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  1. Used boom needed 24.5' E

    Without being insensitive, got to be hundreds of metres of usable spar lenghts after the hurricane?
  2. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    I doubt it, main reason is to keep the centre of the transom clear. Two smaller backstays can be cheaper than a single larger backstay, a large pulley and bridle. That's on boats that don't adjust the backstay anyway
  3. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    If you brought a high quality furler in the first place tgen youd find they come with a deviation block!! Www.almasts.com.au
  4. Hobart Scene

    Moving down to Hobart and racing on the Elan E4. First race is the Pipe Opener, looking fwd to getting out on the Derwent again.
  5. Force required by rigid vang

    Thanks all. Setting up a test piece in the workshop with adjustable vang angle and boom weight so will be interesting to see how the numbers stack up
  6. problems in istalling a furlex

    What you have is called a coquille and they are an outdated and IMHO a pretty bad mast connection. You may have to buy a new female fitting and make stemball here http://bluewave.dk/product/coquille-2/ https://bluewave.dk/product-category/marine/wire/swage-terminals/ Is it masthead or frac rigged? I'd look at replacing with somethink like a Selden 517-015-01 O type fitting or get your local rigger to make something up.
  7. problems in istalling a furlex

    Installed a furler on a Catalina 42 recently and they had one of these to join to the toggle http://www.rigrite.com/Spars/SparParts/Stemball_Eye_Adapters.php Would that work?
  8. For the engineers out there..... How would you calculate the force required for a rigid vang spring to hold a boom up? Let's assume the boom is 50kg with sail and evenly weighted along its length, 5m boom with vang attached 1m from gooseneck at the optimum 30 degrees from horizontal. My rough geuss/calculation is 170kg but i really have nfi!!!
  9. Broken gooseneck casting

    Replace all the cast ally bits you can with welded ally or welded S/S, cast ally is always the first thing to go and the hardest thingto replace like for like
  10. Lazy Jack & Topping Lift line

    Liros actually make a lazy jack rope in 4 & 8mm. It's the same construction as dyneema so easy to splice but it's made of poly, good stuff
  11. Did this on an old Etchells as it was wet sailed in a mixed fleet so why have the pain of sliding the main along the boom. Simply cut off bolt rope and repair with HD sticky back, worked a treat!
  12. Failed dyneema rope in backstay cascade

    Looking at the photo you posted, it looks like the break point is a fair way from the failed block when under load? If that's the case i'd say the two failures actually have nothing to do with each other as the heat caused by the failed block was not in the area of the break. My guess is there was some chafe when the backstay was left loose, or the break was at the end of the tuck, it just shifted in the break so didn't look like it failed at the end of the tuck.
  13. Personally I would of put a linkage in to the tiller could of been aft of the rudder post so the cockpit could of been further aft, making more cockpit and/or cabin room.
  14. West Marine

    Shows how little you actually know about then marine chandlery setup in Oz and why it is how it is. In the US a business like WM of MP is big enough to buy and keep enough product (plus their market is big enough) to not need wholesalers. Look at something like Lewmar here in Oz. No way is there enough sales for Lewmar to justify having it's own presence here and there sales aren't enough to justify any single business (even Whitworths) buying direct and holding stock. So we have wholesalers who usually do multiple brands and hold enough stock in each brand to supply everyone in OZ. And yes we pay more because of it but if you want a seal for you Lewmar foredeck hatch and don't want to wait a week, well that's why it's the way it is
  15. Dinghy Sailors Commandeer America's Cup

    Dinghy is a dinghy. Do you think helming a 49er downhill in 25 is that much harder than a Laser in the same conditions? These guys are great sailors at the top of their game who have also just had years of top line intensive coaching in Olympic campaigns sailing against large fleets of top sailors. Guys like Cammas, Spithill and Barker might have had that once but having that experience fresh going into an AC campaign would make a massive difference