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  1. Multihauler

    R2AK 2019

    Standard ring and pinion, no? -MH
  2. Multihauler


    Randii, Video is by "multihauler" (me),, not "multihuller" which is Stephen. A subtle difference I know, but definitely NOT the same person!!! -MH
  3. Multihauler


    I had the opportunity to spend some tiller time on the new to S.F. Bay SC-30 "Hammer" (ex-Thor) recently and agree with the idea of keeping things simple as the boat is a rocket ship as-is, and adding systems and increasing complexity will add unnecessary weight. -MH
  4. Multihauler

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    There's nothing that gets your attention quite like charging upwind at 13 knots into a finger of fog that is not only hiding Alcatraz, but also the 137 other boats that started the pursuit race ahead of you. -MH
  5. What ever happened to the annual Pocket Cruisers Convention held on Lake Havasu each February? The popular event seemed to grow exponentially every year, with more than 200 participants in 2013, some towing in from as far away as Canada. -MH
  6. Multihauler

    F-27 #24, CHAOS, burned to the ground...

    RIP Chaos..... -MH ____/)__/)__/)____
  7. Multihauler

    F-27 #24, CHAOS, burned to the ground...

    Wow, this is devastating news!..... Good to hear that you are o.k., as I have been worried!!! We have really missed trading tacks on the water with you guys the last couple of years. Some links to videos of Chaos in better times.......... RIP Chaos. :-( -MH
  8. Multihauler

    Corsair Trimaran

    The boat in the video has no bow nets or pulpit either, and the crew never needs to go to the fordeck for the douse (windward or leeward). -MH
  9. New F7 folding trimaran announced... (not No mention of Ian Farrier, and the contact address is in the Philippines. Looks like the F-22 to me. ;-) -MH
  10. Multihauler

    Instrument Package for racing trimaran

    Seacart 30?
  11. Multihauler

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    Steve, I owned , sailed and raced a F-27 for 17 years, so can offer the following.... 1a) For reefing, it works well. When day-sailing, no need to rig an out-haul and the cunningham takes the loads at the tack. For racing, we would sometimes rig the outhaul to the reefing cringle at the clew, but often times would not bother, as sail shape with the full battened main wasn't all that bad. (see photo below). 1b) For putting the sail away, it was AWESOME!!! Simply tighten the topping lift, ease the halyard, and turn the crank. The sail rolls easily around the boom, with no wrinkles or creases. However for square topped mains, you will need to remove the top angled batten. 2) No predetermined battens at the reef points, however there were reinforced tack and clew points on the sail for rigging the cunningham and out-haul if desired. 3) Battens are sewn into the sail so they remain parallel with the boom. When rolling, the battens just roll up with the sail. 4) See 1a above. Cunningham for the tack, and out-haul if desired. If rigging an out-haul, you will want to tie a line through the cunningham cringle and around the mast, as the outhaul force can sometimes pull the bolt-rope out of the mast. 5) Very Simple: 1. Ease mainsheet, 2. Remove cunningham, 3. Tighten toppinglift, 4. Step on main halyard on deck and open clutch, 5. Pull furling handle out of mast, 6. As you crank on the handle, control the halyard with your foot (stepping on the halyard) 7. When you reach your desired reef point, close the clutch, insert the furling handle back in the mast, reconnect and tension the cunningham, ease topping lift 8. Sheet in and go. Honestly, it takes longer to write out the procedure than it does to roller-reef. 6) No. The original boom has a bolt-rope grove for a closed-footed main that the original F-27 mains had. 7) Unknown. Sparcraft is a possibility, as they were an early supplier of masts for the F-27. 8) Not yet, but know of an F-27 that is thinking about converting to boomless mainsail. 9) No beefing up. There is a round stainless plates attached at the front and back of the mast. Between these plates is a piece of stainless tubing that sits loosely in the holes in the mast. The "axel" on the gooseneck goes through the stainless tubing. 10) No, it's just a hole in the front of the mast. F-27 with roller-reefed main and no outhaul on a snotty day on S.F. Bay (photo credit: Slackwater_SF): Hope this helps.. -MH
  12. Multihauler

    Corsair Trimaran

    Rimas, Here are a couple of shots that clearly show the "Tiller in Front" mod...... -MH
  13. Multihauler

    Corsair Trimaran

    Hi Scott, 1) First, as Wess said, go with the sails you have for the time being. Try things out and see what works for you. Roller furling jibs are a double edged sword. While they can be convenient if you keep your mast up, they also make trailering more complicated. On my F-27, I added a roller furling jib, however I was never satisfied with the jib sock, so I would always remove the sail and roll it around the boom. That way, I never had to worry about the boat on windy days. As for setting up a roller furler for the spinnaker, I would avoid it. I have used spinnaker furlers on a Dash 750, Corsair 36, and a Seacart 30, and on all of these boats we experienced problems at some point that had us wishing we didn't have it. Apparently they can be great when everything works perfectly, but with sailing, especially here on windy SF Bay, things often go a little sideways, and when the go sideways with a RF spinnaker, it can be a nightmare. Everything from partial unfurling (twisting) to a wrapped furling line. For family sailing and cruising, a screacher can be a nice option, and can act as a cruising "spinnaker",, however other than in the winter, here on SF Bay, you will almost never be using it as an upwind sail. 2) For your tiller, I strongly recommend you contact Don Wigston and Windcraft Multihulls, and order a traveler mounted tiller modification. Don is one of the East Coast Corsair dealers, and is a really good guy (tell him I sent you). My understanding is that they are not cheap, but it will put the tiller forward of the traveler, and in a much more convenient place. The beauty of the Sprint's long cockpit is it gives you the room in the cockpit to make this modification, without it taking over the whole cockpit. If you get a chance, you can see this mod on Rafi's old boat (red bottom paint), which Gary is brokering and should be near where you boat is/was parked. -MH
  14. Multihauler

    Corsair Trimaran

    Congrats're going to really enjoy the boat!!! Let me know anytime you want some help. -MH
  15. Multihauler

    Corsair Trimaran

    The 2015 is/was ex F-28R and ex Seawind 1160 owner John Brady's boat. The boat saw very little use. -MH