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  1. Resin wont harden...

    Clean it off with a suitable solvent and get down to a good clean substrate - use epoxy on ratio at shop temps above 60F
  2. Resin wont harden...

    What kind of epoxy system are you using? And are you using the metered pumps?
  3. Pettit Vivid removal options

    Franmar soy stripper
  4. Companionway Board Renovation

    Always seal up the wood
  5. Plastic Sail Track Repair

    Are you sure ? plexus is pretty rigid - and 49'er masts are bendy
  6. Plastic Sail Track Repair

    Identify the materials you are trying to bond to , and the check the performance characteristics of the glue you want to use against the materials being bonded to with regard to the surface preparations - If your glue manufacturer doesn't have that data online, I would call them - If they still dont give you the data , your glue company sucks and you should find one with better customer service
  7. G Flex. Thinning?

    610 might be a better solution
  8. Polishing weathered Lexan polycarbonate

    I've used the headlight restore stuff available at the auto parts places
  9. Fairing & Sanding on a Concave Keel Joint

    Filet a radius using a spreader that is cut to the radius that is suitable for the keel joint - as for sanding , use a pirce of cut dowl rod at the same diameter as the radius of the cut spreader
  10. Stainless tiller bracket keeps rusting

    You may consider passivating your steel - Phosphoric acid does a nice job - some use Nitric , others citric - Citric acid is the Backstreet Boys of passivation chemistry IMHO https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passivation_(chemistry)
  11. Damp core & sagging deck - repair or re-core?

    Here is a another article on moisture meter usage - Google is an amazing thing http://www.marinesurveyor.com/meters.html
  12. Damp core & sagging deck - repair or re-core?

    You gotta recore that stuff - if it is apparent where it is soggy , you better believe that that you have water intrusion far beyond that . get a moisture meter - or find a yard tech that can take a marker nd draw a line of the affected area and cut it out and replace - Here is a good how to guide - Check out Section 5 http://www.westsystem.com/ss/assets/HowTo-Publications/Fiberglass-Boat-Repair-and-Maintenance.pdf
  13. What product to fair the keel/hull

    For ease of application , the WEST SYSTEM 610 product not only is easy to apply overhead, it also contains similar flex additives that are found n G/Flex but at a low concentration - its great for keel joints. To fair the joint there are many products you can go to - in the WEST SYSTEM line 407 would be the go to over 410 it goes on smooth and sands very well. what ever you choose to use, its always a good idea to put a coat or tow of neat epoxy over the sanded fairing compound to ensure a good moisture barrier -
  14. S-Glass source

    I was under the impression Comp One did not sell to retail customers. I think all the local yards buy or have bought from the local branch, but I can't think of any DIYer who has mentioned them. I'd love to be proven wrong. Depending on where the OP is located, Fiberglass Supply in Burlington WA carries almost everything including warp UD S-Glass and carbon. Best E-Glass prices I've seen posted as well. Hmm that might be the case - I've always gone through direct , but it was under a company name - this is my next go to http://shop.fiberglasssupply.com/