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    The targets have all been replaced by Crater Joe's.
  2. peragrin

    A Gentleman

    Knows the difference between having a drink, and beeig drunk.
  3. peragrin

    Oz Passport Application

    I know it is annoying but all that bullshit is beuracary working for you and againist the government. The last thing you want is an efficient government. Yes it can get things done faster. That means it can also get bad ideas done faster too. It is the old triangle. You can have mostly fair, quick or safe government but can only pick too. Democracy's generally fall into mostly fair and safe but are never quick. Dixtatorships usually have quick and then abuse the other one they fall in. The next time you spend days dealing with it or pay your taxes just remember the government can't find its own head mine can stay on My neck.
  4. peragrin

    Supplental dental insurance.

    Yes but what is your yearly premimum? If you pay $500 a year and pay $500 out of pocket you saved $200. Throw in two cleanings and you saved $400. Now you have that insurance for 5 years. That's $2500 - $1000 for cleanings and you paid $300 more for insurance than what you saved. Do the math. The real numbers don't just add up. Why do you think Republicans love the " new cheap" insurance policies that Trump just allowed. They last for 90 days. Only cover you if you are healthy, are not auto renewable. And don't cover existing issues. So if you break your leg during it and are still on cruches when it expires they can drop your coverage. Yet people are stupid enough to think this is a good deal. So you pay money and get nothing in return. Insurance scams are easy. Especially when they don't give you coverage.
  5. peragrin

    let me explain...

    First the rant $2000 is nothing. Unable to work for a week isn't worth $2,000 unless you earn minimum wage. So lots of people will say no just to pracitaclity. I would if I could arrange the vacation time, but even that is difficult. That siad I would bring a stack of uncut firewood to be cut, and all my wood working tools and have fun building stuff. I wouldn't mind starting my day chopping and splitting firewood, and switch to cabintry later. Around the world isn't the hard part it is the lonelyness. Most people can't hanlde that whether 50 years ago or today. It takes special people to deal with it. Combined with the limited pool of people who can afford not to work for a year makes for a small group of people
  6. peragrin

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    Sometimes some phones have settings to receive emails text messages. Might be a carrier setting, if memory serves mine are controlled from the carriers website. Same place as Amber alert settings.
  7. peragrin

    Why the tie?

    I don't like wearties or tight clothing around my neck in general. Sometimes it is required though. I liked the trend in the 90's that did away with ties completely to bad it didn't catch on. Now afays you don't need a tie for most jobs, though Hutton down shirts and slacks do get more temporary respect than without
  8. peragrin

    Were all you're high school friends jackholes?

    Actually the whole concept is fading away. High school for gernation x and millenials is not the start of being an adult but the start of another 2-6 years of school before you are qualified for flipping burgers. So the younger generations have fond memories of high school but their really fun times don't start until college and so high school reunions are dropping off each year. For me my 20 year reunion took place at the same time as my sister's 25 and my father's 50th. It was the same party. It was the only way to get enough people together. I almost wanted to go just to have family trip. But I never got along with my class mates anyways.
  9. peragrin

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    I a man not sure what I find more offensive. That someone thought that was offensive, or that someone was offended by someone else being offended by that. So so the question I have to ask who is the bigger wimp? The person who thought it was offensive or the person who took offense to the offended person? my personal opinion is we both people as well as all the walked on moon skeptics to the moon and not give them a space suit. Lets see them be offended with no air.
  10. peragrin

    New York State Anarchy

    Having lived in Rochester for 15 years it is a great city. Bieng a sailor or at least enjoyer of water take a walk out charlotte pier. This time of the year it is beautiful. Also get a map and drive around the finger lakes. The rolling hills and water with leaf changes is pretty though it is a tad early. Wine tours are good. a garbage plate is good but more for young adults. Dinosaur is great. However pick a restrauant I never found a horrible one while living there
  11. peragrin

    What have I missed?

    Dude you have to time that so she isn't nine months pregnant in August when it is still sailing season(at least in the northern hemisphere). For the next next crew member remember knock her up in June or July so she can race for this and next summer
  12. Girlfriend caught her now ex-husband cheating. Took his last two paychecks and topped off the oil, and propane on their manufactured home. Negotiated themselves the divorce, she took on $6,000 in credit card debt instead of split house equity. He choose to leave behind basically everything but clothes. (She offered multiple times to arrange pickup for it. She took defferement on most of her student loans of about a year(variable) 7 months later was down to $500 credit card debt. We sold her manufactured home, about together a nice house( not huge, but larger and better shape than her manfucatured one). She has boosted her credit score from barely fair to the low end of good. And in 4 months when the last of student loan debt kicks back in she will be able to make full payment again. Take to all loan people so!e loams can be deffered or lowered temporarily to help you out of a hole. Her ex had to Live on his parents sofa for six months as his credit was that bad. H
  13. peragrin

    21,000 pound bomb dropped?

    The usa has the Daisy cutter. a fuel air thermobaric that could flatten a 600 yard circle. The MOAB was created as while the daisy cutter could flatten an enemy company. it couldn't penetrate the moutian complexs favored by the taliban.
  14. peragrin

    Wow! This is scary!

    Dude, get a grip and just scroll up. I didn't write one word to you, then you wrote some stupid thing about me being microchipped in some cabbage farm in Indonesia. If you don't want a shitfight, why do you start shifights? That makes no sense, it's like a john who complains about his crabs. What'd you say you hate filled homophobic cunt? I made fun of your propensity to always have a novella about everything- you can't handle that- I made fun of you being a one-upper- oh the humanity- That has fuckall to do with what you said in another thread- something you refuse to acknowledge and will continue to deflect- Because you are a spineless tiny little weak insecure cunt who cannot ever be wrong for being wrong shows weakness and you're such a weak little cunt you can't bring yourself to admit it. You can't even laugh at yourself, you're so worried about being everything, knowing everything, living everything, you can't even take the piss out on yourself because you're so insecure as a man- a tiny insignificant cunt of a sniveling little pathetic excuse for a man. He lacks the depth and warmth that are required to be a cunt. Just sayin' 😊 most of the posters here can't tell the difference between a count and an asshole. 😅They pull out covered in shit and think that was a fucking great cunt
  15. Woody. This is the shit that goes. I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.( Boys of summer Don henely 1984) Same BS different decade. You know your old when you think the same bullshit is something new.