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    Rig tension gauge

    Out of interest I was told when the Spinlock was in testing they stressed the blue batten thousands of times and found it was extremely accurate over time. I believe they did the same with the loos spring and found it wasn't as accurate over time. I much prefer the Spinlock for longevity of readings but the only issue is that the writing can be worn off over time.
  2. mezaire

    what is it?

    Was lucky enough to have a few beers on board this gorgeous yacht with Lydia and Phil at the Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival 18 months ago. Beautiful boat that has been restored fantastically
  3. Thanks for the insult, shows where your intellect takes a conversation... 2018 the US was rated 27th in the world for education, and dropping fast. A country that has the biggest military in the world but still has schools that teach Genesis as fact, it's priorities are very wrong. My post did not mention political sides. The facts are that over 10% of US schools are failing under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).
  4. My thoughts exactly!! A president who has the leadership of a scared cat An education system that is broken A political system that makes zero sense and obviously doesn't work for the people and promotes fear and segregation
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    Hmmm, you sure she was named Wild One then? I just remembered there was one owned by an Apple Orchard farmer who named her Wild Apple, was listed in the 1997 3 peaks race results. After that the only Inglis I knew of in the state was Computerland. The Wild One from WA def ended up in Northern Tassie about 6 years ago, but she def had the sprit and hull extension, I have a pic of her on a mooring at PDYC in 2014
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    Yup she is. Current owner got the shits at me for saying that she will be on the market for a while on FB!! He assumed I meant price and condition, but those aren't too bad, just a big boat to sell in a small city at a bad time!!!
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    Ahh ok, wonder what Advantegde was then, someone up north will know!! Was Wild One the original Wild Thing? I thought so but not sure!
  8. mezaire

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Great pics guys!! Was looking closely at Corum's cockpit layout, alomst looks like a commercial fishing boat with twin heads either side! Couldn't work it out as the position of the doors meant you couldn't sit to windward and see out of the bubble, but the the last few 3D pics showed it. It's like an insode/outside seeting position where I'm guessing you could still reach a tiller or/and clutch release if you had to by reaching through the door?
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    My understanding of the Inglis 47 Wildthing. Went to WA and at some stage was renamed Wild One, had 3ft put on the back plus twin thru hull rudders and a bowsprit. Sat on the market for ages and eventually sold to Northern Tassie where the owner wanted to turn her into a cruiser so added windows and a bit of an interior, but then sat for a while on the market. I'm guessing that's when GW brought her. The only other Inglis 47 that I know of in Tassie was Computerland which became Advantedge and is now being rebuilt as a racer/cruiser.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I thought this one was interesting due to it's pure and utter dishonesty....I see this boat on a monthly basis and have for the past 3 years Ad says boat was slipped last in Nov 2017, when I last looked at the as a month ago it said 2016 which is what I had been told. Either way I have been told the 3 engines have not been started in this entire time!!! All the photos are from at least 3 years ago, all the bright work is now completely stuffed, no covers to be seen and so bad some of the rail capping is going rotten. Sail covers are falling to bits, sails look shot (headsail been sitting on furler), all ropes stuffed and rigging is undersized and need replacing. Boat has no curtains so all the interior is fading fast. Boat has around 8 inches of growth hanging off it. Honestly, it would cost a minimum of $30k to get the boat ocean ready, and that's assuming the engines don't need too much work!! And after all that, even with all the work done and the boat ready to go, it's a $100k tops!!! Will try and get current pics today
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    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Selden furlers supplied by the sailmaker, have been fine!
  12. mezaire

    Single line reefing?

    Yes I guess you could!!, Just have to make sure it went via the padeye to make sure it pulls fwd and down. My client also had cringles not loops on the sail to the reefing line had to pass through and tie onto something, so if you had the above setup, no problem. I also spliced the dyneema lines a bit short and lashed them to the padeye via a friction ring and 3mm dyneema as of course the dyneema stretched after splicing and this allowed the client to get the lengths spot on after a few sails.
  13. mezaire

    Single line reefing?

    I have raced alot on an Elan E4 with Selden single line reefing boom and it has worked flawlessly. In my experience the cringle reefing eyes have to be in EXACTLY the correct position, know boats that had no issues, got a new main and had endless issues. Also, I recently came up with an idea on a mates 14m fast cruiser that has worked a treat. It basically works on the idea of moving the reefing horn on the gooseneck back to the cockpit without the need for 3 extra clutches. Basically each luff reef line is loop to loop length of dyneema with a small mouse tail attached to one loop. The other loop is attached to a mast padeye like the pic above and it is spliced to the correct length for the reef needed. Each luff reef line obviously goes down through a mast base block then back to the cockpit. In the cockpit you install a S/S horn cleat that I cut down 80% of the 'horns'. So when you reef you simply pull the mouse tail on the luff reefing line as you drop the main, then once you reach the dyneema loop, you put it over the horn cleat and then simply tighten the halyard and leech reefing lines. Works a treat!!
  14. mezaire

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    Hey, No bobstay fitted, standard Selden bowsprit, probably only 4ft extended though. You're right, 2:1 not needed for a FFR. One other thing to think about.....we have found the S/S spectacles at the masthead that the kite halyard passes through, is very harsh on any cover on the halyard. It seems that when you try to get luff tension via halyard after the sail is set, the spectacle is very good at bunching the cover up, causing chafe and then breakage. This wasn't an issue pre-code zero. We ended up going back to stripped dyneema tips on the halyards and getting tension via the tackline. We do get some wear on the dyneema tips still but I end for end and re-tip the kite halyards after 2 seasons and then replace the halyard 2 seasons later. IMHO 4 seasons out of a kite halyard on a boat that probably races 30 times a year isn't too bad
  15. mezaire

    Crousing Code Zero / Code 0 ... advice

    I race on an Elan S4 down here in Oz with a full OneSails inventory. 4T main, #2 (that reefs down to #4), and kites from Oz loft, older #1 and kites from original sail package. We have two code sails on furlers, a Code Zero and what we call the J Zero. Both one the standard masthead halyard (dyneema cored) but I added a 2:1 tackline which has worked great. The Code Zero is laminate and is a weapon from 60deg to about 100deg in 0-12 knots. The J Zero is the same size as the #1 and with the #3/4 set inside it and a reef in the main is an absolute weapon in 70-110deg heavy hair reaching, adding 1-2 knots of boat speed compared to full main and #2 in 20 knots @ 90deg. One thing is we added downhauls on the sheets which helped alot with getting the leech a little more closed.
  16. mezaire

    Musto MPX salopette sizing suggestion

    I'm basically exactly the same size and have them in an L. Little baggy in the hips/legs but easy to move around in
  17. mezaire

    Installing Facnor furler

    Wow, sounds like you are a bit stuck. Stays, pins etc on yachts are sized so the wire is the weak point, The usual setup is as follows, change out metric for imperial where needed.. M5 and M6 wire - 3/8" pins M6 thru to M8 - 1/2" Pins M8 thru to M12 - 5/8" pins So if I'm understanding you right, you have a 1/4" pin hole on your chainplate and a pin on the bottom of your forestay of 1/2" (of 12mm) but 6mm wire? WHat about the masthead pin sizes? Are you putting a furler off a 40 footer on a 20 footer?? Even if you can get someone to make a 1/4" to M12 adaptor plate/toggle, the weight/sizing/wire tension os going to put some god awful tension on your chainplates, mashtead and mast!!
  18. As a rigger I've looked at these pretty closely. Love the idea but the weak part is the remote as not only is it not waterproof but it's pretty easy to loose. IMHO they should make a sender unit you stick to the deck and hard wire to your switch panel, where you turn off/on all the rest of you lights. That said I don't think they will really take off unless wireless masthead wind improves and/or someone invents wireless VHF masthead antennas as you the ideal situation would be to remove all wiring from the mast.
  19. mezaire

    Cutter Rig Going Wing N Wing

    Have seen a customer of mine rig up a dyneema loop 3/4 along one of his 2 poles and attach a snatch block to that to accommodate the shorter foot of the staysail.
  20. mezaire

    "Helicopter" or "Millionaire's" Tape

    Try Protect Tapes
  21. mezaire

    tuning a single spreader, fractional rig.

    Just add one thing to some of the great advice given here...... Using the main halyard to centre the rig can be an issue if you have two sheaves at the masthead eg. main halyard and topping lift, as the sheaves are off centre. Two ways around this are - Adjust the halyard as described above to that it touches a point on one side of the boat, then pull straight aft. Pull the topping lift beside the main halyard and adjust so it is exactly the same length as the halyard, then use one for each side of the boat that their corresponding sheave at the masthead is. Or. If your mast is down/lowered, measure the see if your shrouds are the same length on both sides. If they are then centre the rig using shroud length. If they aren't then make a mark using a sharpie the same distance from the top of each stay, close to the swage on the bottom, The centre the rig by measuring up from the chainplate to the mark. If I am making new stays for a rig I always make both sides identical lengths which makes tuning so much easier. Of course all this assumes that the chainplates are in the same place on the boat!!! If you want to get really fancy, the rig shoudl be centred to the keel, not the chainplates, so measure from each chain plate to the bottom leading edge of the keel!!!
  22. Excluding TP's etc.... Take a 40-45ft IOR boat that has a bit wider bum. Fill in the stern bumps. Add a new taller rig with swept spreaders and non-overlapping headsails. Add a new deeper and lighter keel so you will have big static overhangs. Keep the age factor Will cost you a fortune but you get a 40ft boat that beats Mumm 36's to windward, is only slightly slower in a blow downhill but rates the same!!
  23. Now looking through the 'Ugly Dodger' thread I know they can be hard to get to look right and maintain the sleek, modern look, but why aren't more manufacturers coming out with these standard? I work on yachts (rigger) and more than 90% of crusing yachts I work on would have a material dodger or solid dodger added and if they have a material dodger it probably never comes off. Then I work on a yacht with a pilot house that has a saloon and steering upstairs and think "Why don't more cruising yacht have this? The gap aft of the vang is really just wasted space on most yachts. Then to make matters worse some production yachts have 'psuedo' pilot houses where you can only see out the windows if your standing. I'm not sure if the common occurrence of dodgers here in Oz is becasue of our temps and vicious sun or it's the same everywhere?
  24. I always wear a long sleeve shirt with collar and buttons up, wide brim hat and then liberal sunscreen everywhere else! I'm a yacht rigger down here and my legs are actually harder to stop burning while sitting in the bosuns chair!!
  25. Perhaps that is the answer! I'm thinking along the lines of getting out of the Tassie sun when it just doesn't matter as much in the big sales areas for yacht manufacturers. It makes sense as I see videos of guys racing in the med with short sleeves, no hats or collars and always think they must get fried as I comparing it to sailing down here.