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  1. Show ain't over til etc etc
  2. love it! The thought of Kim Dotcom trying get inside those hulls to check for dodgy sensors....
  3. There's a big difference between " severely limited" and impossible. In addition to this a lot of the (illegal) sensing hardware available could be easily concealed from or passed off as something else to a non electronic savvy measurer. A smart control management should actually use less hydraulic power as all movements are the minimum (low drag) amount required, the what we now look at as crude manual systems that were what should have been used in SF could easily use a great deal more power as it was all too easy to overtrim the foil requiring further power to correct this.
  4. Interesting.... and just who is the "electronics guru from New Zealand"? Do we know him/her because I'd thought if they were as described one or both of us would.
  5. Remember this post? I think it would be a grave mistake to think this all going to be easy for ETNZ, even if they get 2 more bullets tomorrow. In SF Oracle managed to turn a slow boat into a rocket when they were given just 1 day off racing, after tomorrows racing they've got 5. History says the team has cheated in the past, so put into a corner would they resist the opportunity to do it again? Illegal electronic control systems are easy to hide and very very hard to find unless you really know what you're doing, particularly as some of the potential options are at software level.
  6. Since when did being part of a consortium of three that owns half of a companies shares make an individual a "majority owner" ? Maybe your education is different to mine but a third of 50% comes out at 16.67 % (rounded up) both Richard and Isabel have a third of 48% in a second 3 way consortium i.e. 16% each and a further individual share each making each them both 17% shareholders. Last time I attended an educational institution 17 was more than 16.67, so that means 2 people can claim to own a larger share of KYC the Dean. I've got better things to do with my time than argue with attention seeking trolls, but despite that I still think you have no right to try and influence peoples buying choices and therefore peoples livelyhoods based on your own sad beliefs, particularly when you can't even get your facts right. You're obviously a total looser so don't expect to do anything more than ignore you in future.
  7. You're entitled to your opinions, but you have no entitlement to fuck up peoples careers spreading lies. Dean is not a majority share holder of Kiwi Yachting, yes he is shareholder but not "majority owner" as you rant. Telling people not to buy from KYC is bang out of order, there are people whose livelyhoods depend on being employed by them. I worked for them for ten years and have many friends who are still there including the majority shareholder. Personally I'm disappointed that Dean is training alongside Oracle but he's every right to do so. When you're slagging him off as you are, It should be remembered that when RC, BB and co. bailed to the Swiss in search of the filthy buck he chose to stay with TNZ and be part of the programme that helped rebuild the team. Sure they failed to defend and he's not managed to win the cup back but he poured his heart and soul into that team. I can understand why he didn't want to hang around in a non sailing role when PB was given the helm even though I'd rather he hadn't gone down the route he has, it's his right to do so. He's made his choices in life, but you have no right to try and influence other peoples spending spreading bare faced lies on social media, particularly as the people it most directly affects have absolutely no influence on Dean. Withdraw your comment and publically apologise ..... or don't you have the balls to admit you're wrong?
  8. who won the start?
  9. Fair comment....still a prick though
  10. Jeeezzz you really are a prick.
  11. I'm not convinced you're right there, why would ETNZ put the cup back? If they do win then it'll probably be because they've got the best foil,wing,hydraulic etc package. That would mean they were ahead in terms of a starting point for the next AC were they to continue to run with the current or at least not too greater variant boat. GD has actually come over as very positive about how the actual racing is shaping up and not just because ETNZ are performing well. So forget history look at the present and ask yourself why change things too much? I'm pretty sure the rest of the ETNZ team wouldn't want too many changes for the same reasons. Sure ETNZ didn't sign up to the framework agreement but that doesn't mean that they didn't like a lot of what was in there. If they win then they can cherry pick the agreement. Personally I suspect you'll see a tweaked version of the AC 50's racing in AKL, with a larger percentage of the sailing team having to be nationals in the NZ summer of 2019/20. The ACWS probably toast, or at the very least downgraded in terms of it's importance to the qualifiers i.e. no bonus points to be brought into it.
  12. ^^ Needs the peril sensitive sunglasses too https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwiU_b7TyoDUAhVKkpQKHfRFC4wQFggTMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fhitchhikers.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FJoo_Janta_200_Super-Chromatic_Peril_Sensitive_Sunglasses&usg=AFQjCNFKWKKjmnsIAIlcMO2BrjJpOuzNqw&sig2=uMprAE9mpxtmPQZdhDvbdQ
  13. You do realise that article is dated 23 Feb 2009? Having said that Mick is an honerable man from what I understand he closed the doors owing nobody. A huge loss to the NZ marine industry in my opinion, I spent many a happy hour working there in the past.
  14. Possibly because the info I've got is wrong, although that source is normally very reliable or because they just didn't mention it, would you if they'd failed so quickly? Not that they should be blamed if this was the case, they would be building to ETNZ in house design and engineering and to my knowledge S.S. have little experience of foil design, so couldn't be expected to point a shortcoming in the engineering design if one was apparent. These foils are cutting edge stuff, there's no set of tables that can used as a reference to cross check engineering design. It must be real headache trying to work out just how much carbon is needed to get the strength required without making the whole thing to heavy. Glad it's not my problem.
  15. My guess is that the first set were a little under engineered hence the damage. So the fix probably involved not only loosing the broken or over stressed carbon but some core as well so the replacement carbon + a bit extra to beef the whole thing up a couple of notches but finish up with the same profile originally designed and within the 30% weight change allowed. Not an easy job, hence the time taken. If the light set were proven to be a bit on the under engineered side, as would have been the case if I'm right, then you'd certainly go back to your calcs before getting your high wind set measured and do any adjustments before measuring, thereby not loosing the 30 % allowance to make repairs should one of those damn turtles come up for a breath of air at the wrong time. Yeah sure it means the foils are later on the boat than is ideal, but better that than be back on training foils half way through the semis...... can't imagine the race foils will be a huge advance forward from the training foils rather a logical progression onwards, so with talent in that team adapting to them should not proove too much of a balls ache. Posted the above yesterday, but on the wrong thread. Spoke to a contact today that leaves me thinking I'm right. Although the contact is not famed for reliability, so could be a red herring!