind range. The other question is what changes were made to the boats to aide this, if any? Rig and sail development? Some decent photos of rudder system mods on the TNZ boats over on catsailingnews. I don’t know all the players nor those sailing the classics but my bet is: 1. Ashby 2. Burling 3. Brewin 4. Tuke 5. Bundock I’m hoping for Mischa to pull a top 10 and from the U.S Bruce Mahoney has the skill set. My concern is the platform, I suspect there isn’t a ton in it but when given a choice the top sailors are on AD3’s for this event. What have DNA done with their foil package to bridge the gap?
  9. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    It is hard to say then what a Multi 50 really costs, probably closer to 2-2.5million in today’s dollars. It’s another class with limited ROI outside of France so the top sailors aren’t in it.
  10. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Yes, multihulls are fast, especially the latest designs. However, they are very sensitive to sea state as can be seen by the high drop out rate in the Multi 50 class. I think 10-20' more waterline would make a big difference in nasty conditions. Still I would take the IMOCA60 over the Multi 50 for a round the world race, just safer/more stable on average with reasonable upwind capability, and this is from a multi guy. Anyone know the budget deltas between the IMOCA and Multi 50? Anyone know the top Multi 50 speed? Besting 38.5 on HB seems a somewhat tall order. IDEC as Lending Club 2 would lay down 35kts without issue and top speeds in the 40 were not a problem. Folks forget this vessel currently holds the crewed round the world speed record and in the right conditions is the same speed as MACIF in pre-foiling mode. She has also been retrofitted to full foiling or near full foiling so the race is on..
  11. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Raked Aft, not sure but Alex has limited comms (1 tack only) so is probably sailing his own race. The race between him and the Multi 50 is fun to watch. Similar boat speeds in the same conditions but at the moment HB is ~1 kt faster. I suspect the top speed of HB is higher as is the reliability and survival rate. Nice job on Tripon's part for getting his boat down the track in relative health compared with the rest of the Multi 50 fleet!
  12. samc99us

    505 vs. 470

    Unless you have experience in high performance boats with trapezes, you may need to build a little confidence. I'm stating this coming from a high performance boat (Formula 18 cat, foiling A-Cat) and a good bit of college dinghy experience. I spent more time upside down in the 505 last year than I care to admit, and this was with an experienced helm. The boat is forgiving in the 8 kt wind range but once the wind picks up above that pulling off good tacks and gybes is a physically demanding effort. Highly enjoyable when you get it wrong but very wet when you don't! I also concur with the statements regarding build quality, even the softer older 505's are still reasonably well built. If you can dig up an old Waterrat that would be a nice find.
  13. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    From the race website yesterday: "The band of light, unsettled winds caused by the high pressure, will occupy Thomson and his opponents throughout today. The British skipper’s patience may be tested but he knows he has the fastest machine compared to the French skippers. He will have also noticed the reaching speed deficit of PRB amid widespread speculation that Riou’s boat has suffered damage to her foils. "
  14. samc99us

    what is it?

    Foil has to go somewhere, its too long to fit cleanly in the hull when retracted.
  15. samc99us

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I don't see him holding on in the trades unless the foilers have breakdowns. Alex is currently 2.5 kts faster in nearly the same conditions. Still needs to gybe and it will be a close cross but Alex will be hard to catch.