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  1. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    Unfortunately you're not interested in a discussion, you're intent on forcing your flawed ideas on anyone silly enough to engage with you. Simply put, you are certain that you are correct, when at this stage in the pandemic it is far too early to have nearly enough data to make the statements you do, and clearly you are as, if not more, ideology driven as anyone here.
  2. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    We are truly blessed to have an expert epidemiologist on this forum, especially one who is unemployed and also knows how to increase the font size so we can read all his most important posts. Hawke, there is a whole coronavirus forum one level up, you should share your brilliance with them too.
  3. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    It's the inbreeding.
  4. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    You might consider them cantabs, doesn't mean they are.
  5. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    You obviously dont know your team very well.
  6. kenergy

    Team NYYC

    Fires? Plague? Drought?
  7. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    How many crusaders are cantabrians?
  8. kenergy

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    I bet he gets some interesting popup ads
  9. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    Your shortsightedness is your biggest failing. I'll ask my wife (lost job) or me and my business partners (disrupted business) a out normal shall I? Despite all your protestations if we didn't go into lockdown, we would have been just as fucked, but with a bunch more dead people and the virus running rampant. I know what I prefer.
  10. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    The fact the we are living an almost totally normal life right now means that NZ got it right.
  11. kenergy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Are we talking about sailing yet?
  12. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    Yep, right in the midst of a pandemic is the best time to cast judgment on the course of a disease. Hawke, I take it you're an epidemiologist as well as a sailor? And a statistician? And a clairvoyant? Fucken amazing that we are blessed with your presence.
  13. kenergy

    Corona Virus

    Hawke, I have been reading bad takes on this pandemic since January. Right now is not the time to be cherry picking studies to prove an unprovable point. A wise man once said it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to open it and be proven stupid. Like I said elsewhere, let's revisit your idea on the US death rate on the first of August, then we will have a little more data on what the impact of the current surge in infection will have. In the meantime do a little study on the ICU situation in NZ and you will understand why we locked down, and why we cant afford to relax now.
  14. kenergy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Theres a whole thread to discuss this. But it is WAY too early to be making these grand statements, we can talk again in a month.
  15. kenergy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    "The Herald reports" .... Unfortunately the Herald seems to be as reliable as my mates uncle's workmate who heard something down the pub.