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  1. Team NZ

    ^ Was thinking maybe 6:30am...but it's past 12 somewhere in the world right?
  2. Team NZ

    Which one? My Brother-in law runs a great one out in New Lynn..
  3. Team NZ

    Spot on. These guys are just having a bit of fun and you'll find much worse at a cricket match! Bring on the racing
  4. Bermuda?

    Same could be said in reverse for YOUR team. Maybe they signed it because they saw it as a way to remove a perceived advantage to another team? (we don't know) As Nav said, there was no mention of safety in the amendment...
  5. Team NZ

    Anyone notice that the video posted by ETNZ this morning featured their Pirelli Yellow rudders, but in Jasons videos they have black ones installed?
  6. Team NZ

    ^^ Nice little video. Looks like they've also upgraded their aero package. The main beam to hull connection is the most noticeable...rear beam connection too?
  7. Artemis?

    You aren't seriously trying to put the blame partially on NZ are you? Fuck, you really are a Monkey!
  8. Team NZ

    Yep. No reason for it at all. I have to agree with Pete..."F*&% would he do practice racing like that?"
  9. Team NZ

    Love the audio at 21 seconds!!!
  10. Team NZ

    So what about the fact that ETNZ went straight back out on presumably the exact same rudders, in the exact same conditions?
  11. Team NZ

    Was gonna mention that as well mate. Can always count on them to give us a close up of Aotearoa!
  12. Team NZ

    Dana J at the NZ Hearld believes that the damage to the rudder was not caused from hitting debris in the Great Sound, but rather pushing the rudder too far out of its range! Oh dear! America's Cup: Major setback for Team New Zealand after gear breakage in practice racing
  13. Team NZ

    © Ricardo Pinto from americascup.com Are these the new boards? Or just the "batwings" from a different angle?...Or the older test boards?
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Yes, I'm a sensitive soul. ETNZ "sherdding her foils" is of course exactly what happened and was reported right??....
  15. Oracle Team USA

    You just love any chance to dig the knife in a little further to ETNZ...what a hard life you must have