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  1. J24Dan

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    My philosophy is LOCAL>FLEET>REGION>USA/CANADA....so goal #1 is 5 J/80s on the line weekly and an official Sportboat start in Portland without Etchells and other "level" oddballs. FYI, Boothbay Harbor, like Buzzards Bay, has the stronger #s...their Annual Regatta is usually the last weekend in July, so there may be a conflict, but let's see how the schedule develops! I'm currently talking to some of the Fleet Captains about the 2020 Schedule and Peter already put in a plug for putting NOODs on it. Too bad we didn't meet (or maybe we did). I'm rooting for the North Shore "squadron" - congrats on the first J/80 class start at Marblehead NOODs I'm aware of. I trimmed spin on Heat Wave, Katabatic and Gigi after this Annapolis sportboat sailor met a Cambridge girl at the 2010 Flip Flop Regatta and moved north. Know how many are now in a) Salem Sound, b) Boston and c) South Shore? Make sure Courageous keeps their "new" J/80s class legal and talk to them about considering making them available for regatta charter like J/World Annapolis does!
  2. J24Dan

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Because Fleet 1 is the largest J/80 Fleet outside Annapolis at 1 sailing venue (Buzzards Bay is up there too), they have always put on a nice event for the out-of-towners, when run as J/Jamboree, housing many of us in their homes...and their fleet is well represented at events up and down the East Coast. It’s a gorgeous venue made better when the breeze picks up. I think it’s absolutely fantastic Fleet 1 gets up to 12 boats on the line for a weeknight series given their rural location (with 3 more potential owners looking for boats). That’s what one-design sailing should be all about...made better by flying an asym. Indeed, it was a fun but frustrating regatta...absent of the self-abuse from crewing for the J/24 Downeast Regatta a week before. Our boat (compiled with crew from 3 fleets) rounded in 2nd twice and perhaps Top 5 in another before velocity changes and big shifts caused us to get caught from behind. Kudos to Aegir, Shenanigans and Lek from Seattle (Kerry with the assist)...along with PRO Carter White, Fleet Captain Dave Stowe and his LWRA/WYC fleet members and volunteers! On to 2020 Worlds in Newport - Fleet 14 picked up 1 new owner in Portland in 2019 - now we just need to find owners #4 and #5 who want to: -add an asym boat to their Etchells and/or J/24 racing program - want to sail asym AND one-design in our great small city - want to tune up locally before a Worlds Regatta in Newport
  3. This could be as little as a month or 2-day Regatta charter, while no more than 4 mo...
  4. Let’s say you have an owner who’s 25-something foot OD sprit keelboat is not being sailed right now - it is not in one of our US sailing hubs, so not much other demand. Owner is not interested in selling. To get more boats on the line for the spritboat local series between June and September, what’s a reasonable arrangement? This could be as little as a month or 2-day Regatta charter, while no more than 4 mo... I appreciate the input, especially for those where this is based on actual and not hypothetical...The class may have an insurance program that covers the chartering skipper if a class member.
  5. Dewey,

    I am in the Boston area and probably a few years behind you (b-school '04 but divorce is in process). I like the M20 and J/70 and will probably be in the market next year. I could/would sail with you if you need people. I have a good resume...505 and 210 New England Champion, etc.