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  1. Since Willin and Jake are here... Another of the drone shots at south minerva ( I put one up in the not sailing thread recently) And the other is Fulaga in the Southern Lau, Fiji. Minerva is just a great place to arrive after 5 days at sea for us, quite an unusual feeling anchored in the calm behind just the reef, might be 2 or 4 metre sea state outside. Been there in that, but not this day. Fulaga is just the crown jewel.
  2. JBE

    Show your boat not sailing

    Friend with drone. South Minerva reef last year, one of my favourite places.
  3. 'don't like this'. I've said that myself a few times, watching that just sparked up the last time I said it in fact. That particular time was getting knocked down at anchor by a squall last year in the Lau group. Thanks for the memory , I think. I hope there wasn't damage.
  4. JBE

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    No you don't. You can go to Opua, Marsden cove or Auckland. And that's without considering all the other Ports further south.
  5. JBE

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    It's nothing like Lionheart, no connection at all. Not even similarity. Lionheart drove ashore in a gale at night due to navigational error and was wrecked . This boat is at sea. Sail world need a kick up the arse for shit reporting. Wankers. They haven't named the yacht, they've been caught in a deep low that formed up of Queensland a few days ago and to my mind , tracked pretty rapidly across the Tasman to arrive here in the Bay of Islands yesterday morning. They were in trouble by midday, not far offshore. We arrived in from Fiji on Thursday night ourselves. What were they doing out there? FFS. They were sailing on the sea like thousands of others. Like we were a few days ago, like hundreds of people are about to do over the next month or so coming down from the pacific to NZ.
  6. JBE

    The Two Best Days...

    Dammit, it's just not right. But I suppose it means you're back in the market for something else, something to take you to Fiji say, where it's warm and your bones don't hurt. Much.
  7. JBE

    Pumice raft in South Pacific

    We missed the raft but there are strings of it all through the Lau waters. Fulaga windward beaches went grey/black overnight, catchment beaches are thick with it. Doest seem to be in Viti levu yet.
  8. JBE

    N Z Safety Inpections

    The Advanced sea survival course has been a requirement for cat 1 for some time now , way longer than the Platino. It lasts 5 years and is for crew on nz reg ships . I last did one in 11, doing another next week.
  9. JBE

    Passage Watching...

    The two handed around NZ race started today.
  10. JBE

    Passage Watching...

    Watching it very closely, interesting how the 2 windy models are showing completely different tracks. E C has it stall off Queensland and gfs nailing Northland by next sat. Trust gfs for the serious shit.
  11. JBE


    Are you going spade rudder or back to transom hung , Haji.? Ours is a modified transom hung unit on our 1974 design. They seem to have cut the skeg off to a bit less than you're at now and left it there to keep the bottom gudgeon submerged. Then they replaced the missing skeg with some balance.
  12. JBE

    Show your boat not sailing

    Not really , but I have a son very keen, might take a while.. just graduated and started work .She's safe where she is.
  13. JBE

    Show your boat not sailing

    Heyyyy, Willin... Regards to you. Photo:High tide at south minerva reef in 17. A little bit bumpier there than north minerva.
  14. JBE

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Seems to work, about a week ago in the Bay of Islands, tall ships and classics event and monster party.Paul Gilbert photo. Great day.
  15. JBE

    Wooden boats thread

    Well you've heard it all Ed I'm sure.. gaff rigs don't go to windward yadayada. When people look at gaff rig the defining feature is a 4 sided main so they asume the reason a gaff rig won't go well to windward is the main. But the real reason is the same as any other sailing yacht and its about forestay sag and trim. Sail them free, says the old codger in the yacht club bar who may be ancient but never sailed anything other than a some barge or working boat that still wouldn't go to windward with a carbon mast and canards. But sailing them free means slack mainsheet and slack jib luff and no frigging wonder they wallow. Most of the jib luff tension comes from the main sheet, sure the back stays as well, so it's about setting up the jib luff with halyard tension and bending the mast a bit forward, then hauling it all into line with the main sheet, leech, peak halyard circle. In other words, treat that circle from the main sheet a bit like a backstay on a fractional bermudan. Then you hang onto the Marconi boats to windward and power off on the reach, because that's a given.... lots of horsepower in that gaff main off the wind. Obviously a bit of effort went into designing the rig, images are on photobucket but this device won't get em.