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  1. Rules question

    Remember the string
  2. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Well, The hearing was today. There were multiple boats up for discussion (J70,Ranger22,Tanzer22, Ranger 28, Catalina 30, Catilina 315) when it was my turn I did the following: Thanked the board for their time. Read (surmised) the owners letter to the board describing: crew experience, sail rotation, running rigging, winches and bottom prep. Mentioned that there are 3 (Tall mast, deep keel and standard) versions of the boat in the USA and not all regions indicate them the same. Let them know that the boat has had the same rating since 2007 on the lake. Of the past 170 races I have crewed on the boat, 21 of them were only our class (non-spin), and the majority of them less than 45 min elapsed. 149 of those races, only 3/4 of them counted towards series standing due to throw outs. Therefore, there was no clear observed performance to justify a change in my opinion ( I know it was a stretch but) that is what I said. ~~~ I fully understand that: A 3 sec/ mile adjustment is one minute in 20 miles. I will advise the board's decision but I think we got dinged. Sail safe
  3. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Up for discussion are multiple boats including ours for 3 sec hit. Besides sailing faster, I might just bring some oatmeal cookies to the meeting.
  4. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    This is all good info thanks. packet of info we are working with contain info on crew experience, sail rotation, running rigging, winches and bottom prep. There are 3 versions of the boat in the USA and not all regions indicate them the same so it makes it tough to make a case. a graph might be detrimental as a large amount of the finishes had us ahead by a large amount. Picking the correct side to start and keeping clear air have worked well for us. No other choice here but PHRF. I understand the premise of just going out and beat them on the water but I think this is a real learning process (good or bad). getting another boat is not an option as owner plans to be buried in it. Sail Safe!
  5. Need ideas (that have worked in the past) on how to convince the newish group of handicappers from dinging a boat that has done well for the past 8 years. Existing rating is same as 'similar' light air locations. 40+ yr old Mulls design has been well cared for and has adjusting genoa cars and backstay and bottom cleaned regularly. Thought it a good idea to ask (but if LR is here, maybe not). Flame away and Sail Safe!
  6. STC Block Island Race...who's In

    Be Safe Have Fun!
  7. EDLU 2017

    What he said above
  8. AYC Spring Series 2017

    VC Offshore blue, then 400 wet, burnished with bronze wool. Sail Safe!
  9. Barging question

    You can go both head to wind prior to the start. Leeward boat rules. I think
  10. AYC Spring Series 2017

    I had a great time last weekend from Charlotte and did not even make it to the club (like the old days at Maritime). Pic is from the week before. Great work on the East Course. Sail safe
  11. J-29 tips

    Good luck! I admire your plan. P.S. PBR works too
  12. J-29 tips

    Snagg must be respected Nuff Said
  13. Charelston Race Week- Weather and Team Gear

    Mark, your forecast was spot on. Finishing seconds between boats after 16 or 18mi race is a cool type of racing. We had a great time! Some, are still there waiting for Salty Mikes to open.. Sail Safe!
  14. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Stop making sense.
  15. Charelston Race Week- Weather and Team Gear

    Let CORA members race free!