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  1. Go ETNZ. Time to bring it home!
  2. Beautifully explained. And agreed, on rare occasions it might go wrong, but in most, the jobs are separated so the task is more manageable, plus you have two people who have worked together as a team for many years at the highest level of high performance yachting. Really... it's so obvious... if only we'd all have thought about it
  3. yep, and I'm not absolving him from a level of blame - but the sources of that loss can be traced not only to the helm, but to tactics, to day to day management decisions, to how ETNZ showed their cards early. By your reasoning Spithill won the cup solo on his own decision making, whereas we know he took orders from Ainslie on where it was heading. We know Spithill didn't win it alone - just like we know Barker didn't lose it alone.
  4. those decisions were not Barkers. That boat had a tactician on it. Barker should not be seen as the scapegoat, the 2013 loss had many sources - not just the helm.
  5. My apologies - i missed that Well, I admire that sentiment, to be honest I'd accept it, but shit it would cause some court battles and caterwauling from those who think NZ are going back to the dark ages. I fully agree that your all or nothing approach is better than a half baked sailors only solution, so I'm with you on that. I also think Nationality is THE thing that brings audiences, and therefore long term sponsorship to the table. If BAR gets success with UK sailors in the long run, perhaps then we see ongoing interest in the team. For sure I think an Aussie challenge would be well supported, as could a US team. Perhaps "passport at the time of the last cup being won" could be a mark of what nationality you are. Problems would however come with partnerships tooling (software and hardware), and consultancy - how would this be solved/policed? I think as an Aussie you'll know how much your country would get behind it, as we do here in NZ with a very kiwi team. It brings in far more interest in this respect to the total audience when there is something to pin a flag to., engineering and sailing wise
  6. So how far do you spread? Sailors only? Shore crew? Designers? Tooling? Parts? It gets really hard to make it workable, because the race is not one design it means the non sailors are just as critical
  7. You know, I know someone else who writes like this....
  8. I would once have agreed, but I don't. We are a nation of immigrants, many of us were not born here but are proud New Zealanders with New Zealand families. I used to support nationality rules, but I've yet to see anyone write down a solution which stacks up to be workable, ethical or legal. the best I can see is that you create a culture and then hire people who best fit that culture, in that way you will get your local country heavily represented. BAR and ETNZ both fulfill that extremely well.
  9. My 2c 1. We have not won it yet, so this is speculation 2. New Zealand as a country is excellent at developing new ideas to market 3. Refinement is a rich mans game. Exploring the corners even deeper of an area already well explored for the marginal gains is better achieved by big organisations, not common in New Zealand . I genuinely think it would be to new Zealand's benefit to have some significant modifications to the class, while retaining areas they believe they have unique strength in. There will be many high risk areas of innovation that have yet to make it into the boat, probably things that would have significant speed benefit.
  10. I considered that for 5 seconds. Then I decided that if you simply milled away the boards all structural integrity would be gone and the board would simply break up. The tables won't be turned by boards alone anyway. As we can all see, nz have more oil, and have designed more control systems to utilise the oil. unless it blows hard and we get lottery conditions, I believe it's over for OR
  11. Yes this has been heavily discussed and you are right. Essentially hunting after a teams power reserves. A nice trick to play if you need it.
  12. The issue of minus the human execution probably deserves to not be in brackets ... given it's that component that would have been outside the rules. BTW, I agree with agood deal of your analysis on control systems - OR have no time to duplicate that, but you seem to suggest ETNZ have something to be ashamed of by doing anything and everything within rules, What was alluded to, rightly or wrongly in AC34, was that OR was outside the rules. That discussion has been over and over though - so not going to argue it out again.
  13. Being right is a binary system though. is it legal and within rules? then nothing to see. Do you see anything wrong with it, assuming it's true?
  14. While I agree there is no evidence that OR are stronger in higher winds, I do think at the top of the wind range the level of unpredictability (capsize, gear failure, penalties) is much higher, and therefore the outcome is likely to be less predictable too.
  15. Correct. A high wind 'russian roulette day' is likely to have an unpredictable outcome. But that's the competition rules, and if ETNZ get beaten by a series of high wind days, then that's being beaten fair and square, and I'll take that on the chin.