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  1. pretty good... http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/
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    Another Reason For Term Limits

    yup, two terms and they should be gone. reduce their lifetime bene and retirements too unless lobbying is abolished. end the toxic tribalism or continue with todays political idiocy
  3. aA

    2020 Election Fuckery

    it never ends... s.
  4. aA

    Civil War

    yup, it’s been brewing for years and years imnsho
  5. looking at snipe systems (to be used in another class) i get the following: 1. line to clew through pole and dead ended on boom 2. launch line - attached to end of pole, through bungee’d block (hung from spreaders) 6-12” above gooseneck, through block at mast then to deck and into cleating system 3. retract - 4:1 bungee in boom through sheave at end of boom and attached to butt end of pole anything i am missing there? now big question is sleeve at front end of pole (that attaches with bungee to boom as close to mast as possible) could obviously be fabbed from pvc, but is there a standard part available? google-foo is yielding no results or i’m a dumbass who cannot figure out the right keyword
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    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    terrible news. always enjoyed his well thought out posts and online demeanor. may his sails and cup remain eternally full
  7. not ball and socket. like the inboard end here: http://www.snipetoday.org/articles/technical-experts/boats-equipments/snipe-rigging-101/ pole is too long for up the mast. the entire purpose of the launcher is to assist the 8 year old little person crewing deploy a pole 3 times her size
  8. thanks for the reply, unfortunately that system is not an option
  9. the justification for that fight (And oppression) is steeped in religion is it not?
  10. i find it humorous to see those who don’t believe in the science of evolution using science in memes to try and win other arguments...
  11. fairly certain that’s the kind of kink mother only accepts behind closed doors
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    Dog's people

    I haven’t walked these halls in a while, is sea warrior malarkey?
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    Presidential Debate #1

    my wife’s only comment besides “i really can’t stand watching this” was “well Biden wins best tie of the night”
  14. aA

    New Moore 33

    you forgot hood river and seattle bub...
  15. anyone catch this? he certainly doesn’t speak out much so it was interesting to hear. my high level of skepticism remains but it does make me ask wtf when taken in context with the navy pilots reporting from both coasts thoughts?
  16. that fucking russian judge is an asshole. a like able asshole, but an asshole nonetheless
  17. political debate was generally held as contentious yet reasonable irt facts and respect for differing opinions. debate clubs coached the art of debate and civility towards others stances. until recently, people were granted respect based on character rather than team. today it seems as if we have two groups on each side; the cheerleaders and the shout/punch downers where lines are drawn based solely on political ideology. first question asked is are you left or right (or assumptions are just made based on a sentence or two), the second is to insult them for their bias, and the third is posturing, digging in, and sometimes threats and physical acts. until adults begin acting like adults again and start accepting that differing ideals (while maybe not what they themselves want) require intelligent discussion and negotiation we are doomed to a cycle of stupidity that seems to be headed to the inevitable violent end. agree or disagree? how long before a physical war over the politics of our nation happens?
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    505 Resto

    i remember this boat from the sbra days, but damned f my memory can recollect who had her. congrats and good luck on the resto rod!
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    negative ghost rider
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    no i don't typically speak in metaphors, but guns and knives when speaking of politicians should be a pretty clear indication what the statement was. using descriptors like trumpalos (for right) and tds (for left) does nothing but increase the wedge and the vitriol for others ideas... that there is nuts of either flavor on each side is a given. we desperately need cooler heads, more civility and the ability to once again make concessions and compromise for the betterment of all. you know, adults adulting again?
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    my original point stands...tribalism in politics is anything but new and continues to ratchet upwards with little end in sight. sincere apologies that you don't appreciate my metaphors
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    i wear transitional bifocals in both clear and sun shaded variety, thanks dad. so you fully believe our government has become more efficient than it was in the past and is not putting scoring team points over efficient governance?
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    you're naivety is duly noted