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  1. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    see how low she floats on her lines? take the engine weight penalty and add a factor of 3.5 for wet sailed boat. she's roached smdh
  2. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    should have just had a picture of the name on the transom and left it at that...because that pretty much sums it up
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    ooooh tossers and luddite's....well we've been properly scorned. well to answer your wanking question, one has a keel and the other apparently not. one has been proven the other apparently not. one is a good idea, the other....
  4. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    man that makes me sick to my stomach...
  5. The Next Boat-----2020

    i remain unimpressed, but we shall see
  6. I finally found him!!!

    mahmud sock was baltic bandit. also see post 3...
  7. I finally found him!!!

    pretty sure he's referencing the long gone poster 'baltic bandit'
  8. I finally found him!!!

    the rightful heir to the ottoman empire?
  9. Drip Drip Drip

    please be intellectually honest, there is no such thing as "nuclear waste disposal". it's actually 'nuclear waste storage' and if the recent video's from hanford are any indication our system is about as reliable as a strainer is for holding water
  10. I'm waiting for 1950 to return.

    if you're running, this gets my vote
  11. Hello, I read

    course i was always fond of tequilla sunrise (another carl boat) for purely personal reasons :)

    Did you sail TEQUILA SUNRISE? Some time ago I had email contact with Jack van Heeckeren who sailed her at the 1976 1/4 ton Worlds. And also with a sailmaker, can't reach his name now....

    I heard TEQUILA SUNRISE is in bad shape in the US somewhere...

    Hope hearing from you!

    Hylke Steensma
    Dutch 1/4 ton fleet

    Tequila Sunrise now.jpg

  12. Gas tax to pay for infrastructure

    sounds identical to the 101 from redwood city to san mateo
  13. Gas tax to pay for infrastructure

    but but but....but they're building the hsr from the armpit of the state to the crotch of the state. and they want to kill the san joaquin, errr build the tunnels to help those poor souls in slocal w/their lawn water. see, infrastructure!
  14. Whiskey Anarchy

    pendleton whiskey makers mark bourbon goslings dark rum junipero gin