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    what is it?

    Pogo 36 is a finot-conq design, not VPLP !!! And if you try sailing a family cruise in one of those scow bow Class 40s, I can guarantee they're so uncomfortable your family will hate you for it ! Plus for all I see, for a cruiser this 56 isn't exactly what you'd call a deep, thin bow. Look at the views on their facebook. They seem to have understood the waterline length thing too...
  2. RedFlag

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Yep. Pionneered in (what was to become) IMOCAs around 1994 by Finot.
  3. RedFlag

    Vendee Globe 2020

    HB foils are full (as in solid) carbon since V1. Arkea tried 2 versions of hollow foils before reverting to (mostly) full foils for V3. Which quite certainly cost them a lot in bulb weight as well, because of the increased weight of the foils... Structurally, hollow means that there are shear webs inside the profile. Full means that the solid material itself is the "shear web".
  4. Yes, that or the double check of the structural engineering (pretty standard practice these days).
  5. Yep... Definitely something wrong onboard L'Occitane... Sad OK, back on track again. Let's hope it was just a glitch... Strike that, it's the map from one hour before. No way to tell...
  6. RedFlag

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Let me venture a guess, compiling what I heard from my sources... HB V2 : very similar geometry (if not identical) to V1. Arkea : Similar concept as V1, but with bigger shafts ! Corum may be quite different from Arkea, not a lot more info. Malizia is building the same foils as MACSF. Verdier V2's might feature longer shafts, and less flexible tips. No info on Charal. Interesting times ahead !
  7. RedFlag

    what is it?

    Marsaudon Composites MC34 Patton ?
  8. RedFlag

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Actually, the Training Center never accepted him as a member, AFAIK...
  9. RedFlag

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Very interesting ! May I ask where you found those pictures ?
  10. RedFlag

    New imoca boats

    Why so heavily chamfered HB bows? 1) Saves weight and makes for a stronger structure. 2) Less wind and wave resistance/drag. 3) Less shadowing and air turbulence to the lower sails , especially jib when heeled. 4) Deflects low level air up and to leeward towards the sails. compressed airflow = smoother faster airflow. 5) Delfects spray to leeward as opposed to windward (and eventually in your face at the back of the boat). 6) Spills deck greenwater faster. Leading edge multihulls have been doing it for quite a while makes even more sense for a well heeled boat It's mostly 1). The number one goal of the designers is to reduce the weight of the boat (foils notwithstanding), but one has to take a key element into account here : The stability requirements of the IMOCA rules. Basically, on one hand you want to reduce the weight and lower the CG (center of gravity) of the boat minus keel as much as you can, so removing any part of the deck is a good thing. Plus, having one more chine in the topsides reduces structural panels dimensions. This means you can have less carbon and/or core thickness, and therefore less weight and better CG (*). Since the overall CG of an IMOCA is largely under its hull bottom (actually meaning that the weight reduction of ANY part of the boat except its keel is good for the CG height !!!), all this means you can lower the weight of the keel bulb. On the other hand, the large angle stability rules means you need to have volume in the sheerline at that angle (110°). So the cutout is more or less limited to the part of the sheerline that stays outside of the water at 110°. PS : The IMOCA and the mini rules work approx. the same : the way their stability rules are written promote high freeboard (at least for the part that's in the water at the measuring angle), because there is no minimal weight. The Class 40 rule, with its minimal weight that is not very difficult to obtain and its prescribed range of stability at 90°, promotes to lower the freeboard and reduce sheerline volume, hence the full-length sheerline cutouts that you see on all Class 40 modern designs.
  11. RedFlag

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    That is utter bullshit... Pogos react just like any other boat : more weight = less speed. They just have more speed than the others to begin with ! To think that the guys at Finot-Conq don't also consider the boat at full load is just plain stupid. The whole talk about how Pogos would be more sensitive to weight than other boats is just a "commercial" argument invented by the competition who can't build boats this light...
  12. RedFlag


    Wow ! A lot's been going on in 6 years, for sure... Can you imagine 4Mb was too big for internet storage ! Just kidding ! I thought we needed a reminder of the reason for this thread...
  13. RedFlag


    Bump from page 5... Shame on you, guys !