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  1. proOC

    Skipper required for Transpac

    PM. I will be living in Half Moon Bay. The timing could work. LMK Lic Cap't 100 GT
  2. proOC

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Sort of not sure why he hasn't dropped you out. He has nothing and no content. Makes my life look pretty damn adventurous.
  3. proOC

    Was the Ugotta Regatta just cancelled?

    You should be thankful you got to deliver and move about and maybe get paid like I do sometimes and see the sun and a Great Lake or two, geez....You probably had the time off anyway now you wont' be yelled at when your late for boat call in the morning because someone else made you drink last night and putting on sunscreen, wow that is fucking miserable and hiking while crossing LTB really sucks. Can't wait to see some of it this week since I have the time off and we are taking a cruise. NO schedule so the NOT having racing has it's bright side and it is pretty easy to see it and take advantage.
  4. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Coop and the gang? Not Kool.... Doing the Eastward Ho this year?
  5. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    We have a very good friend that lives on Beaver. His daughter rents a house out during the summers and it seems it is available most of July right now. FYI Municipal docks on Beaver are under water and not available. They had to shut off electrical due to the water depths. The 2 private marinas inside are available and have been dredged as well.
  6. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    It's not racing but we plan on taking that week and sailing to Beaver, Leland, and maybe another port during that race week. We have the time off and getting slips at most marinas has not been an issue. Could not imagine racing to Mackinac and NOT being able to dock, for at least one night. As much as we all love the racing the turn and burn or even staying in Mackinac City or St. Ignace seems average. Stay healthy....good luck.
  7. proOC

    Looking for a new watch...

    The face and hands are not painted. Luminor hands strotium aluminate strips.
  8. proOC

    Looking for a new watch...

    If you passed High School all you need is a second hand. If your like me I get a crew member yelling me TIME all prestart. I love it. Secondly, I have had "sailing watches". Most are...sub par. I found the best one. 80.00 too 2 reasons: It has a second hand which is visible and, It glows like a campfire at night. Maybe you don't port race and sail overnight or sail at night at all, I do and it is huge. Ironman Timex for the cost are great, but the first one I ever bought the indiglo never worked hence why I am so bent on at night readablility. I have an Omega, Tissot touch, and a Dive watch and I always go to this one.
  9. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Saw this posting. Hope it is official. Be safe and sail fast.
  10. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    They are in "talks". There best interest would be to hold off for a year. I can not see the State of Michigan giving the ok on this.
  11. proOC

    J/33 or J/105?

    Wrong gun and trigger.
  12. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    If you didn't already know by now, they are doing the Waukegan Chicago Leg Saturday with an informal start. Not sure how many will show but I know one that is going but for the time being they reside at a slip in Waukegan.
  13. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Was told yesterday that now Hammond has a 170 boat waiting list. Wonderful breeze yesterday offshore Hammond. I have never said that before. Also to consider that work is being done on the south locks. They are pushing all the barges and vessels that tie up inbound of the locks onto the opposite side. Big project and closed for most of the summer. Lots of moving parts down there last week.
  14. proOC

    J/33 or J/105?

    105. You will thank yourself for it.
  15. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    The boys at Skyway (and the gals in the office) got us in early this past week and we delivered to Hammond on Thursday. There are quite of few UNUSED slips right now down there but we were told there is a 150 boat waiting list. The owner got on it early, sailing this weekend? So as we wait for Chicago to open we will ingest and inhale all those wonderful Indiana shoreline views and particles. We plan on coming North soon as it opens. We also ran through all the logistics, with crew from PA and TX and 5 of our crew with children there is no way any of them are getting a free ticket to race up the lake in July from their spouses. Believe me, our crew WANTS to sail, but too many risks and nowhere to settle once you finish up there. Turning and burning was not an option for most of our crew. As much as many of you think that launching boats is going to be hectic, Steve Kindra told me that besides being a month into the season they feel like they are ahead of launching. JC can monitor and factcheck my post. I will not get upset and he IS the moderator on this topic.