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  1. mezaire

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    Any timber and polyester resin combination.
  2. mezaire

    Furling Systems- Jib and Main

    For headsail furlong have a look here So many advantages over the other brands; - no plastic parts - torlon bearings that are easily rinsed - designed to give a better shape reefed - no SS to alloy contact - full 10 year worldwide warranty - incorporates rigging screw for forestay adjustment. Rigging screw is also inside furler so it doesn't get damaged by anchor chain. Link plates available to lift furler drum off the deck. - includes deflection block for no halyard wrap - very well priced - extremely easy installation We have had one of these do 65,000 miles including a RTW solo nonstop trip with max wind speed of 72 knots. The only maintenance this furler has had is a freshwater rinse and new forestays when required!! Can easily send one over. If you want more info, PM me disclaimer: I work for the company that makes them but used to be an agent.
  3. mezaire

    Old. Boat, New Spar(s)

    Personally I would only go with a mast jack which could be a Farr 40 style system which is removable from the boat for service. Hydraulic backstays, bangs etc. have gone a bit by the wayside with better quality purchase systems being developed. A few other things I'd do on a boat this size..... - use tangs and swage eyes for shroud tops. T-balls, stemballs etc are often parts that fail and can be hard to inspect - if you can splice yourself I'd consider dyneema standing rigging - use metal threads rather than rivets where possible - save weight and wind age where possible, eg tapered halyards
  4. mezaire

    Old. Boat, New Spar(s)

    Issues I've had with them recently that are simply bad design... Masthead sheave pin knurled and bashed in, after 6 years need heat to remove and replace broken sheave. Spreaders held on by a single clevis pin on a spreader base spigot that allows the spreaders to be pushed forward. The front corner if the spreader then hits the spreader base and cracks around the hole for the lower stemball. The spreader issue was on a boat 12 months old but they wouldn't warranty!!
  5. mezaire

    Old. Boat, New Spar(s)

    Sorry but no, badly designed and built for the mass market
  6. mezaire

    Old Guy Wanting to Dinghy Sail

    I think the video has some sort of weirdness going on in that shot, cause their not!!
  7. mezaire

    Old Guy Wanting to Dinghy Sail

    You should build or import the perfect boat from Australia. Perfect single hander for all ages. Only 42kg, can home build and be competitive, and comfortable to hike!! These boats are so good I really think they would take off if someone bit the bullet and took one OS!
  8. mezaire

    is it me or is it you?

    While I agree with the sentiment, I guarantee plenty of those ribs are privately owned. Go and park near The Spirit of Tasmania and you'll see dad towing a rib with a Laser and 2 Opti's strapped to it X about 100!!
  9. mezaire

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    On the mobile site there is an asterisk against WOX1 but doesn't say what for?
  10. mezaire

    Launceston to Hobart yacht race 2018

    I reckon. Bloody Banks Straight does it again!!! More boats going backwards than forwards!
  11. mezaire

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    WOX heading 290 @ 8 knots while boats around them are heading south still ???
  12. mezaire

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Looks like BJ might be 2nd to Tasman. Quite surprised at WOX1 lack of pace, Infotrack slowly reeling her in
  13. mezaire

    Launceston to Hobart yacht race 2018

    Currently in Bridport looking out to sea at the fleet, and there is zero breeze around Waterhouse Island!!
  14. mezaire

    Launceston to Hobart yacht race 2018

    Race should of started at 1pm and even though they would of pushed the tide, they would of had the sea breeze
  15. mezaire

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Can I ask what it was on Zen? Website says rig issues?