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  1. that fucking russian judge is an asshole. a like able asshole, but an asshole nonetheless
  2. aA

    505 Resto

    i remember this boat from the sbra days, but damned f my memory can recollect who had her. congrats and good luck on the resto rod!
  3. aA


    negative ghost rider
  4. aA


    no i don't typically speak in metaphors, but guns and knives when speaking of politicians should be a pretty clear indication what the statement was. using descriptors like trumpalos (for right) and tds (for left) does nothing but increase the wedge and the vitriol for others ideas... that there is nuts of either flavor on each side is a given. we desperately need cooler heads, more civility and the ability to once again make concessions and compromise for the betterment of all. you know, adults adulting again?
  5. aA


    my original point stands...tribalism in politics is anything but new and continues to ratchet upwards with little end in sight. sincere apologies that you don't appreciate my metaphors
  6. aA


    i wear transitional bifocals in both clear and sun shaded variety, thanks dad. so you fully believe our government has become more efficient than it was in the past and is not putting scoring team points over efficient governance?
  7. aA


    you're naivety is duly noted
  8. aA


    newsflash, things went tribal a long time ago. what we have now is the endgame of our republic. the you slap i slap you back has gone past fists to guns and knives and is getting close to dropping bombs on one another. claiming innocence on either side is pure rose colored glasses they’re all crooks of different flavors
  9. fair winds and following seas to he who remains one of my favorite lyricists "once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right"
  10. not in the least, this is just the precipice of decades of both sides upping the ante. welcome your new overlord serfs, same as the former overlords only a little shittier
  11. aA

    Random PicThread

    april 26, 1992 there was a riot on the streets tell me where were you...
  12. aA

    Sourcing signal flags?

    you have any buddies who make sails? i had a local sailmaker who also coaches with us make my signal flags for my junior program class.
  13. aA

    bob lazar and the ufo story

    so the navy pilots weren’t full of shit? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/military/amp29073804/navy-ufo-videos-real/ what sort of explanations are there for these uap? darpa/black ops shite?
  14. aA

    Team NYYC

    proper pre-start action requires an upwind first leg imo. if the boats getting close a couple times before timing a reaching blast off at the gun satisfies you so be it now get off my lawn kids!