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  1. Small home built beach cat?

    There's a couple of F12 designs floating around the net. I designed some hulls for foam and glass construction to the rule. Designed to suit lighter adults or kids. As others have said, shorter cats are more susceptible to pitch-poling.
  2. Paper boat

    Add a seam to the centreline/keel and the available shapes will improve, particularly the rocker. The tornado and taipan, and a few other beach cats were built in tortured ply.
  3. Race Replays

    Thanks for the replays. Foxtel has dropped the ball and aren't screening races 7, 8 or 9. All the others are there on demand, but sailing doesn't deserve the respect to air the entire series like every other sport.
  4. Team NZ

    Dare I tempt fate and rack this up ready for tomorrow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGdTUG0TGVI&ytbChannel=OutlawTorn69
  5. Epoxy Bond On Balsa

    nothing will bond properly to crap... sand/grind the crap off, put a thin layer of carbon on the inner skin (bonded over the exposed balsa edge), apply foam under vacuum, apply outer skin under vacuum did this on a nomex moth and it worked a treat
  6. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    If BR had done their business right, the M2 should have been the BR2. But the elephant in the room is that rather than focusing on improving the winning product they had, BR lost direction and production quality went to shit. They couldn't even compete against their old boats, much less anything new. AMAC may have learned a thing or two from being part of that experience. Agreed, the BR FX was a pile of crap. My experience was cracking struts, cracking hull-deck joins, leaked like a sieve, shoddy mast joiner, in only two sails as a somewhat experienced mothie (consistent foiling gybes). Probably could've broken even more if I hadn't got a different boat.
  7. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Boats coming in on port should always leave room anyway so that they are on a broad reach by the time they round the mark. Maybe I'm just chicken, but if coming in on starboard I always overlay and gybe low, then I can come into the mark hotter and not have any issues with leaving room. Coming in on port for a good mark rounding is not enough room to let in a stbd boat that still needs to gybe. That's fine Rob, but we're rarely rounding with any other boats at the back of the fleet.
  8. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Yes Phil, I have raced moths on a rectangular course a number of times before. The bottom mark I am talking about is the port one when looking upwind, the wing mark of sorts, where port and stbd boats are coming together. The real bottom mark (the finish buoy) is a non-issue, everyone is coming in on port. How on earth is anyone supposed to identify and then communicate an overlap well before the 2 boat length zone on a moth. One decent puff sends us spearing off lower at a moments notice. Yes, as the rules are now, port must anticipate stbd boats intentions well ahead of the bottom mark. Imagine a similar scenario at the top mark if port had right-of-way over stbd. It would be chaos with the tacking boat forcing layline boats to keep clear. We've seen numerous collisions and near misses with stbd right-of-way forcing their position at the bottom mark, particularly when congested. If stbd had to keep clear I would imagine a much less risky bottom mark rounding.
  9. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Hah, was interrupted before finishing this post. If stbd had to give way at the bottom mark it would force the boat that has to do a manoeuvre (stbd has to gybe) to pick the best spot to do this, avoiding all the port tackers on the layline. From a risk perspective, stbd is taking a risk that there will be room to complete a gybe without impacting any port boats on the layline. If stbd takes the risk with the thought "I'm stbd, screw the port tackers" then stuffs up the gybe infront of a port boat, even though stbd has right-of-way, that's a bad situation for both boats. On the other hand, the port boat is committed to the layline course at their gybe. At the speeds we travel there is very little a port boat can do if a stbd boat tries to force a risky rounding in-front of us and stuffs it up. This is about risk mitigation, if stbd was forced to give-way to port at the bottom mark rounding then the risks are significantly reduced, which is what rules are really there for.
  10. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    The only reason I can think for the port/stbd comment would be bottom mark roundings with stbd gybers putting pressure on port boats on the lay-line. 2-4 boat lengths is very close to the mark at 20-25 knots and leaving options very late for the port boats that are preparing to round. If stbd had to give-way
  11. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    ah, forgot about the missing boom...well then, the launch will evolve to be like the skiffs, upright with a person under each wing bar. Any trolley will be a pain in the bum.
  12. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    /crystal ball/ The trolley launching feature is a non-issue. Once you get used to it, every wazp will launch on their sides. You will not see launching with one person holding two wazps upright while the second person takes the trolleys back up the beach like lasers do. Wazps will be handled on-shore like moths are currently, it is just easier. Sure, wheel the boat to the waters edge, but the best way to get on the water will be to capsize it and take the cradle off, much safer and easier. Plus, everyone is talking about launching the wazp, but no-one has brought up landing one. Again, they'll be treated just like moths, capsizing at the last second and carrying out of the water on its side. No-one will capsize in deep water, pull the boards up then sail the last bit with boards up, impossible! And good luck man-handling the boat onto the trolley, they are too light/lively. Having said that, I am interested in the latest trolley design to see if these issues can be solved, but I stand by the first prediction.
  13. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Excellent decision to go for a bolt rope sail, aligns the boat well with the intended market.
  14. Radio Control Multihulls

    As an ex mini40 racer, I'm loving the evolution to foils. But I can't understand why a one metre multihull class is in existence, so hard to keep them upright in a blow or get them moving in the light winds. Admittedly the foils seem to make them easier to sail, but still, the mini40 isn't that much bigger and seems so much more controllable. "Bent the rudder shafts on both boats in the gusty conditions which made them difficult to steer..." Yep, the shafts need to be big, surprisingly large loads on the rudder. I ended up with something like 4-5mm 316 SS rod. Loads will be bigger now on foils.
  15. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    seem to recall a mention of the sydney boat show for release...