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  1. proOC

    J105 NAs coming up

    I will let you know that the reason some of us racers' are not participating n the NA's is simple. Logistics and time. Most could not commit to the time off and being away from family an all. They take enough time as it is and family is first. We put together a crew for the MAC years ago with the intention of having a good crew, all drivers with experience, etc...still have not sailed with all the guys because of something "coming up" and was initially serious.
  2. proOC

    J/35 Bretwalda

    Yea it was at Crowley's outside last year and the deck and skin looked...worn.
  3. proOC

    J/35 Bretwalda

    Raced a Verve Cup on Brentwalda in the J35 class in Chicago many moons ago. Bob P has purchased up since then....
  4. proOC

    J/35 Bretwalda

    Touch of Dirt sold. HULL #1.
  5. proOC

    J105 Sprit Pole Bearing/Seal

    I have seen this issue with many J designs and some do not even realize their may be a breach until someone is down below in the forepeak while sailing and gets doused.
  6. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Answer the question 12345! Someone had the audacity to start a Race to Mackinac thread outside of this thread. What is the world coming to?
  7. proOC

    Just bought a J105

    Facnor's are nice...not sure about replacement parts and some of the models are webbed line controled which is not a viable use with a J105. Unless you have enough line tapered into the webbing strap that only is on the drum. I have used facnors that are double ended control and used on short handed boats like a seascape 27.
  8. proOC

    Sooty transom

    Don't let it sit for more than 5 mins. We have a new marine wax/cleaner that did a great job on 24 yr old fiberglass. Forgot the name but will find it...
  9. proOC

    Just bought a J105

    Do not use an underdeck furler. There are two foils with the prescribed tough luff.
  10. proOC

    Just bought a J105

    The harken MKIV is the furler of choice. We race hull 104 and have had zero issues with our unit. OD sails would be ideal if you plan on racing against a fleet of 105's. Every once an awhile we encounter a boat that is from out of town and does not race OD and they can not compete under our class rules. ORC does accompany a 105 inventory of non OD sails so if that is what you are good. Make sure all the tapped foil screws are fastened and I recommend some locktite to keep them secure. They do back out after awhile...
  11. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    For us it was a paid practice day and it taught us that RC's still have a difficult time squaring up a race course. The conditions were challenging Sunday, but it was a "get in line" set up. Need to throw a postponement in there when a wind shift makes it unable to make the start line on starboard CH.
  12. proOC

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    iwindsurf/kitesurf gives real time data from navaids coastal and offshore. The forecasting models seem to be within a 60 min accuracy timeframe. Have used it for years...
  13. proOC

    VOR Man Overboard

    I can only fathom the sorrow and feeling's of loss, especially in those waters. Anyone that has ever spent time offshore know that feeling of realizing that one can easily be lost at sea even with all their safety gear on and working. Tragic accident and my thoughts to the family and crew. I hope the spirit of Mr. Fisher helps bolster the crew to get them to a safe harbor and consoled by their friends and loved ones.
  14. proOC

    VOR Man Overboard

    I do not understand the hypotheticals that arise based on a tragedy for which I offer my condolences to his family and friend. These type of accidents are just that...accidents. These sailors risk life and limb when they go sailing across our vast oceans. They are prepared so lay down that quip or comment that " could this happen, do they not wear or have safety equipment..?" Wow, can not even imagine how their crew feels right now. I have been around sailors that have had similar incidents happen to them and I am sure that you rewind the tape all the time wondering why. He was an esteemed and loved sailor it seems and my next citing of some albatross will be reflective.
  15. proOC

    Sooty transom

    toilet bowl cleaner