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  1. JimBowie

    Old School Rules

    Finally, a marquee event with more Melges 24's registered than J70's. That hasn't happened in a decade since the 70 appeared. What does this say about the staying power of sporties? https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=5890 (subject to change)
  2. JimBowie

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Sweat this thing looks like a cross between a 210 and Melges 20. Wonder how that submarine shaped bow will do in rough water pouring over the bow beating upwind in anything other than the flattest of water. One thing about the destroyer-like profile of the Melges 24 is the bow is always above waterline even with 200+ lbs sitting on the bow.
  3. JimBowie

    drop the drops

    Wankers and whiners.
  4. JimBowie

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    The RS 21 is not cheap, but at about $10K more than VX-1 it's a more user-friendly package for oldsters. The RS, Seascape, Melges or VX 1 are all great boats.
  5. JimBowie

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    But that name...JESSE JAMES. Hahahahaha
  6. JimBowie

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Where I sail, the RS 21 would look like this going to weather in our typical 22kt breeze on the bow:
  7. JimBowie

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Not ALL men! Just canoe paddlers....lol
  8. JimBowie

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    And one of the perbs is named "Jesse James"? LMFAO
  9. JimBowie

    i touch myself

    For the middle-aged rep with wife and kids, he views the lone female on board as his prize and he feels entitled to claim that prize sometime around Friday night so he can fly home Saturday (on someone else's nickel) and hug his ugly bridge back home. Allowing Pros into our so-called "Corinthian" sport reeks of NCAA D-1 basketball. Something is very rotten in Denmark of Sailing.
  10. JimBowie

    2018 Fareast 28R Worlds

    Could I get a Chicken Kung Pao with dirty rice and side of sauce?
  11. JimBowie

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    5 adults in the cockpit? Unbelievable it can carry that many comfy. Impressed. What will not be impressive is going to weather in short steep chop on a breezy day. That low assed bow and little to no buoyancy in the bow = submarine ride.
  12. JimBowie

    caption contest

    Texas strange? Haha. Yup and the saying "Keep Austin Weird" is a motto worth living by. But...back to the photos...funniest shit I ever did see. Almost gagged when I first saw it. Don't know I'll ever eat another corndawg again. BTW: why they start calling the old game of bean bag "cornhole" all a sudden?
  13. JimBowie

    caption contest

    All I know is he must be related somehow to our former fave Gubinator down here Texas way. LMFAO. Cool or Homo? Fer sure HOMO.
  14. JimBowie

    Is tempesta cooll?

    Down-under the Ozzie's got a term for the Tempesta's of the world: "Wanker".
  15. JimBowie

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    Similar? As in performance? Should the FE28 be rated same/diff than M32?