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  1. For many years my wonderful, beautiful Dutch wife (no, I’m not a newbie and won’t) has been understanding and patient with my passion for increasing wet, spartan, deep-draft go-fast racy boats, and I am now considering something smaller, cosy and comfy, and sensible for weekends away. It needs to look the part but also fit the bill for the occasional Dutch/UK shorthanded coastal and offshore race, in both ORC and IRC. Think of the first VW GTI, which I had the pleasure to own, way back in the last century. In Holland this is also referred to as the ‘burial boat’, in some cases recognizing the sailor is getting on in years, but also for the symbolic burial of the hardcore racing schedule. We’ll keep the go-fast boat a little while longer, but the missus deserves this and I may just get used to it. The forum is already rich with drool lists and heady debate on the topic, and as an incurable boat romantic I tend fall hard and see the beautiful side of nearly every vessel -- you know how a person can look lovely in just the right light (or through the bottom of a pint glass), or no matter their shape, in the heat of passion you can always find something nice to hold on to? Perhaps giving away my vintage, there are those of us who still see that come-hither look in a lumpy and aged IOR boat. After much falling in and out of lust and love, we have a short short list. Given price considerations the shortlist includes a larger, long-unloved boat that would be a maddeningly fun project, and for purposes of this thread we have a lightly raced and somewhat tired X-332, and a less familiar Elan 333 in better cosmetic shape. I expect this will not get most of your pulses racing, but happy to hear your experiences, preferences, weakness, tales of yore, unfounded prejudices, and wild hyperbole.
  2. futravu

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    I'm late to the party here but several years back we worked with JC on a 2-handed optimization for the Corby 33, alas shelved due to uncertainty over whether to rework an older version or how/who a new hull to mold. I also recommend Iron Brothers, they do smaller projects as well as large and have a strong (literally and figuratively) reputation. When we looked at the 33 we wanted a new bulb, slightly heavier and shifted aft as recommended by John, to offset the loss of rail weight. Good luck with the resurrection/refurb, and the past and current Corby club tends to be very helpful with questions and suggestions.
  3. futravu

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    These are great videos Blur, both in quality, how they were edited, and especially the subject matter (and scenery). It looks like the J-111 class had a great competition.
  4. Hey,

    Thyanks for the informed post on the Bene 35. I hope you are enjoying her. Dad and i looked at it a liked it a lot from a distance at the Sydney boat show where it was along side the 40.

    We are thinking boats again and it is one we both like my only worries are the low sail aarea to disp ratio. How are you going in light airs. What is ur current or planned sail inventory?

  5. futravu

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    First, assure her that just because she looks different and arrived on a boat you're not about to stick her in a tent camp up North. Then crack open a Swan for her, show her Perth, and let her enjoy WA hospitality, food, and (after this storm) weather.
  6. futravu

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    On a clear day the White Cliffs of Dover are visible from the French coast, around 25 miles away. I'd would think they are getting close to seeing the Australian coast.
  7. futravu

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    Another reason why I love living in Holland...
  8. futravu

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    This is starting out way too serious for Friday. Aren't we still waiting for photos of Nautigirl's new pink sweater (or was that hijacked last week by Elle's new pink wet shirt)? Let's keep our Friday priorities right.