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  1. Why not remove the laminate on top of the core in strips? Then clean out between the strips and glue the new balsa in in sections. You will then have a fair surface to work to when you replace the removed laminate. I've never done it this way, but I always thought if I found a really big problem on my boat I would do it this way.
  2. Hopefully they won't be building multi-billion dollar hydro projects that we don't need the power from, and multi-billion dollar bridges that nobody wants except the government either. Makes those fast cats look like chump change. Dopes.......
  3. I emailed Forespar support and they got back to me right away. I have sent them the details, hoping they will be sending me a replacement. Well done so far Forespar! dash
  4. The brand new Forespar marelon seacock pictured is leaking from the valve handle when it is in the open position. No leaks when closed. I gather that these seacocks have rubber o-rings that seal the shaft for the valve handle. Are these replaceable? Are they replaceable when the boat is in the water? How do you get it apart to replace the o-rings? In the attached picture I have loosened the screw that holds the handle to the shaft, but underneath that it isn't clear how you get at the o-rings. I have googled a fair bit and found nothing, so any help is appreciated. The boat is in the water, and I gather that it is possible to get a plug that will fit in the outer side of the through-hull so the entire thing can be replaced with the boat in the water. However, I wonder if I need to go that far with it to replace the o-rings. thanks dash
  5. I'm not able to create a new topic in Fix It Anarchy. When I tried to create one, I was shown a screen with the title and the tags. I entered the title and a tag, but when I submitted it, I got an error screen that said I hadn't filled in something. There is nothing I can click on to fill in, however. Same in both FF and Chrome.
  6. Why not just trade the 40 for something smaller that will work? Or borrow one from someone? On my boat, even with a 9.9 4-stroke on the back I had to reinforce the transom with some hunks of angle iron. Heavy, but better than ripping the transom off. Max weight for most lifting brackets is around 115 lb though this monster Garelick will go higher: http://garelick.com/Aluminum-Auxiliary-Motor-Bracket-For-4-Stroke-Motors.
  7. Some rough costs for this: Yard costs on initial haulout and launch: $2000 (inflated by about $700 because the boat mover was three weeks late) Boat Haulage: $2300 (both ways) West Epoxy/Filler: $600 Interprotect: $600 Bottom Paint: $400 Tools and Abrasives: $500 (I bought a Makita RO and a cheap belt sander which I get to keep) Boat Stands: $600 (get to keep these too) Safety Gear: $200 (Suits/masks/goggles) I gave up 6 weeks of days off over a period of a year to work on the boat, though I didn't work all the time during those weeks (not physically able to). 20/20 hindsight, the best way for me to have used money better on this project would have been to buy a trailer for the boat, even if it cost $5000 or so. The best way for me to have saved labour would have been to purchase a gelplane, though I still have doubts that a peel would have been possible without destroying the super-thin laminate. Biggest mistake (other than not buying a trailer): learning to use the tools/abrasives on a curved part of the hull (the bow). Should have learned on the flat undersides. Other big mistake: tried to make my fledgling commercial website financially viable at the same time as I was working on the boat. I got it to break-even, but at the cost of critical good-weather days in the early fall. Biggest bit of bad luck: the weather this winter was the worst on record, particularly March. I was unable to do anything at all to the bottom from October 1 until late March/early April because of constant rain and cold. This could have been ameliorated by building a shelter around the boat. Had I known how bad the weather was going to be, I would have done that. I nearly had to anyway.
  8. This weekend is the Great RC Ocean Race - the most challenging RC sailboat race on the planet! It runs around Protection Island, with the start and finish line at the Dinghy Dock Pub. There are two divisions: RC Laser and "run what you brung" which usually includes IOM's, Marbleheads, wing cats and others. The RC Laser fleet is competing for the Graham Millington Mug, and everyone else competes for the Mini Barn Door trophy. http://nanaimorclaser.ca/wordpress/?page_id=15
  9. I would not put Interprotect on before the fairing compound. I would be afraid that the fairing compound would not stick to the Interprotect unless the compound was applied to a hot coat of Interprotect. This would make applying the fairing compound very difficult, because Interprotect is quite soft when it is curing and spreading fairing compound over it will just make a big mess. On my boat, I applied sealer epoxy last fall, then this spring I gave the sealer epoxy a light sanding, then I rolled on a thin coat of neat West epoxy this spring just before putting the fairing compound on, as per the West fairing instructions. This seemed to work well and made sense as the fairing compound had the neat epoxy to act as glue between the fairing and the sealer epoxy.
  10. Looks very shallow off that pier. I suspect they were just to weather of the shallows when the engine quit, bounced the boat off the bottom enough times to shear the keel off, and things went downhill from there. There but for the grace of (insert your diety here) go I. RIP to those lost.
  11. Looks like it. Still have to stuff the rig back in and have some work to do on the interior that doesn't need to be done for racing. Boat mover didn't show today - Coast Guard emergency in Victoria apparently. I have friends helping to move the boat tomorrow because I have to work. I'm pretty worried about not being here to supervise. Hope it goes ok.
  12. Thanks for all the advice and support. Without this place and the people here this job would have been a lot harder!
  13. This journey is finally coming to an end. The boat mover comes tomorrow to transfer the boat to the boatyard, where it will then go in the water. We'll step the mast at the yacht club mast tower if the wind isn't too strong from the SE. In the final analysis, I saved around 7K, got a bunch of other work done that needed doing, but spent hundred of hours and lost a year of use. If I had the $7K to spend, it would have been better to spend it. Pros with the right tools and expertise could do this job in 1/10th the time. Driveway 34: 5 Gallons of Interprotect: Smooth (don't look too closely at the black line):
  14. Fast 40? Built with vinylester at least. Offshore capable. Crawling headroom, very business-like. Not sure if you can get one near $50K.
  15. Last gallon went on tonight. I saved a little for doing under the pads. If you are OCD and rolling on IP2K make sure your final roller strokes are longitudinal. I did some coats without doing this and ended up with some nuisance transverse lap marks that will need to be sanded out. Or not, they are pretty minor and the bottom paint will be thick. Bottom paint goes on tomorrow. Going down to +4 C tonight, the stuff will still be viable for an overcoat in the AM, based on the fact that yesterday's coats were still leaving fingerprints at noon today. Now if we can just get the damn thing on the trailer without it falling over.....