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  1. Pretty sure: ETNZ did 4. BAR did 1. ART did 2.
  2. The Future for Foiling Cats

    The biggest challenge to all the foilers, is the locations at, and conditions in, which they can sail. If you take some of the well attended cat events in my little part of the NSW coast here, Wildcat at Forster, and Darren Lowder at Trial Bay, and Brass Monkey at Toukley, as isolated examples - not one foiler in attendance, and pretty much not possible to race one. Weed, depth, launching, waves, jellyfish, space, traffic, are all problems. I wish it was different, but Bermuda proved it too. perfect location, except that the Bics were still out when the pros were sitting it out. This is the grass roots stuff that grows and maintains fleets. I'm sure the same challenges are reflected at sailing clubs around the world.
  3. Are Z foils that much slower?

    At the very limited public photos of the ETNZ foils, I would also hasten to add that there is as much (if not more) to be learnt about the profile sections of the boards even more so than the obvious 'gullwing' shape. Bit like a sail profile, the profile is almost meaningless if the twist and section shapes aren't right.
  4. Are Z foils that much slower?

    ETNZ showed us the VMG gains that are made with foils that have near zero reliance on leeward coupling - but in a human controlled environment or on a smaller 'manual' boat it is currently not feasible to control them. I wouldn't take the Olympics as any model for design or evolution in this space. Their design philosophy is based on uniformity and production for a set timeframe, and certainly not the best or fastest of kind. The rapid development that is foiling sailing, ensures that anything released today is obsolete by the time the Olympics come around - most likely well before then.
  5. Are Z foils that much slower?

    Haven't got a link handy, but 'leeward coupling foil' is the term I would google. Or PM Doug.
  6. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Add to this: Does the timing of the 2020 Olympics dictate the planning? Likewise, Vendee Globe and VOR, etc, or being a Southern Hemisphere location will be a benefit? Would planning for a challenger series in December 2019, with a AC final in Jan 2020 work to get TV ratings due to traditional 'low time' alternative programming?
  7. Are Z foils that much slower?

    Logic says, two main foils in the water and a stability mechanic that relays on 'bad' slippage will always be slower than one... But then logic certainly didn't imagine those ETNZ foils shapes and profiles, so I don't think anyone can categorically state fact either way. Funny how thinkers, when boxed into a corner, find a solution to a problem that didn't exist until they stood in the corner.
  8. And I don't think they will be bothering fixing links like this in the meantime! (some great quotes in there as well!) https://www.americascup.com/en/the-future-of-americas-cup.html
  9. Splicing Tools

    Unwound filaments of stay wire bent in half and put thru a wooden handle. Need a piece about 50com long.
  10. Well there you go hey... https://www.royalmotor.com.au/
  11. Team NZ

    They would all definitely have some element of Ackeman - can't imagine turning a boat 30+ft wide without it, even on foils. Almost impossible to determine from the outside how much differential, or the ratios, but I also think it is a knowledgebase so far out of what we all think we know that anything is possible! Variable ratios would be interesting depending on rate of turn, but rake angle would also contribute to this balance. Certainly ETNZ looks pretty balanced by the amount of time the helm seems happy to be unattended when PB crosses the boat normally - not very often you see GA have to make corrections when they do a good one.
  12. Team NZ

    Looking at the attempts by OR to do more NZ-like 'fast tacks', I wonder if the Ackerman geometry of the kiwi rudders is a bit different to expected when the helm is hard over. OR seems to be pushing the sterns of both hulls sideways in a tight manoeuvre (see also 'that' failed gybe), whereas NZ seems to turn tight effectively by accellerating the outer hull around an almost stationary pivot of the inner hull. Also seem to twist off the jib as the boat turns hard reducing the torque resistance out of the front of the boat at that moment. Maybe practicing without the jib was to work on these fast transitions without the interference of the jib and also appreciate what it adds to the process.
  13. Team NZ

    And with hats off thinking, I wonder why we didn't see a handlebar solution tried on any of the boats? Because boats have steering wheels I guess?!!
  14. in-hull transducer kit - oil?

    Had vegetable oil in my P79 for 4 years - stills works like the day it was installed and gives accurate readings. Checked it last year after reading somewhere about the oil 'going off' and Lo and behold it still looked exactly like vegetable oil!