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  1. SailRacer

    Evelyn 32 - Bristol, RI

    I like it if the purchase price is very low. Doyle main and Genoa look ok (from here) as well as the S1. Somebody keep us informed if it sells. Sail Safe!
  2. Rando - We love you on or off the water. Do not forget that. Sail Safe!
  3. SailRacer

    Ro Ro Rolls Over in Georgia

    My Alumni page wrote up about this project and how they plan to cut her up. 99% of Marine industry professionals say this will end very badly using the last 2 ships they tried to cut up as examples. Remember, the ship was not designed to hold the weight of the cargo in its present state. It will get out of hand quickly and I hope nobody gets hurt if that happens. Anybody ever hear of OPA 90'? Sail Safe
  4. SailRacer

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    Listen Bob, it is horses for courses and you know it. Some boats are dry, some bring only enough for 1 beer each for after finishing, some bring a keg. I think the chances of someone getting hurt goes up with each beer they have and this can get very expensive quickly. That said, I plan to have one tomorrow, maybe one after each rounding... Sail Safe
  5. Please Don' let the facts get in the way of a good Anarchy story. Sheesh
  6. SailRacer

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    I think There is a Pride 270 in Lake Norman NC now. They beat up on a couple of very well sailed boats last week. Hope to get a shot at them this weekend (in the rain of course ).. Sail safe!
  7. SailRacer

    J 36 mast rake

    But what about the optimum amount of mast rake ? That is what we want to know. This thread is no good without... Sail Safe!
  8. SailRacer

    J 36 mast rake

    I was lucky enough to race a J36 (Feather) for the first time this fall here in ORF. The boat had a running backstays and in 25+, we had them 'firmly snug' but not piano wire tight. Gave the J111 here a run for their $ on a boat built in 1986. I looked up the rig but, did not sight it from the dock to see how much rake she was running with. A fun boat to race on and very stable in a fresh breeze. Sail Safe!
  9. SailRacer

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Party of 13 on the bow - Keep her going I bet the helicopter flying above does not help. Sail Safe!
  10. SailRacer

    Gill gloves - sizes

    Santa gave me a pair of 3/4 length Gill gloves for X-MAS. Size was XL but, I tried to put them on and felt like O.J. (too small). Any other suggestions besides Home Depot? Sail Safe!
  11. SailRacer

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    Oh, what everybody above said and HAVE FUN! PS SAIL SAFE!
  12. SailRacer

    Winter storage in scituate mass

    Depends where you are. City Island - Barons or what's his name's favorite Consolidated. YMMV
  13. SailRacer

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    Strange, i went yesterday to buy some sheet metal. Found it in less than pristine condition. Took it to the “pro” desk and asked for a discount. Got 70% off. bob is your uncle. Sail Safe!