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  1. VOR Man Overboard

    I can only fathom the sorrow and feeling's of loss, especially in those waters. Anyone that has ever spent time offshore know that feeling of realizing that one can easily be lost at sea even with all their safety gear on and working. Tragic accident and my thoughts to the family and crew. I hope the spirit of Mr. Fisher helps bolster the crew to get them to a safe harbor and consoled by their friends and loved ones.
  2. VOR Man Overboard

    I do not understand the hypotheticals that arise based on a tragedy for which I offer my condolences to his family and friend. These type of accidents are just that...accidents. These sailors risk life and limb when they go sailing across our vast oceans. They are prepared so lay down that quip or comment that "...how could this happen, do they not wear or have safety equipment..?" Wow, can not even imagine how their crew feels right now. I have been around sailors that have had similar incidents happen to them and I am sure that you rewind the tape all the time wondering why. He was an esteemed and loved sailor it seems and my next citing of some albatross will be reflective.
  3. Sooty transom

    toilet bowl cleaner
  4. Waterline J/105

    The waterline boat(s) that have appeared in our harbors seem to need correcting weight. The composite work down below is flush and less joiner work. Pre scrimp would be my next choice but like ours, we are 24 yrs old and still kicking ass!
  5. Douses on a 105

    We pretty much unfurl our jib to starboard no matter the drop. Gets the jib off the foredeck port side where the chute is coming down and gathers. Never a need to douse with the spin coming under the jib and sheets. On a 105 not very much room for leeward drops. Good timing and fast hands make it easier.
  6. Douses on a 105

    Mexican's are invaluable takedown. Easily done as long as everyone has their positioning right. I do like the idea of blowing the pole to decompress the kite, it does release the tack load and line but more line oftens needs to be released due to tackline not coming all the way back to the hatch. On a J70 they were always prescribing blowing the pole for a takedown, the only problem being that by blowing the pole the chute doesn't come aft enough and in a breeze, be careful!
  7. Douses on a 105

    that could be catastrophic.
  8. Douses on a 105

    RATM likes the clew first, which I agree with but we prefer to keep the corners, especially the clew on deck or control the clew first, then stuff the foot in the hatch and continue until the head of the spin is below the spreaders and all stuffed away down below. We always have the trimmer, if it is a bear away starboard set keep their eye on the windward lazy sheet so it's not bound up and tight during the set. This is an ongoing problem with many other boats that I see. Especially on asym boats. Our owner wants to go through 20 sets this spring just practicing have that damn sheet eased so the kite goes up but more so the foot can be eased and trimmed after the set. Nothing worse than that sheet being taught, then the trimmer trying to roll the headsail and it fouling around the drum due to it being strapped. It effects the initial trim and also the furl....practice this and make it a standard task for that initial trimmer. They have nothing to do until that chute is flying and it will make their job so much easier.
  9. Douses on a 105

    12 ft maybe in length,...not sure never really looked at it. I will let you know...
  10. Douses on a 105

    Just run it like you do the tackline. That way it is set up with no fouls around any sheets. I am a proponent of controlling the foot, so blow tack line first and ease sheets immediately then go for the halyard. I retrieval line makes blowing the tackline possible without a hand on the foot of the spinnaker. Keeping it strapped to the boat helps with this but there never becomes an issue with controlling the takedown. Like anything you have to be careful of the end knot you have tied because a bulky bowline can foul on the bow bulpit sometimes if there is pressure and sucking it to the hardware making it difficult to get over and around it. A good bowman will not shove the head down below making the next hoist a bit difficult.
  11. Doyle jib pictures

    I am not a doyle user. One of the other guys....
  12. Douses on a 105

    I will guarantee that a clean douse results in a clean hoist. Good bowman and middle crew recognize visually when shit is not in order and we are very particular. Weight around the corners whether it needs to be hiking or to leeward will gain you more than the weight lost forward and moving around looking at tapes. A huge help is also not to let any of the sheet get down the sewer. Keeping the corners out and not buried down below can be sorted out quickly for some bow but they need some patience and skill while hoisting. Also, think about using a retrieval line. We have one, it is super quick as long as the bowman knows how they like it set up without causing fuckups. Extra line sometimes throw's people off but we race with the same crew.
  13. Douses on a 105

    We have 2 healthy and athletic girls on our bow. Lucky us.... I might assist on a takedown over 20 kts. with a windward swipe due to pressure but soon as the foot is controlled we want rail meat. Never an issue with sorting out tapes. Take it down correctly, it goes up correctly.
  14. Doyle jib pictures

    They make the boat go sideways.
  15. Doyle jib pictures

    The new doyle's don't work.