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  1. SailRacer

    Caption Contest

    That is funny
  2. SailRacer

    Tuna 20

    Anybody race one? At PHRF 222 they are kicking (our) ass here in lake Norman. Should everybody get one? just askiin’ sail Safe
  3. SailRacer

    'Catch ride' and end for end gybing

    Make sure to have a one on one with the guy trimmer prior to racing. He/ she needs to ease the guy prior to stacking it on the winch. how much? You TELL him. Try some float drop takedowns and Gybe sets for practice. have fun and keep your teeth. Sail Safe!
  4. SailRacer

    ClubSwan 36

    With 185lb weight limit each, guess I am out. Sail Safe!
  5. SailRacer

    AYC Spring Series 2019

    That was the first thing I thought.. sail safe!
  6. So what is wrong with this boat? looks pretty well cared for. Is the bottom toast? Sail Safe!
  7. SailRacer

    Anarchists in Chucktown

    I will meet you aft of mid ships to discuss the 26 other boats in our PHRF division. Looks like the long course is 36 mi.. (gonna need more than a 6 pack)... Sail Safe!
  8. SailRacer

    CRW 2019

    I hear Clean is buying drinks at Salty Mike’s Thursday at 1500 Sail Safe
  9. SailRacer

    CRW 2019

    12 days and a wake up! what do you think of this years setup? Sail Safe!
  10. SailRacer

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    Boom Boom room at the Cooke House Sail Safe!
  11. SailRacer

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Time to make choices Question: 1. Carbon rig or aluminum? 2. Tiller or wheel? 3. Ballast tanks or not? boat will be bouy raced for Wednesday nights (full crew), a few double handed and less fully crewed medium distance races Per year (maybe a BDA?). my thought is: carbon, tiller, ballast, single rudder. Ps. it is also not my $$$ What say you? SailSafe
  12. SailRacer

    What is the best heel/pitch angle?

    Depends on your hull form. IMHO Generally, in light air (1-7kts) you want to induce heel to: 1 help the sails take natural shape 2 reduce wetted surface and increase waterline length. 3. Point higher due to hull shape touching water. any more breeze and you want to start to flatten the boat to her optimum heel angle. SAIL SAFE
  13. SailRacer

    Go Fund My fuck up.

    Looks like another Void Ho type thing it did make it to The Little Red Lighthouse under the GW bridge though.. lots of heavy metal running through there. maybe we should just go after the donators and ask for $. I want a Mod 70. sail safe
  14. SailRacer

    Reluctance to fly the Y Flag

    So last weekend we raced the last two races of a Icicle Series. Wind steady 17- with gusts to 25. temp 45 f water 50 f boats less than 30 ft on inland lake with some of the boats newer to racing. No Y flag was flown for either race. I spoke to a past Commodore about it and she went on and on on how if Y is flown it could bring legal issues of liability. My only thought was WTF? Is this a trend? ps one boat did have a MOB prior to racing and was retrieved by a fisherman in good health. Sail Safe
  15. SailRacer

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    What about a trolling motor if it suits you? motor safe