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  1. Laser mast step repair

    I raced on the Charles for years and used MIT's hulls and CBC's. Biked down with my blades, tiller ext and sail. Saved me lots $$/time . When I got out to West Coast there was nothing like that and my big Laser days were over. Easily knocked off 300+ races a season between Newport fleet #413 and MIT. Rocking good times.
  2. Hawespipes - Louis Sauzedde

    Louis showing his chops.
  3. Laser mast step repair

    Yeah, understood. Sold my last one (with heavy rebuilt cockpit floor) to 200+ lb guy who didn't race. It had all the parts and off he went. Games changed now with price of new hulls. Back in the day $1200. complete and you got your money's worth in 2-3 seasons of racing. Now the price is 5-6x as much with the same flimsy hull. I guess now you have keep one "Big Regatta" kit and use the beater for local fleet racing. Some of the clubs around here are going to RS Aeros and the racks of Lasers go unsailed. I could see the Laser fleet getting sold off to keep Aero guys happy. Who knows - Aeros might start getting torqued apart by strong racers and they'll be on this forum looking for Fix-it tips since new boats are crazy money nowadays. Lasers still a lot of boat for the money.
  4. Laser mast step repair

    Good idea to measure the angle of the lower section while it's stepped. I forget the actual number but, should be around on some Laser site. Run line from top of lower mast to transom and check your numbers before making any permanent repairs. Your idea for vacuum set is interesting. Obviously you have a completely sealed deck joint? We either filled the hull with water (Skip Whyte's mojo) or got a cigarette and a vacuum cleaner (reversed) blowing air thru the transom plug opening. My experience with my hulls was that in an area (New England) with a lot of good used boats, the minute you start chopping your boat to fix this/that - you've moved your boat's value to a C+ at best compared to others in solid shape. Worth it to you to start working time/money into the boat or just selling it 'as is' and walking away? Good luck.
  5. Laser mast step repair

    Done both & would advise surveying the hull first if you’re racing hard. The hull could be tweaked and with Lasers that’s pretty much the end of go-fast. The kit is a sketchy project and looks like hell when done. Cutting the deck, install & finish is a hefty project. If possible go with the inspection port and a splash of goop. You’re adding weight and will need to be certain about how much resin you actually need. Reglassed the cockpit floor on my ‘good’ boat which turned it overnight into my frostbite go-to beater.
  6. iOS 11.2.5

    I wasn't too keen on 11.0 after they straightjackedted some changes to Messages and Notifications (among other things). I couldn't find any "Here's what's new with 11.0" message on my phone from Apple. Per usual for me I had to fish around diff sites to see what's new. PITA.
  7. iOS 11.2.5

    Ready to download 11.2.5 and read there's a fairly messy problem with some character in Indian language that, if you open anything with this tucked away in it, will completly lock you out of the phone. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/15/17015654/apple-iphone-crash-ios-11-bug-imessage Anyone get hit with this bug? I'd just as soon stick with 11.0 and not mess with 11.2.5 since it's needing a patch to fix the bug problem anyway.
  8. what is it?

    We would snicker at the Nonsuch on the Narangansett but, soberly pointed out to me in my younger days, we all someday might be thankful to have anything that sails as simply as a Cat rig.
  9. what is it?

    LOL! For the crowd that thinks two sails on a H-20 is just so.....inconvenient.
  10. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Guy in the yard had a retro done recently and alignment is off. He had a buddy do it and I get the “...he didn’t pay attention to the shear...“ blah, blah blah speech. Big piece of work too. Ouch.
  11. Mast tabernacle plans

    Went down to the riggers shop, called Star mast dealer (J. McCausland) and another trip to a salvage yard. Some advice: - mast off that I-14 too light/bendy & will prolly snap off in a blow. - tabernacle might help but gin pole and/or winch with bridle to control side sway easier. - rigger had a P-cat in yard and said they have same issues stepping. 2 people solve that since they apparently don’t singlehand it. - when rigger looked at pics and dimensions he offered that cutting a couple feet off top of section could simplify things lots. Recut main and off you go. Will trailer on over and let rigger scope it out and get a quote.
  12. Mast tabernacle plans

    I stopped by to chk out that I-14 mast. Haven’t got enough info to make accurate call but, Star masts are light as the I-14’s and a Star hull is probably heavier ( but more efficient) than my boat and certainly the 14. Heading over to the yard tomm and taking the 14 rig off the rack and step it to see how that goes. Sailmaker there mentioned hull wgt differences as possible issue the last time we talked about this switch but, Stars have a much bigger main than mine and do pretty well if you have them set right. One big diff here is that the Star mast is thru deck to floor. Deck stepping a light section? - don’t know where that puts me. Eh, questions and more questions. Liked your idea of using lower section of old mast with new section. Nifty looking boat too.
  13. Mast tabernacle plans

    Looked at your Youtube just now - couldn’t load it earlier. You have a nice clean setup - step it from the cockpit and you’re ready to go forward for the forestay. Wish it were same layout for ours. The mast is stepped on the coach roof on mine, requiring you to step up onto the deck. That’s the move that get’s tricky for me - steadying the mast while you step 2 feet up and forward onto deck. That then is why I winch it off during the move - blew my knee out two years ago and don’t have strength/confidence I can always step mast in one quick move when things are bouncy. These boats are 45 yrs old and the masts are pretty ‘robust’ to say the least. Guy who sold us the first one kept it on a mooring he obtained in exchange for work around owner’s properties in harbor. Once he had to start stepping it for repairs and whatnot (at 78 y.o and post knee surgery) his wife pushed him to get a Duffy and sell the boat. My line of work didn’t transfer to the mooring deal, so I became a trailer/sailer. Measuring sail loads is easy enough, so I ‘ll someday weigh the hull/rig on a lift and then see how heavy a section I need on the boat . The I-14 mast I looked at was easy to step by myself and got me thinking that a lighter section will be the best way to go in the future. Will throw some pics up when this all gets done.
  14. Mast tabernacle plans

    There’s a new 3/16” square compression post bolted on to a 36” sq s.s. floor plate in cabin underneath mast baseplate. Will add larger base plate on deck to spread load as well. So, yes, above/below deck the tabernacle will be “one” to prevent the deck from ripping up should I have a mishap. As I mentioned, I did drop the mast on the other boat . The base plate snapped off and the deck didn’t get torn up. Some people think I’m overbuilding the tabernacle in 1/4” s.s. instead of 3/16 alum. Thought there being the s.s. wont break and the coach roof takes the damage. The base plate breaking off (in alum) better way to go. Overthinking this a bit, it’s generally light air around here anyways. We’re putting the boat in the work yard hopefully next week and put the project in real time, so to speak, so that the guys can see the deck layout and try walking the mast by themselves. Maybe I’ll rock the boat as they step it so they get “full effect”.
  15. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Yes. Tho, I wore jeans on the bike over to gym last couple nites. Took me awhile to find them - got nothing but shorts laying around.