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  1. Copied from article. Baseball games are shutting down to 14 players and staff at Marlins, testing positive. This year's weird, truncated baseball season kicked off just four days ago, after Major League Baseball had to delay Opening Day for months due to the pandemic sweeping the globe. Despite new precautions, though, COVID-19 has already led to the cancellation of at least one game, as the disease is apparently racing through the Miami Marlins' roster. The Marlins were supposed to host the Baltimore Orioles tonight for their home opener in Miami. But as ESPN's Jeff Passan was first to report, the game has been cancelled after at least 14 Miami players and staff have tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. peragrin

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    Commercial dry docks need work 90% of the time to be profitable. If you don't have it it won't get built. That is the issue profit. If you want ability just in case then you can't go private sector but it must be done by government. It is also why cost plus contracts routinely push 300% of original estimates profit matters more than lives.
  3. peragrin

    Whiskey Anarchy

    Local liquor laws? My grocery can sell beer and wine only. Need a liquor store for everything else. They had to add in hard cider later as it became popular
  4. peragrin

    The BOAT RAMP is OPEN - Go Have Sum FUN !!!!

    My 72 year old father goes to the ramps in the mornings to watch this stuff.
  5. peragrin

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    I kept a spare fridge in the garage but we only used it for parties so it was empty and unplugged a lot of the time. Just moved it to the basement. The basement can and has flooded, but i have learned where and when to pump to prevent that. Besides it is a lot cooler down there.
  6. peragrin


    See now how does the contractor load wood into the bed? Or tools? The bed is now useless as it is too high. I use the same. Four wheel drive helps you accelerate, it doesn't help you decelerate. I live in new England 4 wheel drive helps. But knowing how to drive in winter is smarter. And that means not driving faster than your ability to stop.
  7. peragrin


    Can someone tell me the point of a lifted truck? It can't tow, you can't use the bed anymore as it is to high to use. Off road use is useful, except 95% of lifted trucks never go off road but are used for daily drivers. It reminds me of the grand tour episode where Hammond needs a ladder to get into and out of his vehicle.
  8. peragrin

    Captain Crozier

    The military goes if you break the code of conduct law and chainn of command law you must face the consequences even if you were right. Politicians and Trump are above the law and can never be held accountable for their actions.
  9. peragrin

    Watched wind on 75" screen.

    Just found it on Amazon for free with Prime. It is a stormy day, let's see how it looks on 65 " while streaming. While the story had its issues, it is fun just listen to the announcerd
  10. peragrin

    Expressions and Sayings

    My personal favorite are corporate mission statements. Now go back and read wells Fargo s mission statements of the past decade. Ripping off customers wasn't in there. Every single company mission statement is a general lie and holds no legal standing.
  11. peragrin

    Credit Card Theft Anarchy

    Card skimmers on gas pumps are still a thing. ATMs in gas stations are often also setup for skimming. I check my card and bank transactions weekly and keep the balances going. All of my cards send notifications on charges of $100 or more. Think checks are safer? Every check you write has all the details required to make blank checks in your name. Don't want to use a bank app that uses your phone to take pictures of the check for deposit? The bank uses a device to take pictures of the check for deposit. Faking checks is easy now a days. Since blank check stock is available at every staples. All you need is the details. You don't even need to be good at forging signatures. Just close. As signed signatures while holding legal weight, are worthless for identification.
  12. peragrin

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    Most Americans are only familiar with mustard that comes out of a squeeze bottle. I get mine from craft fairs, and other types of local events. This is my current favorite I got mild, and if I get more than a thin layer I feel it. Though it is mild. . I love it on fish. A thin layer to boost the flavor.
  13. peragrin

    Made in China

    While true it is simpler than that China has a population 4 times that of ours and goes from having more dirt poor to having more billionaires. You can always find someone in the range and quality you want. Simply because there is more people to in all the brackets. Also China has been getting expensive for certain things and that is why cheap cheap things like luxury clothing is made in Vietnam, Thailand etc.
  14. peragrin

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    I also use fruity wines Red for red meats white for white meats as part of marinades instead of the water portion. Tacos made with wine instead of water as part of the sauce are delish
  15. peragrin

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    My wife prefer's my cooking over hers for that reason. I mix and match flavors so chicken and salad never is quite the same twice. A little of this a little of that, and never make it the same way twice. Variety is the spice of life.