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  1. Woolfy

    Prada Cup

    Cavitation? Remember the helm was over, so the foils would not be at the optimum angle for smooth laminar flow.
  2. Woolfy

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    Yep. Like I said really it's the only one I really look at with any degree of faith.
  3. Woolfy

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    I'm not going to go into an in depth explanation as to why, others including NotSoFast have pretty well nailed the basic reasons. Having wasted too many years of my life working with some of the best in the business trying to accurately collect and display things like TWD and TWS without loading a boat down with so many sensors it would sink let me just say the only figure I trust with anything other than a shovel load of salt is VMG towards the mark (not to windward or downwind). The very nature of these beasts means that getting truely accurate raw data with regards true wind speed and heading and speed through the water and to a lesser extent heading is nigh on impossible. To be fair the data displayed is actually pretty good, better than on your average racing yacht, but it's probably best described as a bloody accurate approximation than fact, so getting your respective knickers tied in a knot over a couple of screen shots is a total waste of time. Fun though it maybe
  4. Woolfy

    INEOS Team GB

    I'm with you on that although I feel the main issue is the rig. They don't seem to be able to get the power to go into and out of tacks and gybes at full tilt and the lack of power is making it very difficult to get enough speed on to gat lift out of the foils. Once they're flying the groove they get in is quick, maybe slightly off the pace in terms of VMG but not so much that they'd be as far behind as they are. The rigs a V8 everyone else has a V12.
  5. Woolfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Not sure who's out there, but miles North of Waiheke there's two suits of black sails moving pretty quickly along the horizon. Hell of long way out, so can't be certain they're AC75's, but they've certainly got a shift on.
  6. Woolfy

    Sail-World's "Americas Cup Rialto"

    No SR may well be right, OR may well have been faster, but if their VMG is slower then they're going to get their ass kicked.... Just ask INEOS, when it finallly gets on the foils that boat is quick (although at this stage difficult to say it's necessarily the fastest), however the VMG's both up and downwind aren't.
  7. Woolfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Nothing wrong with AC/DC
  8. Woolfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Fuck me I thought sailing for LE was selling his soul to the devil, but RB too, jeez.
  9. Woolfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Does JS have a private promo deal with Red Bull or just a caffine addiction issue?
  10. Woolfy

    True to form Americas CUP Match Racing

    In terms of match racing you're probably right. The AC is primarily a design race, so no the CC is nothing like the AC, even back in the 12 metre days one boat was always faster than the other....a quicker design.
  11. Woolfy

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Maybe it's their way of sandbagging?
  12. Woolfy

    Christmas Regatta

    In any level of racing using or avoiding current along with wind strength and direction variations are an integral part of the skillset that should be tested in order to determine who is best. If I had my way as long as a true windward leeward course could be set, a course option up and down under the harbour bridge would be used. The best course to test a teams true abilities is one where there are multiple options as to the route taken, go left for more pressure or right to be in less adverse current? How do you position yourself at a gate to stay in sinc with wind shifts whilst containing or breaking away from the other boat? Etc etc. Yeah sure these aren't things the nonsailing viewer would be able to understand, but a good presenter could explain these to them without boring the tits off those that do. A course with no or consistant current and constant wind strength and direction would as you rightly imply be dull. Therefore as far as I'm concerned B,C and D are the best courses by a country mile, the fact that they also have great viewing platforms around them is a huge bonus.
  13. Woolfy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Just a few more hours
  14. Woolfy

    Boats and foils comparison

    Please don't compare me with him, unlike him and I suspect a lot of those on here, who proclaim their expertise with little real experience, I've had the good fortune to be on the fringes of numerous teams in various roles going right back to the eighties right through to AC 34. I'm way out of touch now, ( it doesn't take long to get left behind) and I'm the first to accept that. I don't post that frequently as frankly I've usually got better things to spend my time on. In quiet moments I enjoy the banter, I don't make shit up for the hell of it. My post was information relayed onto me by someone I trust not to spin me shit. If the "gems" aren't true then the BS came from the mouth of an ETNZ staffer not a fanboy. My dealings with ETNZ in the past tells me BS is not their style, but heyho times have changed. Guess we'll find out by the end of the event.
  15. Woolfy

    Boats and foils comparison

    Just passing on what I told