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  1. I removed my port settee using the method described. In the photo you can see the edge of the tabbing in the near bulkhead - the sawdust is piled up against the edge. Put a sharp chisel against that edge, and a few hits should get a bit of it loose enough to start stripping it off. You might have to probe a few spots to find a weakly bonded area - the chisel may just bounce on the gelcoat in some places, or it may only peel up a few layers instead of the whole tab. Keep trying until you locate a spot where the whole tab can be separated. Once you get a bit of it separated the rest will be easy. Polyester to polyester bonds have very little strength in tension. It is almost scary. Failing that I would use a dremel tool with a large cutting disk for the solid glass on the top edge and then grind out the remainder, and probably a cutting disk on a grinder and cut lots of slots then chisel out in between the slots for the rest. You could try a combination - cut and chisel out a bit near the middle of the boat, then when you chisel out the wood the inner edge of the tabbing should be exposed. That will make it easy to get your chisel under it. Good luck!
  2. Assuming this is the Dash, the easiest way to get a bulkhead out is to attack the tabbing. Get a chisel head underneath the tabbing and you'll discover it strips right off the underlying laminate. After you discover how easy it is to strip the tabbing, you'll consider using epoxy the next time you tab in a bulkhead. Take off one side of the tabbing, pull the bulkhead remnants off, then go at the rest of the tabbing from that side. You should be able to get the forward bulkhead out of the Dash in 3-4 hours, if I recall correctly how long it took me (once the forward floor and side locker had been removed). As a bonus, with this method your boat won't be full of fibreglass dust.
  3. Just set it up the way you think it should be done. Then when they call for the gybe set (or vice-versa) just tell fantasy land in the back of the boat which way they are going to do it. 99.9% of cases you'll be right and they'll thank you afterward. It isn't like they are going to run up there and change it. Just make sure you are right. Or you may get the flick.
  4. Not well versed in current F1. They haven't done their homework. My understanding is that they don't travel with the F1 circuit, and just comment on the feed. They are only on the ground for races in Canada , Monaco and the US GP. There is no way they have the access to people and information that the Sky coverage does.
  5. Watched NBC coverage of the Canadian GP because the regular Sky coverage was on one of the "extra" TSN channels that we don't get - truly awful, announcers are not well-versed in F1, frequent and endless commercials. Next time I won't bother recording it and will just find a download. Ocon was shafted by his team not telling Perez to let him by. It would have been interesting to see if Ocon could have got by Ricciardo.
  6. Anybody tried anything from this supplier? https://www.julbo.com/en/16/home.html
  7. My diver put in a bung that he got at the chandlery. It was like a large conical key fob. Worked perfectly, not a drop came in the boat, and he attached a string to it so I could yank it out when I was finished. The sea-cock is now replaced with a series 93 which is a superior unit. Thanks Forespar! I will bring the old one home and look at it to see if it is worth the trouble to take it apart to see what the problem was.
  8. Gouv, for all the useful, accurate boat repair advice. Closely followed by Hobot for the random pictures thread. Though I have to say that last year when we were out in the Pacific potentially in the path of a storm, DryArmour was pretty high on the list.
  9. This site has a forum called Fix It Anarchy. Click Here There are a lot of knowledgeable people there who can and will provide advice on how to fix things. However, be sure to search through the forum for an answer to your question first before posting. Many boat problems have been dealt with by people who post their solutions on this forum so it makes sense to save everyone time and search first. Other than that, good luck with the new boat! I am completely sympathetic to people who own a boat they can barely afford. As long as you are willing to do all the work yourself you can probably have a good time on that little boat for not too much money. dash
  10. Wait, a crack in the toilet - wouldn't there be seacocks on every through-hull? Or was it a crack in the toilet seacock itself? If so, we want to know the brand....
  11. Great idea, but for $56 USD + shipping, taxes and exchange I can hire a diver to stick his finger in there, or put his toilet plunger over top while I change the seacock. When they come down in price I'll definitely get a couple.
  12. I've been looking at the Wiley-X stuff for a while - seems pretty well built. Haven't bought yet. It doesn't matter so much that it is indestructible, what matters is that when you purchase them you don't just buy one frame, buy the two or three of the same so you have spare parts when they break. When they break, just pop the lenses into the spare frame and go sailing (with her). dash
  13. Will do. First I have to replace it with the new one - a bit tricky with the boat in the water. I plan to stuff a plastic bag up the through hull from the outside with a string attached to pull it out later, then remove the seacock. It is in a sealed locker that has a lid well above the water line, so even if things go very pear-shaped I won't sink the boat.
  14. I think the better long term solution is twinning the tunnel adding in transit (Skytrain) capability. Tunnels have a much lower lifecycle cost than bridges, and I don't buy the argument that we need to accomodate deeper draught vessels in the river. In addition, there are some shortcomings with the proposed design in terms of the amount of ice that drops off the bridge onto cars in winter. You may recall that both the Port Mann and Alex Fraser bridges which use this design have had to be closed at times for this reason. As for Site C, it is yet to be proven that we need it, because the Utilities Commission hasn't had a chance to review it. If the much-touted LNG industry is not as successful as forecast, and there is every reason to believe it won't be (let me know if you want references on this), we won't need the power. The way that the world generates and uses electricity is changing rapidly. While we are likely to shift away from fossil fuel use in vehicles towards electricity, we are also likely to greatly reduce our residential consumption especially if the forecast rate hikes happen. I would argue the current government's environmental policy is 20 years behind the curve. Just ask the residents of Shawnigan Lake, or the Mt. Polley area. It is definitely time for a change. I don't see why we can't have a government that both promotes economic growth and has a modern environmental policy. Seems crazy that we always seem to choose between the two.
  15. Received the replacement seacock today. All I can say is that Forespar went above and beyond on this one. Amazing service. dash