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  1. It was interesting to learn that there is virtually no communism of any sort evident in the Vietnamese economy. The market economy is thriving. I was appalled to learn how many children are unable to attend school there because their parents can't afford it - either because they can't pay the school fees or because they can't afford to have the children stop working to help support the family. Another experiment with communism that failed, though less tragically than in Cambodia next door. It seems that Vietnam just quietly gave up on communism when they realized they couldn't afford it. Not that capitalism is working particularly well for them either, noting the comment above. No doubt there are others here with more insight into how Vietnam works....
  2. Hoping for this too. F1 is the only reason I turn the TV on anymore. Love to get rid of the cable.
  3. My advice - go to Vietnam, talk to the people there, and get their perspective. After all, it was their country that experienced all this. I was only there for a few weeks, but developed a lot of respect for the people. For the most part they seem to have forgiven the Americans, Australians et al for their participation in the war. In the war museum in Ho Chi Minh city you don't find a great deal of pro-Vietnamese or anti-American propaganda, unlike Terry Garlock's biased and shallow attempt at justification for the American involvement above. What you find is a lot of documentation of the suffering that both North and South experienced during the war. I left the museum feeling sorry for the Americans who were killed and injured. They died or suffered for no good reason. Anyone who portrays the American role as courageous and moral might be describing many of the soldiers on the ground, but certainly not the American political and military leadership.
  4. That is super cool! I had no idea this existed! Thanks!
  5. Drag on the PW-5 increases drastically when speed is increased. On the B1 version (we don't have this version) tail ballast was added to improve this situation. Your Russia doesn't suffer from this problem as much. Best L/D for the Russia is 34 at 59 knots, while for the PW-5 it is 32 at 49 knots. When you try to go 65-70 between thermals in a PW-5 you are looking at a vario showing 5-6 kts down.
  6. From the same flight:
  7. Be happy with the Russia. The PW-5 is very comfortable, docile, easy and fun to fly and climbs like a homesick angel, but for cross country it is not as capable as the Russia unless it is very carefully prepared. Our club glider with minimal gap seals (wing and horizontal stabilizer roots, but not ailerons and elevator) sinks like a stone between thermals. You can see that on my latest flight on the OLC: Flight I have asked the club to fork out the $400 for a complete gap seal kit to be installed on next year's annual. We'll see how it goes after that. Happy and safe flying!
  8. Pilot relief systems.... I have used the catheter system described in the article in a Grob 102 and it works quite well. You should be able to get an exit tube down into the wheel well from the cockpit. The catheter is high on the functional scale, a bit lower on the comfort scale. OTOH I now fly mostly a PW-5 which has a built-in very effective system. Just remember to fly at least 60 (for good suction) and push a bunch of rudder while "going" and check for kinks in the tube beforehand. You'll still have to clean the glider afterward but a lot less, and probably preferable to carrying around a few bags of pee. Think what may happen if you hit the rotor with all that rolling around in the cockpit. Too much information?
  9. Last I checked, NACA 0012 is the default for rudders. You can deviate from that for specific reasons, but this is apparently the normal compromise for lift/drag. There are programs that will let you print out templates for creating the foil. Like this one: http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/naca4digit
  10. Nice try. You know I'm right. This thread has contained nothing of value for several weeks. Why not just say your final goodbye to Rimas and this thread? Give up, he's gone, your whipping boy finally did himself in. Time to move on.
  11. Ironic that those who ridiculed Rimas with the "choking the chicken" jokes are now doing just that on this thread. YCMTSU.
  12. We had our main halyard jam in the up position at WIRW - new mainsail with an incorrectly sized slug (too small for the track) on the headboard. The solution we worked out (luckily the wind quit after racing) was to raft to another boat and go up the main halyard on that boat, then swing over to our stuck halyard. It worked well. Much safer than this operation.
  13. I've had my Wiley-X Air Rage prescription sunglasses that I ordered on-line for a month now. They are excellent, and l would recommend them to anyone. I really like that they come with a foam air dam so they can be used like ski goggles. The Air Rage frame is best suited to someone with a thin face. If your head is a beach ball you'll need a different style.
  14. Deep Purple "Chasing Shadows" played as loud as the amplifier will go....