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  1. Multihauler

    Corsair 28/28R.....?

    I see that the Corsair 28/28R are no longer listed on the Corsair Marine website. Have they officially been dropped from Corsair's offerings? -MH
  2. Multihauler


    Had the opportunity to sail on a SC 30 last night and was suitably impressed. Not has high strung as the SL-33, but certainly an impressive piece of kit. Sooooooooo, who bought that was in the Classifieds? -MH
  3. Multihauler

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Another nice shot of the old girl..... -MH
  4. Multihauler

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Previous Boat: -MH
  5. Multihauler

    Rigging a multi with a monohull mast, why not?

    Click on the Trading Post link. -MH
  6. Multihauler

    Rigging a multi with a monohull mast, why not?

    I know where there is a nice new 38' long aluminum wing-section mast blank for sale. -MH
  7. Great write-up Cliff.....Thanks for sharing!!! -MH
  8. Multihauler

    Harken Radials vs Performas

    Working on a F-boat rebuild project, and will be upgrading the winches. Between the Radials and Performas, which would you choose, and why? -MH
  9. Multihauler

    Harken Flash Sale - Up to 35% Off

    JM, Sending you an email for a quote. -MH
  10. Multihauler

    Seeking greener pastures

    ^^^^This^^^^ I would also argue that the F-27 has almost as much "usable" space as the C/F-31. The storage areas behind the seats are wider. The cubby space under the comings is sealed off in the 28s and 31s, etc. Full disclaimer: I owned an F-27 for 18 years, and enjoyed the boat so much that I will be transitioning back to a F-27 when our F-25C program ends. -MH
  11. Multihauler

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    Congrats on the new ride Raz'r!!!! Time to go set up the Patreon account, and go-fund- me page. ;-) -MH
  12. Multihauler

    Three Bridge Fiasco

    Pitchforks???,......please. The proper term is pickle-fork....and yes, we were the first of the "pickle-forks" to finish. Cheers!!! -MH
  13. Multihauler

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Breaking News: Wild Oats XI penalised one hour because jury has found she did not keep clear of LDV Comanche at Sydney Heads and did not do a two-turn penalty as required by the rules. This hour penalty is longer than the 26 minutes that separated Wild Oats XI and LDV Comanche. -MH
  14. Multihauler

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Details here: -MH
  15. Multihauler

    Ian Farrier

    Absolutely gutted..........I have no words.