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  1. Why don't more people race?

  2. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    I think the acrimony is over - new people are taking over the management of both organizations and are bringing a fresh perspective to the situation, and it is now hard to find people who bear the grudges from the past. From personal experience things are much better than they were even ten years ago, when just a mention of merging NW and BC in any way, shape or form would get some people apoplectic. IMHO, there are just a few roadblocks left to clear, and we will finally get where we, and PHRF racing in the NW/BC, need to go - ratings consolidation. The racers want it, the handicappers (mostly, as far as I can tell) support it, we just need all the system managers to want it too and find solutions for a few logistics problems. I think ratings consolidation is inevitable, but not everyone realizes this yet. Ten years ago I pushed for ratings reciprocity and was branded a heretic. Today we have almost full reciprocity, at least here on the Island. Sometimes you just have to be patient.
  3. Tether clips

    Just make sure you aren't accidentally creating an unsafe situation when you stow the unused hook. We noticed on the way to Maui that a few crew were clipping the unused hook on in such a way that if you blew the quick release you would still be dragged. Clip the unused hook to the loop on the quick release, not the stainless loop on your harness.
  4. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

  5. Tether clips

    Picture yourself being dragged through the water at 7 knots. Now try to find the knife. Even if you can find it - now try to cut the tether which requires that the knife be perpendicular to the tether. I think it would be very difficult compared to pulling the cord on a quick release.
  6. Tether clips

    Really hoping that the Spinlock tethers pictured so far in this thread are not what people are actually using. All three don't have a quick release.
  7. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Among more serious racers it is seen as kind of a dick move to appeal a competitor's rating. We'd rather find a way to beat them on the water than beat them in the appeals room. Plus, over time many have come to accept that PHRF may have flaws, but it is cheap and convenient for owners and race committees, and people are just willing to put up with the flaws and go racing anyway. These days there are not many boats being sailed to their full potential, so it is hard to go to the appeals room and argue that you are sailing as fast as the boat can go and still can't win. There are also a few boats that win consistently that are very well sailed. Who is going to go to the room and argue they should have a faster rating? Not me. There aren't any races where we finish the race and can't find things we could have and should have done better. Sure, there is a nagging sense that maybe their ratings are a touch soft, but arguing that in front of the appeals committee is going to be very difficult. Let's just go racing and try to sail faster/better is the prevailing philosophy, as it should be. Are there boats out there that sail poorly and win anyway? Not among the boats that we regularly play with.
  8. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Club racing except in large clubs would likely be PHRF only. If you bring your racing machine to a club race, you'll have to live with PHRF. It isn't just the numbers, a lot of club race committees are going to have trouble dealing with a three number system and the additional data gathering and processing that goes with it. I would see ORC divisions in the major races like RSI, Swiftsure, Straits, RTC, VI360, and probably VARC, but there would still be PHRF in those races too. The problem is really that some racing machines have more favourable ratings under PHRF than they will have under ORC Club. This happened during the Vancouver ORC Club experiment. They will probably stay in PHRF and create problems, but if a better appeals system is put in place they will eventually migrate over.
  9. Why the tie?

    A wise marketing manager I worked with in a previous white-collar career pointed out one day as we were preparing for a business meeting with a bunch of old government farts in suits "Look at us now, we used to dress up to meet young women, now we dress up to meet old men". Ditched that career in '94 after 13 years, don't miss it.
  10. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    +1 for the folks that support ORC Club (multi-number measurement rule) for more serious racing and PHRF for racing the family station wagon. And +1 that PHRF NW and BC should remain separate organizations for administration of certificates and collecting fees, but they should consolidate their ratings. Creating a fair joint appeals system is feasible IMHO. If we take the serious racers out of PHRF then the appeals process gets that much easier. Want to argue about what you think is an unfair PHRF appeal decision? Go get an ORC Club rating and race with the big dogs. An anonymous, on-line PHRF appeals process would result in a flurry of appeals and probably sort out some of the issues that are literally floating around in PHRF NW/BC. Everyone can attend, included all the handicappers in both systems, no matter where they live and at no cost. All evidence/data would have to be put on-line for everyone to see, and the discussion, decision and rationale for the decision should be put on-line as well, similar to what we do (or should do) with protests. Back to the sock drawer....
  11. Fazisi Front Page

    If the salvage company stripped all that equipment, they made the hull even more worthless than the boat was before. If they were planning to sell the gear separately, why did they put it back in the water and not straight into the dumpster? Unlikely anyone would buy it before the gear was stripped, no chance anyone would buy it now. Interesting that the video shows it more or less undamaged and almost floating before the salvage operation. Why then did they bother to strip it? Why unstep the rig?
  12. Fazisi Front Page

    Wonder when all the looted equipment is going to start showing up on eBay....
  13. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Look up "Sailors for a Simplified PHRF NW/BC" on Facebook. Some of the history is there.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/413752745495247/
  14. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the ostracization. I was chair of a NW regatta and wanted the BC boats to be able to have their ratings converted for free. I got my hand slapped and was told that NW would sue the club if we did that. I stepped out of the chair position and took on PRO instead, but started an initiative to see if the time was right to put BC and NW back together or at least make membership reciprocal to make regatta attendance easier. There was a meeting at SNSYC attended by many race chairs and local PHRF experts/handicappers. What I found was that the bad blood was very deep between the two organizations, so deep that there was no chance of a merger at the time, or even reciprocal membership. That was some years ago - most clubs are now offering free rating conversions and so far they are not being sued. I say that in jest, the management at NW has changed a lot and they seem to get it now. More recently a few enlightened and well-respected folks on the Island tried to start a merger initiative - on-line discussions seemed to favour consolidating the ratings but leaving the administration side of the two organizations separate. Last I heard NW was on-side for discussing consolidating the ratings with BC, but BC was not interested in holding those discussions, and that is where we sit today. BC seems to think that consolidating the ratings can not be done, because the appeal process will be too complicated. The problem they don't think can be solved is how to create a distributed appeal system. There are really four regions - BC mainland, Vancouver Island, Puget Sound and Oregon. How do we have appeals accessible to everyone? I personally believe this problem can be solved, but management at BC disagrees. Pity really. But my sock drawer is just about as disorganized as Max's, so I'll go deal with that now....
  15. Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    I like full battens in mainsails. If I know that it will be a light air day I can increase the batten tension and create a more powerful mainsail shape. If it is windy full battens minimize damage in the case of a momentary (or longer) flog of the sail. They prevent hard spots in the sail at the end of the battens which always occurs with partial battens when the sail hinges at the inboard end. Not so much for headsails.