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  1. JBE


    I knew there had to be something there for a boat of that provenance...... Sept 1970 seaspray magazine.. my work is done......
  2. JBE


    I dunno why that image went portrait, it doesn't show up that way in Photobucket. Another attempt .For reference , its from an article in sept 1971 Seaspray magazine on the admirals cup.( as suggested back up the thread.) so she's gone from NZ in 71! and another photo I came across, unrelated but interesting
  3. Some nice drone footage of Navadra/ Vanua levu from about 3 minutes. Cool place , we rolled our guts out there last year, but we kept staying.
  4. JBE


    Well hell, thanks for that. I'm damned if I can pick where it was though, Vanua levu we were mostly in Viani bay or Savasavu, not fawn harbour, not Albert cove on Rabi?
  5. JBE


    Shows you how much I know Recidivist, the production run boats probably were 45? I can't ring Tony because he's in California right now! Tequila was extended and then the scoop made permanent as you see. Taranui / Neelen is nearly 50 ft now with her scoop/ platform. The Mulls here were mostly known as Chicos and of course Reactor was a name that Paul Whiting had on his designs, I'd forgotten the bigger cruisers were called that too . great insight on Neeleen , Longy. I knew that a very capable person in a chair lived a life on that boat from what Tony had told me. Exceptional.
  6. JBE


    Must open that PDF! came across this in a seaspray,( forgotten what year it is already 1970?) What year was she actually built, I'll go to that year and look through them.
  7. I have a Davidson so I'm biased. A few friends have cav 45s and they seem a great cruiser to me. I don't know what berthage is like for you but 45 gets in a standard 14M marina berth. 47 and the usual anchor etc extensions means 16.
  8. JBE


    Hi Haji, hundreds... but in the meantime I snapped this one of Tequila for you walking past on sunday ,as her name came up earlier as a great competitor of your boat earlier in the thread. after the last refit they did a proper job of the boarding platform/ scoop , and she's still in the Whiting family. I don't actually know what Tequila is made of come to think of it The darker boat here is Taranui III owned by Tony Whiting. She was ex Neeleen and is cold moulded to 1 1/4 in, Tony worked on her in build when he was 18 beside other Whitings and Keith Eade. Keith Eade is a very well known boat bulider who built all the Mull 40 and 42's here, there's agreat link with Mull designs and Kiwi boats in all sorts of ways. . She is different to Tequila. Tequila wasn't built to IOR and is quite firm in the quarters, but Neeleen/ Taranui was ( you see it in the transom particularly) and she became the plug for the rest of the Whiting 47's. She had a life cruising the pacific for 30 odd years before Tony bought her a few years ago and started racking up Pacific miles himself. Tahiti next I believe , and then South America. Our hollowed out kauri log, Riada sailing in Fiji last year. Quality cold moulded boatbuilders names of that time who jump out at me are Atkinson, Brin Wilson and our boats builders, Donald brothers.( amongst others) Fantastic materials and even better skills. and a reference here to Gary Mull as part of the brief for Riada's design. We still have lots of cold moulded boats here but they aren't valued very highly in general( apart from a few people like myself), which I believe is wrong.
  9. JBE


    Yes, great thread, getting subscribed. Our boat is a 45 ft Davidson designed in 74 and influenced by the Mull designs of the period.Kauri cold moulded too. I walk past Tequila every time I go to the boat and I cruised with a Whiting on another Whiting 47 last year, so quite a lot of the thread resonates with me. Thanks for the thread and love the input. I could look back through the old sea sprays for an article if you'd like too.
  10. JBE

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Last winter for us in the Somosomo straight , Fiji... The hell with this desk stuff.
  11. JBE

    Show your boat sailing thread

    You're going to kill the thread with photos like that Kris. Sweet.. just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a cold south pacific winter.( but I'm buggered if I can see how that main backstay works with the mizzen boom?edit.... o I got it, optical illusion/ missed it crossing this side of the mast and gooseneck)
  12. JBE

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Slight adjustment to my memory of the history... He returned to J.O.E .to buy the boat. The boat itself was in great condition until being wrecked in the mid 80's thereabouts . I stood on the footpath with my upper body through the hole in her hull after she was craned out ,and looked at the remains of her interior. However she was saved and is in a shed somewhere either part way through a restoration or just in storage.
  13. JBE

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Sheila in the wind, Adrian Hayter. Britain to NZ post war after he was demobbed. No sailing experience to speak of when he left, very much a sense of what will be will be. He commanded Gurkhas, the things he must have seen.
  14. JBE

    Runaway should be saved!

    Waianawa is in Wellington, Rainbow II came back here a couple or 3 years ago for a rebuild and she lives in Auckland , Kishmul just got sold to Australia but is still here. Young Nick is about somewhere , AKL I think. I was a kid in '71 so although I remember the races and the end result I didn't follow the trials much . But I talked to a crew member who was today . My impression of Runaway ( probably from some article I read) was she was very competitive, fast, but didn't get worked up in time . He said that sounded right , but they crashed into her in a race , which they were sorry for . .that may have meant something too. He would have been on Moonlight if I have the year right. (?)
  15. JBE

    Coolboats to admire

    Natica, That's the boat that was here. Peter is his name, not Philip.