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  1. Chicago Area III

    No, the 100 year lease/deed of gift expired, so now the ownership and possession reverts back to either Panama or China, can't remember which right now.
  2. Chicago Area III

    No problem, had a cowboy hat disappear once on Mac...big as a tent.
  3. Chicago Area III

    Well, thank god it is not "with my tent" , whatever the fuck that means... could it be? a college kid's dorm room a thousand miles away...
  4. Chicago Area III

    Anyone find the Dead flag yet?
  5. Chicago Area III

    Looking for the codes to either A or B dock @ Belmont. PM me if ya can help. Mongo, lost your contact info, Kings are in PM me for details.
  6. Chicago Area III

    Didn't see this until today or I would have asked Wegs yesterday on the boat. I left him a message today.
  7. Chicago Area III

    See you shindicks at Belmont after the bobbing.
  8. Chicago Area III

    Monday. I took out of the harbor, put right back in.
  9. Chicago Area III

    Jebus, it's been too long since I drank a beer with your brother. Good Dorsey stories...
  10. This Is Ridiculous Again

    Next record, first bastard born in space.
  11. "Cherubini" hunters... What's the big deal?

    No, there were plenty that were built real shitty too. But they are totally different animals/designs. Crappy with a twist.
  12. "Cherubini" hunters... What's the big deal?

    Just about all the other Hunter designs are totally different animals than the Cherubini and are junk. I doubt the Cherubinis were ever marketed as race horses either .
  13. Chicago Area III

    All the shit smell, no fudge.
  14. Chicago Area III

    ... someone pulled the plug out of the bottom of the tub... Yes, it's called The Falls...LM being the starting point-ish.
  15. Chicago Area III

    ...could have something to do with the absolute lack of precipitation for the last year +...