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  1. peragrin

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    Lake Ontario phrf constantly analize performance data (race results around the lake) and update phrf ratings. If there is a particalur boat and it has a high phrf(slow rating). And suddenly one boat starts doing better things don't change. But is 2-3 boats around the lake over a couple of years start doing better they adjust the rating. Likewise if all the boats start performing badly it goes down.
  2. peragrin


    20 years ago was 2000. We just survived y2k, so I bet it wouldn't have been so easy then either. Biggest joke of all time next year the 2000 kids will be old enough to drink. Now you have a reason for your hand shaking as you drink your morning coffee
  3. peragrin

    Credit Card Theft Anarchy

    Credit card companies would rather take the multi billion dollar fraud hit. Than upgrade credit card network to limit fraud. That is why they are so quick to close cards end issue new numbers, it is the only method they have for authentication,
  4. peragrin

    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    Depends on if that is the printed weight, or the final fitted weight. My guess is fitted weight which is on the heavy side but good for rough weather that a patrol boat gets into.
  5. peragrin

    Can't cure Stupid .................

    They launched the boat from the flat bed. The angle was to steep and they stuck the whole stern under water. Before it floating slightly. Do they flooded the boat. They never even tried to pump the bilge manually. Just started the boat up
  6. peragrin

    70th birthday gift from AAA!

    Money, it's wasted on the old
  7. peragrin

    Cricket World Cup Question

    In sailing we say settle it on the water not the race committee. Now how often are sailing race results altered afterward?
  8. They run the exhaust out under water. It helps keep the thermal signature low. It is semi submersible so they can get fresh oxygen for crew and engine. (Real subs have to make their own.) So they get the benefits of low radar, low thermal, hard to spot plus easy to unload and navigate and from a sub point of view it is just another surface ship. So it stays off the under water listening. I would have say SOP should be just drop a block of c-4 down the hatch. But sometimes you also might get sex slaves on those trips.
  9. peragrin

    a new game go.. give me your best guess

    If it was paint the drive way would be covered and not just the house and grass. I would say red white blue smoke grenades left burning next to the house.
  10. Ever buy a bag of grapes and eat a few before checkout? Ever let your kids eat a few to shut them up? Same group of people only now they are pushing the boundaries. As that is what kids do.
  11. peragrin

    Household electricity

    Check all GFCI outlets. Even one down stairs. You may not know exactly what is on each circuit and remodels tend to do wierd things. Use the testers shown above they can find what's hot and what isnt. They are also cheap. The plug in back connectors on outlet wear out. The wires are held in place with a spring steel clip. When it warms and cools it expands and contracts annealing the spring. What does electrical draws generate? Heat. Use the screw leads it is always a better connection. Also check your breakers gentle push them into an on position. If it pops back that is the tripped breaker. Also breaker s can wear out too. They are just springs and a catch gear. To much power through them and they can wear out. If a breaker doesn't snap into the on position try replacing that.
  12. peragrin

    Taco Bell's Hotel opens June 27th!

    Will it be dirty, run down, and open ,24 /7 for the drunks to get late night desires they won't admit to while sober?
  13. peragrin

    Electric Planes?

    And I can tell you that is exactly what happened in the scottish Orkney islands. The local small airlines which has a max range of 30 miles between islands and the mainland, worked with their manufacturer to replace gas with electric. primarily to cut down on spare parts and engines needed on every island. It is easier to provide power, and with less moving parts there is less inventory to manage. Also if you know the power to weight ratio, and wingloading, redesigning an existing airframe minimally to replace engines is something that happens every day. The 737 Max are just a slight redesign with bigger engines. Of course that is an example of being stupid and expensive too.
  14. peragrin

    Electric Planes?

    So many people without a clue thinking they know science and tech. There are dozens of small local strips island hoppers, in the sea, and bush that can make use of such planes. They have been in active development by various companies for decades. 10-50 mile range short take off. In time they will become the island hoppers and that is good money. good enough to cover development. Transporting 10 people plus equipment. These planes exist today. needs exist today. don't ignore the needs others because you are not smart enough to understand them.
  15. peragrin

    Printer/Network Anarchy

    The printer can't see the school network. Do go to school it Dept. And ask the guy to allow the printer on. If they are smart they have the wirelessly networks accept only. And lockdown tight. Lastly while possible it is unlikely the printer is proboaly 2.4 GHz WiFi g or n. If the school network is new enough it could be 5,GHz only for the admin network. Talk to it Dept. It should take just a minute to resokve