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  1. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    And that's the response I would have expected from their illustrious skipper, but alas, the dismissive 'not mandatory' casts a whole different perspective.
  2. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Until Richo opened his mouth, I would have been happy to let this one slide. But admitting a breach of a rule and saying 'who cares' has them showing utter contempt for the Rules that we all agree to sail under a ACH time we race. From Optis to Maxis - rules are rules. Break them you wear the consequences. Let them go, then Port-Stb may as well go in the bin as well.
  3. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Full credit to them - great decisive victory in another gentle year. But to say it is a 14year old boat is a stretch... New bow, new stern, new rig(s), new appendages - I think the only bits remaining from the original boat are the keel and the crew. (And other than the yearly questionable blowups leaving the harbour, the crew are a big key to this puzzle I'd say)
  4. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Re: AIS visibility I would believe this if you could have seen WO (and others) two hours after the start when they were still in sight of land stations. They were invisible to AIS from the start gun when 90% of the fleet were on it. Faulty equipment (unlikely), silent mode (believable), cheap quality equipment limiting range (hahaha)!
  5. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Privateer 3.9kt at 334 degrees... Hope it's just a blip in the data.
  6. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Not sure it achieves much if you don't run a sheet thru it...
  7. Rohanoz

    Team UK

    The best thing that ever happened to my Assassin foils was getting them ripped off by a crab pot. Design might have been ok, but the rubberised epoxy they must have used to build them made for flexi pieces of shite! Replacing them with Mach 2 ones made the boat actually nice to sail and able to do more than 20knots.
  8. iPad with Navionics is fantastic as a trip planner and for creating waypoints and stuff - but the hardware is just not 'marine proof' for a wet boat or exposed area. I used one on the cruising cat for nearly 12 months, in a waterproof pouch, and it was pretty good - until it wasn't. Navigating south on that 'lovely' stretch of the Gold Coast between Jacobs Well to Boatworks turnoff, 35 degree sunny afternoon - iPad decides it is too hot out there and shuts down! Had to put it inside out of the sun, where it was obviously useless, and had to rely on the fantastic channel markers in that area to complete the journey... Got to Boatworks and spent 2 boat dollars on a Raymarine E7D and have loved it over the past 5 years. Syncs with the iPad, works despite the weather, knobs plus touchscreen for when things get drenched, and put the Sonar sender in the other hull so I now have depth source in both hulls - never thought this would be of any use, other than for fishing, but have had a few narrow channels now where it has been very useful.
  9. Rohanoz

    Backwards Skiffs?

    Sorry - should have put a sarcastic note after my comment - the original thread for that boat had every other permutation of a camel/horse/committee derivative!
  10. Rohanoz

    Backwards Skiffs?

    I reckon it would be a lot of fun with a set of stays, stubby wings and a trap, plus a bowsprit and asso. And probably winglets on the rudder.
  11. Rohanoz

    Backwards Skiffs?

    Here you go...
  12. Rohanoz

    New sails

    Good to hear they are working for you. Can you expand on how a roachier main and smaller Genoa helps with weather helm? Unless they are falling over in 8 knots, this is all arseabouts unless your main is falling open so far the back half isn't working.
  13. Rohanoz

    New sails

    So everything else about the fleet was identical, other than your new sails? ... I'll be convinced when you loan the sails to the guy who came last and he wins the next race.
  14. Rohanoz

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Pretty standard on most racing yachts - reference angles/lubber lines for quick on deck gauging of both tacking and gybing angles, and gain/loss on other boats.
  15. Strange one - If the COR wasn't already LR, this team would fit the MO perfectly...