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  1. Pearl Necklace

    Challenger the Volvo 60

    Jabrams I’ve had the pleasure of sailing on board Challenger a number of times for a few thousand miles. The boat is incredibly well maintained and sails like a dream. I’d sail anywhere in the world with CSM if time and money allowed. Don’t expect to win a race, but you’ll learn a ton and have fun doing it. PM me if you want more information
  2. Pearl Necklace

    Challenger the Volvo 60

    Hi Jackolantern From CSM himself, he is a very dear friend ”Your point is fair - its a logical conclusion to say ‘if the keel was bad- what else was neglected’ however the reason for the keel issue was linked directly to stray electrical current in a Caribbean marina damaging the keel/ bulb joint over a four month period berthed there and was not long term neglect. Once identified and at considerable cost the keel was replaced rather than repaired to positively ensure crew safety and the boat’s operational longevity. Facebook comments on the Spartan page, up to date video testimonials on the website (recorded since the keel replacement) and Episode 11 of the Youtube series 'The Mariner' are resources available for anyone wishing to form a balanced opinion. It is true there were disappointed charterers who could not join Challenger for the Newport Bermuda race after the keel damage was discovered last summer. Exactly 10 of them- the remaining 8 joined Spartan on a J112 and completed the NBR anyway albeit in reduced numbers”
  3. Pearl Necklace

    Older well known IOR Boats

    As a teenager I idolized that boat in Toronto. Then in 1992, I was in a fish and chips shoppe in Rye, Victoria (a small town near the mouth of Port Phillip Bay, Aus), and there she was, a beautiful huge picture of Grace on the wall. I couldn't believe it - the kids working there had no idea how the picture got there. Cool though. Great to see she's still sailing!
  4. Pearl Necklace

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Thanks CP.....I didn’t know that about Star Mist. I do remember Red Inc, and another one from Belleville at the time....a Nelson Marek 30 I believe....started with an “I” if I remember it right..... Glad to hear BQ still sailing; heard he had a scare last year on the water.... cheers Neck
  5. Pearl Necklace

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Star Mist still races out of Frenchman's Bay YC to this day, been there for 30 years. Anyone remember the NorthCastle 30 Cruise Missile? Awesome platform in its day (85-87) in Toronto.....I last sailed on board her in 1994. I don't think its sailed in 20 years. Heard she's been rotting away in Nova Scotia for years now - miss that boat!!!!!
  6. Pearl Necklace

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    So awesome!!!!!
  7. Pearl Necklace

    Northern Ontario Sailing & 2019 R2AK

    The safety police' heads will explode
  8. Pearl Necklace

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I’ve crossed the lake 4 times since April 30; 3 under kite and one White sails..... 215nm under the keel so far this season. Did 33nm Wednesday night alone in a warm flat northerly. Best sail of the season so far Its chilly, but get out there and enjoy every chance you get. Susan Hood Race in 5 days time, 92 boats registered
  9. Pearl Necklace

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    Just had an awesome closing weekend at Jay Peak VT last weekend. Only 1 lift and 3 runs open on Saturday following the big storms Friday night, but man o man was it fun. Nothing like sailing in your winter ski gear and then skiing in your summer sailing gear all in the same week in early May. Already looking forward to November. Christ did I just say that???
  10. Pearl Necklace

    Jerome Rand solo circumnavigation in a Westsail 32

    Wow! Incredible. Good on him!!!!
  11. Pearl Necklace

    2017 Hobie 33 North American Championships

    I'll be there on the CDN boat. Can't wait - gonna be fun. Don't expect much from us, first time we've raced it together But we do know how to have a good time.......
  12. Pearl Necklace

    North American Sun Fast 3200s

    Upstart has excellent sails and Bert is a fantastic guy and a real gentlemen. He was the recipient of the 2016 Spirit of Sailing Award in the Lake Ontario 600 for his selfless assistance to another solo sailor through the final 100 miles of the race.....if that shows anything he will definitely share his advice with you. Good luck, wish I could do the 1-2 this year
  13. Pearl Necklace

    North American Sun Fast 3200s

    Hi Talon,\\I just sent you a PM with the info of a good friend in the Toronto area, with a Sunfast 3200 All the best, Pearl Necklace
  14. Pearl Necklace

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Well done gents Fun race!!!!!! Well done gents Fun race!!!!!!
  15. Pearl Necklace

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    The new Afterburn Replaces the Dash 34