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  1. aA

    Shame on Canada - Shame on Trudeau

    yes my team was guilty of holding on that goal line stand but everybody holds every play so they really shouldn't have called that one...
  2. i did pretty well in solo’s polls until the finals...
  3. aA

    Sara Sanders is actually human

    i dunno, her boss is pretty adept with those EO's and pardons but he seems to place T&P's over actual action on this subject
  4. aA

    Sara Sanders is actually human

    why doesn't she do something? because she's a press secretary and has no official capacity to affect the policies of the administration she serves would be my guess. influence is definitely a possibility but i'm not too sure her boss can be influenced by anything that doesn't serve his own personal interests
  5. aA

    Sara Sanders is actually human

    i'm a large distance away from an SHS defender, but i thought the emotion genuine and in line with how most parents would react to the question
  6. it seems to me that penn's points should be taken up with rod rosenstein who authorized the investigation, not the general public that all writers look to sway with their opinion pieces
  7. aA

    Drip Drip Drip

    i hear or read those words "deep state" and i want to literally slap the alex jones out of the person...
  8. aA

    Michael Cohen

    maybe it's that i'm a child of the 70's, but i would rock the shit out of that sport coat
  9. political debate was generally held as contentious yet reasonable irt facts and respect for differing opinions. debate clubs coached the art of debate and civility towards others stances. until recently, people were granted respect based on character rather than team. today it seems as if we have two groups on each side; the cheerleaders and the shout/punch downers where lines are drawn based solely on political ideology. first question asked is are you left or right (or assumptions are just made based on a sentence or two), the second is to insult them for their bias, and the third is posturing, digging in, and sometimes threats and physical acts. until adults begin acting like adults again and start accepting that differing ideals (while maybe not what they themselves want) require intelligent discussion and negotiation we are doomed to a cycle of stupidity that seems to be headed to the inevitable violent end. agree or disagree? how long before a physical war over the politics of our nation happens?
  10. his actions in that protest video reminds me of patrick bateman. sure bet he argues fonts and card stock quality with his homies at the cigar bar
  11. aA

    Drip Drip Drip

    they weren't brittanica's. i truly pity you were you to ever solicit my parents home...
  12. aA

    Drip Drip Drip

    my parents still have them. showed my kids a couple of years ago "here's how we researched school assignments...well this and the dewey decimal system". they just looked at me incredulous like i was speaking martian
  13. aA

    Drip Drip Drip

    i did that too but it was a 1968 edition so take the info for what is worth