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  1. It looks like an F18 board- The only weird thing is most of them float
  2. F18 Worlds/ deck sweeper

    Better shot. http://www.f18worlds2017.dk/media/gallery/day-6/ Image 160
  3. F18 Worlds/ deck sweeper

    Mischa Heemskirk just won the F18 Worlds pretty handily. I don't have all of the details but he was the only one with a deck sweeper sail configuration that the A-Cats have used for years. Photo #76 is a picture of his Scorpion with the sail http://www.f18worlds2017.dk/media/gallery/day-5/ I'd be interested to hear from anyone who was there and get their take on his new rig. I would presume that we'll be seeing a lot more of this configuration going forward. Does the crew go in front of the mast on tacks? On gybes, you'd have to go one at a time through the back, right? heres a link to the results: http://www.f18worlds2017.dk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Results.htm
  4. Delta Ditch 2017

    6pm, any word how the Ditch Run went/ is going?
  5. German Coast Guard Would have been no help:
  6. Nacra 20 or Phantom Foiler?

    Very helpful description. I've got a line on the Sausalito FP and am going to see if he will take me out. Top end speed isn't my concern. For the bay, it has to be stability, control, and some durability. The foil rake feature sounds like a good safety feature/ plan when you've had enough and want to get back to the barn. Nothing I've read tilts it decisively one way or the other. KEESW, where do you sail your FP?
  7. Nacra 20 or Phantom Foiler?

    Thanks for the replies. To summarize, we've got one saying Phantom less stable and the other saying Nacra more twitchy. Another saying Nacra faster, and a video showing pretty even. I don't care about which one has ridiculous vs ludicrous speed- focused on ease of sailing and stability while foiling. We weigh 340 lbs (155kg) with my regular crew so neither light nor heavy. I also have a PM from a Phantom owner that I will call.
  8. Nacra 20 or Phantom Foiler?

    I sail an F18 on the San Francisco Bay and want to foil before it's too late- don't want to look back with any regrets. I haven't sailed either of the 2 most obvious choices, Nacra 20 or Phantom, or any other foiler for that matter. It blows 15-20 pretty regularly April through September. Is there any consensus as to which of these is the more stable platform in more typical SF conditions? I will keep racing the F18, so this isn't about racing or flat out speed but which is "easier" to sail in the expected conditions. I'm interested in maxing out the fun factor. All the videos I've seen for both are in pretty tame conditions, flat water, 10-12 kts and they all look great. I'm comfortable on my F18 up to 20-23 when we usually head in to avoid breaking anything on the boat or ourselves. I would keep this mast up in Sausalito on beach wheels to maximize speed to water. When I'm starting out, I'll stick to the flood and lighter breezes, but I'm interested to hear from those who know one or both of these boats. What is upper end of wind and wave conditions that you are comfortable in? Is this a bad idea for the Bay? Most of the foiling I've seen on the Bay is by Artemis and Oracle. Only one regular guy that I know of has one- a French guy who also has an Extreme 40, so not totally "regular" guy. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.