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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Horses for courses, we've been towing biggish hard dinghies around for 30 years coastal, sail em , get the kids rowing etc. Off shore you want it down below or on deck ,plus at anchor pull the dinghy up to sit in davits or at deck level on a halyard. A RIb or inflatable is great for that because of weight and self buffering. The other reason is that a fast tender adds a hell of a lot of enjoyment through range when you get to atolls and the like. Having said that , our local tender is a 15 ft cedar strip skinny thing, takes 5 or 6 people and does about 8 knots with a 3 hp. 15 knots with 1 up.
  2. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    The comments on resorcinol are interesting. As I said earlier , our 45 ft boat was built in 1975 with resorcinol and certainly was not cooked. It has 4x 1/4 inch skins of kauri. 3 diagonals and 1 fore and aft, a lot of keelson and floor structure, bulkhead frames etc but only 3 stringers a side and no ribs. There a lot of boats built this way here because multi skin construction became the standard or most common way of building a yacht from about the 1890's on. Those were cold moulded without glue and all mechanically fastened with copper rivets. There's a couple of dozen of those still around, I have a 40 ft 1907 boat built that way myself, we used it for 25 years until 2008. Anyway , all those boat builders and their apprentices through that post war period here were very familiar with building and maintaining the type ,so when better glues came along it was an easy transition into what we call cold moulding now. Usually they are 3 skins but quite a lot of the lighter weight boats from the 80's might be 2 skins and have varying methods of internal structure, some are backed up with ribs , some with lighter and more stringers etc.
  3. We were around Weilagilala and Duff reef when he was supposed to be at that pin by Texas reef. Thats the reef out to the south east in that screenshot. I think he could have drifted in there by the current and trades but no way he could have got past Rabi and through the somosomo straight to Savusavu without being onto his navigation... luck only goes so far. So if he did get there to that pin the easy option would be to just point north and let the trades and current take him away without the complication of Fiji. That whole area has you pretty wired looking out, it's a minefield.
  4. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    1975 Davidson built in NZ of kauri, resourcinol glued, owned it about 10 years myself . We just spent our winter in the pacific islands on it , we got hammered going there in may and we had a couple of hard days getting out of Fiji a few weeks ago smashing through those trades . Doesn't make any noise, no creaks or groans , no jammed cupboards, no concerns whatsoever about structural integrity.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    I have one of those ketch things. It has a big mizzen and its rudder is bolted right on the transom so there's no argument or discussion even . It does have an off centre hatch though so we're a bit screwed I suppose............. I've never gone jib and mizzen in heavy air . I don't get the logic of pushing a boat in a breeze with the lightest spar on the boat when I've got a tree trunk for amain mast and 12 mm wire holding it up. We use it that way gunkholing or generally being lazy but in big breeze.. I dunno. We did get into a really good groove punching out of the convergence zone below Fiji 3 weeks ago. Thats a typical 25 to 30 knots on the nose and a close sea sailing about 45 degrees apparent, for a day or two. That was reefed jib , main and mizzen. all very low and easy to control. good speed and power to punch.
  6. Which autopilot?

    I had a look at the above deck connections and slave control head yesterday. one maybe less than perfect connection . I'll persevere for this season and see if it continues to drop out, I won't know until we do a day run ,or maybe 12 or 20 hours. Thanks for the video ronin. Thanks Jake.I was aware simrad and b and G are the same now. Thanks jaramaz, I still haven't dragged the manuals out or crawled up the tunnel past 5 months of cruising cap to look at the box, one of the old control heads was in fact an st 6000+ and was replaced by the 6002 at some stage. It's a pretty old pilot but reliable until it was connected into the plotter via Seatalk. It ran fine that way for a while but of course opens up a lot more possibilities for bad connections etc as you guys say.
  7. Which autopilot?

    I don't remember what the box is but I take the point of checking through the systems and connections. I did do some of that while away but didn't dig too deep, the idea was to keep it going and not disturb it or make it worse. That worked. Now we're back on the marina I can start back checking through the systems. There was a change made to the sea talk network by a marine electrician relatively recently before we left and the problem emerged and that may have contributed. It's still pretty old though . Yes B&G seem well represented here, that's on the list to investigate.
  8. Which autopilot?

    5 months away in the Pacific....lots of little issues and fixes ,one only problem I couldn't beat was with the raymarine autopilot.st 6002. It switches to standby by itself. Might be 1 hour, might be 12 hours, might be 20. Not normally much of an issue but in some circumstances it has the potential for drama. Reading up about it ,it seems like an extremely common issue with this product. Don't want mfd. What completely stand alone ,independent ap should I be looking at? Simple course ,perhaps wind would be nice,already have a lecomble and Schmitt electric/hydraulic drive so I just need the computer.45 ft ketch. One that can be trusted.
  9. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Neat to hear. Must have followed your rebuild for a great number of years. We're in Fiji ,all eastern side and away fom the resorts etc to date.. heading that way soon I suppose. But back to nz and work in a month or so. AIS has been a great addition for us. We bought the vesper vision with its own screen etc and get the app repeater slash slave onto phone or ipad plus overlay onto the old c80 plotter. Can't recommend it too highly... all sorts of uses I hadn't thought of... like pinging waypoints on boats you know are in front doing a reef pass. The anchor watch is a great tool. Have a great cruise.
  10. Rudders

    Excellent , I've been enjoying this thread. When are you off into the South Pacific , Jake?
  11. Show your boat sailing thread

    When Sundreamer arrived in the '80's , it was like something had dropped out of the future.
  12. Coolboats to admire

    I don't know much about the H 28's Olaf, except that according to what has been written , the glass ones here were indeed sanctioned by LFH.We had one next to us on the hardstand in the '80's, he ground at the osmosis on that thing every effing weekend for a month, ruined varnish and paint on my boat and wore me down until I told him how it was. I remember looking over one sunny day and I could see the shadow of a man walking past the boat through the 'garboards' he had it so thin. I expected to come down one day and find it slumped down around its keel like an old boot.
  13. Coolboats to admire

    The only boat I can think of that matches is Heartsease?
  14. Show your boat sailing thread

    Too slow to edit/ add anything. We're all so used to drone pics now we forget how hard it was to get a good aerial photo.That's our new old boat ( for the last 8 years or so). Riada, Laurie Davidson design 1974. Photo taken from the police helicopter in about 08 or so , Coastal Classic. Paul Gilbert took this one with all the cool light... Looks like the CC in 12. This is our old old boat ( first 25 years) Waione , 1907 Bailey.The photo was taken by Terry Fong AFA photography in 2000. It was a 40 knot day and they were up in a small Robinson, pilot a Vietnam vet. I know it because I asked the question ' what the heck were you doing up in that on a day like that?' We got a cover once too.
  15. Show your boat sailing thread

    a few years ago now..