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  1. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    How is the teamusa21 campaign coming along?
  2. Enzedel92


    We have to begin to face reality that there will only be 3 challengers. All this other talk is just bluster and some of these yatch clubs getting a cheap dose of PR, with no serious intention of challenging. They all need to shut their traps until they have officially entered. For example, team USA21 is NOWHERE to be found. It is MUCH more easier to find funding once established that to try to get the stars to align with all the sponsors. Pissing in the wind.... all of them
  3. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    Another week - another non announcement......
  4. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    But only one spot left on the wharf??? Better not dick around too much....
  5. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    GLADWELL SAYS THEY ARE $10 MILLION SHORT ON FUNDING? Whats $10 million these days? That’s pocket change for these yatch club high rollers....
  6. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

  7. So was this all a ruse or what??? I guess it was a hell of a publicity stunt.....
  8. Enzedel92

    shit show (front page)

  9. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    My sources are telling me this team is DOA. One of us is right.
  10. Enzedel92

    Second US Team

    What’s the latest!??! The clock is ticking
  11. Enzedel92

    Team NYYC

    I thought the same thing. And all the tactical mistakes TH made in 2007. Just awful against Alinghi. Everyone with half a brain knows you do the penalty just before the finish line. And never enter a tacking duel with boat that tacks better than your own!! Looks like the old band (TH and DB) are getting back together. How did TH convince anyone to back him? Dennis Conner would have been a better choice. This will be the biggest waste of AC money since OR in 2007.
  12. Is the gig up with this team or what?
  13. Enzedel92


  14. Enzedel92

    Team USA21

  15. Enzedel92

    Footage and Info about 1988 Cup Races?

    I think I have these races. This is the cat vs big boat yes?