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  1. Thank you so much for all the great hints and tips everyone - totally forgot about Port La Foret. Sounds like La Rochelle and Lorient are the places to see. I will do what I can, when I can. And big thanks re the radar traps on the toll roads. Bit of a leadfoot here - and my last trip to Oz was followed by monthly mailings from the Aussie Police in fines. Oops. All the best. PN And Swabbie......quite a bit. Cheers,
  2. Great thank you!
  3. One of my bucket list drives as a solo sailing / Imoca / France's maniacal love of sailing has been to see the west coast of France. It turns out I will have 3 full days at the end of September to do just that and was thinking of the following....... Fly in to Nantes, drive south to La Rochelle, then back north to Les Sables-d'Olonne, St. Nazaire, Lorient, Brest, and across to St Malo, then south again to Nantes to fly back to North America. The total distance looks to be 1047 km or about 640 miles. From my recollection these places seem to be the hotbed of French solo sailing. All I want to do is see some great places and boats... Thoughts? Am I biting off more than I can chew? too much? too many places without enough time in each? Anything offered would be appreciated. I'll have been in the UK on business (am there a fair bit), but never seen the south coast of England either. Would that be a better option for spending three days on my own just poking around? Cheers, Necklace
  4. I'll be there on the CDN boat. Can't wait - gonna be fun. Don't expect much from us, first time we've raced it together But we do know how to have a good time.......
  5. Upstart has excellent sails and Bert is a fantastic guy and a real gentlemen. He was the recipient of the 2016 Spirit of Sailing Award in the Lake Ontario 600 for his selfless assistance to another solo sailor through the final 100 miles of the race.....if that shows anything he will definitely share his advice with you. Good luck, wish I could do the 1-2 this year
  6. Hi Talon,\\I just sent you a PM with the info of a good friend in the Toronto area, with a Sunfast 3200 All the best, Pearl Necklace
  7. Well done gents Fun race!!!!!! Well done gents Fun race!!!!!!
  8. Six days later and I'm still in a haze over the sudden passing of my friend and mentor. We met over 22 years ago during our first LO300, and from there it grew. I was fortunate enough to be a small part of his Open 40 campaign, and a large part of the Open 60 build and campaign. We were lucky enough to sail together on the Volvo 60 as well. Derek was my inspiration for beginning my own solo sailing campaign 6 years ago, after years and years of saying "just run what ya bring, and you'll do fine. Just run what ya brung". Many laughs, many drinks, and many many deep talks will not be forgotten. I only wish for one more, to try and fix what was broken. Deepest condolences to Partianne, Ben and Sarah, and to the rest of his family and friends..... Sail on my friend Pearl Necklace
  9. Whew, I was thinking I was a bad person for thinking all those same thoughts. Sheesh....
  10. I resemble that......It's out there. The necklace is often silent though....tender young ears
  11. The new Afterburn Replaces the Dash 34
  12. Went in on April 13th. Been out a few times Brrr
  13. Sorry, my bad - says right there in the ad - 2010 Ballenger, 6' taller than stock. Cheers, PN
  14. Holy shit I just read that thread. Angry man indeed.
  15. Hi all. Me again. I may be mistaken (so go lightly on me of I'm wrong), but I think it's got a Farr40 mast in it. So those in the know would know the dimensions etc and how they compare with the stock O40 rig. But I could be wrong... PN