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  1. Schnappi

    Olympic I Foil

    That's more or less what an XD Laser costs. Seems like a lot more value than what you get for a laser.
  2. Schnappi

    Tartan Ten Anarchy

    Are you allowed to make any standing rigging changes (aside from backstay?)? Can you get at least one practice session on a big boat this week? Any big boat? Even a J/24? That will make a huge difference.
  3. Schnappi

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    1985 J/24 - $5000 Holy shit. I made it about 1/2 way through the copy. Well let me tell you there no leak in the boat , I’m still fixing all the thing previous owner broke and did not properly explain, the rudder is floating in deal Island where I was forced of coorse , unable to sail it because again the owner was supposed to diliver the to my marina, unbelievable can’t sail it and 3.3 engine could handle the wind,I’m not talking just stuck , in the middle of a the path to heaven , but so close I don’t fear god . Now it it at Salisbury Port Marina same path from the office to my boat I can’t seem to finish anything not because I’m am capable but , but here say thing I won’t put anymore money into your Home sound threading , if I turn or push the light switches to puff and make it all go away I will. Now as for this lovely boat I mean absolutely clean line and shape for speed and could take on anyone in it way with any proble with the skilled sailer to finish the basic thing I needed to sail home to see my daughter, like the rudder but I’m sure you can go over to deal island marina and pick up from fishing crew , seeing it floating right bye them, and 1500, to be tow back and 200. Travel except for Rutro how game me a ride and got back shore , now if was surfboard I would road it all the to shore , boat pair is new on lift by previous owner , rudder again and where the sail attacked to bar that slid between and in front of the rudder that held on by PVC and no charter pin , I sanded the intire boat started with brand new sand that they blew up like phone and other home ,you know the slip I already paid for the one they said I did pay but I was a month head , took brake from add had clean bathrooms due mold and clean my own spot so don’t get sick from them , office is trying there best to learn there job Bill supposed come take a check , so if want leave to leave here they say it the Quitest spot but I disagree, but I’m sure the the marina will look as nice as boat if I could get money back to finish, but we all know this a nice boat even with a missing rudder and engine I know run just not for me , the broke part he fell on breaking part wondering how in world did get push of course, the shocking truth your reading is just to much for stop now because that’s beginning , sanding smooth few false did it rocking on the water not rock , Custom paint job not perfect but once you decide to what kind top coat grip you , it ready to just lay down . I got all the like working deep find on but I don’t know how to it works have some light inside worth 500. And tv fridge OG inside complete with new racing sail brand new and so storm sail , I guess this boat ready race the only light I can’t get turn on is the cabin may need new bulbs , still working on it ,toilet , now I going take a lot pictures of paint the inside but as for now you finish make me offer if sounds to good to be true I will take it , But your welcome to come down here pick boat up take it home starting number 5000.00 yeah you part it out and make more so 5000. And you can don’t ask unless you want to by that part for 5000. Now you got 10000.00 car I’ll trade your for like VW or Audi but it must have all the paper work a detailed never wrecked and be will to take over to Auto shop right from of the marina because you won’t leave if screw me over again , in fact what time is it , well any time you want to come see the boat and help get hell out this town. Leaving for the island will trade home land in Hawaii, or a plane hope you understand I don’t play and I don’t think it’s funny so if some really want to help no worries the but would be awesome like I planned I got wat to much money in two boat and if could l would let you step into my office , to work out the detail, now don’t get to hard it awesome boat that why I picked it boat I’m afraid that there going continue ruining the anti life so I proud of the work I have a accomplished here in the Marina I always a little hard on my self when come to work or a just trying to make it hard , now I love to sell this Marina and boat slip and I can’t put right on mike Or Brian desk to read over and sign just make sure all party’s are happy when they leave by car boat or plane , but on the seriousness life short and even with the heater I have on this boat it going to be told I think in winter so I thought sell it and move where weather suits . Then made fly back like a bird during summer or who know maybe my daughter would like me just sell everything and we live happily ever after and a fair tail can live my old life and visit all the place I have in last 5 years most never make it a year if you have trouble finding it I will point you in the right direction
  4. Schnappi

    Tracking Malizia

    The tracker says they did 600nm in the last 24 hours. The 24 hour record was just over 500 when I was 16.
  5. Schnappi

    Pumice Sea

    those waves are wild
  6. Schnappi

    Life jacket

    Is there a decent kayaking/paddling/canoeing shop near you? Stohlquist, Kokatat, Lotus... make nice stuff.
  7. Schnappi

    New throwable life ring

    I was really hoping from the screenshot that you were going to cast it towards the COB with a fishing pole and then reel them back in.
  8. Schnappi

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    High performance sailing for the masses. Loads of fun for a retiree or anyone looking to tinker with and mess about with a comfortable, unsinkable, trimaran sailing dinghy! The outriggers come apart easily, held by 3 s.s. bolts each. The total weight of the boat and sailing rig is only about 125 lbs. Main hull is about 100 lbs. She fits, taken apart, in a pickup truck bed or - if kept all rigged-up- on a landscaper's 5x8 trailer. There are skid runners on her bottom so that she can be easily launched from a beach (or pushed down a ramp) without messing up the hull. I used the sailing rig ( rudder, tiller, keel roller, wooden spars and tanbark sails) from a British Seahopper dinghy I own. The original 2014 California title for the Seahopper could be used to register this dinghy if you plan to add a motor on the transom. So, my Seahopper was repurposed into this epoxy/plywood trimaran dinghy of my own design (lots of fun doing it). All she needs now is a fresh coat of paint, some TLC, and your own creativity and imagination! The spars are varnished wood, and the tanbark sails are in very good, crisp condition, EXCEPT: a rodent took a small bite out of the leech of each sail while they were rolled up in storage in my barn! (2.5 in. x 1/2 in. in the jib and 2.5 in x 2 in. in the main). Thank goodness I noticed in time!
  9. Schnappi

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    Just about any place that once had a fort sucks.
  10. Schnappi

    what is it?

    C&C 27 MK VI
  11. Schnappi

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    I remember when they were 80ish. When 80ish seemed like a lot.
  12. Schnappi

    Abandon Ship!

    That fishing boat is pretty burly.
  13. Schnappi

    Craigslist Finds

    1936? JFK could have sailed against this boat.
  14. Schnappi

    Craigslist Finds

    I thought they used some instagram 70s sepia filter, but now I think it's actually a photo from the 70s.