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  1. JimBowie

    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Cool ride. Tippy canoe hull shape
  2. They lost the Presidency the House and the Senate. Minority Leader Mitch Bitch wants Majority Leader Schumer to agree to keeping super majority of 60 to pass bills. What say ye Chuck? "Fuck off!"
  3. JimBowie

    Hey Republicans: Fuck Your Feelings

    "let the healing begin" For the rest of you Republicunts, take off your shirts and line up behind the wood shed...your new masta, Madame Vice President, would like a word with the whip and you scum bags.....
  4. JimBowie

    phrf boats

    The Fun 23 is a GREAT boat...if you live in FRANCE...and like tippy canoes from the 80s...that suck in US PHRF...especially in chop and breeze. I've owned and raced two of them. Both sucked. I'm slow learner. Went on to highly successful J22 PHRF racing. Loved it. Of the two get the Santana 23 for frigging sure.
  5. JimBowie


    Tiny proa challenging for the NYC to SF route record https://share.garmin.com/82X63?fbclid=IwAR24YKgtIiW0CX1d8qT1gS0XrNKI9kLgrexi0ovxfmYlqTxZ9RoH_ZOad78
  6. JimBowie

    Seascape 18

    Wow Bennie is mighty proud of them Firsts. Think I will stick to used Melges thank you
  7. Can we all agree The Donald could use of little hydro-therapy to rehab his bad habits?
  8. JimBowie

    1/20/2021 The beginning of Civil War?

  9. Trumpers preparing for 1776 II https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/acting-defense-secretary-orders-nsa-director-to-immediately-install-former-gop-operative-as-the-agencys-top-lawyer/2021/01/16/b3e06a02-5837-11eb-a931-5b162d0d033d_story.html
  10. JimBowie

    Cheap PHRF Killer For Sale

    Cruising the want ads, this jewel shows up. Probably the best deal in North America for someone wishing to clean some clock on Wednesday evenings and collect some weekend pickle dishes. I have no interest nor stake in the game. Not my cup of tea whatsoever. Some luck buyer will end 2021 with silver https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/s2-9-1-special-edition-2/
  11. JimBowie

    Arnold: Republicans are ‘spineless’

    Many consider him just a mere RINO married to Hollywood DemocRAT elite. I consider him an American hero. Wish he could morph into Terminator and wipe out the NeoNazis.
  12. JimBowie

    what is it?

    Something 99.99% of us could never afford nor sail.
  13. JimBowie

    Worth less than ?

    If Trump awarded it: worth less than WARM SPIT.
  14. No one, and I mean no one, is extending an invite to Donnie to visit on his last week soiling the office of President. Even Pompous Ass Pompeo is getting DO NOT VISIT signs from EU and elsewhere. A band of Pariahs if ever one existed. Since we've all used the Hitler Nazi analogy for Donnie and Team for four years, it's fitting we're seeing same exodus as the Nazis in June 1945 scurrying off to South America. Senator Seditious (Cruz) will soon be tossed under the Donnie Bus and Mitch is running as hard away as possible. With 6 years of Senator left, Moscow Mitch has no use for the Donald. Then there's Texas. How appropriate Donnie landed in the Valley and went to Alamo Texas (not The Alamo in San Antonio) for his last stand. Outcome will be the same. A complete antihalation of his four years in office. Let the Party Begin! Below: Senator Seditious views with disdain his soiled leader Der Groppenfuhr (he seemed so much larger in 2016)