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  1. Rain Man


    The Rad Rover arrived today for the 4th time - Fed Ex has a lot of trouble understanding instructions. Unpacked and assembled (they even give you the tools you need) and took it for a spin. This thing is a bit of a beast - it is more like a small motorbike than a large fatbike. Anyway, it works as advertised, and made it up the steepest hill I have to negotiate with a bit of assist from me. It can be pedalled easily on the flats, but I think a dead battery and a steep hill would be a challenge.
  2. Rain Man

    A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death

    My mother lived to 97. I was with her constantly the last week of her life while she slowly slipped away in hospital. Now that I have seen the process firsthand and understand how it works from the medical profession's perspective, I think we have a long way to go when it comes to death with dignity. Having seen what I have seen, I will definitely opt for MAID well before I get to the point where I can no longer make my own decisions.
  3. Rain Man

    empty nest adjustment disorder

    We miss the kids, but we don't miss their habits. It is fine to have them come visit for short periods, but we don't really want them to stay too long at this point. Currently remodelling the house to rent out their bedrooms. We are looking at getting a couple of uni students in - good source of retirement income and not too much hassle. We road-tested the idea last summer with a sailing instructor who was hired to our yacht club from out of town. She was nice and it worked out well. If you aren't territorial, don't care too much about absolute privacy, and could use a bit of extra income, go for it. Ultimately we will put a suite in the lower floor of our two-story house and rent that out. We are just discussing whether that should be sooner rather than later.
  4. Rain Man


    Up here in the GWN the insurance co has clarified this. If you can pedal it, it is a bicycle and can go on any bike path and does not need insurance. If you can't pedal it, it is an electric motor scooter and needs registration and insurance and must be on the road. There was a recent case where someone owned a electric scooter that had vestigial pedals - it could theoretically be pedalled, but not really. The owner took the pedals off, and he was ticketed for being on the bike path and told by the ins. co. he needed registration and insurance. He lost in court. My LEO BIL confirmed that this is the position the police are taking. Pedals = ok, no pedals = not ok, get off the bike path and go get a license and some insurance.
  5. Rain Man


    Nope. Very tough to get a demo on one of these - have to go to Vancouver, which I didn't want to do. This is my "starter" ebike. I bought it on the 30% off sale based on some pretty positive reviews. I was going to build my own mid-drive ebike using the Lunacycle Bafang high power unit but I sold the frame I had in mind for it, then decided I didn't want to butcher my almost-new single-track mountain bike. This is replacing my car - we live in a small enough city that I can get just about anywhere I need to go on one of these. I wanted a mid-drive unit but the price on this together with a high level of integration and decent quality parts sold me on it. Since I don't have anything to compare it to it will not be hard to adjust to. I have ridden fat bikes and a mid-drive ebike before. I read all the research I could get my hands on. I reckon that if I really don't like it I can sell it for a small loss.
  6. Rain Man


    I just bought one of these... should arrive any day now. Last day of work is the end of next week. Selling my commuter car as well. Retirement here we come!
  7. Rain Man

    Greta Rides Again?

    I think they are 3.7V 18650's not AA in the S. The Model 3 uses slightly larger 2170's.
  8. Rain Man

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Because it is such a shit rainy day (again) I looked it up. The only way a non-RVYC boat can be at an outstation dock is if the boat was in extreme peril. If it happens, the member who invites the vessel in peril onto the dock has to write a report to the Vice Commodore explaining his or her actions. Maxx has it right - anal.
  9. Rain Man

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Sadly, there is no reciprocity regarding outstations in any PNW clubs to my knowledge. This always sticks in my craw when my club hosts hundreds of visiting boats from other clubs annually. However, it is what it is.
  10. This x 1,000. Anyone needing proof should spend 5 minutes reading the Greta thread, if they have good intestinal fortitude.
  11. Rain Man

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    I sold my larger racing boat last year to dial back on the spending, recover from some serious burnout after the biggest racing year I've ever done, and get financially ready for retirement. Just bought a small racing boat to play with - consortium with two friends. I can't imagine never going to a spring regatta again. It just wouldn't sit right. Now if I can just find a decent small cruising boat the dream can come true - spending the winters somewhere warm, and the spring/summer/fall racing and cruising in the PNW. Thought, if push came to financial shove and I had to choose, I could give up racing, but I could never give up cruising, especially around here.
  12. Rain Man

    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    Steering issues happen so often with these larger boats that it makes you wonder if the engineering really takes into account the dynamic loads. I am not a naval architect or engineer, but a lot of of the steering systems I've crawled in and looked at seemed a bit under-built. Given that this is the one thing that you don't want to have fail offshore, you would think that a lot of time and design would go into them.
  13. Rain Man

    CVT Transmissions

    On my RX-3 it was never the apex seals, it was the end seals, allowing water into the combustion chambers. Mazda replaced the engine twice - each time I had to pay for labour though. Still, R&R in those days was only $150. I didn't know the apex seals were so prone to failure. I guess my engines never lasted long enough for the apex seals to fail.
  14. Rain Man

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Dream Machine was another one....
  15. Rain Man

    Shipping Fin Keel Cruising Boats to PNW

    Can I somehow skip the Oregon coast part? Sailed down it twice now and both times it was not particularly pleasant.