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  1. Rain Man

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Fack. Pinched nerve in my hip and can't walk more than a few steps. Hoping my awesome chiropractor can fix it but won't see her until Wednesday. Fingers crossed because the cruising boat is supposed to go on the hard on Thursday for bottom work. What else is good to watch at the moment, for someone who can't get around much?
  2. Rain Man

    Canada's new Green Party leader

    Canada desperately needs a stronger Green party - all the mainstream parties are allowing unsustainable exploitation of the environment to continue. We need a party that can move us toward sustainability. Lets hope she is the one to achieve this.
  3. Rain Man

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Yup, just watched, SWMBO and I liked it a lot. A bit metaphysical in parts but not too far down that road.
  4. Rain Man

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    At least 200' of floating line on a reel at the back of the boat for taking shore lines ashore. A quick way to launch your dinghy in support of same. You can do quite well without a fridge but your menu options will be more limited. If you have a fridge you are condemned to some or all of running the engine to charge batteries, figuring out some solar/wind charging system, getting a very large capacity house battery system, or going dock to dock to plug in.
  5. Rain Man

    Excess deaths in US and World

    Insane. It does not have to be that way. Up here, we just go to the family doctor (well in advance, mind you) and he/she books it with the surgeon. We get a phone call from the surgeon's office telling us the date and how to prep, we do the prep, it happens and we go home. We get a phone call from the doctor a week or two later with the results.
  6. Rain Man

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Squeaky, we are all looking forward to your youtube channel. Your attitude is refreshing. I bet you'll score a decent number of followers.
  7. Seems we have a few of these fuckwits in our neck of the woods... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/anti-mask-protesters-cause-disturbance-and-verbally-abuse-passengers-on-b-c-ferry-1.5766903
  8. Rain Man

    An impending crisis for PA

    I'll bet Biden has a tan suit somewhere in his closet. He might also salute with a latte in his hand just for old times sake. The horror.
  9. Rain Man

    LONQR 2

    I understand that racism is a political issue in the USA. It shouldn't be. It should be universally condemned by all political parties everywhere. That it isn't is a sad statement on our civilization.
  10. Rain Man

    LONQR 2

    I think the double standard applied when the press didn't immediately disclose the identity of the pastor involved. One outlet said they knew who it was but were waiting for charges to be filed. I'm guessing charges won't be filed if the guy does the right thing by this woman. One the one hand it makes sense for the media to hold off to see if this was an honest mistake due to drugs and the pastor bends over backwards to make amends. On the other, would the media do the same if the pastor was black? This is where I think the double standard lies.
  11. Rain Man

    LONQR 2

    I would be curious to know what the pastor has done since the incident to make amends. Donate to this woman's favourite charity? Offer to dry clean all her clothing? Public apology? If he has done nothing, he is just as culpable as he would be without the far-fetched excuse that he wasn't awake at the time. Disturbing that the pastor's "camp" has no comment. I suspect we will be hearing more about this in future. You can bet if the pastor was a POC and peed on a white woman, the press would have identified him in an instant. Because he was white, he somehow gets a pass. Unbelievable.
  12. Rain Man


    When I was 18, as a dual citizen due to my USAnian parents, I had to chose whether or not to renounce my American citizenship. I decided it would likely be more trouble than it was worth, and tossed it. Whew! Called it!
  13. Rain Man

    The F1 2020 thread

    I thought Ferrari's poor performance was related to being caught bending the rules and having to remove some questionable mods. As for Leclerc kicking Vettel's butt, that's partly Leclerc being good, but mostly on Seb driving poorly IMHO. He has been performing poorly against teammates for a while. For an experienced driver to be unable to get a setup that works for him suggests he has somehow lost it.
  14. Rain Man

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Exactly, I now have an SC 27 in partnership for racing and a Jeanneau 36.2 for cruising and being the hotel boat for the 27 at regattas. The partners and I have been working on the 27 for the last year restoring it (it was in really bad shape), and finally launched it mid-August. This winter's project is restoring the 36.2 which also needs a bunch of work. Really looking forward to next year, having both boats in shape, and hoping racing will be back on in some form. If the ed wants to have an Ericson 35 to play with, who in their right mind would criticize his choice of toys? Why would anyone even care?