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  1. Yes it was.... I've been offline for a few days and was thinking this through. I believe this hydraulic fluid can be put to very good use if required. Those cyclists are going to seriously hurt of my assumptions are correct
  2. That's certainly an interesting viewpoint, but it looks to me that the history of any Australian team in the AC over the past few decades is hardly a stellar one. They even conspired to have to withdraw after being a COR. success indeed.
  3. Are you guys fucking crazy? You are giving someone a clinical diagnosis label because of their dedication to a sport????
  4. No one will sandbag the pre starts. Fast teams will sand bag the main legs when they know they are faster.....
  5. funnily enough I agree with most of your points above. I also originally considered that modular management of the tips would be the standard way teams would deal with optimization for conditions, working around the % change rules. It seems obvious right? While it seems unlikely at this stage that any team would not be trying out their best foils (you may yourself have argued this had a long learning curve) it would be a truly audacious move to whip out a set of fast tips hidden under a tarp and say, 'lets just slip these puppies on and take off the 2 by 4 planks.....', in the knowledge that you've been testing them in tanks in Southampton and have been assured they're control capabilities are the same...... I think it's an unlikely, but an interesting thought.
  6. I admire your faith in corinthian values. The mind works in strange ways - when JS gets behind the wheel of that OR boat he wants only one thing and that is to win the AC. His tolerance of risk racing France will low, he know's he's going to win, why should he risk his boat. His tolerance of risk racing ETNZ will be high, he doesn't want to get beaten and anyway, he probably has a back up boat. It's human behaviour exacerbated by testosterone flooding into the brain at the peak of sport.
  7. It's not tin foil. You might not be old enough to have seen Motor racing incidents between senna and Prost, and the antics of schumacher in his prime - these were truly life threatening. The rules are tilted to give a huge advantage to OR and it would surprise me enormously if they did not up their risk quotient on teams that are a a genuine challenger to them in the match.
  8. bravely said, and 100% agree. Making it a joke or minimising it exacerbates the problem.
  9. ^completely agree Foyle. It's also at these times at the start of a design cycle (assuming these boats will last) where smaller teams have the greatest chance of stumbling on/ exploring an unused corner of the rule to get maximum advantage. Once a few cycles are through, the big gains are over and it becomes making 1% gains everywhere. As tech advances, these 1% gains will be more and more found by those with the greatest data processing and design tools (at least in the boat itself, but also in the athletes). Any team, and especially teams who can harness that start up mentatlity (ETNZ are good at this) have a better chance in this cycle than they will in future cycles to take it away from a defender.
  10. Northern Ireland will Brexit with the rest of the UK, of which it is part. Brexit is happening to the UK (I won't dig into every side point of that again), and it affects the constituent components of the UK, at a simplified level to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is a special case with Northern Ireland because it has a free border with another EU country (Ireland), but it does not affect the fact that NI, will be part of Brexit (whereas Ireland most certainly won't).
  11. ^ I think that is fairly likely. There is no way the bodged cycle system we saw on the back of the OR boat is going into production....
  12. I've seen this before, and it's the best attempt I've ever seen at explaining the quagmire
  13. Mostly right but not quite. Part (Northern Ireland) of the Island of Ireland is part of the UK, and part of it (Republic of Ireland) is not...... Truly, it is a mindboggling scenario that is not helped by historical change, strange sporting affiliations, and erroneous common usage.
  14. To everyone back there, all our thoughts from nz
  15. In this case I was helping out someone from another country in Europe very likely not to understand the vagaries of the various political and geographical combinations of those islands off the coast of continental europe. I also got it right.... while GB is strangely used for naming sports teams, you are correct in that it very much annoys those people who live in areas which are not the Island of Britain, yet are in the political union of the UK. GB as a political unit ceased some point about 200 years ago. While the name is in common usage, it's not correct in the terms that Alinghi4eva was trying to discuss (I'm not for one moment being critical of him). What we maybe can all agree on is that it is a very complex issue to understand, that the link provided by Foil Arms and Hogg is a fun way of introducing the madness, and the U is indeed at some risk...... In summary though, returning to the actual point, if BA needed to create a sailing team with those of a specific nationality, his remit would be the UK, not the Island of Britain. Anyway, who said I was a foreigner?