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  1. peragrin

    Electric Planes?

    And I can tell you that is exactly what happened in the scottish Orkney islands. The local small airlines which has a max range of 30 miles between islands and the mainland, worked with their manufacturer to replace gas with electric. primarily to cut down on spare parts and engines needed on every island. It is easier to provide power, and with less moving parts there is less inventory to manage. Also if you know the power to weight ratio, and wingloading, redesigning an existing airframe minimally to replace engines is something that happens every day. The 737 Max are just a slight redesign with bigger engines. Of course that is an example of being stupid and expensive too.
  2. peragrin

    Electric Planes?

    So many people without a clue thinking they know science and tech. There are dozens of small local strips island hoppers, in the sea, and bush that can make use of such planes. They have been in active development by various companies for decades. 10-50 mile range short take off. In time they will become the island hoppers and that is good money. good enough to cover development. Transporting 10 people plus equipment. These planes exist today. needs exist today. don't ignore the needs others because you are not smart enough to understand them.
  3. peragrin

    Printer/Network Anarchy

    The printer can't see the school network. Do go to school it Dept. And ask the guy to allow the printer on. If they are smart they have the wirelessly networks accept only. And lockdown tight. Lastly while possible it is unlikely the printer is proboaly 2.4 GHz WiFi g or n. If the school network is new enough it could be 5,GHz only for the admin network. Talk to it Dept. It should take just a minute to resokve
  4. 2 months itself is an assitmate. But ship board maintence get done at sea. They will take a cylinder of the engine out of service for repairs while under way. The bulk of the crew do repairs, do scheduled maintence, paint and derust. Pipe fitters, electricians motors. Etc. A ship with dual engines can rebuild them both while at sea. And not lose any time. A fully autonomous ship has none of that. So it will be done at dock.sure. You can automate most ship functions. But you can't automate repairs.
  5. Autonomous ships won't take off without man power. The majority of ship board maintence happens while the ship is at sea. This minimizes down time. And dock time. Fully autonomous ships will require two months in dry dock annually. That is down time they can't afford.
  6. peragrin

    Hospital costs....

    The initial enrollment doesn't count because of the grace period. The grace period really ended in 2016 and ocare never really got forced onto those that won't pay no matter what.
  7. peragrin

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    He is 35 years old in that pic. Now look at him again. Of course that pic is 20 years old at this point.
  8. peragrin

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    Fixed. Redhead males are also car bomb worthy. Guys just find it funnier. Also redheads just shift emotions faster, from love to jealousy, to burn it down.that is why the redhead ladies are so much fun in bed. And God bless any man who marries one to make more redheads. I couldn't do that.
  9. peragrin

    A life of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll

    Most of them stop the drugs and alcohol at some point and clean up healthy. Sex and music are always good for you. The rest end up like Ozzy you can't understand them unless they sing. Look at Robert Downey jr, 15 years ago was strung out drunk. Now is in the best shape mentally and physically of his life. Money can't buy happiness, but can buy medical care and trainers
  10. peragrin

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    That was always my thought on it. I had just washed it, and put it back on the stove to dry. That stove didn't heat evenly, and boom. I don't remember the brand, or the price.
  11. peragrin

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    Shattered my cast iron griddle 6 years ago, just warming it up.havent really used cast iron since except for on the grille. You don't want to know what exploding cast iron is like. Two smaller pieces punched through drywall. Best I figure the griddle heated unevenly on a two burner stove. Developed hot and cold spots that warped the metal quickly. I use non stick all the time, replaced !y metal tools, spatula, spoons, tongs, etc with silicone, keeping the wood ones too. 5 years and barely a scratch on my nonstick set. Up untill my girl friend started cooking on them. Metal tools and throwing silverware on top of the pan in the sink, beat the crap out of them. However I am teaching her hiw to treat them so the next set lasts longer.
  12. peragrin

    Ridgeline News

    That isn't the hunting is bad crowd. That's the there is a house every 100 feet for the next 20 miles crowd. Plenty of room for deer to hide not enough to hunt on. My parents had 5 acres and I couldn't legally fire a gun on that property as all the neighbors were within 500 feet of the house. ( By just a couple of feet but still) It doesn't take much to make 200 acres useless for hunting.
  13. peragrin

    caption contest

    In order to reduce weight a loft this sailmaker is going for a new sail head design.
  14. Married memorial day 2018 $9500 all in. Including $1000 for honeymoon in Newport ri $1000 on wedding bands(hers to match engagement ring) $3000 on engagement ring. More than I wanted but she asked for a real diamond. $750 rental of country inn for day $1900 food, cake for60 people. $1000 for her dress and a new suit got me. Built an arch from birch trees in our yard. We bought house together a year earlier.decorations we made ourselves. We didn't ask for a dime from family. Didn't ask for gifts. Had smores as party favors as a fire pit was lit as the sun went down.
  15. peragrin

    Normal noise for a Meli thread

    There are two types of crazy women,. The kind you can live with(compatible with your own). And the kind you can't. If you think they are all crazy and you can't live with them then try changing your type.