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  1. Rain Man


    Yup, that's how it works. Also works for farts though not perfectly. Blow a big one and you might still have a chance with that cute passenger 10 rows away. Also: https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-tips/turning-ac-on-during-flight
  2. Rain Man

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    I would hazard a guess that the high cost of electricity has something to do with the Pickering nuclear plant as well. IIRC rates were high in Ontario before all the wind plants were built. They just didn't provide a lower cost solution to already expensive electricity. BTW, where do they store the spent nuclear fuel?
  3. Don't tell the R2AK competitors that....
  4. Interesting. I was of the impression that you can't drive south across the border at the moment. So, if I picked up a boat in Washington State, I wouldn't have to fly?
  5. Rain Man

    OMG, the Ed and I

    No, it would just go down the mine and never be seen again....
  6. Rain Man

    31 does not go into 13

    Putting it on the front page of a popular sailing website = exposure. What would you propose should also be done? We can all express our disgust and condemnation of this behaviour, but that won't change Adam Piggott's situation or deter other creeps. Kudos to the police for catching this scumbag. I'm no psychologist but I think the people that do this know that it is wrong but do it anyway to satisfy whatever perverse need they have. I'm not sure that your statement that the victims of this type of crime are watching the response of the sailing community to this is accurate. And SA is just one small part of the sailing community. Perhaps World Sailing should get involved and ban this guy for life. Other ideas?
  7. Rain Man

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    Canada has its own set of neo-liberals who want to privatize education so that a few people can become very rich. We've successfully fought them to a draw for now, but they are certainly waiting for another opportunity.
  8. Rain Man


    Don't forget that the mask doesn't protect the wearer, it protects everybody else from virus in your exhaled droplets. So, everyone should wear one whether they are at risk, over 50, obese, or not.
  9. Rain Man

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Indeed, that is the job of the police according to recent video evidence .
  10. Rain Man

    Captain Crozier

    Isn't there an election coming?
  11. Rain Man

    Random PicThread

  12. Wondering about the mechanism here. If it is a Canadian yacht broker they would have to quarantine for 2 weeks and might not be too happy about that. If it is a US broker - how can they get into Canada? Did you bring the boat in yourself?
  13. Interesting. Does that mean that you couldn't buy a car in the US, and drive it back? Somehow I think you could. Where do they draw the line? My BIL bought a large powerboat on a trailer, went down to Washington State and drove it back himself.
  14. I was thinking of bringing a boat up from Texas to BC. I wonder what would stop me from having the boat commissioned at a yard in Bellingham, then flying to Bellingham and bringing the boat across the border by myself. I have the right to fly to the States, and the right to return to Canada. There are US boats being allowed to transit through Canadian waters on the way to Alaska. I enter through a port of entry and pay duty to Customs. I would just have to quarantine for 14 days afterward - no big deal.
  15. Rain Man

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    I wish they would, but there seem to be a few folks running the place right now that are against it. I'm from the GWN, land of free health care and slightly higher taxes.