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  1. aucklander

    100% foiled races?

    Oh to understand the crazy mind of Stingray! The changing narrative, repeated over and over, eventually becomes ones truth. I'm sure you've been reading psychology text books, because this repetition does indeed work for the self. ETNZ won the America's cup only because of a lucky wind range
  2. aucklander


    FFS, things must have changed around here - I agree with almost all of what you and Jaysper are saying....
  3. aucklander

    Team NZ

    Congratulations team. Amazing job. So so proud today
  4. aucklander

    Team NZ

    I'm keeping my celebrations locked up. A boat series isn't over till the last race. Every race oracle come out with a clean slate. They can absolutely win. This time I don't think they will, but people have short memories....
  5. aucklander

    Oracle Team USA

    Hey Newbie When i see a new guy posting only when their team gets a win, I think of all the fairweather supporters out there in the world Wanker
  6. aucklander

    Team NZ

    Go ETNZ. Time to bring it home!
  7. aucklander

    Team NZ

    Beautifully explained. And agreed, on rare occasions it might go wrong, but in most, the jobs are separated so the task is more manageable, plus you have two people who have worked together as a team for many years at the highest level of high performance yachting. Really... it's so obvious... if only we'd all have thought about it
  8. aucklander

    Team NZ

    yep, and I'm not absolving him from a level of blame - but the sources of that loss can be traced not only to the helm, but to tactics, to day to day management decisions, to how ETNZ showed their cards early. By your reasoning Spithill won the cup solo on his own decision making, whereas we know he took orders from Ainslie on where it was heading. We know Spithill didn't win it alone - just like we know Barker didn't lose it alone.
  9. aucklander

    Team NZ

    those decisions were not Barkers. That boat had a tactician on it. Barker should not be seen as the scapegoat, the 2013 loss had many sources - not just the helm.
  10. aucklander

    Team NZ

    I don't subscribe to this biggest comeback in sport thing. I've made the point before that once you reach a tipping point on speed, you will keep winning races, so I see major comebacks of this nature can't compete with comebacks in time constrained events. There have been soccer matches where comebacks have happened from seemingly impossible situations, with the clock ticking away. There have been major snooker finals (a game with far more followers than sailing) where a player has reversed enormous deficits - and done it without a magic cue. Yes, OR's comeback was incredibly painful, but anyone watching and analysing right from the first few races with an impartial eye could see it was also foreseeable - they were getting faster very quickly. Go watch Liverpool vs Milan in 2005 and tell me if that's not a greater comeback.
  11. aucklander

    Team NZ

    I very much doubt they are getting 'fitter' in this phase. Cycling at this level normally needs 18months + (ideally years) of base conditioning, before building to a peak (this is the peak). They'll have trained for this peak and will be just able to sustain this for this period and no longer (performance declines due to fatigue). In terms of drive methodology I guess they have some sort of chain/belt drive for each cyclist (belts are getting very good), almost certainly with a freewheel on the drive, all of which are acting independently (ie they don't need to cycle in sync). All driving pumps. Indio will know how the pump/pumps are then filling the accumulators and pressurizing the system. Bike gearing I don't know. They may have a low and high gear option, but they may have some sort of clutch which would enable them to just pedal at the speed they want. My guess though is their gearing is optimized at a certain cadence (leg rotation speed) and if they want more oil fast, it's their cadence that increases, not their gearing. I'm less certain on that last point though. My 2c
  12. aucklander

    Team NZ

    thank you for digging my old chestnut up, it's exactly what I believe too........ Reading that thread today made me smile - team_GBRs comments are some of my favourite of this whole cycle.
  13. aucklander

    Team NZ

    ETNZ have not even used all their power yet. Several posters have noted this too. There is plenty in the tank there if they need it. and I suspect the power can be directly translated to speed.
  14. aucklander

    Team NZ

    My evidence of OR having a power issue is they've installed a laughable aftermarket heath-robinson cycle station on the back of their boat. If that's not evidence, I don't know what is. I have to admit when i saw it i thought it was a hoax it was so bad, but no, they are so desperate for hydro they ran with it.
  15. aucklander

    Team NZ

    To paraphrase Alex ferguson. "Sailing. Bloody hell"