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  1. JBE

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Slight adjustment to my memory of the history... He returned to J.O.E .to buy the boat. The boat itself was in great condition until being wrecked in the mid 80's thereabouts . I stood on the footpath with my upper body through the hole in her hull after she was craned out ,and looked at the remains of her interior. However she was saved and is in a shed somewhere either part way through a restoration or just in storage.
  2. JBE

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Sheila in the wind, Adrian Hayter. Britain to NZ post war after he was demobbed. No sailing experience to speak of when he left, very much a sense of what will be will be. He commanded Gurkhas, the things he must have seen.
  3. JBE

    Runaway should be saved!

    Waianawa is in Wellington, Rainbow II came back here a couple or 3 years ago for a rebuild and she lives in Auckland , Kishmul just got sold to Australia but is still here. Young Nick is about somewhere , AKL I think. I was a kid in '71 so although I remember the races and the end result I didn't follow the trials much . But I talked to a crew member who was today . My impression of Runaway ( probably from some article I read) was she was very competitive, fast, but didn't get worked up in time . He said that sounded right , but they crashed into her in a race , which they were sorry for . .that may have meant something too. He would have been on Moonlight if I have the year right. (?)
  4. JBE

    Coolboats to admire

    Natica, That's the boat that was here. Peter is his name, not Philip.
  5. JBE

    Coolboats to admire

    A friend of mine restored several of those and then brought one out here to NZ when he relocated and raced it in the various classics events we have . He did well, it was a competitive boat. Eventually it was sold back to the UK or the Med at a guess, sometime say 08 or 10 or so.. ( I forget)
  6. JBE

    Jersey Lily

    Always liked that boat, getting subscribed to the thread.
  7. JBE

    Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor

    Have a look at the fuel tap on the shitters. Its plastic and when it breaks on you , which it will, you'll see that it is in effect an end loaded 1/4 in plastic bolt with a mild steel nut and washer under tension to create pressure against the O ring seal. They break off at the thread, because guess what , they're an end loaded plastic bolt with a rusty steel washer and nut. At 10 months when I returned it to the agent he told me that it always happens and Tohatsu will not cover under warranty, and produced a bucket load of replacements at over $50.00 NZ. The prick had a bucket of the things on hand because its a common known failure. So I bought a replacement at their margin on margin on margin price and less than a year later ,same shit. Pissed all its fuel out into Neiafu harbour and became baggage for the next 4 months. How to fix. Buy a yamaha 2 hp fuel tap. You'll probably have to order it in because they never break, they don't carry stock ( typically) at their agents . Tohatsu. Fuck them.
  8. JBE

    Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor

    Tohatsu 3.5. I curse the thing every time I use it. Worst pos I've owned in 30 years of boating. Carted the barstard 4000 miles last year as baggage on the back of the boat because it crapped out yet again. It' 3 years old now and first died on me at 10 months old. Tohatsu wouldn't fix it. Fuck them.
  9. JBE

    Iridium and windows updates

    We were told to disable automatic updates while away in the pacific. We did. I don't recall it being difficult.
  10. JBE

    Roller furler jib

    Funny thread. We have a 5 to 50 knot jib on our 45 ft boat, reef it all the time and have done for the last 8 years or so. It isn't going to win any wed night race but it sails high enough when needed. All they need is a flattener in them, foam or fat rope in a pocket for 2/3 of the luff. They need to be pretty heavy cloth, which is the compromise.
  11. JBE


    I absolutely agree that the new gen anchors are better, which is why we have one ourselves, but the CQR wasn't so bad , just slow to set. And to add to that , when we sailed our classic without a motor for 7 years or so we never had setting issues. They began when we put a motor in. In other words if you wind the things in by dropping and paying off a bit sideways and then back like you do under sail ,rather than stop and drop like most people expect to do, then they can work quite well. I still carry one because it fits in the locker , and its proven with the boat. A big rollbar won't go in. But yeah , the backyard has several of them as garden art.....
  12. JBE


    I'd buy the rocna too, maybe the supreme and I'd certainly buy a CQR in front of a Delta. CQRs are harder to set but apart from that they were great in our waters for a couple decades of use by us. The modern anchors address the set issue. We had a nasty and deep low go through Great Barrier Island on our christmas cruise this year. 993 IIRC, 70 knots outside and certainly we had gusts well in the 50's and 60's inside for about 18 hours . We sat and didn't move but the boats that created havoc in the bay were mostly on pissy little Deltas that came OE with the really nice looking late model Euro boats ,along with pathetic amounts of chain. One guy dragged and re-anchored about 20 times through the night and next day until he lost the whole lot over the bow...., ended up motoring around scaring the crap out of everyone else for a few hours because he didn't have a second anchor and rode. We had the torch , horn and fenders out for 4 of those guys who would have taken us out otherwise. Never seen anything like it in 3 decades of cruising this gulf. Usually its newbie launch owners in Rivieras you have to watch out for . This one the launches were all operated well and it was turkeys in yachts that were the problem.( sail boats)
  13. JBE


    The ole cameltie eh, good to know.
  14. JBE


    Never had a problem with the chain hook either. We do have a nice claw type snubber hook as well and that runs in and out of the fairlead easily. Topical... I just rediscovered the epic moondancer snubber/wreck story from a few years ago. I had it printed out and in a file. A cautionary tale.
  15. Cheeky Monkey was in Fij when we were there . sept , october? They were having fun , very hospitable . I gather there's a relationship breakup so that might explain something.