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  1. Excellent , I've been enjoying this thread. When are you off into the South Pacific , Jake?
  2. When Sundreamer arrived in the '80's , it was like something had dropped out of the future.
  3. I don't know much about the H 28's Olaf, except that according to what has been written , the glass ones here were indeed sanctioned by LFH.We had one next to us on the hardstand in the '80's, he ground at the osmosis on that thing every effing weekend for a month, ruined varnish and paint on my boat and wore me down until I told him how it was. I remember looking over one sunny day and I could see the shadow of a man walking past the boat through the 'garboards' he had it so thin. I expected to come down one day and find it slumped down around its keel like an old boot.
  4. The only boat I can think of that matches is Heartsease?
  5. Too slow to edit/ add anything. We're all so used to drone pics now we forget how hard it was to get a good aerial photo.That's our new old boat ( for the last 8 years or so). Riada, Laurie Davidson design 1974. Photo taken from the police helicopter in about 08 or so , Coastal Classic. Paul Gilbert took this one with all the cool light... Looks like the CC in 12. This is our old old boat ( first 25 years) Waione , 1907 Bailey.The photo was taken by Terry Fong AFA photography in 2000. It was a 40 knot day and they were up in a small Robinson, pilot a Vietnam vet. I know it because I asked the question ' what the heck were you doing up in that on a day like that?' We got a cover once too.
  6. a few years ago now..
  7. Very true. Mine only has a small amount through its midsection but it means there's no rub strakes for posts/ piles. The fact that it has any puzzles me because my boat was not built to rating. I have been told that one reason for it is there was thinking that it would make for a shorter distance for the lee wave to run heeled, but I think it just comes down to fashion at the time. Performance boats in 1975 had it so it was used on our ' fast cruiser' . A bit like chines today popping up on cruising boats. Sure makes for a weird sky reflection thing with our dark paint.
  8. We've been cruising the Hauraki gulf for a few decades, weekend warriors. Every year we look for new anchorages just for something different , and we find them. Summer normal for us is to leave friday night, stay at a bay somewhere an hour or two away and then vist any number of other bays or places over the next couple of days. You can make a weekend out of 20 miles or 100 miles, depending on what you want . The Gulf is completely different to the Bay of Islands ( I saw mentioned back a few posts). BOI is 10 miles to anywhere basically , really quite small geographically.Its a tourist economy so it has a different culture/ feel to it too.... Nice but small by comparison. Auckland city ? Transport is a nightmare here now, Sailing is the reason you want to stay in the place.
  9. Thanks for that. And what a sad state of affairs for the guy. We had a crewmate stab their leg on small branch on Magogai in Fiji, it became infected by Savu savu a day or two later and had to be cleaned out pretty aggressively.. Macogai is the old leper colony , so you can imagine what was being said.
  10. Sheet! bang on , give that man a cigar. I searched that name and went straight to a photo of the very boat. https://www.facebook.com/Nils-Lucander-Designs-Naval-Architecture-1634944336725002/ I think it was built for the family who had something to do with Raytheon if I remember the conversation correctly. Anyway , exceptional construction for the day and even better now .
  11. geez , don't tell me I'm a thread killer here too. Something to make up for it ,and might be of interest to you guys. Marionette. This boat is cool because it must have been a prestige yacht in SF. Transpac an all that. After it sold out of its family ownership there it became a drug runner and was confiscated, fell on hard times. But its construction is pretty cool and quite advanced for wood and the '60's. Cove and bead strip , resorcinol glued on quite massive scantlings. A lot of bronze and no ferrous fasteners etc. Its hull had been showing stress signs due to age and part of the deck was rotten after the drug dude modifications for 'cargo'. A friend of mine bought it, skinned it with 2 skins of Alaskan Yellow cedar to make it as new,...and then took off over about 3 seasons , sailed it here to NZ via Cortez/ Tahiti etc. Originally she wouldn't have had the big house, but its great for cruising. I forget the designer , Nils _________? You guys will know.
  12. I sailed a 1907 boat of similar style for a couple of decades and have been on quite a few of the other local classics here. Whats different to a modern is you have such a hard time getting the main in with either no or pissy little winches, that you become very reluctant to let the main go, so farkin hard to get them back in. They tend to be quite stable hulls too so you can often bear away quite a bit with the main sheeted and still have helm control.... say if you have to dip some inconvenient bastard who happens to be on stbd. Even if it is gusty and you do have to dump some main , you wont have a vang so it just dumps air out the leech with twist. Just a different way of sailing , but it works for the style of boat.
  13. Nice. Such easy sails to handle too. Mines about 400 ft, bear away a bit and dump it right in the middle of the boat... great cruising option , we barely get the gennaker out nowdays. 80-20 sail.
  14. I'll be interested to hear what you do, its not exactly a common topic these days. I just cruise now and only do a classic style event once or twice a year so I'm happy with one sail. For me thats a bigger flatter sail( also an old Hood). That way I can play with tack position and halyard tension depending on what angle . Like you say ..65 to 165. As for the spinnaker, if I'm running deep enough for that its better with the mizzen down. That pic of Christians above...very cool thanks.. I'd still call that a mizzen staysail.
  15. Sassafrass, don't you have aspirations to get rid of that fixed prop sometime , you're not going to drag that around the pacific are you ? And at the risk of speeeling it out, shouldn't you make accomodations for something better now as you re design that rudder. Every folding/ feathering whatever prop I've seen needs more room behind the boss than a fixed.