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  1. The Boring Company

    For real - that's how it goes with that crew.
  2. Jon Hendricks - Sailing on

    Cool cat. https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2017/11/22/529907015/jon-hendricks-genre-pushing-jazz-vocalist-dead-at-96
  3. The Boring Company

    https://www.teslarati.com/the-boring-company-files-permit-los-angeles-tunnel/ Nothing coming out of the Hawthorne Lab surprises me these days. Got problem? Call Elon. Bumper stickers about same abound around here. If he ever slow downs somebody's got to get him on a boat and see where that leads.
  4. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    I’m running with it and hope to be done with work by spring. Meet some people with like interests and do some S.V. Seeker/Doug Jackson -like things. It’s all good. Throw some pics & words up when I get rolling. Metal Shop & Wood Shop classes in next two weeks, then bring boat over and get busy.
  5. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Thanks. Went back with buddy & we yakked with a boatbuilder who was finishing a bow sprit for his liveaboard. Teaches surfboard shaping among other things there. Good stuff. Squeaky clean!
  6. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Bingo. Can work on boat in yard. Lift use also. Full wood shops, welding and commercial sew machines with big room to lay out sails. $80 class required to use each shop . Individual memberships $125 -175 depending on 6 month (minimum) or 1 yr term. My buddy needs to be member to use shops. I’ll pay for him. Good investment in getting ace carpenter hands-on with boat. Figure I gain time, no need to slog all tools to boat yard and vibe is good around the shops. Lots of creatives doing their thing. Lunch room, big lounges and outside seating/lunch area. Psyched. Manager tells me right off - “yea, that would be cool to see a sailboat project.” Treading lightly and don’t drop the rig.
  7. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Yea, bike repair garages come & go around here. The ‘MakerSpace’ movement tho has decent traction now. What caught my attention here are the auto lifts/tools & 6,000 sf of wood shop. That ‘s a lot of space to keep churning money out of. Most of my work could be done outside - the welding shop & power tools would be nice to have nearby.
  8. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Local company offering tools, indoor/outdoor space for big/small projects from CNC widgets to Baja 500 race trucks. Monthly memberships, instruction. http://urbanworkshop.net/ Anyone familiar with this company or similar? I watched their tour video and they have auto work space with lifts. Picture myself wheeling the 19' daysailer in there and getting things fixed, new bits built and then all well's that ends well. Too good to be true? Stopping by Sunday for a look. If not this place then hoping for leads on other space(s) for boaters. WIth all that's going on around here (lack of affordable storage space that allows repairs on site) I would think someone/somewhere is working sail boat repairs/building into their mix.
  9. NFL 2017

    After another atrocious give-away to the Jags I’m considering putting Bolt’s support on hold and heading back to Patriots. Charger’s have been in 32 games decided by 8 pts or less since 2015 season. Record in those games: 9-23. Typical Hoody move: Earlier this week Martellus Bennet waived by Packets amidst a bunch of flaming between Packers F.O./ agent about shoulder “issues.” Couple days later he’s back with Pats and pounding out 27 yds. on a short dump from Brady. I’m watching this saying: what? Is that Martellus Bennett? Crazy how sharp that organization continues to be.
  10. Book anarchy

    Joan Didion - “Play it as it lays.” Watched the new Netflix documentary and got back in touch with a favorite writer of mine. Distinct voice. A great American writer.
  11. I14 Capsize Compilation

    cam cleats you say? Must be 20+ bullet blocks scattered around and enough cams for a fleet. Lotta fun tweaking those in 20 kts and 40 degs. Launcher looks like an old Etchells boom. Nasty.
  12. I14 Capsize Compilation

    ...and the bow painter is frozen to the deck.
  13. I14 Capsize Compilation

    You guys look stiff from the cold. What were the air/water temps? Next time bring the brandy.
  14. Kickass Katie Lee.....RIP

    Sure thing. Big life here.
  15. Kickass Katie Lee.....RIP

    One hella woman.