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  1. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Kudos to SSC for getting their regatta notices out nice and early. Sounds like a gig to me. I know me and "Byte Me!" will be in attendance. E tu? https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/20318 https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/20319
  2. JimBowie

    Is this gay?

    On the weight room stuff looks gay...but, hey, we're foiling, why not pumping? I guess Hans and Franz would think it's gay https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/pumping-up-with-hans-and-franz/n10121
  3. JimBowie

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    We had a local hack back in the 80s who took everything he entered. His 35' was rated 90 when the national average was 78. How did that happen you ask? PHRF politics. He was well loved by the in crowd and claimed his boat had the keel whacked off 18" to fit our shallow bay. Since the boat never left the water except for late night bottom jobs the claim modification could never be confirmed. He sold the boat and had it pulled well after dark on a Sunday night and shipped well outta state. That's when I decided one-design was the WTG. -been there, seen that
  4. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Indeed I've already received messages to that effect. Most of my dingy needs will be satisfied locally so I'm picking my travel dates sparingly and to event that have good history of actually happening. The Seabrook and Austin events directly conflict, but so does Seabrook and Houston HOOD. Guess we'll just have to find common ground. Back to the old question, for overall is it a set number of specific regattas or a minimum number of any regattas? We need to discuss cuz the season's here and my boat's ready.
  5. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Here's my personal campaign planner based on poking around all the possible club websites. Two in Dallas, two in houston and one in new braunfels Texas Centerboard Circuit 2020 1. RCYC Spring Dingyfest—April 25-26 2. Seabrook Sailing Club Summer Solstice—June 20-21 3. RCYC Fall Dingyfest—September 19-20 4. Seabrook Sailing Club—October 17 5. LCYC Wurstfest—November 7-8
  6. JimBowie

    Melges 24 Hull 1

    sounds interesting...fall time i suppose
  7. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    My personal schedule is RCYC Spring and Fall and SSC Dingyfest June. Maybe AYC fall.and bunch LCYC Sundays
  8. JimBowie

    junior thug life

    Hey, Scotter. Time for Raz to be flicked for violating rule #1: no pedophilia
  9. JimBowie

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    Your last three criteria matched perfectly with the Megabyte
  10. JimBowie

    Melges 24 solo mods

    The 5.70 is claimed bullet-proof. I know they held a championship in a fleet of them, I believe at Richmond YC, this summer and its was a kluster-fck as parts broke left and right. They're getting old and no builder, so make friends with your local boat repair / machinist dudes.
  11. JimBowie

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    The Laser for Seniors too young to retire
  12. JimBowie

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    I just had the modern carbon fiber beauty delivered to my lake house: https://www.megabyteclass.org/forum/for-sale/sold-2003-mk1-megabyte-in-florida
  13. JimBowie

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    Here's everything you need and desire at 1/2 to 1/4 the price of the others mentioned here. There's couple in the forum for sale and one here on the Anarchy as well https://www.megabyteclass.org/
  14. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Liking looks this
  15. JimBowie

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    It's official. Bring it on, ladies You paid $20.00 USD to Texas Centerboard Circuit