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  1. Thanks, working through the GMORA Annual Handbook now...thought if anyone, Anarchists would know anyone getting the sprit bug or moving into town with a sportboat.
  2. Manufacturing ops consultant moving to Portland, ME from Boston and looking to better understand local racing opportunities, especially on weeknights. Current J/122 spin trimmer out of Marblehead, formerly same on Katabatic (now Scapa, IMX 40) and Heat Wave (J/109). Before that, J/80 sailor down in Annapolis (all positions) and J/24 owner/tactician. Can potentially bring another high-potential but less-experienced teammate (former US Rowing Team) onto a crew rotation who also recently moved up to Falmouth. Any chance the 70s are forming into a fleet in Maine? Joining a new J/70 team would be ideal, but would just enjoy networking with fellow sportboat enthusiasts and/or mfg ops guys.
  3. Dewey,

    I am in the Boston area and probably a few years behind you (b-school '04 but divorce is in process). I like the M20 and J/70 and will probably be in the market next year. I could/would sail with you if you need people. I have a good resume...505 and 210 New England Champion, etc.