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  1. Multihauler

    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    Fixed it to represent the actual number. -MH
  2. Multihauler

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    The F-27 Sea Bird has done the Baja Haha twice. -MH
  3. Multihauler

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    Somewhere I have some onboard video from that epic Vallejo, not the return. -MH
  4. The fine deadline for registering for this year's 40th running of the Double Handed Faralllones Race is 9:00pm tomorrow, Wednesday 3/27. Unlike years past, not entires will be accepted after tomorrow night's skippers meeting. We currently have 57 entries as of their afternoon, with more expected soon. This morning's NOAA forecast for Saturday is looking pretty darn good!!! *SAT NW winds 10 to 20 kt. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft. W swell 3 to 5 ft.* Soooo, if you've been holding off to watch the weather before committing, it time to register!!! Registration: Details and Updates: -MH
  5. 44 boats already registered,!!! Tonight is your last opportunity to take advantage of the early registration discount. Also remember that NO registrations will be accepted after the Skippers Meeting on Wednesday 3/27, so don't delay!!! Registration: Details and Updates: -MH
  6. The early registration discount for the DHF ends at 11:59pm this Wednesday 3/20, so it's time to sign up!!! Also, registration for the event closes after the Skippers Meeting on Wednesday 3/27, so don't delay!!! Details and Updates: Registration: -MH
  7. Only 8 days left to take advantage of the early registration discount!!! -MH
  8. BAMA's 40th annual Double Handed Farallones Race is just around the corner...... When: Saturday March 30th, 2019 For this year's 40th edition, the DHF will be returning to it's original, simple format. Start at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, Leave SE Farllone Island to Port, Return to the GGYC. There will be PHRF and One Design divisions, as well as several specialty awards, including first All Female crew. Unlike in years past, no entries will be accepted after 9:00pm Wednesday March 27, the day of the Skippers Meeting. Also, the early registration discount ends on Wednesday March 20, do don't wait!!!! Details and Updates: Registration: -MH
  9. Multihauler

    Newick Val trimaran in distress

    Raz'r, BAMA 's email server got unceremoniously shut down last year and they switched to Their new address is: -MH
  10. Multihauler

    caption contest

    J-Boats latest One Design offering that maximizes the use of "Green Technology" in the building process......the J-SOD. -MH
  11. Multihauler

    what is it?

  12. Multihauler

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    Just for you Wess....... A nice shot of the F-27s starting (Photo Credit to Slackwater_SF): Cheers!!! -MH
  13. Multihauler

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    Moore 24's are asymmetric. -MH
  14. Multihauler

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    The S.F. F-27 fleet lost a couple of competitors recently, one to a Cruising Cat (now in Mexico and points beyond), and the other to the wildfire in Paradisewhere the boat was stored. :-( However despite the losses, it was good to see that they were still able to get enough boats to have a class division. And, they are hoping to get some new (and old) owners interested and start rebuilding their numbers. -MH
  15. Multihauler

    New Corsair 880

    Comparison: 880 Airplay LOA: 8.8m 9.2m BEAM: 6.8m 6.88m Beam Fold: 2.5m 2.50m Mast Len: 12.0m 12.50m Weight: 1660kg 1345kg Mainsasil: 33.9 sq/m 37.8 sq/m Jib: 17.6 sq/m 21.37 sq/m -MH