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  1. Teams?

    FFS, things must have changed around here - I agree with almost all of what you and Jaysper are saying....
  2. That's absolutely right. If OR had a faster boat, and have sailed it better, and the breeze would have been different, OR might have won. FFS, you can't make this shit up.
  3. I've not read that 2003 report before. Great reading.
  4. Hauraki Gulf wind statistics

    In answer to the original question, I had a look around for really good wind stats and found them quite hard to find (I failed). This was a few year ago, with a quality bar of downloadable readings that could be used for proper analysis. Might be possible now from Bean Rock but have not looked
  5. Hauraki Gulf wind statistics

    Good question. There is no real 'hauraki gulf proper', rather many sections which have some commonality. As others have said, anything in the inner section is heavily dominated by wind against tide and is very shifty, but would create incredible TV opportunities. I'm not sure they translate to real viewing from land opps unless very close in, between the bridge and north head. This area might be out as it's too tight and too much wind against tide variation. that likely leads back to the old Americas cup course. It's a beautiful area to sail, but still misses the backdrop of Auckland centre. Maybe j need more imagination!
  6. Why was TNZ faster ?

    I can't be bothered arguing with you - you have far too much time on your hands to wear me down. I'm just calling you out on the constant derogatory nature,you'll easily be able to trawl through your 20,000 posts to find a viewpoint to suit your argument, but I'm not giving the time of day to go finding every negative comment or backhanded or sly comment you've made - I'd be here all day. Anyone who's been a regular in here knows your spin, the name didn't stick for nothing.
  7. Why was TNZ faster ?

    For years, you constantly chip away at NZ, associating cheating to the team, constant digging at decisions, belittling the country, individuals, Sorry mate, I'm over it. Look back at the nasty pattern of your posts. Give some fricken credit, show some humility and lose the chip on that shoulder.
  8. Why was TNZ faster ?

    Absolutely spot on
  9. Live Racing Thread

    Mate. Now is the time to step back and look at the shit he has taken for years. He has done more than any man to win the cup for New Zealand. Go whine a bit more, but I'm going to enjoy the win. We all saw the shit talk from Russell and jimmy when they were winning, dalton owes these people who tried to get him fired nothing. Nothing at all.
  10. Team NZ

    Congratulations team. Amazing job. So so proud today
  11. Team NZ

    I'm keeping my celebrations locked up. A boat series isn't over till the last race. Every race oracle come out with a clean slate. They can absolutely win. This time I don't think they will, but people have short memories....
  12. The Presser

    It's clear jimmy is not a complete arse. Most of the arses around this event are posting on here, particularly when they attack individuals. We've all done it
  13. Live Racing Thread

    It ain't over, but so stoked about this team. Just everything we wanted them to be. close it out tomorrow.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Hey Newbie When i see a new guy posting only when their team gets a win, I think of all the fairweather supporters out there in the world Wanker