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    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    No gas for over 20,000 miles, my second Zero, massive torque! 0-60 in 3.2. bye bye literbikes.
  2. PL3

    Iceboats from the FP

    Fucking outrageous apparent wind, lowers C/E
  3. 59 years of racing beach cats at a legendary private club. A great weekend of racing and partying,
  4. PL3

    What cat is this?

    David Hubbard: "floating lawn furniture""
  5. PL3

    Caribbean Racing Season 2018-19

    The HR is back strong, a new SMYC multihull regatta is on, Feb 8 -10. Sint Maarten is looking much better, Saint Martin, not so much. If it rains and it's still the mozzies are still there.
  6. PL3

    Vineyard Race 2018

    Under 15 hrs R/T!
  7. The Roton Point Regatta will give a separate class start & trophies if five boats show up for two days of racing, camping, and partying;
  8. Hope to see a UFO fleet here...
  9. PL3

    Motorcycle Threads

    A winter ride...
  10. PL3

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch
  11. has not set their status