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  1. SailRacer

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading

    The lock down (imposed today) due to COVID will only make things fester and that is not good.
  2. SailRacer

    Yacht Transport USEC to STT 2021- Oct-ish

    Thanks for your help. (~~~). I thought I could get some help with companies here before I start calling. at 1400 mi, they would like to save on the wear and tear along the way.. (inc. 1600 gal of fuel). Asking for a friend who wants to keep the family speaking otherwise , I would have left yesterday.
  3. SailRacer

    Yacht Transport USEC to STT 2021- Oct-ish

    Sorry, USVI - St. Thomas and or St. John Thanks
  4. Looking for info from the SA masses.. Family member wants to ship his 50' Saberline (trawler) from Annapolis to St. Thomas Oct 2021. I remember Sevenstar does this, but I would like to give them other options if they do not want to make the trek on her own bottom. Cost effective Ideas - welcome thanks.
  5. SailRacer

    So me and my dad went and bought our first boat

    Great Job! 1. the boat did not sink 2. nobody got hurt Do some research and apply it. You will be hooked for life! Sail Safe!
  6. SailRacer

    New sailor question

  7. SailRacer

    Corrosion On Basse of Hall Alu Mast

    If you are taking the rig out anyway, I like the G10 option. Are you sure that the corrosion stops at 1/2 inch from the base? Either way, it is better to separate the metals from further corrosion IMHO. Sail Safe!
  8. SailRacer


    Wait, you are going to rip out the inboard or leave it in and hope that 3 or 6 sec will make a difference? Sail Safe!
  9. SailRacer

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    But, are results indicative of what a VPP would put out? A winning boat may just have: 1. A sorted boat AND bottom 2. Sailed well for the conditions or just went the correct way that first beat. Just say 'an. Sail Safe!
  10. SailRacer

    Daysailer for old people

    Harbor 20 - I bet there is one locally that needs to be sailed. Easy to motor, easy to sail. resale might be easy too. I raced a Stewart Knockabout (not by choice) and it was nice to do once but, a handful for an older couple. Get them out there on the water ASAP ! Sail Safe
  11. SailRacer

    Benefits of a solid vang in light air

    I think the Boomkicker is the smart choice. Sail Safe!
  12. SailRacer

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    AMEN! Said softly from a lake here in NC where what you describe above is/WAS the norm. Rating Protest forms are due in 6 days here and I want to be there for any discussion if I can.. Sail Safe!
  13. SailRacer

    a terrible horrible day

    Call your sister, be truthful but, focus on her. Shit sucks all around. Be as strong as you can.
  14. SailRacer

    armchair Protest Com.

    As discussed from earlier thread, you can put the Committee Boat on either side of the mark. It is messed up but, agreed with the definition of finishing. Sail Safe!
  15. SailRacer

    Conversion from CNG to Propane, old tanks?

    Take them to Costco, tell them (you just realized) they are too old to fill and they will dispose of them for you. Safety is NO accident.