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  1. Calling/denying buoy room

    Only 2 valid hails in our RRS. Room to Tack (R20.0) Protest (R61.1) Never a dull moment with rounding marks. Always someone yelling "no overlap" while the 2 boats are practically pointing at each other and one of them is obviously on the inside track for a rounding. Even boats that round and bang opposite corners, soon as they gybe pointing downwind towards that leeward gate the overlap has begun...they may be 2 miles away, but they are overlapped
  2. J24 for sale.

    J24 located in Wilmette. Completed new deck. Huge sail inventory and they are only slightly used. 2 torqueedo power cells for outboard. Inside storage for the last 5 yrs. Offer, but owner will as she said "...sell it for 10,000...includes engines." Those alone are worth 4grand... Trailer included...she wants a power boat. Told her I am sorry for that impulse...but that's cool.
  3. J 105 charter for Chicago mac

    Like my friend Holdmycourse! stated, there are options and we are hoping to free up some boats that normally do not race. I would also add that the 105's that do not race with any regularity give this season a try. If not, charter your boat. This is the year to get on board with some local racing and do the epic Race to Mackinac. Hopefully without 30kts from the N- NE with chilly temps! It is a lake though... Porto/USA 104
  4. j105 class health?

    Would like to see over 25+ boats this year for the Race to Mackinac 2018. Timing seems good for out of towners' based on the event itself and the North Americans are to follow in a beautiful venue, Harbor Springs, MI. Lets top fleet 4 and get everyone out this summer. We also need to compile a list of possible charters'. We have out of town boats and crew that have expressed interest in racing here mid summer but would like the option of chartering vs bringing their own boat. I see so many 105's swinging on cans in Monroe and docked in slips that never get used so spread the good word about our upcoming events and let's see some new faces and racers.
  5. you make the call

    Misquote or mistake, not 11...10. Thanks Brass...
  6. you make the call

    Agreed John. Was looking at R16 vs. R11 and they must "keep clear". Often times sailors add..."time or space" which is not included in the rule. I was simply stating that had STB boat altered course while PORT was keeping clear, R16 applies...and allow "room" to keep clear.
  7. you make the call

    R11, R16 also can not be dismissed if the ROW boat does not allow room for the give way boat to keep clear. R14 could be invoked had no one tried to avoid and contact was made. Raising a spinnaker does not turn off R15
  8. J105 Pushpit

    We had a similar incident 5+ years past. Fortunately one of the owners owns a metal fabricating business that has been in business 100+ years. Find an owner like that or look for used 105 parts. Or...contact a local shop. Welding and bending shit back together would be cake for most yards or fabricators. We laugh about it to this day. My friend/owner was in his shop staring at the pulpit with one of his mexican employees. They kept looking at the work and we needed it done within 4 days so we could reassemble and get the boat splashed for a big race,...owner finally says,..."...you are a MexiCAN...you can do this!", he replied in a soft voice..." I can do it...no problemo."
  9. J/105 Back in Production?

    a fleet member had a new one laid up 3 seasons ago. If you have the money,...they will build one.
  10. Chicago Area III

    Good to see you 12345. What a mess down there...
  11. Rules Question for Start

    Classic dip start is running the line, above it, on it, or over it...finding a gap to DIP your entire hull below prior to or if you have no "flags" flying like the I or X flag when or around the gun and clearing your boat and start kicking ass to windward. Employed seldom if your start line is stacked with boats and is a large fleet. Most boats are late to the line...so take advantage of it.
  12. J35 Main Sail question

    Hopefully you don't have a top batten that has a plastic sleeve that hooks on a cord...tightened by a slothead screwdriver. If you do, it is too tight. Too much curvature in your mast makes it too difficult to douse. Spray your bolt rope...taper the indboard end a bit or cut some off... Halyard tension and rig pre bend is not a friend of douses,....or furls when the headsail is strapped.
  13. Let's be honest about CYC and their "ownership" of The Race to Mackinac. They "invite" you to participate. They can "disinvite" you at any moment. And they clearly vocalize such power. As a yacht that has won their section and overall within the last ten years, we finished this years race without an engine,...and to make things a bit more, let's say, complicated they inspect us. First off, I know many of the committee members and docking committee and they are fantastic. But to make things a bit more trying they inspect us. This would be 4 of the last 6 years we have been boarded. Is it random? I don't think so, but they emphatically state that "9 out of 10 yachts will be inspected every year post race". Not sure I believe that number. Not sure if the RC inspecting our vessel liked the air horn being blasted towards him when he asked if we had one, but if the damn thing doesn't work. wtf good is it. As he walked away, he kindly stated, "...and you can be 99% sure you will have a pre-race inspection due to the engine not firing up post race". How is the time penalty for your engine running pre-race justified if it breaks down while racing? Seems like a penalty for missing a mark and an engine not turning over is not the same. This is establishing a bad precedence for future races. Could you imagine finishing first,...then gaining a time penalty because of mechanical breakage during the race and losing the podium. Not cool or fair in my eyes.
  14. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Not having your handheld on to 16 during such race,... that should be a penalty,...and a slap in the head to owner and watch captains.