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  1. ScowVegas

    Searching for master shipwright in Chicago area.

    Kristian Martinac at Chicago Rigging
  2. ScowVegas

    Before anyone else says it

    There's a front page?
  3. ScowVegas

    Stainless Steel Tubing - Small Quanities

    City Machine Address: 723 Virginia St SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 Phone: (828) 754-2141 Ask for Mitchell
  4. ScowVegas

    West System v. ProSet

    It depends on your application and what you are trying to achieve - To start I would determine the boats original manufacturing schedules (Fiber and matrix (glue)) - you don't want to make any part of the boat stronger/stiffer than the original. You could create force load differentials that could transfer loads intended for one part of the boat to other parts not intended. PRO-SET has some really great products that lend themselves to higher performance with post curing techniques. In most cases, standard WEST SYSTEM products will be great for repairs and revisions. What are the revisions you are making?
  5. ScowVegas

    Clear carbon fiber cloudiness

    When laying up CF, if you work the resin too much, you can introduce a bunch of air in to the epoxy, it almost looks like a foam. If this is what happened, you may consider just painting it as the air/cloudiness is in the fiber. If your top coat is the offending article, sand it down, but not into the fiber and recoat with Alwcraft 2000 or even an automotive clearcoat like Dupont Chromaclear.
  6. ScowVegas

    best paint to use for a thistle centerboard?

    Gasoline and Match ~ Just kidding If it is wooden , apply 2 to 3 coats of epoxy to seal the wood grain, sand 220 to fair and then apply Interlux perfection orsimiliar - I assume you are dry sailing
  7. ScowVegas

    Fairing SC27 rudder

  8. ScowVegas

    Epifanes clear satin question

    If you have UV protection over satin it should be OK - as long as the two system are compatible - just gotta add more coats
  9. ScowVegas

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Can you get it to a dock and work a heat gun and plastic scraper...working on a can sucks ...working with electricity from a dinghy is even worse ... If the boat is fast , just sail the paint off it !
  10. ScowVegas

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    Why would you want to secondary bond with poly anyway ?
  11. ScowVegas

    Removing a bulkhead and keeping it out!

    Don't do it - Or if you do have someone take video when you beat to windward in more than 20kts - We love Darwin moments
  12. ScowVegas

    Floor Question

    Not speaking for the rest of the peanut gallery however, I prefer to swallow. What's the joy and tasting if you don't get to swallow :-)
  13. ScowVegas

    Floor Question

    Get a bilge pump with a float switch and haven't hooked up to your battery that also has a solar panel to recharge it. For the floorboards make sure they are coated with a good Marine epoxy, about 5 codes to get a 20 mil finish should do the trick for water Ingress Protection. She's a beautiful boat I hope she treats you well and brings you many years of enjoyment.
  14. ScowVegas

    Kite Foils Repair

    WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin 205 Hardener, 502 Black pigment, and 406 colloidal silica - that should do the trick as materials go - it will be a pain in the ass to sand, so try and get it as much to shape as possible - then wet sand to the desired surface finish.
  15. ScowVegas

    Vacuum Bagging wet core area to pull moisture out?

    Another option is while the deck skin is removed and you've already ablated the wet dead core, you can tent the affected area with plastic sheeting and put a dehumidifier on full blast for a few days . That should pull any remaining moisture out too and save you the hassle and materials of doing a full vac bag -