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  1. Munter

    Moth Developement

    Ha! back to the days of wild experimentation with outline - I love it!
  2. Munter

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    ABC showing WOXI with most crew up on the bow to lift the stern and shy reaching on port.
  3. Munter

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Oats Is now reaching on starboard.
  4. Munter

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    ABC shows WOXI in front
  5. Just checked local pricing here is Australia. The new supplier isn't exactly massively undercutting torqeedo. Might have to wait a little longer for electric powah.
  6. It's about time another manufacturer popped up in this space. Torqeedo has been out on their own for a long time. The new guys products look very similar to the torqeedo product. Hopefully they will perform well.
  7. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    The open communication of these issues is commendable. It is a credit to amac that he hasn't lost sight of the original purpose and goals in the rush to get something to market. I hope it results in a quality product that fulfills its brief.
  8. Munter

    F-22 Update

    That furling video makes it look pretty easy - good for a small family cruise scenario.
  9. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    The angle of the boom gives an idea of the proportionality of leech vs foot tension required by the sail. It looks a little ungainly being so high up but if that is the geometry required then so be it. I wonder if alternate sail plan forms were considered which would have resulted in a more balanced loading between leech and foot, ie a higher clew?
  10. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    You are right. The mast coupling exerts minimal torque. The wishbone only exerts a force along its alignment. That alignment comprises of vertical and horizontal elements. The vertical element is what pulls the leech while the horizontal element pulls the foot. If the proportionality between these two is not right the sail looks wrong. One way to adjust the proportionality is to change the angle of the boom by raising it up or down the mast.
  11. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Going stayless significantly changes the structural loadings of the wings and mast stump area. I doubt you could just drop a stayless rig on an existing hull/wings and expect it to hold together.
  12. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Well you can sometimes adjust the mast height position of the boom to result in more vertical downforce at the clew but that only has marginal range. Given the lengthy gestation period and his previous projects, I'm pretty confident that amac will have some sort of solution.
  13. Munter stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Seems like a lot of camber on that main! Lump water setting?
  14. This thread needs new data. Where is the video and media reports?
  15. Munter

    F-22 Update

    Any chance of getting a boat to the sydney boat show next year? There was acres of gin palace with a few cruising cats and a spirited 380 but no small trimarans to look over (other than the micro hobies). It would be great to have an f22 for the crowds to clamber over next year chaps.