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  1. Google owns youtube, just as in the old media days one bought a size of page on a masthead or 10-60 second slots on tv, google can provide for a fee "SEO (search engine optimisation) to anyone or organisations for specific geographical zones.
  2. My AC journey started when as a toddler i was woken by my normally very laid back father hooting and making very uncharacteristic for him grunts, while listening via shortwave or longwave radio powered by 8 D batteries, in a company holiday house on the Malasia west coat. It was about Gretel and Weatherly and the sniff that a heat.. one race, could just be won against the mighty Americans! Over the next few days i was woken up and shared the ride as he told me stories of his childhood while visiting Lymington, hearing the J class sails make almost gunfire sounds as the tacked and the vast cloud popped into shape. After a few years i was excited about Vim being brought to Sydney and Gretel being spruced up to trail our new Dame Pattie, we would go to South Head with high power binnoculars to see distant specs dancing on white caps. Local tv ran hours of vision of the trials with classical music, Vivaldi on high rotation. My pocket money was spent on Time & Popular Mechanics magazines, when they arrived by sea mail, that gave insight into what the ememy was doing. Fast forwards 2 decades later and via Australia II the impossible did happen! However my main gripe this time is size matters, the 72s seemed dinky compared to the DoG zilla craft. Hopefully whoever wins will see the flaws of AC34 and try to make AC35 a thing again, rather than a procession in a cycle. When multiple 12m were allowed the mystique was a bit lost as each yacht was a living thing previously, not just something to bolt modifications on and off, later to be unloved discarded then chewed up and into land fill.
  3. Nailed it !
  4. Ok , i am not used to thinking Olympics, of which the Moths are not a part of. As you stated about the Olympics the 49er worlds is also a useful thing. The "peak of the sport of sailing", thankfully is rather subjective as so many variations among the water craft exist. In 2010 i stated that the real danger of Ellison was to do the typical American thing and turn the granduer & history of the Americas Cup into a cheap buzz thing. Much outrage and a mix of expletives by others and myself went into the subject of class and prestige ( i was told that things like Apple, Pepsico and IBM were marques of global class), i think it was about finding a suitable replacement sponsor for Louis Vitton. Back to my prediction that BMW Oracle will turn the AC into a "royale with cheese", more than half a decade ago... the latest result speaks for it`s self. 1) Loss of Defender club hosting on home turf 2) Restricted one design components 3) The expensive travelling circus of non AC craft to "keep the brand alive", during AC racing hiatus. 4) Huge loss of traditional fans turned off, as much about Nationality as not being held in mono slugs. However i do like cats, been into wing masts since Miss Nylex in 1971, do not really believe that convoluted rules to create National teams are relevant - as a nod that we do not have Rockafellers nor Liptons digging deep i think a better Nationality rule would be for the team to adopt the flag of the major sponsors HQ are located. ( not a dig at NZ but a way to help local sponsor motivation) Imagine 6 teams from the Cayman Islands 2 from the Cook Islands and rumours about a team from the Isle of Jersey)
  5. The simple fix with google is just handing over cash for a period of satisfaction... to designated locations, = exactly what your "who and why", pondered/ alluded to, earlier above.
  6. After the first race that no comment was made... KAPOW! ... a race win in the kisser haha
  7. The issue with google (youtube) and facebook news feeds is personal bias feed, via algorithm datamining.
  8. Totally agree under 11knots OR is a dog compared to ET
  9. Kiwis still have the all purposE super gear in the sheD!
  10. Looks to down to a weather lottery now, under say 12 average cup to Kiwis
  11. Only 2 races today?
  12. 49er gybing angles & the golden rule stay in the puffs !
  13. Cup heading to the shakey isles, OR too unstable to race & hold advantage.
  14. COR

    Soiler just concentrated on his other sock Happy Jack, Trumping away in Polly Anarchy... seems that one is also back in the drawer.. poor chap!
  15. Only a few more sandbagging races till the mighty USA will swoop down like an eagle, on the flightless bird Kiwi, ... or not! LoLz