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  1. ScowVegas

    Falsification of Race Data

    Yeah, the burden of proof is on the person making the accusations - the boat ahead and the boat behind have already established the competitor's reported finish time is inaccurate. the question is, was it intentional to knowingly provide false information for the benefit of the boat's race standing
  2. ScowVegas

    Falsification of Race Data

    So here is a scenario for the Racing Rules Sailing armchair lawyers. During the course of a distance race, where the competitors are being instructed by the SI's and the RC to record their finish times and report those time to the RC for PRHF/Handicap scoring, What rule is broken if a competitor is found to have falsified their finish times to their benefit? Besides the obvious 69
  3. ScowVegas

    545 as a bottom finish?

  4. ScowVegas

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Ollie broke a U shackle on her water stays - she is done
  5. ScowVegas

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Did the Bayview Mac committee not learn anything from the Stars and Stripes capsize? the M32 doesn't even come close to meeting the SERs totally disregard by the PRO and approval committee ~ And if that chase boat so much as hands-off one bottle of water, that's outside assistance and should be an immediate DQ
  6. ScowVegas

    Tack in place with G/5?

    ohh go for it ` the g/5 bond will be weaker than the Thickened epoxy bond, but it should tack ok
  7. ScowVegas

    Casting threads in composites

    Spray the item to be cast with McLube / Dry Teflon Spray, and then layup the glass, or oversize drill hole and cast the item in epoxy. After the epoxy has set up, it should back right out with threads nicely cast. Also see page 45 on
  8. ScowVegas

    Tack in place with G/5?

    Ohhh G5 Melaglass - I thought you meant G/5 Gougeon 5 minute epoxy lol duh
  9. ScowVegas

    Tack in place with G/5?

    So here's a little trick for you ~ If 105/205 is too slow and G/5 is too fast , you can mix in a little G/5 (on ratio) , to your mixed 105/205 (on ratio) and it will speed it up. This works for all the products - just have to remember to mix each one separately on ratio before adding to the other.
  10. ScowVegas

    Searching for master shipwright in Chicago area.

    Kristian Martinac at Chicago Rigging
  11. ScowVegas

    Before anyone else says it

    There's a front page?
  12. ScowVegas

    Stainless Steel Tubing - Small Quanities

    City Machine Address: 723 Virginia St SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 Phone: (828) 754-2141 Ask for Mitchell
  13. ScowVegas

    West System v. ProSet

    It depends on your application and what you are trying to achieve - To start I would determine the boats original manufacturing schedules (Fiber and matrix (glue)) - you don't want to make any part of the boat stronger/stiffer than the original. You could create force load differentials that could transfer loads intended for one part of the boat to other parts not intended. PRO-SET has some really great products that lend themselves to higher performance with post curing techniques. In most cases, standard WEST SYSTEM products will be great for repairs and revisions. What are the revisions you are making?
  14. ScowVegas

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    Why would you want to secondary bond with poly anyway ?
  15. ScowVegas

    West Michigan Thread

    If anyone is interested - PM me ... I'm clearing out my shop space in GR and either this stuff goes to a good home in West MI or I take it east and put it in storgage ... I'll let the whole shooting match go for $500 Thats $400 worth of core cell, $250 worth of Carbon, and $400 worth of epoxy hardener for $500 ... I'll even throw in 50 yards of 6oz glass for free... Oh yeah where I do send the check for the ad space? Any takers? I'll give you $200 for the whole kit. Glue and fiber is back in BC now - Core is yours for free - As per our conversation , but you gotta get it