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  1. SailRacer

    Retro boat JOJ30 Advice!

    Show us the GIRL then, we talk..
  2. SailRacer

    phrf boats

    My shins / knees hurt just thinking of J24. Maybe a J80 OD at 114 might be more ergonomic.. Have fun! Sail safe!
  3. SailRacer

    Evelin 26 FR - Line drawings

    Well we are doing a 'distance' race this weekend of 10-15 miles on an inland lake. Some of the other players are J88,J29,H33,U20,Seascape 27,and an Oceanis 40. It will be interesting to see how we stack up (3 up) with a PHRF of 168.. Sail Safe!
  4. SailRacer

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    In other news: Los Angeles-Bound Maersk Essen Loses Some 750 Containers Overboard
  5. SailRacer

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    My first thought was to say, it is going to be cold! My wife from Bremerhaven / Hamburg also says 'There's no bad weather, only wrong clothing ". Enjoy the beer listed earlier. Just remember that there will be some for you when you get back to the dock. Sail safe
  6. It depends. If you are racing OD with OD sails and the OD rules say no Cat 3's on the helm then, it us up to them. I think Wed night racing should be more about getting EVERY single person (female) who wants to sail, out there. Grow the Sport Sail Safe!
  7. SailRacer

    Anchors Astern!!

    Can’t reach this page Dang
  8. SailRacer

    Best Foulies on the PLANET!

    I am not affiliated but, my wife found these as a replacement to my Gill/Musto/Line 7 (rubber) bibs and for the $ they have done very well. Sail Safe!
  9. So did the burgee actually change? Will CRW 2021 actually happen? Sail Safe!
  10. SailRacer

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    Reminds me of using a Daisy staysail as a drifter. How about having 1 just 1 hank on the head of the sail to put on the forestay and keep the chute halyard free? Sail safe!
  11. SailRacer

    Yet another Bene 'This or That'

    I understand the 10R is tough to race to it's PHRF rating. The 36.7 is well appointed below deck and you can cruise on her in modest comfort. Horses for courses. Sail safe!
  12. SailRacer

    Rate it

    I would give it a 7. it is a warmer place during the winter months and there is racing to be had about 11 months a year. Beaches are nice for those not on the boat. Traffic is getting worse with100+ moving to Mt. Pleasant every day. horses for courses, I guess
  13. SailRacer

    this pic needs a thread of it's own... have at it

    Maybe the planks are there to hold the tarp? Sail Safe!
  14. SailRacer

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    Good question Will. My answer is ‘it depends’. On where you load (cheapest) fuel that can take you across the Pacific and back combined with the cargo (loaded in multiple ports) that is generally heavier per unit from the USA (by a large margin). I could go on and on.. Safety is no accident.
  15. SailRacer

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    One common problem on these big ships is that the GoM or GM is too high and the Righting Lever is sometimes at 3+ meters. It creates a situation where the ship tends to whip from side to side and will rip a coffee cup out of your hand . The lashing bars/ twist locks are not made to withstand that much force. Another is Parametric Rolling where 2 entire wave cycles gets under the ship and her shoulder digs in about 20% aft of the bow and she rolls hard. Then, it all cascades as the top tiers go, and the ship is now more stiff and on and on. We own 515 ships over 1200ft long. You do the numbers as you order from that store. It will happen again unfortunately.. Be Aware, Be very aware & Sail Safe.