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  1. Crosswind A380

    In order to protect my super-secret identity, let's just say this was pre 9-11 and my job ID badge opened the cockpit doors for me...
  2. Crosswind A380

    I've done many landings in the jumpseat of smaller Airbus (A320 family mostly). As much as the plane can land itself, I've not witnessed the pilots using this capability a single time ! Most of the time the whole approach was manual. Only when there was heavy and low fog would they let the autopilot on until the strip is visible at 100-150ft, and take over for touchdown. My take on the A380 crosswind landing : The high frequency mouvements of the (small) vertical tab before the last few feet are definitely computer-controlled. The plane was most probably under autopilot, and the pilots took over just before touchdown. That's when the large rudder mouvements appear. Whether they got surprised by a gust or just by the strength of the crosswind is anyone's guess, but it seems pretty clear the oscillation is "human pilot"-induced.
  3. Can YOU land a plane if you have to?

    Most modern airliners can land under auto-pilot. All a non-pilot would have to do is follow ground instructions for : computer inputs, check-lists, landing gear, flaps, reverse, and then controlling the plane on the ground... Which is already a handful if you've never done it !
  4. Attacks at Brussels Airport

    To all : This thread was meant for information. Please leave hatred, polemics and sarcasm at the door, thanks.
  5. Charter in Phuket, Thailand, and sail to the islands in the Andaman Sea between Similan Islands (50 NM from Phuket) and Surin Islands (another 50 NM), maybe ? I hear the diving is (litteraly) world class... Most of the islands are National Parks, and the parks are closed during the rainy season. I think they are open from Nov. to May, but check the dates.
  6. Transat Jacques Vabre - 2015

    Try less than 3mm... The 2008 generation of Verdier and Finot boats were already between 4 and 5mm between the similarly built, but wider spaced, longitudinal stringers. Still the concept is definitely the most efficient, if there's enough carbon...
  7. New imoca boats

    Why so heavily chamfered HB bows? 1) Saves weight and makes for a stronger structure. 2) Less wind and wave resistance/drag. 3) Less shadowing and air turbulence to the lower sails , especially jib when heeled. 4) Deflects low level air up and to leeward towards the sails. compressed airflow = smoother faster airflow. 5) Delfects spray to leeward as opposed to windward (and eventually in your face at the back of the boat). 6) Spills deck greenwater faster. Leading edge multihulls have been doing it for quite a while now.....it makes even more sense for a well heeled boat It's mostly 1). The number one goal of the designers is to reduce the weight of the boat (foils notwithstanding), but one has to take a key element into account here : The stability requirements of the IMOCA rules. Basically, on one hand you want to reduce the weight and lower the CG (center of gravity) of the boat minus keel as much as you can, so removing any part of the deck is a good thing. Plus, having one more chine in the topsides reduces structural panels dimensions. This means you can have less carbon and/or core thickness, and therefore less weight and better CG (*). Since the overall CG of an IMOCA is largely under its hull bottom (actually meaning that the weight reduction of ANY part of the boat except its keel is good for the CG height !!!), all this means you can lower the weight of the keel bulb. On the other hand, the large angle stability rules means you need to have volume in the sheerline at that angle (110°). So the cutout is more or less limited to the part of the sheerline that stays outside of the water at 110°. PS : The IMOCA and the mini rules work approx. the same : the way their stability rules are written promote high freeboard (at least for the part that's in the water at the measuring angle), because there is no minimal weight. The Class 40 rule, with its minimal weight that is not very difficult to obtain and its prescribed range of stability at 90°, promotes to lower the freeboard and reduce sheerline volume, hence the full-length sheerline cutouts that you see on all Class 40 modern designs.
  8. new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    That is utter bullshit... Pogos react just like any other boat : more weight = less speed. They just have more speed than the others to begin with ! To think that the guys at Finot-Conq don't also consider the boat at full load is just plain stupid. The whole talk about how Pogos would be more sensitive to weight than other boats is just a "commercial" argument invented by the competition who can't build boats this light...
  9. tight_jeans.gif

    Wow ! A lot's been going on in 6 years, for sure... Can you imagine 4Mb was too big for internet storage ! Just kidding ! I thought we needed a reminder of the reason for this thread...
  10. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    I was going to refrain posting in this thread, although it has been amazing to read, because I didn't want C. to read about someone in the past tense. But I have to chime in here... AFAIK, most colorectal cancer types are very receptive to chemo. At least the one that my relative got, was. If the metastases stem from the initial cancer, they are of the same type, and they are just as receptive. This thing can indeed be beaten, proof being that my relative won the first battle (she was diagnosed at an advanced stage 3). But it came back after a few years (mostly because she refused to get a bag in the first instance). She fought it a second time with radiation and chemo, and won again. Got a bag, too. And it came back yet again, in very small quantities. But this time, for reasons that I won't explain here, except to say that they are unrelated to chemo's side effects, she didn't do chemo, and tried alternative/experimental medecine. I hate to report that it's been a total failure, as much as bordering fraud. In the end, she stopped fighting, and cancer finally took her life. So here's my message to Catherine : Do the chemo, fight this thing, you can win ! All the best, RedFlag PS : If I remember correctly, the main chemo drug was Avastin. There were side effects, but not unbearable. I guess every bit of info can be useful. PS2 : AFAIK, lung cancer is an entierly different beast. Very hard to treat. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  11. tight_jeans.gif

    Bump from page 5... Shame on you, guys !