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  1. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    I dunno why Ben Skeen feels the need to poke his oar in to such an extent, but to be fair it couldn't have happened to two nicer teams.
  2. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    He let's the game flow, unlike those french twats.
  3. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    I think we have hit the ref jackpot too, as opposed to Aus v Eng who got the boobie prize.
  4. kenergy

    Team NZ

    Obviously. And AM footage is never trimmed
  5. kenergy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Have we got any actual sailing footage yet?
  6. kenergy


    And the diifference is?
  7. kenergy

    Team NZ

    Anyone who has sailed or fished in that harbour more than a few times can pick that spot, give or take.
  8. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    Many of the problem players have been in the Auckland rugby system since roller mills days, breezed through junior rugby on size and raw talent, high school 1st 15 hype leads them to believe they are the next great thing, thrown straight into professional rugby when they discover that its fucking hard work. Look at the example of Taniela Tupou, when he was shopping himself to NZ super franchises he thought his shit didnt stink, when he got to Australia he got taken under the wing of a great coach, knocked down a few pegs, and now he is potentially going to be a great Wallaby. The Auckland team of last season was turned around by a bunch of senior players being told to sort their shit out or dont bother coming back. The CEO isnt going to fix it, it's the coaches and selectors, and ultimately the players.
  9. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    There is, and has been, an attitude problem with many players. Until they fix that, it wont matter who is at the top of the organization.
  10. kenergy

    Team NZ

    Any ideas where they are sailing today?
  11. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    Yeah, but the french clubs are not releasing them to play in the world cup, and the PI players are the hardest hit.
  12. kenergy

    AC Rugby

    Theres a ton of eligible players who are in France at the moment.
  13. kenergy

    Team NZ

    Do you compete in the high, or long, conclusion jumping competition?
  14. kenergy

    Team NYYC

    Yep, I'm sitting here wondering where I went wrong in life.
  15. kenergy

    Team NZ

    And Elvis has been sighted in multiple Burger Kings.