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  1. Rohanoz

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    Caster sugar onto 2 pack poly paint. One person rolls/brushes, the other follows closely behind and using a fine sieve liberally spread the sugar onto the wet paint. The more even, the better it looks, but make sure you put plenty on. Once the paint is dry, vacuum then hot water wash off the excess sugar (or just leave it for the ants to eat!
  2. Rohanoz

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Favourite Richo call this year was 'twist the main more' when it was completely inside out with every batten popped. I can't claim to have ever trimmed a 100fter main, and the trimmer is obviously no mug, but it looked like a bag of shit. Not sure there was much the trimmer could do however, mast looked plenty bent already and simply looked out of tune for the reef.
  3. Rohanoz

    ETNZ out of Americas Cup?

    Unfortunately, yeah. Looking forward to when we have your shots up and keeping us interested. They are hugely appreciated.
  4. Rohanoz

    ETNZ out of Americas Cup?
  5. Rohanoz

    ETNZ out of Americas Cup?

    Here you go, it now has a photo of them for TC to pontificate over their superiority and failures - thread established. Job done.
  6. Rohanoz

    ETNZ out of Americas Cup?

    Well, I assume if there isn't thread on SA, then the team doesn't exist!
  7. Did someone post something bad enough to get a whole thread deleted?
  8. Rohanoz

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Not doubting he was there early morning, but pretty sure Jimmy finished high school in 1997...
  9. Rohanoz


    Curious how the air-sensing wand works... Is it something that ties in with not needing a clew strap?
  10. Rohanoz

    Older fast Aus multies

    Wow - awesome news Pil. Would say I am shocked, but that would be a lie! Call past here on your way down the coast and I'll get some updated photos of it in the river!!!
  11. Rohanoz

    Square top and plastic mast track

    Sorry Mozzy - wasn't a shot directed at you! (Although re-reading my comment I can see how it seemed). My statement was more about the sweeping generalisations being made in this whole thread and being summed up by a somewhat unrelated single image of a completely out of trim proto-foiler with a smoke stream coming off it alluding to all the secrets of the sailing world...
  12. Rohanoz

    Square top and plastic mast track

    How does it look when you have the jib trimmed and the main not oversheeted? So many variables to make sweeping statements/judgements from...
  13. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    And that's the response I would have expected from their illustrious skipper, but alas, the dismissive 'not mandatory' casts a whole different perspective.
  14. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Until Richo opened his mouth, I would have been happy to let this one slide. But admitting a breach of a rule and saying 'who cares' has them showing utter contempt for the Rules that we all agree to sail under a ACH time we race. From Optis to Maxis - rules are rules. Break them you wear the consequences. Let them go, then Port-Stb may as well go in the bin as well.
  15. Rohanoz

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Full credit to them - great decisive victory in another gentle year. But to say it is a 14year old boat is a stretch... New bow, new stern, new rig(s), new appendages - I think the only bits remaining from the original boat are the keel and the crew. (And other than the yearly questionable blowups leaving the harbour, the crew are a big key to this puzzle I'd say)