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  1. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    It was from an RV place, but it was grey. However, just as useless as you describe. I am much happier now that the fasteners are gone. They looked terrible and leaked like crazy. dash
  2. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    All my windows are held in with VHB. The only issue I have had is a small spot where the frame was uneven. The tape initially stuck to both the window and the frame, but subsequently pulled away leading to a minor leak. What I like about the VHB is that if it screws up it is super easy to remove unlike the glues which are a bitch to remove. What I don't like is that your frame must be very flat and straight for it to work well, and mine isn't. Note that installing the windows you get only one chance with VHB so you must get it lined up properly before putting it on. Having said all that I might try the 795 next time on the one side based on the recommendations here. I tried the Sikka, butyl, and several other glues and they were all terrible, especially the butyl which leaked out of the joints when the windows expanded in the sun and got on everyone's foulies. I'll use the VHB again for the other side, no leaks, no mess. I used the 3M original tape, I wouldn't consider any substitutes.
  3. Best Race Committee Boats

    I have hit it once (minor contact when well-meaning crew tried to fend off in light air, the boat stood up and the windward shroud tagged it), and almost hit it twice, once missing hanging the backstay up on the bow (and dropping the rig) by less than a metre. We are super careful at Swiftsure starts now. No matter how tempting that empty lane by the committee boat is, don't do it!
  4. Armed Teachers

    Nah, if I had to go up against an AR15-equipped shooter in my school I would want that RPG someone was mentioning earlier. So I could blast a hole in the wall in some convenient place, and get my kids and my sorry ass the hell out of there. This entire discussion is about avoiding the actual problem as many have pointed out. Get rid of the guns, stupid. Escalating the violence is never going to be the right solution, see Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention, if you are going to arm teachers you are going to need to give them body armor, training, communications for command and control - the list goes on and on. Why not just have a soldier stationed in every classroom? Idiots.
  5. F1 2018...

    Anyone know if they are going to roll out a streaming service? My money is waiting....
  6. Saildrive care and feeding...

    Some kind of epoxy filler is the most likely to remain waterproof and stick well to whatever coating is already there.
  7. Best Race Committee Boats

  8. Wood Floor

    One of the main reasons we bought our current house in '94 was the 3/4" oak floors that hadn't been touched since new. They looked terrible at the time of purchase but came out beautifully when they were re-done. We just re-did them again after 23 years, and they still look great, a bit over 5/8" left. Can still be re-done at least two more times. We had kids and a dog that were really hard on the floor, otherwise they wouldn't have needed it. I'd recommend a solid real wood floor any day, though these days they are spendy.
  9. Young People Are Staying Liberal and Conservatives Are Dying Off

    High school teacher here. The top kids are still top kids, and there is definitely hope. The main difference I notice is that they will sooner die than go 5 minutes without their phones. Employers are going to have to have clear rules about what is and is not acceptable use in the workplace, and consequences to go with them. I have kids who think it is acceptable to take a phone call in the middle of class. Not. I had a kid tell me the other day that he doesn't need to study any theory in auto mechanics because all the information is within easy reach on his phone. I pointed out to him that his future employer will not look kindly on a mechanic that takes twice as long to do everything because they are looking everything up on-line. I didn't have the heart to tell him that auto mechanic is somewhat of a sunset profession with electric cars on their way. All the ICE knowledge will be obsolete in about 10 years if things go the way I think they will.
  10. I will turn in my guns

    You've missed the point. If guns except maybe single shot rifles and shotguns are banned, everyone found in possession of anything else is by definition a criminal. LEO's can deal with them. Call 911 if you see one. The whole "I need my guns for protection from criminals" argument is at best a rationalization and at worst a fantasy.
  11. F1 2018...

    Perfect timing, coinciding with SWMBO agreeing to cancel the cable subscription. Thanks F1!
  12. Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    Even fibreglass decks need maintenance in the long run. Non-skid wears out, and while re-doing it is possible for the DIY'er it does take a fair bit of work to get it right.
  13. Looks like the keel broke, not a failure of hull structure. Sorry for linking to the site that shall not be named:
  14. I will turn in my guns

    If only criminals have guns, it makes it really easy for police to identify the criminals. I think the gun rights folks have failed to see the handwriting on the wall, but keep talking and trying to convince yourselves that you are going to get the status quo at the end of this one. I think the gun rights folks have underestimated the students from MSD high school and underestimated how fed up the good citizens of the US are with their arguments.
  15. Simple school measures

    No, a high school teacher who sees people trying to skirt the real issues by making up ridiculous, not to mention expensive, solutions and pretending they might work. Take my advice or watch more teenagers and little children die in school shootings. Choose wisely.