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  1. There is a planned reason for the action...
  2. Thanks PGV (Photos Gone Vuli ). Maybe you can get the facebook folks to pay for plane charter? I think some look here but not the ones with deep pockets for adventure lust romance, the reason they joined Rimas Facebook. Lots of hiding places if Mimsy bounced off the reef then sank in deep water, or did not find the reefs and is in stealth mode, (Natia) ( Bersembunyi ) ( Скрываться )
  3. Ages before this thread a respectful and some good linkage to background, was created there...
  4. What does it rate?
  5. POTUS got leeesh - sheeesh...
  6. Umm have you heard of something called General Anarchy?
  7. Love stainless, for external use. but really in this scenario it is like comparing sports boats against Volvo racers, as sadly not everyone wants to sail out the big bad ocean, for days at a time.
  8. #fake news bag =10 bong=5 joint=1 =42
  9. I do not think the last 6 of 8 months is long nor slow. The road back to respect however, depending on where the USA finishes up after trump in 2020 or 2024, may indeed be the very long and slow part (if ever) #bubbleburst #fixbubble
  10. Still time to help! https://actions.sumofus.org/a/trump-aberdeen-golf-course?sp_ref=328464668.99.182546.f.583098.4&rid=8675494&source=fb
  11. The real issue with zip ties, over time, is they stretch. Especially in shared comms or busy places with additional "things" like say fire or security data cables joining in. This zip tie stretch can be from previously static looms being wrenched around or incurring body weight on overhead horizontal trays. Regardless not much stretch then some twist/ compression and the tie can tighten up a few knotches, so regardless of loved flush cutter device we now have a razor blade of whatever Imperial or Metric measurement you wish to give it. < 50 bees dicks poking above the zipper clicker. Viva wax line... if you have the time.
  12. It gets complex for me, as variables include site, subject, rant strength, possible audience, response to what poster & why. Other than that im comfused! The worst part is re visiting my stuff from nearly 20 years ago, i do not do it here as you guys already had issues with Snagalesse, but my earlier persona with txt/ l33t looks so cryptic now, yet 17 years ago made perfect sence haha!
  13. I think trump would be a tip the board over kind of chap.
  14. When you find out explain it to me so i can understand as well... please,thanX.
  15. The real trump legacy is that he has shaken up the rest of the televised worlds leaders to wake up. Much like the cool kid who has two specialites, uber farts, lighting farts, the trump leadership brand has shown is while executing those party tricks, if one shits his pants, with no epic trumpet noise or blinding flame flash... soiled shitty pants will always be soiled shitty pants and the wearer uncool.