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  1. JimBowie

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    Well, as this thread runs its life-cycle, looks like my 35 knots is top dog, or at least tied, with the other claims, assuming a 10% bullshit factor. Makes that saying "Sail Fast, Live Slow" relevant.
  2. JimBowie

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    655 knts? Where does the decimal point go however? 6.55? lmao
  3. With all the talk about top speed being inspired by the new generation of foilers, let's play a game of "mine's bigger than yours". Rules are simple: you must post a top speed you actually achieved. Anything counts, multis, mono, foilers etc. On the count of one, two, three....post: Mine: 35 knots, per pitot-tube, on RC 27 catamaran, 2 up on Corpus Christi Bay 1990. Was scared shitless all way across the bay hitting high 20s. Entered flat water ship channel and Vmax wind and it lite-up to 35. No rush, no strain, just pure speed. Didn't last but minute but OMG, unreal. Never been as fast since...most likely never will...unless get invite to fly on AC 36.
  4. JimBowie

    Paradigm Shift...or Same Ole Same Ole?

    You got it all assbackwards. I didn't mention killing anything. I've proudly raced PHRF my entire 36 year career. In fact, I plan to studiously avoid high level one design since too many damn pros spoil the class.
  5. Andy just never get the message does he?
  6. JimBowie


    Wide-ass boat, carrying max beam longest distance possible = more righting moment = more power = more speed = more win (maybe)
  7. JimBowie

    Fduck Foiling!

  8. JimBowie

    When to go out, When to stay in

    Stay home! Stay safe! Live to sail another day! Better to sit safely at home pounding away on SA forums than experience the pounding of the surf under your keel and wind messing up your wife's hairdoo! Think about it man!!
  9. JimBowie

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Yes, and wouldn't a six-pack of those on charter for NOOD look really really good in couple cold dreary months?
  10. JimBowie


    My take is that phatt-bottom fugly girl is gonna be shit hard to get up onto her dancing legs...but...once she's up...watch-out! Her girth means she can carry more power longer, and with less heel, than her svelte looking sisters. Like Zappa said "Dynamo, Dynamo if you can, your little sister will".
  11. JimBowie

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Sure, lots easier to make a 400# catamaran foil than a monoslug leadbellied Melges, but that's not my point. Foiling has so much power, the #1800 Melges won't matter and the foil can be so tiny it won't seem feasible, but facts is facts.
  12. JimBowie

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Within a decade at the latest. I believe the 1992 designed Melges 24 will have a retrofit with 5 years. Once this cycle of AC ends in March 2021 in Auckland, the knowledge base of foiling monohulls will be sufficient to begin designing new and retrofit kits for select classes. I doubt you'll ever see a J24 foil.
  13. JimBowie

    US Sailing OD Survey

    I guess it was the late 90s last time I pasted a US Sailing sticker to my car or gave shit about their existence. Having suffered too many years in the hinterlands watching all the glory and $$$ go to: a) Miami, b) Rhode Island or c) anywhere but here, I don't send them money nor love.
  14. So the nasty title pulled you in here, now answer the question. With 50 applicants, including our beloved Ed himself, the LE has GOT to be cool, right? https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registrant_list.php?regatta_id=17878&custom_report_id=2&SORTBY=HANDICAP,ORC_PLD
  15. JimBowie

    Paradigm Shift...or Same Ole Same Ole?

    Shoot me already. I see small, incremental changes here and there. By in large though, same old same old. Hate to see it shrink, along with everything else!