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  1. I've had my Wiley-X Air Rage prescription sunglasses that I ordered on-line for a month now. They are excellent, and l would recommend them to anyone. I really like that they come with a foam air dam so they can be used like ski goggles. The Air Rage frame is best suited to someone with a thin face. If your head is a beach ball you'll need a different style.
  2. Deep Purple "Chasing Shadows" played as loud as the amplifier will go....
  3. I think the point of Knothead's post was that maybe all that spare time could be used volunteering at the local food bank, instead of obsessing over this thread, compelling though it may be.
  4. Additional tip: coat the thing in release wax and use thickened epoxy to make a cast for the exact shape once you have the laminate built up and the hole drilled. Insert it and let the epoxy go off. Then pop it out and re-insert with your favourite goop. That way you'll be able to remove it in the future.
  5. Once. Little facking fluffy football-size dog. I was jogging down the street and the little bastard wasn't leashed on the front porch. Ran out yapping and bit me on the achilles tendon. If the owner hadn't been there it would have been punted. He apologized at least.
  6. Always tie to the toe rail or stanchion base unless it has to be higher due to boats rafting with one boat taller than the other - in which case consider tying them to the taller boat instead. Any kind of wear on the lifelines is a safety hazard especially now that we have Dyneema lifelines on some boats.
  7. Out cruising a couple of weeks ago there was a power cruiser on its way back from Princess Louisa that had to have the most inefficient hull form ever. It was maybe doing 12 knots, and there was a vertical cascade of water at least 10' high and 3-4' in diameter in front of the bow. The wake looked like a BC Ferry. Some designers should not be allowed to design. This looks much better by comparison, but I wonder if they have to pay for damage from that wake....
  8. No need to go football-sized. We have a 40-pounder Whippet/Pointer/Aussie Shepherd cross that is the perfect size for the boat, plus you can do stuff with her, like hike up a 4000' mountain once a week, throw the ball way out in the ocean and expect to get it back, and not worry that an eagle is going to pick her up and take her away when out cruising. I think the first time a small dog yapped I would put it up for adoption. Another thing. How many times do I see older gentlemen get saddled with early small dog duty in anchorages - the 6 AM row to shore so "poopsie" can do its business. Our dog can make it to a more civilized hour, like 9 AM.
  9. I am really interested in getting to the facts on this. A brief search popped up this article: Link The abstract says that powder coating negatively affected the properties of the aluminum, but not by how much. I'm not about to pay to read this article. Anyone have any science we can read on this topic? I'm pretty sure that powder coating is used where the material strength of the aluminum is not a factor. I'm willing to bet that structural parts in aircraft are not powder coated for this reason. Deck railings are over-designed, so there is no concern about the loss of strength caused by powder coating.
  10. Not sure you want to powder coat a mast - it involves heating to a temperature high enough to change the properties of the metal. LP is the way to go, but can be expensive, so if you want a cheap solution that will look good up to 10 feet away just use epoxy rattle can paint followed by a clear UV protectant.
  11. This makes more sense to me, and is probably a lot less work. Still a lot of time lying prone on your side grinding and then glassing it all in. I'd probably cut foam core into the right shape to fit the gap, glue the foam core in, then glass over top in wide enough strips to both be the structure and the tabbing at the same time. I would do this all in epoxy for good bonding and so I wouldn't die of exposure to the styrenes in polyester resin in a confined space. As for the RR crew cranking up the runners, were they actually checking the forestay to see the effect? There is no need to make the forestay tighter than needed to get the right amount of luff curve - usually 2-3" is the least that a sail will be built for. Any more tension than that will be slower, and also causes additional mast compression which may place the rig and mast step into overload. Checkstays would need to be set up to keep the rig fron over-bending. I'd be very careful with that. The running back winches are powerful enough to grind the rig right out of the boat.
  12. The floating cockpit is no doubt one reason Dash Marine altered the original Laurie Davidson laminate schedule and significantly beefed up the longitudinal strength of the hull. I agree it is structurally offensive, but since you are scrapping the running backs and going to a swept rig, does the boat really need extra stiffness aft? If you are going offshore or into significant seas, I would say yes, but if the intended use of the boat is coastal cruising, I would say no, and the added weight will be more of a problem. Dash 34's do not like any extra weight given they were built overweight in the first place. The boat is a bit of a pig and less fun to sail when it is heavy. I just got back from cruising with a lot of extra weight on board (fuel, water, full cushions, kayak, inflatable dinghy + engine, barbeque, etc. etc.) and can confirm that from personal experience. I put significant load on my running backstays in certain conditions, and can not detect any loss of tension from the initial loading. I don't believe the hull is bending under load. On the other hand, maybe the boat will one day pull a One Australia.... ymmv.
  13. I met and spoke with Rimas at WIRW a few years ago. I tried to get him to come out racing but he declined the offer. FWIW, my impression of him was that he was mentally stable, and quite fit and healthy for his age. Being a polite Canuck, I did not ask the hard questions.....
  14. Your boat would be perfect for the Round Lasqueti Island race put on by Schooner Cove Yacht Club. Lots of cruising boats enter that race. It is a well-run event and a lot of fun. We took the Dash in it for the first time this year and will definitely be back. We were briefly ahead of the entire fleet at the top of the Island. Didn't finish that way though! Your boat would also do well at SOAR. It honks there - if you like sailing in lots of breeze and flat water SOAR is a good race.
  15. Agreed that this is the best on the internet, but this is the second best: Vertical Freedom's Thread on PPRUNE Don't click on that unless you have some spare time....