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  1. aucklander

    100% foiled races?

    Oh to understand the crazy mind of Stingray! The changing narrative, repeated over and over, eventually becomes ones truth. I'm sure you've been reading psychology text books, because this repetition does indeed work for the self. ETNZ won the America's cup only because of a lucky wind range
  2. aucklander


    FFS, things must have changed around here - I agree with almost all of what you and Jaysper are saying....
  3. aucklander

    Oracle Team USA

    Hey Newbie When i see a new guy posting only when their team gets a win, I think of all the fairweather supporters out there in the world Wanker
  4. aucklander

    Oracle Team USA

    Wrong thread post
  5. aucklander

    Team UK

    BAR made a few mistakes, and I maintain that most with an external eye will see that an incredible olympic sailor in class x does not necessarily make an incredible ceo and leader of a team of 100 people in class y. But one thing that BAR can't be faulted for, is that it is undoubtedly and unashamedly British. Hats off to them for that.
  6. aucklander

    Team UK

    BTW i'm now going to withdraw from the argument with the troll, i'm well aware this is a thread hijack and I unreservedly apologise to Team UK supporters. As per my earlier post, I wish the team well and I hope they come back, in whatever location, and in whatever form. Go well.
  7. aucklander

    Team UK

    You may well LOL, but people are LOL'ing at you ..... because every year sponsors have paid to have their stickers on the hulls, sails, wings and rudders of NZ boat since the 90s.
  8. aucklander

    Team UK

    Grow some balls. The AC is about trying to win an exceptionally difficult prize, not the sustainability of the masses - it's that fact that makes it so beguiling and so utterly incredible to win. If you are not going in it to win, and if your team can't persuade someone with deep pockets you are good enough (something team NZ have consistently done) with all due respect, don't enter.
  9. aucklander

    Team UK

    it won't be in monohulls. it would be in Auckland. I don't really think you have much of an idea of what an interconnected world looks like. What I do know is this - that the Bermuda based americas cup has attracted only marginally more than zero press in the UK, and that most Americans feel shame that an American team has chosen to defend in an offshore tax haven. And yes, I track The Mail, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Indi etc in the UK. The lack of quality and quantity of articles for coverage is incredible. So all those crying about Euro sponsorship and exposure that would be lost by going to Auckland and not in the North American / European timezone are talking bullshit. Racing in Auckland, or Southampton, or Freo, or Sydney, or Newport would all work in terms of coverage - there would simply be more bums on seats to stoke interest from those places. Racing in Bermuda is dumb from a sponsorship point of view - the only thing Bermuda is good for is it's tax status for those unwilling to pay their way, and a decent lagoon. But there are plenty of lagoons around the South Pacific. I've been to them. Returning to Auckland, I know how many A380s and 777s come into AKL every day, anyone who lives in the city sees them - this is an interconnected global city where major organisations have offices. So nice try if you think an AC won't work in AKL. It would. If ETNZ win (though I'm well aware they are not favourites) Auckland would be perfectly able to host a world class event in what is a world class global city. And yes. I've been to, and stayed in Augsburg on more than one occasion if you need me to have a frame of reference. I even had a nice time there, but global.....
  10. aucklander

    Team UK

    True! NZ is a rural backwater that no one visits and can't host a sporting event.... yeah right.
  11. aucklander

    Team UK

    All over Land Rover. Well done to win a race today though. Come back again, stronger, and hopefully to New Zealand. Go well
  12. aucklander

    Team UK

    100% agree above. In my wildest dreams I'd like to see a UK team as a winner of a challenger series in Auckland.... but then, I really am ahead of myself Whatever, I don't think many of us want to see this team go down only because of gear breakages.
  13. aucklander


    Are you guys fucking crazy? You are giving someone a clinical diagnosis label because of their dedication to a sport????
  14. aucklander

    Team UK

    funnily enough I agree with most of your points above. I also originally considered that modular management of the tips would be the standard way teams would deal with optimization for conditions, working around the % change rules. It seems obvious right? While it seems unlikely at this stage that any team would not be trying out their best foils (you may yourself have argued this had a long learning curve) it would be a truly audacious move to whip out a set of fast tips hidden under a tarp and say, 'lets just slip these puppies on and take off the 2 by 4 planks.....', in the knowledge that you've been testing them in tanks in Southampton and have been assured they're control capabilities are the same...... I think it's an unlikely, but an interesting thought.
  15. aucklander

    Team UK

    Northern Ireland will Brexit with the rest of the UK, of which it is part. Brexit is happening to the UK (I won't dig into every side point of that again), and it affects the constituent components of the UK, at a simplified level to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is a special case with Northern Ireland because it has a free border with another EU country (Ireland), but it does not affect the fact that NI, will be part of Brexit (whereas Ireland most certainly won't).