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  1. Ncik

    Arizona modelling

    And yet the downloadable data only starts at 9th December 2020. Protip, excluding data is a sign of data manipulation.
  2. Ncik

    Arizona modelling

    Looking nationally is not a great metric to measure ICU bed capacity by. Some areas that have spare capacity will skew the result to meaningless. the latest from the covid dashboard. "Data do not include the Cities of Long Beach and Pasadena" Looks like a massive increase in ICU capacity as the numbers increased dramatically but the percentage dropped.
  3. Ncik

    The UK Variant

    From a purely scientific perspective, it is interesting to see evolution happening in real time.
  4. Ncik

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    If there was only one course that was assymetric (like san fransisco), then I would argue that the boat shouldn't be symetric, but with so many courses in play and gates top and bottom it is probably just for testing. Unless they have found an advantage in the starts, maybe quicker take-off on starboard. They would have run thousands of virtual races on all the courses with accurate weather simulations (kiwis were definitely doing this in the IACC days), so maybe they've found gains with more time spent on a certain tack, or a certain gate rounding, or a starboard take-off at the start.
  5. Ncik

    Arizona modelling

    Lots of unlabelled graph axes, * notes missing and quite a short date range on the second one....surely not from a credible source?
  6. Ncik

    The UK Variant

    Weird, it was a KateshortforBob quote.
  7. Todays graph, for the non-believers.
  8. Ncik

    The UK Variant

    Source? This claim keeps popping up and debunked time and again. It is bullshit and if Doctors, coroners, insurers and every other person involved with the bureaucracy of death weren't so fucking busy they would be screaming it down at every chance. Provide a credible source or shove it up your arse.
  9. Ncik

    Arizona modelling

    URLs people, URLs!
  10. Ncik

    The American Experiment

    I've come to the conclusion he is trolling, so have ignored him. There's only so many times we can lead the horse to water.
  11. Ncik

    The American Experiment

    You failed science again.
  12. Ncik

    New Woodward book - Turmp deaths proved..

    Historic death rates?
  13. Ncik

    The American Experiment

    There's actually scientific reasons for that... "Globally, most of those who have died have been aged over 80, while Africa is home to the world's youngest population with a median age of 19 years, according to UN data." Please try again. Again, your claims do not stack up under scrutiny.
  14. Ncik

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    That doesn't discount that a pandemic virus that is killing lots of people isn't a real thing, and worthy of coverage.
  15. Ncik

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    From your link...You trust a facebook survey? Surveyors can't even predict a Presidential election. CDC infections = 16.76 million US Population = 328.2 million % = 19.5% That is still a low percentage of infections. Infact, in some places, according to your CM link, less than the mask-less percentage. So perhaps only the people that aren't wearing masks are being infected. I don't actually believe that, but the claim could be spuriously supported by the evidence. Wearing a mask most of the time while in public when a virus is active in the population is utterly useless. So I don't put much weight behind this CM research. Percentage of people who report wearing a mask most or all of the time while in public, based on surveys of Facebook users Every day, Delphi surveys tens of thousands of Facebook users, asking them a broad set of COVID-related questions, including whether they, or anyone in their household, are currently experiencing COVID-related symptoms. We also ask them if they wear a mask when they are in public. For this signal, we estimate the percentage of people who wear a mask most or all of the time when they are in public.