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  1. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    J105 with daggerboards.
  2. proOC

    No flag, no foul!

    Wow and can't even explain the obvious to you. Follow the rules, it's not that hard. You will feel better about spinning and no one will call you bad names.
  3. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Turbo'd 10R..
  4. proOC

    No flag, no foul!

    Not what I meant A give way boat fouls, know's it then questions it,...then you try to be formal about it but we all know a rule has been broken then the "process" of taking it to a room is lengthy and tiresome...for everything or nothing. Of course rules should be addressed and fouled everytime.
  5. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    Cal 27...
  6. proOC

    No flag, no foul!

    I'm am throwing the flag from this point forward...kind of done with the ole' on water encounter and discussion. Everyone that has driven in a 1D fleet KNOWS when they foul especially under the simple Rules of When Boats Meet vs. Mark Roundings, which can be contentious and crowded. We have a competitor that continually challenges us, will not turn even if he knows he fouls unless he sees the flag. I get it,....but you have lost a bit of respect there mate...The rule being broken is the infraction and nit picking the process when no money or anything is the award. Silly shit...
  7. proOC

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    After reading his material over a dozen of times,...believe me it starts making sense. He has more students than he knows. Fair winds Dr.....
  8. proOC

    Sailx status?

    Really liked the plain 2d version. When imps got on their and plainly tried to get on sailors nerve, the die hards like Sailorski, flow, many to mention always defended well and gave them a chance but then kept their cool. Certain sailors had a hard time playing by the rules but that is no surprise.
  9. proOC

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    There is always that symmetrical thing going on.....eyeballing it after you measure a couple of times and if it looks straight and you turn on tension equally the rig should maintain straightness. In theory and if not...a few of the things posted above need to be checked off the list.
  10. proOC

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    Use your main halyard with some sort of strop and measure that the tip is centered. Basically from the same fixed stanchion base on each side works. I am assuming your mast butt is in a "normal Position" and straight. After 23 years of centering the spar then dialing up the rig to the base setting it balances the stick to centered and the mast track is straight.
  11. proOC

    J105 light winds

    Spinnaker Battens....
  12. proOC

    J105 light winds

    We pay attention to the polars on pretty much every point of sail. Often find that the hot angles downwind may take your boat speed above them but that should tell you to soak the nose down as much as you can. Need to really pay attention to the weight distribution. Windward heel in a breeze, leeward weight forward or evenly displaced in light air. It's a fine line and your speedo will tell you when you are slow. Too much weight aft is a killer in the light air as well. Don't forget to reset the top batten using the vang when you turn downwind. I have seen more inefficient main trim with boats that struggle in the light to medium breeze due to main not working efficiently.
  13. proOC

    New, to me, J35

    So you got your answers to the traveler bar....set screws bolted down from down below. Requires, like someone mentioned above, someone below deck holding the nuts. Great J to own and race! The new designs have taken off in some of our 1D fleets. The J111, 70, and a couple of 92's have surfaced this year. They make designs that really hold their sailing form. Raced a J35 for 8 years in the early 90's. We would get 15+ boats on the line for local regattas back then. With a full race crew it gets kind of crowded but a boat with sail options for upwind, and runner's that need trimming makes for an extra body or two. Had the fortune of also racing with Brad Read while he still raced Blind Squirrel on the east coast. Unbelievable coaching that has stood the test of time in other designs as well from him. He really got us in the day working downwind hard and making gains. Kite rotation and balancing the boat is key in most J's and the 35 is no exception.
  14. proOC

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Ok enough said about the picture. Blasting crew for the state of their PFD's buckled or not or not even wearing one is a road no one should take. As stated in the RRS, 4 DECISION TO RACE The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone. Tragic that we can not know about the safety equipment involved in this summer's incident. Information based on reports helps us sailor's for future contests and racing and there can USUALLY never be too much information. My PFD exploded while on the rail this race. It happened to another crew member last year. Scared the shit out of the others sitting next to him on the rail, but it made us feel pretty good about its de-ployability and safety. Re-arming it and checking it was something I did not mind at all and is worth the 40 bucks knowing the unit is ready for use.
  15. proOC

    Chicago Area III

    The light show was pretty awesome and threatening at the same time. Not too happy with regards to the debacle of finishing times among 5 or 6 boats in the 105 fleet. Not finishing around anyone early in the darkness makes it difficult, but no one visibly on the boat recording finishes.